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local want ads

Published on: January 27 2023 by pipiads

Top 7 Free Classified Ad Sites to Advertise for Free

Looking to advertise for free? Check out these top 7 free classified ad sites that allow you to list your items for sale, respond to job ads, post personal classified ads, and much more without having to pay a fee.

1. Craigslist

- Why it's great: You can find ads for pretty much everything on there, and posts ads in lots of categories too without having to log in.

- Categories: Community, housing, jobs, services, for sale, discussion forums, gigs, resumes, and more.

2. Oodle

- Why it's great: In addition to stuff for sale, you'll also find jobs, services, and personals on there.

- Categories: All vehicles, all rentals, real estate, jobs, pets, tickets, services, personals, community, and more.

3. Classifiedads.com

- Why it's great: You don't have to register to post on there, and there's a huge selection of categories to choose from.

- Categories: Vehicles, services, for rent, real estate, community, pets, jobs, personals, items for sale, and more.

4. Offer Up

- Why it's great: There's a huge range of categories to buy and sell in, making it perfect for anyone who's looking to list stuff for sale or make a purchase.

- Categories: Antiques, appliances, arts and crafts, audio equipment, auto parts, baby and kids, beauty and health, and more.

5. Gumtree

- Why it's great: It's ideal for selling within the UK where it's the most popular classified ad site.

- Categories: Cars and vehicles for sale, property, jobs, services, community, pets, and more.

6. Five Miles

- Why it's great: It's awesome for local sales, housing, services, jobs, and more.

- Categories: Automotive, art and collectibles, electronics, fashion and accessories, home and garden, sports and leisure, free and donation, community services, housing, jobs, and more.

7. Facebook Marketplace

- Why it's great: Easy to get started with as many people already have a Facebook account, and you can buy and sell stuff in a huge range of categories.

- Categories: Vehicles, property for rent, apparel, electronics, free stuff, pet supplies, property for sale, sporting goods, toys and games.

Whether you're looking to sell stuff locally, buy used stuff, advertise your services as a freelancer, promote your small business, or post personal ads, these top free local classified ad sites are worth a try. Subscribe to the channel and like the video to stay updated on more helpful tips and advice.

Facebook Ads Beginner To Expert For Local Businesses | How to Create a Facebook Ad 2020

In this video, Keaton Walker from orthopatients.com shares his expertise on setting up a successful Facebook ad for any local business. He simplifies the confusing backend of Facebook advertising and explains how to make it profitable for your business.

Bullet Points:

- Facebook ads manager can be confusing

- Facebook advertising can be profitable for your business

- Campaign level targets behavior

- Ad set level targets geography and interests

- Ad level is the actual creative

- Facebook and Instagram advertising are in the same bucket

- Boosting posts and using simple promotions tab from Instagram is not recommended

- There are three levels: awareness, consideration, and conversion

- Facebook has separated advertising objectives into three buckets

- Before using Facebook Ads manager, decide what your campaign objective is

- For local businesses, use either traffic, video views, lead generation or messages

- Always turn on budget optimization

- Optimize for lowest cost

- Ignore other parts of Facebook

In conclusion, Keaton Walker simplifies the confusing backend of Facebook advertising and provides useful tips for setting up a successful Facebook ad for any local business. By understanding the different levels of advertising and choosing the right objective, you can make Facebook advertising profitable for your business. Always remember to optimize for lowest cost and ignore the distractions on Facebook.

Are Google Local Service Ads Better Than Google Ads?

In this webinar, Wesley Smith from treeservicedigitalcom and Tree Service marketing profits podcast discusses the differences between Google local service ads and traditional Google ads, and how to optimize them to improve your business.

Key points:

- It depends on a few different things, such as your Google presence, Google reviews, and whether your ads are being professionally managed.

- Google local service ads sync with your Google business profile, so having consistent Google reviews is important to build your reputation and stand out from competitors.

- Managing your account properly by itemizing your calls and putting in discrepancies on leads can help Google refund or not charge you for irrelevant leads.

- Answering the phone is important as Google tracks these calls, and having a high call answer rate can improve your ad performance.

Google local service ads can be a valuable addition to your marketing strategy, but it's important to optimize your Google presence and manage your account properly. Having consistent Google reviews, tracking and managing your calls, and answering the phone can all improve your ad performance and generate more leads for your business.

Cataclysm in Europe: The Outbreak of the Thirty Years War

The Outbreak of the Thirty Years War

- German Protestants in the 17th century feared the end of the world due to natural disasters and a comet sighting

- This apocalyptic mood led to the witch craze and religious tensions

- The outbreak of the Thirty Years War was a defining moment in German history

- Before analyzing the causes of the conflict, a cyber security tip is sponsored by Nord VPN

Causes of the Conflict:

- Growing religious tensions troubled the Holy Roman Empire for almost two centuries

- The Hussites and the Reformation split Christians into Protestants and Catholics

- The Reformation offered new possibilities for those not on top of the power hierarchy

- The confessional division of the empire had practical implications on daily politics

- The Peace of Augsburg recognized both Catholicism and Lutheranism, but Calvinism was not recognized

- The peace was fragile, as seen in the Cologne War, and matters of faith were intertwined with politics

Outbreak of the Conflict:

- In 1618, the Protestant Bohemian nobles rose in revolt against the Habsburg dynasty

- By November, the conflict was gathering speed, leading to the Thirty Years War

- Religious belief and political power, social tensions and constitutional errors, warmongering and appeasement all played a part in the conflict

- The Thirty Years War was one of the most tragic and devastating conflicts fought on German territory

- It was a defining moment in German history, similar to the civil wars in the US or Britain, or the revolutions in France and Russia

- Matters of faith were intertwined with politics, and the peace was fragile

- The conflict serves as a reminder of the dangers of religious extremism and political power struggles.

Google Ads for Local Service Business WITH A small BUDGET

should focus on your audience targeting. This means that you should try to identify the people who are most likely to be interested in your services and target them specifically. One way to do this is to use audience lists, which allow you to target people who have already interacted with your business in some way, such as by visiting your website or making a purchase. You can also use demographic targeting, which allows you to target people based on factors such as age, gender, and income level. By targeting your ads to the right audience, you can increase the chances of getting conversions at a lower cost.

Finally, you should pay attention to the hour of the day and the day of the week that you're running your ads. This is important because different times of the day and week can have different levels of competition and user behavior. For example, if you're running ads for a restaurant, you might want to focus on running your ads during meal times and on weekends when people are more likely to be looking for dining options. By optimizing your ads based on the time of day and week, you can make sure that you're reaching your target audience when they're most likely to be interested in your services.

In conclusion, as a local business owner, you should focus on search campaigns and optimize your location targeting, keyword targeting, audience targeting, and timing to get the best results from your Google Ads campaign. By following these tips and regularly optimizing your ads, you can achieve the highest level of conversions at the lowest cost for your business.

6 Cringeworthy Local Business Ads

Local businesses face challenges when it comes to advertising. They must compete with professional marketers for big brands and direct response marketers. Local business owners often don't have the budget to pay for ads. This leads to some terrible ads that fail to connect with potential customers.

Examples of terrible ads include a lawyer ad that makes no connection between being bald and hiring a lawyer. A car wash ad that tries to be funny but fails to address important factors that customers care about. A creepy ad for a child-minding service that looks like a van. An ad for a diamond company that makes a logical leap that buying a ring leads to having babies. And a building services ad that inadvertently spells out ejaculated.

One ad that stands out is a ridiculous mall ad that is so over-the-top that it becomes memorable. This local ad is effective because it is targeted and appears on TV, giving people something to talk about.

As a marketer, it's important to stay focused on what you're selling and not try to be funny for the sake of being funny. Humor doesn't always sell. Instead, focus on effectiveness and building trust with potential customers.

Best Free Classified Ads Sites to Advertise for Free

Looking to sell your stuff online or advertise your services without having to pay a fee? Check out these free classified ad sites:

Music free classified ad sites allow you to list your stuff for sale, respond to job ads, post personal classified ads, and much more without having to pay a fee to do so.

Best free classified ad sites to advertise for free:

1. Craigslist

- No registration required

- Wide range of categories available

2. Oodle

- Requires an active Facebook account

- Similar to Craigslist

3. Classifiedads.com

- No registration required, but may need to provide personal information

- Wide range of categories available

4. OfferUp

- Advertise your stuff for free

- Easy to use

5. Gumtree (UK-based)

- Requires registration

- Wide range of categories available

6. Five Miles

- Advertise locally for free

- Sections for housing and jobs available

7. Locanto

- No registration required

- Free classified ad site available in the US

8. Adpost

- Requires registration

- Available in over 1,000 cities and 500 regions worldwide

9. PennySaver

- Well-established classified ad website

- Access to coupons available

10. Bookoo

- Buy and sell with your neighbors

- Available in multiple countries

Whether you're selling stuff, advertising your services as a freelancer, promoting your small business, or posting personal ads, these free classified ad sites are definitely worth a try.

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