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list of shopify dropshipping stores

Published on: February 1 2023 by pipiads

How To Find Successful Shopify Dropshipping Stores And Copy Them To Make Millions (With Examples)

hey, what's up, guys? its online mine 24/7, and today we're gonna be toking about how to find successful Shopify stores and copy them. so today we're gonna be going through a website you can utilize to look and find the top-selling stores on Shopify. so in a second here I'm gonna hop over that website and we will get started. are you guys? we're on the website. the website is called my IP dot m/s. everything will be linked down in the description as well, so you can go ahead and easily find these sites for yourself. and so my IP dot ms. this is the website. you go ahead, click that link, type that in, and then what you're gonna also need is this code right here. so this is the IP address of Shopify Inc, the actual Shopify location in Canada, in Ottawa, that is, whether or not Ottawa Ontario. well, it's Ottawa Ontario. that's the place that they're located in. so you're gonna need their IP address. their IP address is 23.2, 27.3, 8.0. so once you have that copied, you're gonna just paste that in here at the top for the search bar. this is going to essentially take you straight to their IP address, and so, as you can see, this is their location. Shopify is the IP own or Shopify Inc. and now what we're gonna do then is click on other site, other sites, on IP, right here, this button and that is going to take us to the list of all of the top stores on the Shopify IP address. so, as you can see here they're listed from number one all the way to 51,000 is on here on their website. so they have tons and tons of stores, obviously. so, first off, just looking at the top 15, the first ones, colour-pop, then fashion Nova, all birds, Jim shark- I'm sure a lot of these you guys are probably recognizing. then it's the, the P Hut, the PI Hut, jeffree star cosmetiks, then you have movement watches, shop logan paul, fifty, fifty bottles, MN, l ml, King, ice city, social maverick by Logan Paul. shop KC nice tat, red dress, boutique bow. but just going through these you can see that, like, three or four of them are just youtuber shops. you know, like a lot of these are people, influencers, that are selling their own products and they're like the top Shopify stores. but even above that, you know, you have color pop and Jenova. then you have Jim shark. so fitness and beauty are definitely some of the top things, as well as influencer brands, as you could see with, like Logan Paul won, or them or the Maverick- so the Maverick merch, or the shop logan paul comm, or even the kc nice, that one down here at the bottom. so, as you can see, these are the top Shopify stores and on here you can then see what they're doing and what might be successful. so, if we look at the number one site on Shopify, colour-pop- so we could just click this go to website button and it brings up this pop up here with the actual web site so you can utilize the types of things that they are doing. that makes them a good store. so, as you can see, they have an email pop-up with a $5 off thing for putting in your email address and you can see the certain types of tactiks that the top stores are utilizing. so, as you can see, color pop definitely you can see why there's such a great stories, because they're utilizing that beauty niche and they're selling products that people really want for a very cheap price in comparison to other brands might sell them for higher prices. so you can see how they're doing their store. you can look at their layouts and just their overall, what they're doing on their store. another thing you can also do- which I'll have that down in the description box as well- is you can. if some sites it's not easy to actually access their bestseller list, like it is on colour-pop, and you're gonna have to copy and paste in the collection slash- best sellers, so you can see. all you have to do is copy in that and it'll take you to their bestseller list. so if we go ahead and copy this over here to another tab so you can go ahead and paste this in it's a collection slash- all question marks, sort by best selling- that will be down in the description box as well. if you do want to utilize this, where you can sort it by best selling, and then it will sort the website because, like I said, not every website is as easy to find the bestseller list like colour-pop. some sites have it more or less hidden so you can't see their bestsellers. but, as you can see, their bestsellers are this shadow palette, this I set and this other powder shadow, so you can just look through and see what are some of the best sellers on their site. now, obviously, color is like the number one sight. it's very hard to try and replicate what they're doing so you can actually look up stores within a specific niche as well. so not only can you just look up the top 15 stores and see what they're doing and what, what, why they're succeeding, what are some of the tactiks they're using, and if you come down here to the right on the view all records, you can actually see all the stores you know, not just the top 15, it will list them all out. now, if you're looking for a specific niche- say, for example, you're in the dog niche- you could just type in dog into the title to find all the different types of dog websites. this would work also for the beauty niche, for any niche you know, even even the soccer. you know you type soccer into the there you're gonna find a bunch of different soccer stores that have that in their name. so, as you can see, East Coast soccer shop, you have TNT soccer shop, Pele soccer soccer store online. so you can see all the different stores that have that in their URL and it's- and you know, most stores that are selling a certain type of product are gonna have the name in their URL and so you be able to find those sores within your niche. so so say, for example, we were doing dog niche, okay, you could just go ahead and search that on here. like I said, all you had to do to find this page was just click on the view all button at the bottom right on the first page and so you can find. like bird dogs you have spotted dog company baked for your dogs. so let's go ahead and click on one of these. let's go on dog paw Polycom. as you can see, they have two thousand nine hundred and eighty visitors per day. now, if they were even just to convert five percent of those people, you know, you can see how some of these stores are making quite a bit of money okay on this list, because they're the top, the top visited stores through this tracker here. so if they had two thousand nine hundred and eighty visitors, okay, let's pull up the calculator- they had two thousand nine hundred and eighty visitors and they converted, let's just say, five percent of those people and this is per day, right? so one hundred and forty nine, let's say they made twenty dollars per hour per cart. that's two thousand nine hundred and eighty dollars per per day, right, I know it's the exact is the. but you know you $20, 5% of that times 20, and then you multiply that by seven, for seven days a week. you know that's $20,000 a week, right there. but if they make $20 a perv, it per five percent of the visitors, or maybe even if they did, if they did more than that, maybe they made $30 per visitor. okay, say, for example, they're a higher-end brand, right, 2,980. and then we multiply that by point zero, five, so five percent, and then we multiply that number: 149 converted people. so five percent of that times $30. four thousand four hundred and seventy dollars a day. okay, times seven, it's a lot of money. all right, that's just per per week. and if we multiply that by four per month, it's one hundred twenty-five thousand dollars a month. if they're converting that many people, okay, now, obviously they may not be converting that many people, they might be getting a lot of non conversion, but still that's crazy for them. on it, you know the amount of visitors they have. so let's actually go to their website. so we're gonna go to the website. dog Polycom- here, as you can see, it pulls up dog lovers, apparel and jewelry- says you'd see they sell a bunch of different products here and a lot of these products you could easily find these on Aliexpress. these are straight up dr.

How To Create The PERFECT Name For Your Dropshipping Store

what is that glass here with another video, we're all having a great day and today I'm going to be toking about how to find the perfect name for your Shopify store. I feel like this is something you know that a lot of people struggle with. you know it's not really something you need to worry about and so many people actually worry about it. so, and you know you're going to sign up for Shopify. you know ask for your business name. you know that really doesn't matter because you know that's just something from the start, and that's usually the last thing that I do whenever I start a new store or new business whatever, unless I have, like a certain vision of it. like within a certain time frame- like Farm is chilling man. I have a name of an idea, you know. you know some people can come up with the name is based off the idea of the store, of what they're selling. you know, come up with the trendy little name, but for other people, you know it's hard and it takes a lot for them to actually choose it. I feel like people spend way too much time on that when they can be spending their time, you know, on more useful things. so before we get into this video. guys, make sure you dump it like on this video and hit the top link in the description, because I'm giving away five scholarships for free to my dropshipping course 0 to 1 K. so make sure the link below to enter. it's free to enter. you can get $75 off, $100 off, $125 off and be one of the winners. there's all types of things you can do in order to give money off. if you don't win, and maybe even win, you know, it's not too hard to win, it's not too late. I'm gonna be announcing the winners on Monday on a live stream, so make sure you tune in then and hopefully you're one of the winners. so I will see you there. but now back to the whole name thing with shop buy stores. a lot of people you know they'll go through like, oh, I want to start a store, I want to start drop shipping, start making some money online. you know, I see all these other people making online money, so I want to start making money online. but the thing is, you know they get there and then they go like, I, I'm gonna make a storm, what should I call it? and then they spend, you know, days, thirty minutes an hour, a few hours, days, weeks, whatever. you're gonna spend way, way too much time on it. you know, trying to think of, you know what's actually going on. what should I name the store? you know all that kind of thing, but that's not what you need to worry about. you need to worry about the important things, such as: you know, what products are you gonna sell? how are you gonna mark this price? you know, are you me create Facebook, guys Instagram at is how you're gonna utilize those different platforms in order to start making sales. are you going to create a website that is a general store? you're gonna create a nice store. you need to think about the things that are actually important will actually drive Chapman, because most the time, believe it or not, the name doesn't have, you know, that big of an impact on your sales within social media marketing. um, just due to the fact that you know they just want to click on the link if they like it. so you know you need to create something that's somewhat catchy, something good or whatever, but at the same time, you know, don't make something that super long, super annoying, has a weird, you know- ending, like dotnet or dot story. you know something we like that I like to sit with calms the most. I just because he must- the most traditional. that's what people remembered most if they were to try and go back from the store. you know, most of all I can remember like dot store, whatever. so now I'm gonna go out here on my computer and show you guys a few things I've utilized in the past to help come up with a name and I'll sort of in this time block. okay, so all my computer. now this is GoDaddy. this is essentially where you can buy a domain for your store. if you don't know what a domain is, it's basically the top URL. so, as you can see right here, this is the domain: GoDaddy, calm for GoDaddy. that is, the company is called GoDaddy and that is their domain. so basically you can use this to buy domains. calm down that code. I Club all these types of subdomains and everything like that. you know you buy and then you connect it to your shop, buy, store and that is essentially you know the name of your store. it doesn't have to be the name, but that is the URL that people go to in order to see your store and you know, buy from it. so this Shopify even has their own business name generator. if you're sort of in this stuck area, you know what you're gonna sell but you don't really know you know what to call the store- then Shopify has this thing right here. it's free, you know it's a business name generator and you know it's instant results. so let's just say I've been drinking a monster here because it's like 2:00 in the morning, so trying to get a little bit of energy here. but let's just say monster generate names. so now there's this long list of all these different names and you know there's two pages here at the bottom of all this. so, as you can see, you know this monster. of course you can take that my monster must've create monster fusion. you know it's also sort of based around you know what you're selling, what product and what niche you are in. so like there's all kinds of things here. some of them are just stupid and you know you would never want to choose them and some of them are actually like dope. you know some that you would actually want to utilize and have as your store name. like sometimes you'll be looking at these things like, wow, how did I not think of that before? you know it's actually really good, it's really smart and I want to be using this. so let's just say Monster unity, I don't know what kind of source. sounds to me sort of like a gaming store, maybe I'm a gaming equipment. so a monster unity. so this here is monster unity, that's one of the names that they suggested and we can go here to GoDaddy, you know, see if that's available. monster unity, all right. so monster unity, dot-com is taken. so that means we can't have a dot-com. and you know if the dot-com is taking, you know that shouldn't always push you away. you also use like Co. so as you can see here the here's all the other options: orgnet, XYZ. you know I try to stay away from all these, but here you go is a dot-com. I'll say the best replacement from a comm would have to be just Co. you know, somewhat easier for people to remember. and you know, if you can't get the dot-com, you can get the co NS. you can see it's only $11.99, so it's like the normal price. and you see these other ones, like dot phone is $0.99. but you don't want that, you don't wanna have a dot, you weren't gonna remember that. it doesn't seem credible. cocom, you know it sounds, you know good, it's credible. people use that before. so monster, unique, oh, I can buy that for $11.99. you know, make that my store name and then base a whole store around it. you know about gaming. so these are some things I'm used in the past. you know, just to figure out names. you know, sometimes I'll sit here and think of different names. you know things that don't even involve like one word. it's just, you know, random. I'm gonna sit here, think you know what I call this company. you know, when you try to figure out something that relates, you ask some friends, some people. you know, um, this sound good for this store. you know you don't want to give away your ideas to your econ friends and might steal your idea. but you know, at the same time you want to get some help from people to see, you know, if it sounds good, because you can't always trust yourself with these things. you have to ask other people, see what they think and how. you know they think it could help grow your business and how it makes me relates. you know, sort of like people not wanting to sell something just because, oh, you know you have to look at the numbers and look at the data and the facts of everything you know, because if it sells, who cares if it's ugly? if you're making a bunch of money off it, you.

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10 Examples of Successful Shopify Dropshipping Stores

if you are eager to succeed in Drop Shipping, the best way is to learn from others. in this video, we're going to look at the most successful drop shipping stores and find out what makes them successful. stik around until the end. 10 successful Shopify Drop Shipping Store examples for inspiration. 1. puravita is one of the most successful jewelry drop shipping stores. the store was founded by two Southern California Friends, Griffin fall and Paul Goodman, who took a college graduation trip down to Costa Rica. they bought 400 bracelets from local Artisans and resold them at higher prices. now Griffin and Paul team up with more Artisans worldwide to create handcrafted bracelets in Endless color combinations. they've partnered with over 200 Charities and donated over four million dollars. from Pura Vida, we can learn that it's important to build a brand and have a good brand story. 2. Inspire uplift. Inspire uplift is a great example of a general Drop Shipping Store. it has changed its site Builder from Shopify to Magento. they have been doing Drop Shipping for a long time. the website traffic is partikularly High. as we can see, the website is popular among people between the ages of 18 to 44. their social traffic is especially High, taking up over 20 percent. more specifically, most of the social media traffic is from Pinterest and YouTube. they have many followers on these two platforms. the Pinterest posts are fun and their YouTube shorter videos presenting a lot of creative gadgets. from Inspire uplift, we can conclude that having a strong social presence is essential and your content should engage your audience. three best choice products: compared with Inspire uplift, best choice products is a general Drop Shipping Store that focuses on products at higher price points. the store showcases Best Sellers from various categories. their popular collections include outdoor furniture, pretend playsets, musical instruments, pet beds and Christmas trees. as Halloween is coming, they feature related products on the home page. what's more, judging from the number of reviews, we can know that they think highly of reviews. the get inspired section not only showcases social proof, but also allows customers to shop. the look best choice products teaches us the importance of featuring best sellers and social proof on the home page. 4. newingtons: this is a niche Drop Shipping store that sells products for cats and cat owners. millingtons was inspired by their unconditional love for cats. the teen has been part of an office cats Foster program. millington's attracts thousands of visitors per day. over 50 of them are young people aged between 18 and 34.. they have published a lot of blog artikles that contribute to a large amount of organic traffic. for each collection there is a detailed introduction, which is good for SEO. follow their practikes, you are sure to get a lot of free traffic. five: warmly warmly is a home to Cornish Drop Shipping Store that aims to help people upgrade their space. they promise 100 satisfaction. if a customer doesn't like the items, they can get a full refund. similar to inspire uplift. they also have a strong presence on social media. Pinterest is their primary social media channel, which generates over 95 percent of their social traffic. they're good at using images and videos to promote their products on Pinterest. from this example, you must realize the importance of great visuals in your marketing. if you've just started, the following examples of show Popeye stores might also inspire you. 6. horse horse is a Furniture Drop Shipping Store. it is based in London. Force offers a wide collection of contemporary furniture from over 80 brands. they're not only Source Products from leading European design Brands and internationally renowned designers, but also lesser known pieces from smaller producers and independent designers. its direct and such traffic are partikularly High. most of their search traffic is organic, which is owed to the unique product offerings. 7. ring to Perfection: this is a jewelry Drop Shipping Store with a subdomain storedrinktiperfectcom. by using a show Puff Ice by Tool caller inspector, we found that it dropships joules from AliExpress. similarly, The Surge traffic of the primary domain takes up over 72 percent. the traffic is generated by its blog artikles. in comparison, the referral traffic of the subdomain is high enough. it turns out that many coupon codes are available on different coupon sites. 8. bite it genius: bite it genius is dedicated to drop shipping toilet covers from a variety of Brands. you can find similar products on Amazon. Cinemas indicates that the business started from 2018. its surge traffic accounts for over 87 percent. similarly, their blog posts bring them a large amount of free traffic. 9. Essentials: Essentials is a store Drop Shipping female apparel and accessories. their organic traffic has been declining rapidly since 2021, probably due to the decrease in the number of products and collections. nevertheless, we can still lend something from it. it has received over 5 800 verified reviews. indeed, it is a good idea to display a review badge in a prominent position. Essentials has a strong social media presence on Reddit, which indicates the importance of building a community around your products. 10. mushy stoks- mushy socks is a one product Drop Shipping Store. it focuses on selling socks. its traffic in August 2022 was much higher. apart from direct and search traffic, its referral traffic is considerable. this is probably because they run giveaways regularly on social media and Leverage The Power of coupon sites. certainly you can follow suit, guys. after looking at these show preferred Drop Shipping Store examples, you've probably learned a lot. don't forget to apply these strategies to be more successful. if you like our video, please give us a like, subscribe and turn on the notification to stay tuned with us. see you.

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well, what is going on, guys? my name is sari, and welcome back to another video. in this one, I wanted to show you exactly how to import products into your Shopify store, and I know that's very basic for those of you that follow me that are, like, very advanced. but I get a ton of questions about how exactly does this process even work? like, how does how do we do this? it's gonna take me forever to import products. well, I'm going to show you exactly how you can do that. it's very simple and actually much, much quicker than you would ever expect. so I'll show you exactly how to do that and what you'll need, and that's it. so if you like this content, if you enjoy the value and if you love learning these type of things from a reliable source, make sure you hit the subscribe button and like this video. with that being said, I'm gonna happen to my computer and stop wasting any more time. let's do it, alright, guys? so the first step in importing products to your store is actually going to be to have a store. so if you don't have a store yet, I do have a link in the description to get your 14-day free trial for Shopify, and then it'll just prompt you to this screen right here and then you just create your store- super, super easy, very simple- and then you get a free store for 14 days, so it's awesome. and then you know, once you have it all created, you'll pretty much have this dashboard right here that I have. this is kind of a test store that I started for demonstration purposes and then it's your source gonna look just like this. so essentially, what you want to do first is go to your apps on the left here and then go to visit visit Shopify app store right here on the top right, and then you want to download the over lo app- so it's just called over low- and then you just click get perfect, and I already have it. so I just prompts me to the app. but once you download it it'll just pop up here in your list of apps and then right here- you just have overlooked. so when you just click that and you know you can't find products like this- and some people do, but they don't have nearly as big of a selection- like look it, they do have some awesome products, but it's not gonna be as efficient. so this is how I would do it. oh, my god, I have so many pop-ups, it's insane. okay, perfect. so this is how I would do it. I would go to Google first. so well, this is how I do it actually. so you go to Google first and then you type, or below, Chrome extension. so you do need Google Chrome for this, but, trust me, you definitely, definitely want to do this. so you go over here, the pops up and then you add the Google Chrome extension for overload. it's very simple and I already have it added. it's actually right here, this one. I know it's like grayed out right now, but once we are now the Express, it will not be grayed out anymore. so download that and then all you have to do now is simply go to Aliexpress, so Aliexpress com, and right here. this is pretty much where you're gonna source your products, because over licious, it integrates with Shopify so perfectly and there's just pretty much endless products. so let's just pick one from here now. let's just right away pick something that we think is cool. obviously, the best way to do this would be to go follow one of my videos- I probably will link one in the description- for actually finding winning products. but not gonna lie, guys, I have found winners simply by searching on Aliexpress and the best way to do it is to pretty much, for example, go to phonin accessories. this is solely for example purposes, but the ones that have the most orders tip okay. well, what's going on here? it's like not loading anything. so let's just look up fishing. okay, so we looked up fishing quick and here, whatever you look up, it'll pop up on here a cat it like a list of products in that niche or whatever you want to look up, and then right here where it says orders, you want to just click this and it'll filter it by the products that have the most orders. so look at this 300 meter, 330 yards fishing line, but it's got over 20 thousand orders. guys, this is a hot product right here, and I've obviously you might be thinking: well, that doesn't look like a winning product. you don't know that. you have to test it like. please stop thinking that a winning product looks a certain way. it doesn't. I mean, all the waiting product is is a product that's hot and trending and that you know solves a problem ideally, and this solves a big problem, I would. I mean, I'm not to be big fish', so excuse me if that sounds dumb, because it might be. I know this pen, for example. this was a away. this, yeah, this was a huge winning product because it's a little fishing pole in a pen, like: how cool is that, honestly? so that's why you know this. this would be a big winning product, for example, and it's got four thousand two hundred and twenty seven orders. so you know it's turning, it's gotten a lot of orders, so this is something we would want in our stores. so now that we have the overlooks tension on Google right here, okay, all we have to do is go to the product and right here you have this, like I'll move my screen all the way up until the top just for a second and see, see down here, this little blue circle thing. all you have to do is click that. so you click it, oh, and then you see right here where it says product imported successfully. that's how we know it's imported into our over little list. so, guys, now all you have to do literally is click open import list and it's right here. okay, this is the product right here. it's not on your store yet, so bear with me, you just have to give it a title. I would probably just go portable, like copy some of their keywords: pocket mini fishing pole pen, pens with reel, fishing pole pen with reel. okay, just like that. actually, let's not do with reel and we'll add with reel in the description, but anyways. and then we'll just pick a collection. I don't have any collections here, but usually I would have a collection for you know, like, for, like, creative gifts or fishing stuff, you know something like that. so then we do that and then that's pretty much it. you don't want to add a description on here because sometimes overlook glitches when you import the product and it won't like, it won't import the description, and that's happened to me and it makes me really mad, because I spent a lot of time on the description on you and then I imported in. it's completely gone and you're gonna be really mad. so don't do that. and then, right here we just have some additional pics. we can choose which pics we want, so we'll just leave the ones that are in here on default. Bowl will also add a couple more, because I really like these. for example, these are really nice. or that one too, this one, probably because it's being used. I really like when the product is in use. so perfect, we got these imported, so now all you have to do is click, push to shop and now it's in our shop. so let's just go make sure and we go to our Shopify dashboard and you click products right here and then, boom, it's right here. it's the third one, do you see it? so right here we got a our new portable pocket mini fishing pole now. now all you have to do is set a price for it, which obviously we'll just do like $19.99, which is probably expensive to some of you, but like it really isn't, because it has a high perceived value and, essentially, you just want to give it a good description. I'll link the video below of how you can make a solid product description. I just you know this video is about how to import the product, so just go and look at that video. it's exactly how I write my descriptions and it'll really, really work well for you. so just make sure you do that. and this is how easy it is to import price to your store, guys. so if you like this value, if you learned something from this, make sure you are subscribed to the channel. okay, I've dropped videos like this every single day and I'm definitely a reliable source. guys, this month has been my biggest month yet. it's only March. but March 17th and this, these are my numbers for my store: insane right.


these are my top 10 favorite products on month of January 2023, and all the products on today's list are going to be New Year bangers and hidden Valentine gems. hey guys, welcome to the YouTube channel. my name is Kamil sanon, is The e-con King, and I want to first off by saying Happy New Year to everyone that subscribed to the channel and everyone that's watching this video. so what I'm going to be doing in today's video is I'm gonna be giving you my you, my 10 favorite products for the month of January and for Valentine's Day, and these are also going to be forever green products. the method that I've the days I've gone to the industry-leading websites like Peaks to sell account, and those are all indexes that have already got great products on there, and they're doing extra research and due diligence by heading over to Amazon and looking at the sales volume. I've gone to Google Trends to see if they're trending. I've also gone on to tiktok to see how many organic views there are for the product, as that is a leading indicator right now to see success in products. we've even gone to the Facebook ad library to see how many competitors are running ads for each one of these products, because the whole purpose of this video is to give you a list of 10 amazing products for this month, but products that are also not saturated and have massive potential to the upside. now, what I've also done for you guys is I've created a free Google doc sheet that's going to contain all the information for each one of these products, and you're going to be watching me use it throughout this video. and if you want to get access to this- because it's going to have ad copies, thumbnails, links to other stores, it's going to have absolutely everything on there- then we do need to hit 2 000 likes in this video and it'll be in the pin comment and in the description below. so, guys, if you're looking for a great product to start your new year, then you're definitely in the right place. let's get straight into the top 10 list of products. [Music] on today's list is the gesture sensing smart robot. if we look at the AliExpress link, you can see it's almost got 600 orders, 4.8 star reviews on 89 people, meaning that people are happy with the product. now, what this product is? it's a smart robot that is based on gestures from you. so, based on the gesture that you show the robot, it will do a certain movement so you can see here, sidewalk, sidewalk, walk forward intelligence programming so it will do different commands based on the gesture you use with the Smart Control and the gesture hand. now the reason why I love this product so much is because I know there's been other dropshipping products that are gestures sense, like these ones that have blown up and generated multiple seven figures. so if we take a look at the product price and recommendation, I'd recommend this other product for 44.99. it's going to cost you 24.37 and your profit margin is going to be roughly 20. now, with any product that you sell, I'd always recommend that you make around about twenty dollars after you pay for the product cost and the shipping cost, as that will leave you good margins with the product price recommendations that I'm giving you. this is the base standard, meaning that once you see success with these products, you can increase the price over a long period of time. so you could potentially start selling this for 79.99 if people are willing to pay that price for the product. so if we take a look at the product description, it reads: groundbreaking gesture control, tiknology smart robot is the toy. kids go crazy for signing and dancing in response to your actions. it's truly unlike any tour you've seen before. this is the best gift for children or RC Fanatiks. it promotes creativity, fun activity for kids that doesn't revolve around mobile screens. it says features playful robotik, the robotik that will perform dance moves by moving back and forth dance music. you can follow his movements together at any time. and then it says here: educational, multi-use. although mainly used for fun, you can use this robot to respond and create a fun way for your child to learn the basic numbers and grammar and language. and then it gives you an example here: lifelike joints and movements. it has, like life, joints throughout knees, neck, elbow and even fingers so it can dance and jump or move around like a new best friend and impressive thing to witness, even as an adult. so if we take a look at a Shopify dropshipping store selling this product, we're only looking at the store to see what they've done whilst you can add it in your store. so the first thing that I like is the way they've got these bundles. the more you buy, the bigger the discounts. and then they've got here a sales- that's always good to offer a sale. then they've got these giffies. These giffies are really important for a product like this because you're toking about it being a gesture based product. people are going to want to see that in real life. so by showing them giffies like this, by showing them diagrams and explaining how the controller Works, how kids can use it, is really important if you want to get sales now. if we take a look at a Facebook video that's got over 250 000 views, the opening scene shows a kid walking with the robot and then it shows the robot picking things up and it also shows somebody unboxing the product and then it shows them giving the mic to the robot and it starts dancing. and this is really crazy, because when you watch something like this, it's going to make you think, wow, this is impressive, I want one for myself. now, if we take a look at a tiktok video for the product, you can see the opening scene says: this toy robot is awesome, and then it shows the controller that you're using and then it also shows you the gesture while moving your hand forward or backwards makes the robot move forward and backwards, and then they go over. it can walk and dance to the music. so you can see that this is designed in ugc content- POV content from your point of view- and these work really well on tiktok. now, the countries I'd recommend that you target for this product are going to be the e-packet countries, minus Mexico, Brazil in Italy, as I do find that I get a lot of high fraudulent charges from those countries. if you don't do the epocket countries, then I'd recommend the top six, which is the UK, the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Ireland, and if you're doing tiktok ads, I'd only recommend that you Target Canada and the US. now the interest I'd recommend for this product is Hot Toys, toys, Gadget Geeks, kids. and then suggested interests. now they're ready to go. ad copy read: smart robot is the toy kids go crazy for signing and dancing. response: your actions: the best gift for children's. and it will reduce screen time. shop here. then it shows the thumbnail of somebody's hand with the gestures showing that the robot is moving based on your commands, and then also shows the controller in the bottom left. now, when it comes to season success with these Drop Shipping products, the advertising pot is the most important part. so when you run ads on tiktok Facebook, you need really good videos and that's why I'm recommending launch ads. launch ads are a group of video editing experts that will deliver really good quality videos in one to three business days and if they don't, then you will get your money back and those videos will be completely free and they will still deliver the videos. and the reason why I'm recommending these guys is because the main benefits are: there's a professional team of video editors, there's a professional team of script writers, there's a professional team of designers and they're going to create, engage in first three seconds and they're also going to get you a really good thumbnail for your videos. and most people that start Drop Shipping really struggle with making really good video ads because they don't know how to edit videos in ways that are going to be really impulsive for people to watch and it can take months and m.

The Most Impressive Dropshipping Store I've Ever Seen | Shopify Store Case Study 2020

yo, what's going on everybody? welcome back to another video. are you here? and today we're gonna be looking at something pretty awesome. now. q4 is around the corner. literally in a couple weeks, we'll be entering the fourth quarter of 2020, which is mind-blowing, to say the least. i don't know about you, but this year has been going by extremely quickly, like way quicker than any other year in my life, which is a good and bad thing, i mean. obviously, with the virus and everything, i'm kind of glad that this is sort of going by quick, but it's also a little bit nerve-wracking. i don't feel prepared at all going into this fourth quarter of the year when it comes to my e-commerce business. so today what i wanted to do is do a little bit of a case study around this one drop shipping store. that is extremely impressive to me. they've been around for pretty much as long as i've been making youtube videos and they still continue to kill it without getting rid of the drop shipping business model at all. this whole year, i've been preaching so much about building an actual, tangible brand, and some people may have misunderstood that, thinking that i think drop shipping is not viable anymore or something. obviously, that's not true, but i do believe that it's important for everybody to have a brand building mentality. even if you do build a drop shipping brand, still treated like a real brand, and hopefully the case study store that i'm going to be showing you today will give you a really good idea and inspire you to actually start a brand out of your drop shipping store, which is my main goal with this channel. i want all of you guys to start amazing brands that provide value for the world. so go grab your coffee, some water, some tea- i don't know what you're up there drinking, but i got my coffee ready here and i'm really excited to dive into the store with you now. as i told you, i'm not extremely prepared for this q4 when it comes to my brand, but now that we're shipping everything from the us, i'm really excited to be able to ship things out to last minute when it comes to, you know, the holiday season, and if you follow me on instagram, you'll know that my brand actually reached a brand new milestone. we reached a 2k day the other day, which was the highest day we've ever had on this brand, and that was only through facebook ads, which is really amazing, and i'm really happy to be building up a solid facebook ad system, but without further ado, let's actually take a look at this brand that i'm toking about. the brand that i'm doing a case study on today is called warmly. now the brand name already is pretty awesome. i mean warmly. it's so clean and modern. i just absolutely love it. i think it's such a good name, especially for what they're doing. so what this brand actually does is they sell modern home decor. so, as you can see, right off the bat, this doesn't really look like a drop shipping store by any means. they've made it extremely congruent and whoever's running this is either hiring a really good developer or brand designer or they know a lot about brand design themselves, because this is extremely congruent. and even though this is all products that they're drop shipping, it's still pretty impressive how they're able to get really congruent product images. which is one of the biggest downsides to having a drop shipping store is it's hard to really get congruent images, and that's why a lot of people do one product stores, but if you're running like a niche store or a general store, this is going to be very difficult to do, but they've been able to do it either way. i don't know how, but maybe they just take their own pictures. that's what we do, at least with our brand. so i've actually toked about this brand before because i found them like a long time ago and i was like, wow, i can't believe this brand is actually drop shipping and they're still at it. if we take a look at their traffic, we can see that they're getting over 200 000 monthly visitors. now the thing about similar web is that a lot of times- which, by the way, similar web is the tool that i use- it's a chrome extension and that's what allows me to see traffic that different stores are getting. it doesn't always work, but when it does work, it's relatively accurate. i do find that most of the time, it actually underplays how much traffic a store is getting, meaning that chances are the store actually is getting more traffic than they are reporting, which would mean that they're also generating more revenue than i'm estimating right now. but due to their average order value, i think it's a conservative assumption to say that they're doing at least a million dollars per month. and the reason why i titled this the most impressive drop shipping store and the reason why i think it's the most impressive drop shipping store, it's because they're not even using facebook ads to do this. if we actually look on similar web- because similar web is actually like a website, it's not just the chrome extension- we can see the traffic distribution, meaning where they're actually getting their traffic from, and we can see that 99.64 of their traffic is coming from pinterest. so if we go on warmly's pinterest profile, we can actually see that they're getting over 10 million monthly viewers. now, i'm almost certain that this is not all organic. i'm sure most of it is actually paid, but that's still a pretty ridiculous amount of traffic, and i know that the reason why pinterest is so cool is because, with pinterest, any link that you link to your store from a pin- it's actually considered a back link. now, a lot of you guys probably don't know much about backlinks. i don't even know much about backlinks- but i do know that backlinks are essential to getting a really good seo score on your website and your different landing pages, which allows you to get a lot more organic traffic. so chances are, warmly is actually not spending that much money on advertising and they're actually cashing in a lot of profits through simple seo and, as you can see, their pinterest looks basically like an extension of their store, which i think is super cool, and it's extremely clever considering that the people that go on pinterest are actually going on pinterest to look for inspiration when it comes to home decor, fashion, all these things that's. those are all great niches to go into when it comes to pinterest. i've tested pinterest ads a little bit. i haven't dove too deep into them, but after looking at this, i'm definitely way more inspired to look into pinterest ads, especially with the weird fluctuations that we've been experiencing with facebook. not just me personally, but in the industry as a whole. even brands are experiencing inconsistencies. so so if you have a drop shipping store and you've been experiencing a lot of inconsistencies with facebook ads, don't worry, you're not alone. a lot of people are dealing with the same things. like i said, even brands and even agencies are dealing with this stuff, so don't worry about it too much at the end of the day. this is why it's important to sort of brainstorm different marketing ideas, different ways to reach customers, and pinterest might actually be a really great alternative for you, especially if you're building a store similar to warmly's. now. what i find interesting is that they actually don't link any social media on their actual website. i think the main reason why is so that people don't leave the website. when somebody leaves your site, it's gonna be extremely hard to get them back. so obviously run retargeting, obviously have emails in place to make sure that you're recovering your lost visitors at all costs. but this is a great way to do it is by just not having any sort of distractions anywhere to be found on your store. that's actually probably the best way to get people to just stay on your store. now, as you can see, some of their products are literally like six hundred dollars. uh, and they use quad pay here, which allows people to pay in installments. that's really clever, especially considering that.