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local ads scotland

Published on: August 5 2023 by pipiads

- Welcome to the exciting world of motorcycle racing!

- Join us this Sunday, August 28th, for the Yamahapro am race at KnockHill circuit in Dunfermline.

- Admission for adults is only two pounds, and children can accompany for free.

- Don't miss out on the chance to see racing stars like John Nouveau, Dave Dean, Phil Miller, and Bob Smith.

- And while you're there, make sure to visit Mary Hill Cash and Carry Carpets for amazing discounts on carpets.

Bullet Points:

- Templeton Music pound tour at Templeton Butterball

- Turkeys available at Tesco, Beach and Safeway

- Lipton's Presto Fine Fair international stores

- Sainsbury's Alperthe shoes for one day only

- Why do we need a reinforced concrete floor and a beer tent?

- Eddie around you play when you drink diamond heavy or discoverer

- Agnew stores is the place for famous wines like Gaya Luta and Maurice

- Cheeky Beaujolais is my favorite wine

- House of Fraser gift vouchers are exchangeable for goods

- Iron Brew is a soft drink for hard men

- Don't miss out on the excitement of motorcycle racing this Sunday at KnockHill circuit.

- Visit Mary Hill Cash and Carry Carpets for amazing discounts on carpets.

- Enjoy a quiet evening with a good wine from Agnew stores.

- And remember, Iron Brew is the perfect drink for hard men.

Old Cinema Advertising in Scotland

Are you looking for the best meat and poultry in town? Look no further than Music Joints! Fred Ballard, located at 152 King Street, has the finest selection for you. And don't forget to grab some mineral waters from W and W McMichael on Dunedin Road. But that's not all - Music Joints also offers great deals on Easter eggs and Bluebell margarine. Let's dive into all the amazing offers they have in store for you!

Main Body:

1. Meat and Poultry:

- Fred Ballard at Music Joints, located at 152 King Street, offers the best meat and poultry in town.

- Cousin Douglas guarantees top quality for all your meat needs.

- Don't miss out on the finest mineral waters from W and W McMichael on Dunedin Road.

2. Breakfast and Appetizers:

- Start your day right at Music Joints with a delicious breakfast.

- The value of a good breakfast lies in its appetizing and healthy view.

- Unitest breakfast knows how to satisfy your cravings.

3. Cooperative Shopping:

- Music Joints is the best place for cooperative shopping.

- Enjoy extra good value for money and top quality.

- Get full dividend and save on special offers, like SP sauce and tomato ketchup.

- Don't forget to try the lemon curd, it's a special offer this week.

4. Saturday Miners Matinees:

- ABC adopts a policy that most parents love - entertaining their children with Saturday miners matinees.

- Children can enjoy specially produced films by the Children's Film Foundation.

- From historical adventures to comedy classics and favorite cartoons, there's something for every young audience.

- The ABC manager ensures a friendly welcome and capable hands with senior boys and girls as monitors.

- Special treats like talent contests, fancy dress parades, and road safety presentations are also part of the matinee program.

- Birthday boys and girls are remembered with a special price of admission.

Music Joints at ABC is the go-to place for all your meat and poultry needs. Fred Ballard offers the best selection in town, while cousin Douglas guarantees top quality. Don't forget to grab some mineral waters from W and W McMichael. And when it comes to cooperative shopping, Music Joints has you covered with extra good value for money and top quality products. Lastly, make sure to bring your kids to ABC's Saturday miners matinees for a fun-filled experience they won't forget.

Scottish TV Adverts

In this article, we will discuss the importance of using various language elements such as contractions, idioms, transitional phrases, interjections, dangling modifiers, and colloquialisms to enhance the overall quality of our writing. By incorporating these elements effectively, we can create engaging and dynamic content that captivates our readers. So, let's dive in and explore how to utilize these language elements in our writing.

1. Contractions:

- Contractions, such as don't and can't, add a conversational tone to our writing.

- They help to create a more informal and friendly style that resonates with readers.

2. Idioms:

- Idioms, like the icing on the cake and a piece of cake, add color and expressiveness to our writing.

- They can make our content more memorable and enjoyable for readers.

3. Transitional phrases:

- Transitional phrases, such as in addition, on the other hand, and as a result, help to create a smooth flow between ideas.

- They enable readers to follow our thoughts and arguments more easily.

4. Interjections:

- Interjections, like oh, huh, and well, add emotional emphasis to our writing.

- They can convey surprise, confusion, or excitement, making our content more engaging.

5. Dangling modifiers:

- Dangling modifiers, when used intentionally, can add a touch of humor or playfulness to our writing.

- They create unexpected and amusing sentence structures that catch readers' attention.

6. Colloquialisms:

- Colloquialisms, such as no bones about it and you're just the right input, make our writing sound more natural and relatable.

- They reflect the way people speak in everyday conversations, making our content more accessible.

Incorporating contractions, idioms, transitional phrases, interjections, dangling modifiers, and colloquialisms into our writing can greatly enhance its effectiveness. By employing these language elements strategically, we can create content that is engaging, dynamic, and enjoyable for our readers. So, let's embrace these techniques and take our writing to new heights!

Battle of Agincourt, 1415 (ALL PARTS) ⚔️ England vs France ⚔️ Hundred Years' War DOCUMENTARY

In this article, we will discuss the events and numbers associated with the Battle of Crecy, Poitiers, and the years 1337-1413. We will explore the military strategies, casualties, and significant moments during this period. Let's dive into the details!

Key Events and Numbers:

- The Battle of Crecy took place in 1346.

- The Battle of Poitiers occurred in 1356.

- The Angevin dynasty ruled from 1360 to 1413.

- The Battle of Harfleur happened in 1415.

- 11,000 soldiers fought at Harfleur in 1415.

- The siege of Harfleur lasted for 14 days.

- Approximately 5,000 soldiers were involved in the Battle of Gaucourt in 1415.

- The year 1415 witnessed a major conflict with 23,000 troops fighting.

- The Battle of Harfleur involved 7,100 soldiers.

- The English army consisted of 900 archers during the Battle of Harfleur.

- 900 ships were present at Harfleur during the battle.

- The English lost 5,000 men during the battle.

- Harfleur was attacked by 11,000 English troops.

- The Battle of Harfleur resulted in 230 English casualties.

- 426 French soldiers were wounded during the battle.

- Harfleur witnessed 200 civilian casualties.

- The English army had 6,000 troops during the year 1415.

- 1,000 English soldiers died during the battle.

- The French army suffered 5,000 casualties in 1415.

- 15,000 English troops were present during the Battle of Agincourt in 1415.

- The Battle of Agincourt had 16,000 French soldiers.

- 12,000 French soldiers died during the battle.

- The English army had 6,000 survivors after the battle.

- 3,000 French soldiers were captured by the English.

- 12,000 troops were involved in the conflict.

- 2 significant leaders were present during the battle.

- FutureLearn is an online learning platform.

The period from 1337 to 1413 was marked by significant battles, including Crecy, Poitiers, and Harfleur. The numbers associated with these conflicts highlight the scale of the military engagements and the impact they had on both the English and French forces. Understanding these events and numbers helps us gain insights into the historical context of this era.

1990 STV Scottish Television Adverts + Continuity & idents

- Music, Janet, Nigel, Adrian, and the Bank of Scotland

- Training and recognition in the modern world

1. Nigel's Business:

- Nigel is married to Janet and is focused on his new business

- In order to succeed, Nigel has to work day and night

- Adrian also needs help in his business

- A friend suggests Bank of Scotland as a solution

2. Trouble with the Car:

- Janet's car is not working

- A friend offers to lend them a new car for free

- Possible trouble could be a blown head gasket

3. Young People and Training:

- Young people are seeking training and experience

- Recognition is important in the modern world

- Scottish Infantry and training for communication, supervision, and leadership

4. Haliborange Multivitamin:

- New multivitamin from Haliborange with calcium and iron

- Great tasting and beneficial for health

5. Thomas Cook Holidays:

- Up to 120 pounds off faraway holidays

- Places like America, home of the Chicago Bears

6. Bank of Scotland Life:

- Nigel joins Bank of Scotland Life

- Adrian still needs help with his business

7. National Savings Investment Account:

- Janet's art teacher recommends the National Savings Investment Account

- Smart way for non-taxpayers to maximize their savings

8. British Satellite Broadcasting:

- British Satellite Broadcasting will be on air in the spring

- Listening to people's ideas for great television programs

9. Daily Mail:

- Janet and Nigel read the Daily Mail for good reading

- Room 2127, daily mail, good night

10. Laughlines Comedy Game Show:

- Scottish Television is producing a new comedy game show called Laughlines

- Contestants will engage in a battle of wits with alternative comedians

11. Gas Control:

- Gas is controllable and economical for heat

- Gas provides comfort in the moment

12. Amicable Man:

- An amicable man has no worries financially

- Has a pension policy for a secure future

13. Contact 400:

- Contact 400 provides fast relief from cold symptoms

- Effective for up to 12 hours

14. Vogue Upholstered Furniture:

- Vogue offers style and comfort in upholstered furniture

15. Medallion from Spogit and Sylvester:

- Financial investment from Spogit and Sylvester

- Free introductory offer from a reliable source

16. Fiat Uno:

- The new Fiat Uno makes you feel like a new car

17. Low-Fat Milk:

- Low-fat milk helps watch your figure

- Perfect for those who care about their health

18. Beecham's Hot Lemon:

- Beecham's Hot Lemon provides relief from cold and flu symptoms

19. Drama on Scottish:

- Wartime drama series Wish Me Luck on Scottish

- Drama, prosecution, and the people's verdict

20. Tanglewood Tails:

- Tanglewood Tails is a children's book series

- Liz Log heading off the page

21. Scottish Religious Debate:

- The Human Fertilization and Embryology Bill debate in Scotland

- Pros and cons of research on test tube embryos

22. 202 Squadron:

- All-action 202 Squadron by land and sea

23. New Fiat Uno:

- The new Fiat Uno is a game-changer

24. Living Design:

- Double glazing your home with Living Design

- Affordable prices and high quality

25. Lon Polly:

- Lon Polly offers affordable getaways

- Save up to 120 pounds on holidays

26. Kitchen Conversions:

- Kitchen Conversions offers quality made-to-measure kitchens

27. Clydesdale Bank:

- The Clydesdale Bank provides personalized financial assistance

28. Hotpoint Sale:

- Save up to 40 pounds on Hotpoint appliances

- Interest-free credit available

29. Sensodyne Toothpaste:

- Sensodyne toothpaste provides relief from sensitive teeth

30. Anadin Paracetamol:

- Anadin Paracetamol provides fast relief from headaches

31. Timothee Shampoo:

- Timothee shampoo leaves hair soft and shiny

32. Sun Alliance Insurance:

- Norman joins Sun Alliance insurance

- 24-hour phone assistance for household policyholders

- Various advertisements and offers presented in a creative and engaging manner

- Wide range of products and services available to meet different needs

Best Funny Irn Bru Commercials, Scotland's other national drink

In this article, we will discuss various phrases and expressions used in a conversation. We will explore contractions, idioms, transitional phrases, interjections, dangling modifiers, and colloquialisms. By incorporating these elements into our speech, we can make our conversations more engaging and natural.

Using # Headings # and # Sub-headings #


- Music ah steamy wendy s in haitinice rug mum it s holding inside thatcheese toast in here do you mind?

- Music ah mr mctaggartkeeping activehi you boysnew push up braamazinglooking good momno come here yougroupwhat s hug on hii made my stuffing you know like whatyou said and that tv was so bigthere was no way for thisthat live spanish football was gettingtediousno problem daphnewhat s mine is yoursit s squarehello scotland i am brew are giving youthe chance to win a fantastic trip toour wonderful brew islandso we re getting everything readywe ve got crystal clear waterthe sunand very lovely locals to win aphenomenal holiday before grab a specialein brew and look behind the label for awinning ticket win a phenomenal holidayon brew islandhereahsengaso singer they come here often whyeveryone s love the cashdestiny billy john packingnicestrong jeansso what we re going to call herfannyi want to call her fannywe can call her fannyfannyi like itit s unusual unique my mum s a funnygranny was a fannyshe ll be joining a long line of fannieshi it s good to keep up traditionoh funny you re just like your daddybossescowspigeonsguitarbeadsfish they build5p 10p a paintsugar free it s sugar free that s whyit s called iron brew sugar freeit s totally obvious iron brewsugar free it s sugar free it s totallyobvious


- No problem, Daphne.

- What's mine is yours.

- It's square.

- Hi, it's good to keep up tradition.

- Oh funny, you're just like your daddy.

Transitional phrases:

- So, we're getting everything ready.

- Before grab a special ein brew.

- Look behind the label for a winning ticket.

- Win a phenomenal holiday on Brew Island.

- Singer, they come here often?

- Why everyone's love the cash?


- Ah!

- Hi!

- Oh!

Dangling modifiers:

- Hi, you boys new push up bra.

- Amazing looking good, Mom.

- No come here, you group.

- It's unusual, unique.

- My mum's a funny granny.

- She'll be joining a long line of Fannies.


- Music ah steamy wendy s in haiti.

- It's holding inside that cheese toast in here, do you mind?

- That live Spanish football was getting tedious.

Incorporating contractions, idioms, transitional phrases, interjections, dangling modifiers, and colloquialisms can enhance our conversations and make them more engaging. By using these elements, we can add depth and naturalness to our speech. So next time you have a conversation, don't forget to spice it up with these language tools!

Kevin Bridges On English Vs Scottish Football | Universal Comedy

Football, a sport loved by millions around the world, has the power to unite and divide people. From the intense rivalries between teams to the passionate support from fans, football has a way of stirring up emotions. In this article, we will explore some interesting aspects of football, including rivalries, financial struggles, and the impact it has on people's lives.

Rivalries that Divide:

Football rivalries are a common sight in the sport, and they often go beyond the boundaries of the game. One of the most intense rivalries exists between Celtic and Rangers, where the teams represent the Catholic and Protestant communities in Scotland. On match days, the atmosphere outside the stadium is electric, with fans showing their unwavering support. But with this passion comes a sense of fear and tension, as even the most dedicated supporters admit to feeling shaken in the presence of their rivals.

Financial Struggles and Surprises:

In Scottish football, financial struggles have been a recurring issue. Rangers Football Club faced a severe financial meltdown, leaving many owed money. It was even reported that a local Glasgow face painting company was owed £40 with no explanation as to why. The club's boardroom became a chaotic scene, with tensions rising and doors being opened to unexpected surprises. The financial struggles of football clubs can have a ripple effect, impacting not only the teams but also the local businesses that rely on their support.

The Impact on People's Lives:

Football has a way of capturing people's hearts and becoming a significant part of their lives. For some, it is a source of joy and excitement, while for others, it brings anguish and disappointment. The support for a football team can be so strong that it becomes a defining characteristic of an individual. People form connections and friendships through their shared love for the game. And while football can bring people together, it can also create divisions, with fans actively supporting other teams just to see their rivals lose.

Football is more than just a sport. It has the power to ignite intense rivalries, create financial struggles, and impact people's lives in profound ways. The passion and dedication shown by football fans are undeniable, but it is essential to remember that the sport should unite rather than divide. As we navigate through the complexities of football, let us find common ground and appreciate the beauty and excitement that the game brings.

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