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LIVRÉ | Vlog #18

Published on: December 22 2022 by Coachs en Mission avec Ling-en Hsia

In this article, we will be discussing the 18th vlog of the popular YouTube channel LIVR. The vlog covers a variety of topics and features the usual humor and banter that fans have come to expect.


1. The Importance of Self-Care

2. Life Updates

3. Behind the Scenes of LIVR

4. Q&A with Fans

The Importance of Self-Care:

- LIVR starts off the vlog by emphasizing the importance of self-care, especially during times of stress and uncertainty.

- They discuss their own self-care routines, which include exercise, meditation, and spending time with loved ones.

- They encourage their viewers to take care of themselves and prioritize their mental health.

Life Updates:

- LIVR gives updates on their personal lives, including upcoming trips and projects.

- They also discuss recent events, such as the pandemic and social justice movements.

- They share their thoughts and feelings on these topics, emphasizing the importance of staying informed and taking action.

Behind the Scenes of LIVR:

- LIVR takes their viewers behind the scenes of their vlogging process, showing how they come up with ideas and film their videos.

- They also share funny anecdotes and bloopers from their previous vlogs.

- This segment gives viewers a glimpse into the making of LIVR and the personalities behind the channel.

Q&A with Fans:

- LIVR answers questions from their fans, covering a variety of topics from their favorite food to their biggest fears.

- They also give advice on how to start a YouTube channel and pursue creative projects.

- This segment allows viewers to connect with LIVR on a more personal level and learn more about their lives and interests.

Overall, LIVR Vlog 18 is a fun and informative video that covers a range of topics. From self-care to behind-the-scenes footage, this vlog gives viewers a glimpse into the lives of the LIVR crew. Their humor and authenticity make them a popular YouTube channel, and this vlog is no exception.

LIVRÉ | Vlog #18

On a Monday morning, feeling tired from the previous week, the author watches pigeons and shares some advice on how to stay healthy and fit.

Advice for Good Health:

• Eat a balanced diet.

Book Progress:

• The author meets with their editor and assistant to discuss book points.

• The cover will be available in one or two weeks.

• The book will be finished soon.

• The author discusses ways to promote the book, including Facebook advertising and speaking engagements.

Product Creation:

• The author considers including a free training module in the book to promote other courses and products.


• The author plans to promote the book through webinars, crowdfunding, conferences, blogs, podcasts, teasers, videos, and press releases.

• The author aims to sell 1,500 copies of the book between June and December.

The author concludes the blog by showing their hand with the book cover and encourages readers to ask questions.

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