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list of dropshipping companies

Published on: January 2 2023 by pipiads

The BEST 10 Dropship Suppliers For Shopify Dropshipping

in this video you'll learn where to find,the best Drop Shipping suppliers to work,with if you want to start a drop shipped,online store,now first off there are three main ways,to find a Drop Shipping supplier,depending on your budget time,constraints and the types of products,that you want to sell first off you can,use a Drop Shipping supplier directory a,Dropship directory is a database of Drop,Shipping suppliers organized by category,and the directory owner typically,screens out potential Dropship suppliers,to ensure quality and charges a fee for,Access you can also use a Drop Shipping,Marketplace a Dropship Marketplace is an,e-commerce site that connects sellers,with Buyers sellers can find interesting,wholesale products to sell and have them,sent directly to the consumer and then,finally you can attend a drop shipping,and wholesale trade show by attending a,local wholesale and Drop Shipping trade,show you can form a direct relationship,with wholesale suppliers by meeting them,face to face now there's no right or,wrong way to find a Dropship supplier,but each method has its own pros and,cons which will be discussed in depth in,this video by the way if you're,interested in starting your own online,store sign up for my free 60 mini course,below,now what do you want to look for in a,Drop Shipping supplier because finding a,reliable supplier is crucial to running,a successful Drop Shipping business,here's a list of criteria to look for,when evaluating your supplier you got to,check the supplier reviews make sure you,check online review sites like the,Better Business Bureau to view any,outstanding complaints or negative,reviews against the supplier you also,want to check customer reviews does the,supplier sell high quality products and,make sure you check the consumer reviews,for the products that you want to sell,you also want to ask about the return,policy always ask your supplier how the,handle returns defective merchandise and,shipping and how quickly are shipments,made once an order is placed you also,want to ask about drop shipping fees,drop shippers will often charge a per,order Dropship fee to pack and ship,individual orders and make sure you,understand all the extra fees involved,and how they will impact your bottom,line,you also want to check product quality,before you sell any product you should,buy it yourself to see the quality and,observe the Fulfillment speed firsthand,be your own customer and make sure the,shopping experience is exceptional,finally you want to check for inventory,automation now managing inventory and,stokouts is an important factor when,running a profitable Drop Shipping Store,higher tier Drop Shipping suppliers,support EDI which allows for real-time,inventory tracking now with this,criteria in mind here's how to find the,best Drop Shipping suppliers online so,method number one is to use a Drop,Shipping directory A Drop Shipping,supplier directory is a database of,prevented wholesale suppliers who offer,Drop Shipping for their products now,directory can save you time and energy,by giving you instant access to,pre-vetted drop shipping suppliers who,are willing to fulfill orders on your,behalf now most supplier directories,charge a small fee ranging from thirty,dollars to three hundred dollars now the,primary disadvantage of using a,wholesale supplier directory is that,many of your competitors will likely be,searching the same database and using,your exact same suppliers it's also,important to note that A Drop Shipping,directory is just a listing of companies,you are still responsible for creating,your own Drop Shipping business,relationships and negotiating your own,pricing and payment terms now the first,Drop Shipping directory is worldwide,brands worldwide Brands is a pre-vetted,directory of Drop Shipping wholesalers,that collectively offer over 16 million,certified wholesale products for sale,including a apparel consumer electronics,pet supplies beauty products home goods,and more they also offer training,classes that teach you how to run your,own Drop Shipping business now while,you'll find suppliers from all over the,world most of the Drop Shipping vendors,in the worldwide Brands directory are,based in the US as a result almost every,drop shipping hold seller offers fast,shipping it's also important to note,that you can Leverage The Drop Shipping,suppliers that you find on worldwide,Brands to sell the US customers even if,you live outside the US now worldwide,Brands charges a single lifetime fee of,299 dollars,the next directory is called cell who,now sell who is a Drop Shipping,directory that is based in New Zealand,and unlike worldwide Brands salehu,provides a directory of international,dropshipping suppliers outside of the,United States so in other words you can,find Dropship and wholesale suppliers,all over the world now currently there,are over 8 000 trusted drop James,suppliers in salehu's database that span,over 2.5 million products and brands in,various niches such as consumer,electronics Personal Care clothing pet,supplies and more so who also offers an,AliExpress Drop Shipping integration,which will be discussed in the next,section now access to salehoose database,costs 67 per year,the next directory is called doba doba,is a hybrid Drop Shipping Company that,acts as both a directory and a,marketplace now as a directory Joba can,connect you with thousands of Drop,Shipping suppliers to Source Products,for your online store in addition doba,provides a complete Drop Shipping,Solution by managing all of your,ordering and fulfillment operations as,well here's how adobo works you search,dobis catalog for products that fit your,criteria you add these products to your,eCommerce store and then once a customer,places an order you make a purchase,through doba doba then passes your order,to the Drop Shipping supplier who then,fulfills your order now the main,advantage of doba is that they act as a,bridge to legitimate wholesale suppliers,and handle everything for you the,downside is that doba hides your,supplier information from you so you,can't contact suppliers directly as a,result it's difficult to form a,relationship with quality suppliers and,you must rely on the dobell platform to,fulfill all of your orders doba can,interface with all the popular,e-commerce platforms including Shopify,big Commerce and woocommerce now doba,charges a monthly fee ranging from 24.99,a month to 299 dollars a month depending,on the plan,the next directory is called wholesale,2B wholesale 2B uses the exact same,online business model as doba and that,they handle your Drop Shipping needs,from end to end there's no need to sign,up with any individual supplier,wholesale 2B handles all orders returns,and correspondence from the supplier for,you order fulfillment is essentially a,black box all you got to do is sign up,connect your eCommerce platform and,import products from wholesale2b to your,shop at the click of a button when an,order comes in wholesale 2B charges your,credit card and delivers the product to,the End customer there's full order,tracking and syncing with your shop and,you can instantly get access to over a,million Dropship products now access to,wholesale 2B costs 29.99 a month to,connect an existing online store 39.99 a,month to connect to a Marketplace like,Amazon or Ebay and 49.99 a month to have,your store hosted on their platform the,next directory is called spocket now if,you don't want to drive ship any,products from China spocket allows you,to find Drop Shipping suppliers from the,US and the EU using in the spocket app,you can instantly add spockets products,to your online store at the push of a,button and spocket also offers print on,demand options similar to printful,spocket's main advantage lies with their,product quality fast shipping and,real-time order tracking and in fact,spocket handles your inventory by,electronically linking your shop to,their inventory management platform as a,result you'll never accident


in this video what I'm going to be doing,is going through the top 10 Drop,Shipping suppliers or the top 10,websites that you can use if you're,looking to start a Drop Shipping,business some of these suppliers I've,used myself some of them I haven't but,I've tried to do as much research as,possible to find out the most popular,dropshipping websites that you need to,consider using if you are a beginner,that's looking to make money online with,a Drop Shipping business so make sure,that you stik around for the whole,video so that you don't miss anything,and if you find any value in the video,at any point don't forget to press the,like button I really appreciate that,don't forget to subscribe as well hit,the Bell notification let's get right,into the video alright so we're going to,start off with the first supplier which,is Walmart and by the way the top 10,suppliers I'm going to go through in,this video is in no partikular order I'm,doing it completely randomly but the,first one is Walmart and as you guys,know they've got hundreds of thousands,of different items available they've got,a big variety of products that you can,choose from I believe that they're one,of the biggest retailers in the whole,world I myself haven't bought anything,from them because I'm based in the UK,but it's definitely a big website in the,US a lot of us drop shippers use it it,when it comes to building up their Drop,Shipping business whether it's selling,on eBay or even sometimes Shopify and,Facebook Marketplace but just to give,you an example of an item that someone,is Drop Shipping right now as we speak,I've just typed in the word tent and as,you can see they've got all of these,different tents available however if we,look at this tent over here that's,currently selling for 99 I was able to,find this seller over here that's,selling the exact same 10 I believe,they're even using the exact same,pictures that's on the Walmart website,and they're selling it for,164 dollars and they've been able to,sell nine units so this may be a product,that you might want to start Drop,Shipping on eBay but I do have to let,you know that drop shipping from a,Marketplace or retailer similar to,Walmart is not allowed and it's against,eBay's terms and conditions so you may,risk it in your account banned so I'm,not saying that you have to use them,because you can use them for any method,of Drop Shipping for example Shopify,Facebook Marketplace whatever you want,to do really this website is all about,showing you the best websites or the,best suppliers that most people out,there are using right now website number,two is Aliexpress by now you probably,definitely heard of it if you've been,researching Drop Shipping for any amount,of time one of the most popular websites,and the way it works is that you're,mostly going to find Chinese suppliers,on this website which means that,delivery may take a little bit longer,may take around 10 to 12 13 days for,your customers in the US or the UK to,receive the orders but then again,there's a lot of items that are,available they've got so many different,products that you can choose from and,there's various different pros and cons,when it comes to using AliExpress one of,the main Pros is that as I said you're,going to have multiple different options,to choose from when it comes to all of,the different products that they have,available however one of the biggest,cons is that the quality sometimes isn't,necessarily the best because you're,going to be dealing with various,different suppliers AliExpress is a,website that has multiple different,sellers it's not just one company that's,one of the biggest misconceptions that a,lot of beginners have is that they,believe that AliExpress is one company,when realistikally is made up of,thousands of different Sellers and all,of their quality varies depending on,which one you use but whatever the case,is is definitely a great option to,choose from when it comes to getting,things going and getting your Drop,Shipping business off the ground alright,so moving on to website number three,which is Wayfair now Wayfair is big in,the UK I'm not sure if you guys have it,in America but a lot of drop shippers,use it when it comes to selling High,tiket items so if you're looking to,drop ship an item that's over 100 maybe,300 then Wayfair is going to be a good,website for you to use but bear in mind,that they do mainly focus on homeware,kitchenware you know things for the,house so it's a very Niche website but,if you are looking to build a branded,store around this type of category then,Wayfair is going to be a perfect option,for you alright so moving on to supplier,website number four which is Sam's Club,so this is definitely a us-based company,or website because I myself have never,shopped there before I've never been to,a physical location as well but the good,thing about Sam's Club is that they've,got a wide variety of different products,from various different categories like,even scrolling down on the home page,they've got things like tissue roll,scrolling down a little bit more they've,got laptops and kids toys so there's,definitely a lot of products to choose,from and this is one of the most popular,websites that a lot of drop shippers are,using right now as we speak so if you,wanted to get your Drop Shipping,business up and going you may want to,use this website alright so moving on to,the next popular Dropship and suppliers,website which is this one,vidaexcel.com UK now I've personally,never heard of this company before I,started doing research for this video,but they've got really good quality,products apparently and these are their,top categories right here that you can,see Furniture Hardware animal vehicle,baby you know it seems like it's more,around the homeware kind of vehicle type,of categories now they may have other,ones let me just click on this section,over here yeah so they seem to have a,wide variety of different products,available as well and this is another,untapped website that a lot of people,are using right now as I said I never,heard of this website before I started,making this video so you may want to,check them out and see if you're going,to be able to find some good deals,moving on to the next website that a lot,of people use for Drop Shipping which is,Lowe's if I'm saying that correctly it's,another us company and it's also another,company that specializes in home type,items for example electrical items,washing machine bathroom type items now,the good thing about this website is,that apparently the prices are really,good so it means that you're going to be,able to compete with a lot of the other,sellers within the homeware niche so you,may want to go into this website double,check the items that they have available,but just make sure that you do the right,product research but that's it for this,one let's go over to the next drop,shipping supplies website okay so I,believe that we're on the sixth website,right now which is CJ Drop Shipping and,if you've been watching me for any,amount of time you will know that this,is one of the most popular easiest to,use websites when it comes to building,up an eBay Drop Shipping or even Shopify,Drop Shipping business and if you're new,to this Channel and you've never heard,of them they're essentially A Drop,Shipping agent so what they do is that,they buy items from Big manufacturers in,China hold it in their warehouses all,around the world as you can see they've,got all of these different warehouses,here the US they've got one in China,this is their main Warehouse Germany,they've even got one in Britain so if,you did want to use a website that was,built for dropshippers then this may be,your first point of contact just so that,you can go through see exactly what they,have to offer which now brings me on to,the seventh website which is banggood so,this is another one that I've not,personally heard of myself before doing,research for this video apparently it's,very similar to CJ

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9 Best Dropshipping Companies and Suppliers

hey what is up guys it's brennan here,and today we are going to be going,through the nine,best drop shipping companies and,suppliers,drop shipping is a popular business,model where you list products,from suppliers on your online store you,can get started with minimal upfront,cost,so it's a great way to get into,e-commerce and drop shipping companies,such as the ones in this list will help,you find trusted suppliers that you can,use for your online store so without,further ado here are the best,drop shippers to help you get started,with drop shipping and all the companies,that i mentioned in this list today will,be linked down in the description box,below some of which,are affiliate links so keep that in mind,without further ado let's get into,number one and at number one we have,ally dropship now ali dropship is a drop,shipping plugin for wordpress and,woocommerce,where it turns your website into an,aliexpress,drop shipping business so yes you can,use aliexpress with it that is,primarily what uh alidropship is for it,connects you,with aliexpress you can use aliexpress,products to sell on your drop shipping,store,and it has to be of course wordpress or,woocommerce that is the functionality,that they offer,and they're the great thing about,alidropship is there's no monthly,subscription cost so it's a lot cheaper,than maybe some of the other plugins or,or suppliers or companies that you might,find in this list it's very cost,effective because you only pay that,one-time fee,so you don't have any extra monthly,subscriptions to worry about which is,really nice,and you can import aliexpress products,directly in to,your online store with their chrome,extension very similar to how oberlo,works which i'll go more into oberlo,later in this list because they are in,this list,but yeah very similar just kind of a,wordpress equivalent number two,is spock it now spock it is a relatively,newer drop shipping company in this list,and they are a drop shipping service,that works with original,us and eu product suppliers so you're,able to,get those better shipping times usually,even one to three days,at the very minimum which is very nice,in comparison,to aliexpress where you have to wait a,lot longer now there are some u.s,suppliers,uh within aliexpress as well but spock,it connects you with those us and eu,suppliers so you have a lot,better shipping times on average than,you would otherwise and it connects with,shopify,woocommerce bigcommerce and wix so for,those of you who don't have many options,maybe if you're using wix or,or big commerce because those are um,don't have as many drop shipping,solutions but they,they do work with them so spock it does,connect with,as i said big commerce wix shopify and,woocommerce now shopify and woocommerce,are probably the most popular options,but,they do have that compatibility as well,and spock it allows you to source,products,um as well and you can find in-demand,niches in their dashboards which is also,really nice now some niches are a little,bit lower than others i did a recent,review on the channel,uh you can check my recent uploads on,spocket and ali scraper as well which,ali scraper that there is their newer,tool which also allows you connect with,aliexpress,so if you're using spock it but you,still maybe want to source some products,from aliexpress you can do that as well,with ali scraper,uh but spock it does give you those us,and eu products,and depending on the niche that you're,in you may find more products or less,products,it it depends like some niches they have,a bit more covered,in terms of more products that you can,find maybe in the in the women's,fashion space or the pet space they have,quite a bit of products in,those areas but that's a that's up to,you of course to look at that,see what kind of products that you that,you may need you can always sign up with,their free trial,as i said link down below affiliate,links throughout uh some of them may be,but yeah you could sign up there,you can get the free trial and see what,kind of products if it fits your needs,there you go might be a good option for,you moving into number three is oberlo,now oberlo is,arguably the most popular drop shipping,plug-in as it is owned by shopify,a lot of people do shopify drop shipping,with oberlo to sell,aliexpress products it basically,connects uh your shopify store through,the drop shipping app connects,aliexpress to shopify,okay so it's owned by shopify it is,their flagship dropshipping,app and plug-in uh since it's owned by,them so,you're gonna see them kind of push it,more but it works really seamlessly with,shopify and i've used it many times and,it's probably the one of the best,connections there just because it's so,streamlined the code is,super easy peasy like everything is very,smooth,it plugs it as an app it functions very,well,and oberlo also has a chrome extension,as well similar to ali dropship where,you can,import those products directly with just,one click from aliexpress to import them,into your shopify dropshipping store,moving on to number four we have salehoo,now salehoo is a little bit different,from the other options that i,mentioned they are instead a wholesale,supplier directory for products,and suppliers so you can find various,products and suppliers on there,now you're not really limited in terms,of how you want to sell the products,compared to maybe some of the apps i,mentioned where it only works with,specific e-commerce platforms,with salehoo they allow you to select,from various different us options,and have the freedom in comparison to,dropship on many different platforms,such as,uh it says here ebay amazon etsy and,wholesale even on your own e-commerce,store,so you have a lot more options with,where you want to sell it it may be a,little bit more manual the process,depending on where you're selling it,uh selling those products but that is,another option as well,number five is dropify now dropified,is it's very similar to ali dropship as,well they're an automated drop shipping,tool that integrates with,shopify woocommerce bigcommerce,groovecart and commerce hq so there's a,couple in there,that most other platforms don't actually,offer so it's nice that dropify,has those other ecommerce platforms in,their systems there so you can connect,it,they also do aliexpress as a supplier so,very similar to alidropship,where you can connect it all together,and you can also sell on ebay and import,products for,to drop a fide as an easy integration,and it works very streamlined for an,automation tool for drop shipping,automation,if you want that moving on to number six,we have inventory source now,inventory source is quite a bit,different from the other ones it's more,almost like an enterprise level tool,they have a lot more analytiks and,tracking in there,and it's probably the most premium drop,shipping software tool in this entire,list,inventory source allows you to upload,products automatikally and sync,inventory,in there into your store and forward,orders to dropship suppliers within,almost any e-commerce platform or,marketplace so,it's really hard to even list all them,because they have so many different,connections that you can set up in there,and orders are automatikally placed with,your supplier to make the order,fulfillment process seamless so instead,of having to send out emails manually to,various suppliers,you can actually get all the suppliers,that you want import it into inventory,source and you can get those connections,set up so that it's less of a manual,process,it's a lot more of an automated system,you can set up so you can automatikally,send out those order emails,and forward the details to your,suppliers so if you're out there,uh you know hustling quote unquote and,contacting various uh,unique suppliers and getting getting,products for a store,such as i mean various different niches,you might need commercial equipment,if you're selling commercial equipment,and you want to use drop shipping,suppli

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Top 25+ FREE Dropshipping Suppliers To Scale Your eCommerce Store 🚚

one of the most common problems that we,face in our journey of being e-commerce,store owners is knowing what suppliers,to work with and knowing how to expand,our suppliers list and get a reach to,more products faster shipping times,better customer service and more but we,don't always have to pay for those,suppliers even when we find the high,quality ones that is why in this video,I'm going to be going over the top 25,free Drop Shipping suppliers that you,can work with and start expanding your,business today quick intro and let's go,get together,welcome back I'm lyron your host and as,you know in this video we're going to be,going over the top 25 Drop Shipping,suppliers that you can work with in your,eCommerce business to help expand it,with better customer service a reach to,much much more products categories and,niches and of course improve your,shipping times and more so one second,before we jump into it if you haven't,done so yet do not forget to subscribe,to our YouTube channel to always stay,updated and learn about your next step,in your eCommerce business having said,that let's go ahead and jump straight,into the action who are the top 25 Drop,Shipping suppliers and why are they so,good and recommended now of course,everything that I'm going over in this,video you can also learn about it in the,blog which I'll leave a link to right,below in the description so what are,free Drop Shipping suppliers so Drop,Shipping suppliers if you don't know yet,they are suppliers who actually give you,products to sell on your dropshipping,store and you can simply sell them,without having to hold them into in your,own inventory so the suppliers will hold,it in their stok and as soon as you get,an order on your store the store where,you listed their products as well as,other suppliers products once you make a,sale you'll go to the supplier's website,and you'll purchase that product and,ship it directly to the End customer who,bought it from your store you don't have,to purchase the product to yourself This,Is A Drop Shipping business model it,comes with a low risk and a high reward,of course if we learn to do it the right,way now there are all kinds of,directories online that will give you,access to all kinds of suppliers some,are Drop Shipping suppliers some are,wholesale suppliers that actually want,you to have an moq a minimum order,quantity which means that you're not,going to be Drop Shipping anymore but in,any case many of these websites that,give you these databases of suppliers,some of those suppliers might not be,relevant anymore and while some may be,relevant those websites are also going,to take a monthly subscription for you,or a huge one-time fee to get access to,those suppliers but all of the good,suppliers all of the high quality,suppliers you can find them by yourself,online with just a little bit of,researching and a little bit of digging,but I'm going to save you a lot of time,and list those top 25 dropshipping,suppliers that we love to work with and,hopefully you'll be able to dig out some,from this list and maybe even find some,more on your own but that will require a,lot of digging researching reaching out,and negotiating until then learn from,our top 25 list and continue from there,now when looking for Drop Shipping,suppliers keep in mind these few things,so on the one hand you want to be able,to find suppliers that can ship globally,so that they can ship to anywhere around,the world meaning you will be able to do,that too and on the other hand you also,want to find a supplier that has Global,warehouses worldwide and the difference,between the two is having global,warehouses around the world means that,your suppliers will be able to ship,quicker to your domestik audience so for,example if you have a supplier that has,warehouses in the United States but also,has warehouses in the United Kingdom,then you can ship domestikally to your,us audience and also to your UK audience,with fast shipping times because once,you're shipping from into the same,location your shipping times are going,to decrease drastikally and your,customers are simply going to get their,products so much faster they will love,you for that they will come back for,repeat purchases and they will also,refer their friends and their family to,purchase from your store everybody wants,a fast shipping time nobody today wants,to wait two three four weeks to receive,their shipment the fourth thing is that,you want to find a supplier that has,reliable customer service,when your buyer reaches out to you on,any problem that they may have or even,if they just have a question about your,product and they reach out to you and,they ask you that question and you don't,have the answer right in front of you,you might need the supplier in some of,these cases so what you're going to do,is you're going to reach out to the,supplier just like your buyer reached,out to you and you want to get a fast,answer from your supplier and you also,want it to be a reliable answer for,example if the buyer has an issue with,this product and he wants to return it,and he wants you to send him a return,label and your supplier offers free,returns then you want to reach out to,your supplier ask for a return label and,wait for him to send it to you now of,course you want to get a fast response,so that you can respond quickly to your,customer the faster the better so,another thing that you want to be,looking for is fast and reliable,customer service from your supplier next,you want to look for a supplier with a,wide product range we can look for a,supplier that's strictly in one niche in,one category and that is okay but if,you're just starting off with your,dropshipping business you need to test,the market you need to start see what's,selling you need to learn what's,trending more and what products are not,trending at all maybe you thought they,would sell but then you learn the other,way and that is usually what happens,when you start Drop Shipping you'll,learn about a whole bunch of products,that you never thought possible would,ever sell some of them you don't even,know that they existed but they are hot,selling products and you only found out,from working with multiple suppliers and,seeing a trend in one of them so another,thing that you want to do here is look,for suppliers with a wide product range,it's good to start off with a general,store and test out the market test out,different categories don't only try to,sell what you think will sell but go,with the facts go with the data go with,product research,so if you open a general store with more,than one category meaning more than one,Niche and you're selling out a whole,bunch of random stuff but you're,actually testing out the market this is,one of the best ways to get those early,sales when you just started off and,start to learn what's selling on the,market so suppliers with a wide product,range will give you an easier time when,looking for products to add to your,store and not just once again go on one,specific Niche one specific category,that you think will sell and that will,pretty much end your story so wide,product range is a very good thing to,have to test the market but not only,that if you want to add more products,similar to one product that is selling,for you and of course that is a good,strategy as soon as you sell a product,right away go to look for more products,that are similar to that one to multiply,your chances of selling again and again,and again while continuing to test the,market on the other side so a wide,product range will give you the ability,to add more products similar to those,that are selling for you there are many,advantages to having a supplier with a,wide product range so be sure to look,out for that when looking for Drop,Shipping suppliers the last two things,is high quality products and of course,good product prices we want to stay,competitive in the market and we don't,want to sell at really really expensive,prices because then o

FREE List of US Dropshipping Suppliers For Your eBay, Amazon or Shopify Store

so there are lists out there of,suppliers to use for your drop shipping,business,but you need to know how to sort through,that list or you might end up,with a bad supplier what's up everyone,paul here from dropshippingtitans.com,where i teach regular people just like,you,how to start your first successful drop,shipping store and one of the biggest,struggles that i see,new drop shippers face is the struggle,of finding a good supplier to use,now there are a lot of free lists out,there but if you just choose a random,supplier from that list,there's a really good chance they're not,going to be a good fit for drop shipping,or the type of drop shipping that you,want to do so it's better to do this,and start on the right foot here put in,the research,and the time up front to find the good,suppliers don't worry in this video i'm,going to show you exactly,how to do it so i'll show you the,easiest method first,if you're looking to drop ship from,other retail websites,what i'm toking about are websites like,walmart.com,then i highly recommend that you use a,software,such as autods this is what i use and,what this will do this will allow you to,quickly list items onto ebay,and if the price or stok changes on the,retailer's website,it will automatikally change on ebay for,you and autods does that for you,now the really cool thing is that they,tell you what suppliers they work with,and this is a really really good place,to start this is your first list,so they have amazon here that's not one,that i recommend that you drop ship,from because what we've seen is that,ebay doesn't like it,walmart is a really good supplier they,also have banggood aliexpress home depot,wayfarer costco overstok,costaway and china brands so with that,list,how do you know which ones to use well,this is what i look for,i always look for suppliers that have,really easy,websites to work with so walmart is a,for instance probably the best example,very easy simple website to use,i also look for fast shipping and,walmart definitely checks off that box,or at least,have consistent shipping speeds so that,we always know how long it's going to,take for the customer to get the item,also we look for good customer service,and,walmart definitely has that so coming,back to this list,on auto ds we see that they use walmart,which is a good choice,home depot fits all that as well wayfair,costco overstok costs way all all good,choices,now they have other ones here like,banggood aliexpress and china brands,if you use those you're going to be drop,shipping from china,now this is why i said in the beginning,you have to have a supplier that fits,with the type of drop shipping that you,want to do,now personally i advocate doing us-based,suppliers because faster shipping easier,to do with returns and usually there's,better customer service and higher,quality,but that's not to say that drop shipping,from china is wrong,you just have to make sure it fits your,criteria and figure out what that is,like i've used banggood in the past i've,used aliexpress and i've used china,brands and they're all fine,but personally i like having us-based,suppliers,now if you're deciding not to use retail,websites to dropship,from then another choice for you would,be to use,wholesale suppliers so the difference,between retail and wholesale,is that when you're doing retail you're,buying from another website,that means you're paying the retail,price with wholesale drop shipping,the benefit is that you're you're paying,wholesale pricing so your margins on the,items you sell are going to be,much higher than it would be with retail,drop shipping,now the drawback is that wholesale is,not as easy to start up that's why i,said that this,is best for beginners just very simple,and easy to start with wholesale you,have to,form connections with these wholesale,companies get them to agree,to dropship products for you now luckily,there is a software for this called,inventory source,and by the way i'll have links to both,auto ds and inventory source under this,video,but quite honestly inventory source is,not a software that i personally,use even though i do do wholesale drop,shipping,and that's primarily because it's so,expensive to use them,i just found that it's much easier to do,it manually,for wholesale because with wholesale the,prices of the items don't change as,often and the stok levels don't change,as often either,but it is free to sign up for an,inventory source account,the only thing you'll get for free,though is this list,of suppliers that you could potentially,use and the list has,4 500 suppliers so it's a huge,list but just like before we have to,sort through these,and find ones that fit our criteria so,personally i'm,again looking for ones that are us-based,faster on the shipping,uh hopefully have great customer service,as well those are the main things i look,out for,there's a lot more of criteria that i,look for that i cover in my wholesale,course,but for now we'll just look kind of for,that and the other thing i also avoid,are aggregators so there's this website,here called,us direct or doba for instance these are,both aggregators,and what that means is that you're not,working directly,with a wholesale supplier,instead you are working with a company,that brings in,several other companies that are willing,to drop ship and you only have to sign,up for for one of these accounts,now that sounds good because it sounds,like you get access to a lot of,suppliers,but in general we have found that these,don't work as well,for one thing they charge you to use,them which i'm never,i'm pretty much against doing that and i,just found it's better to work directly,with,suppliers so we do avoid these,aggregators and,for wholesale we also definitely avoid,chinese-based,uh suppliers or anyone outside the,united states but this is one i've used,right here so let me show you,why i liked this one and why this one,checked off,all the boxes for me so i'm going to go,ahead and open them up,and i'm going to visit their website so,first i want to make sure that they,are us-based and a really good place to,look for,all the information i'm going to tok,about is either in the menu bar at the,top or in the footer,at the bottom and here the footer at the,bottom,bottom we see that they are based in new,jersey so,they're us-based i also want to make,sure that they,are not an aggregator of any kind and,the best way to do that is just kind of,see i mean they don't charge you any,money,to sign up that's what i would look for,and also want to see if they're,using multiple different suppliers you,can kind of click through the website to,get that,get an idea of that and by clicking,through this one i don't see any,indication,that they are the other thing that i,look for,is things like do they do drop shipping,that's that's a major one,and they specifically say here they do,drop shipping it's right here,um but another place i would look is,down here at the bottom,let's see what they have faq let's check,on that,is there a fee to be a reseller no again,that's something i look for make sure,there's no fee,um,let's search for the word drop ship,drop ship blind drop shipping is not,available,but that's okay yeah so they tok all,about drop shipping here so it is,clear that they do it um it does say,there's no drop ship fee,so that's that's important to know as,well,you they it doesn't if they do charge a,drop shipping fee that's okay,as long as it's not too high it's,ideally it's better if they don't,also you want to make sure that there's,no minimum order requirement,because there's no point in them drop,shipping if they make you buy,five or ten at a time but over here we,see that there's no minimum order so,that's,checks off another box and the other,main thing i,look for is to make sure that we,actually are getting wholesale pricing,because they do claim to be a wholesaler,but here,you see that it's a dealer's only,website which means that the general,public,can't access th

Best Aliexpress Alternatives For Dropshipping (3-5 Day Shipping)

in this video i'll be revealing exactly,how i'm drop shipping with less than 10,day shipping times from china without,using aliexpress that have allowed me to,hit results like this so as you can see,i'm right around that 275 000 in sales,right around in the last six months i'm,gonna go ahead and refresh my screen,because we already know it's no cap so,right around 275 000 in sales 102 000,store sessions nine percent customer,returning rate and a great conversion,rate of around 2.7 so this store's been,going absolutely crazy and i would not,have been able to accomplish this,without the supplier that i'm using,today there's many options out there to,speed up the shipping process so not,only will i be showing you what i'm,doing to get fast shipping times but,i'll also be giving you some viable,options that you can be using today on,your store this is to make sure that,your customers aren't waiting decades,for their product like most people who,are drop shipping or just officially,getting started so let's get that,competitive advantage without further,ado let's go ahead and jump right into,it,i need to know everything who in the,world and where i need everything,what's going on everyone my name is ac,hampton and i'm an eight figure marketer,and coach that teaches people how to,test build and scale profitable,e-commerce brands if you're new here,welcome in and make sure that you have,your notebooks ready because the value,in this video is going to be limitless,if you're a part of my supreme family,who comes back each and every week for,this value then thank you so much for,tuning in and always showing love now,before we get into exactly how you can,be getting a 7 to 10 day shipping on,your drop shipping store today for,cheaper than aliexpress you all know,that each and every week i hand out an,absolute free consulting call to one,lucky winner to streamline their success,with e-commerce if you want the chance,to win this giveaway and you want to get,all of your questions answered all you,have to do is three simple things the,first thing you must do is in the,comment section below comment the word,supplier and what your biggest take away,from this video was the second thing you,must do is head over to my instagram ac,underscore hampton and go ahead and give,me a follow and the third thing you must,do is smash that like button below and,subscribe to my channel as i have never,missed a single week on this platform,make sure you follow and do all three,instructions as i'll be checking and,make sure that they're all done to enter,you in the chance to win this free,consulting call but if you are looking,for more one-on-one help to help you,through starting and scaling up your,online brand make sure you dm me the,word mentorship on instagram at ac,underscore hampton so i can reach out to,see if you'd be a good fit for the four,limited spots that i have for all of,january now without further ado let's go,ahead and jump right into it as i'm sure,you all know aliexpress is not the most,sustainable way to scale your online,business especially with the fact that,it's taking 30 to 60 days in order to,get the product to your customer in my,opinion one of the only benefits of,using aliexpress is when you're testing,products this is because there's a ton,of sellers with all kinds of products,that you're able to find and add to your,store to quickly test and find out if,it's going to be a winning product for,you or not but when it comes to finding,that winning product and scaling using,this platform will not be sustainable,for your business at all there is a,couple other things that play into the,reason of aliexpress not being the best,platform to use for scaling a product,outside of just the shipping times a,couple of those reasons is product and,quality and communication there are,major variations between the suppliers,shipping times and product quality so,what that basically means is that it is,a random game of product quality and how,well your supplier is going to do when,sourcing and shipping your product and,as that is not enough of a hassle it can,take days to have a conversation with,the suppliers as they are likely in a,different time zone as you depending on,wherever you live so with that being,said my one suggestion during this,testing phase and using aliexpress is,make sure that you're doing supplier,validation heavily you should be looking,for a 98,or a higher store rating with a 4.7,rating or higher for the communication,product as described and the shipping,times along with that you want to make,sure that they have a couple hundred,reviews and orders and have been in,business for at least over a year to,know that this is a supplier that you,can at least test with and regardless of,the fact that it can take days to hear a,response when you find a supplier that,has what you're looking for make sure,that you still message them start,communication and make sure that it is,someone that wants to help you grow now,i just want to reiterate that aliexpress,is used solely for testing and once,you've found a product that is selling,well for you it's time to move on to get,those faster shipping times so that you,can continue to grow and scale your,business so with that being said i'm,going to recommend you two different,sites that you can be using today to,make sure that your customers are,satisfied with your service and you're,not getting angry emails and low,feedback ratings that can ultimately,give you a restriction very quickly,efficiency is everything for your,customers today especially with,competing with platforms like amazon and,other drop shippers in the space,customers like to have their product in,a hurry and these two suppliers can help,you with exactly that now the first site,that you can be using is cj drop,shipping cj drop shipping is just one of,the top picks due to the fact that they,have warehouses all around the world to,ship to other countries this is the,ideal situation for local and worldwide,drop shipping so that you can make sure,that those shipping times are,competitive and something that your,customers are satisfied with so if,you're someone who is currently,struggling with chargebacks and refunds,because customers are unhappy with the,shipping times then cj dropshipping can,really help you with these issues many,of you have heard of cj dropship and you,may know their fulfillment center for,any products that you might want to be,selling but you may not know all the,benefits that can come from using them,as a supplier so let's go ahead and jump,right into it so here we are on cj drop,shipping and you can see they have a lot,of products that you can sell and a lot,of products that they can fulfill as,well and honestly this is just great,because just like aliexpress they have,almost everything that you can think of,so you could even start off with testing,products with cj drop shipping and use,that same supplier to scale up the,products with even faster and better,shipping now one of my favorite parts,about cj drop shipping is that you're,able to get faster shipping times at a,lower cost so let me just go ahead and,show you an example of this now i'm just,going to pull up a product on aliexpress,and as you guys can see i went ahead and,chose a dog harness if you guys have,been drop shipping for a while you know,that this dog harness has been going,absolutely crazy year after year and,it's always a product that you can sell,on aliexpress you can see that we're,going to get this item for 11.95,this is for the large variant with free,shipping being estimated delivery of,march 5th now today is january 18 so,this is almost 45 to 50 day shipping on,this product if i go ahead and source it,from aliexpress but if we head over to,cj drop shipping and we look for that,exact same product you can see that is,three dollars and 81 cents for the large,variant as well with the shipping cost,of six dollars and 23 cents which gives,us a total drop shipping price