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loeffler racist ads

Published on: February 6 2023 by pipiads

The Georgia Senate race between Kelly Loeffler and Raphael Warnock has been a highly contested battle with both candidates accusing each other of radicalism and unfit to serve the people of Georgia. In this article, we will highlight some of the key points made by both candidates during their recent debate.

Kelly Loeffler's View:

- Warnock has repeatedly praised Marxism and redistribution of income, and Loeffler urged him to renounce socialism and Marxism.

- She believes in the free enterprise system and has helped people build businesses and improve their credit scores.

- Loeffler accused Warnock of teaching the big banks how to hide their investments offshore and called him a radical liberal.

- Warnock has called police officers gangsters, thugs, and bullies, and Loeffler accused him of not supporting the police force.

- Loeffler stated that she has a profound reverence for life and an abiding respect for choice when it comes to abortion. She also accused Warnock of using the Bible to justify attacks on the military.

- Loeffler accused Warnock of endorsing organizations that aim to defund the police, opening up prisons, and abolishing the cash bail system.

Raphael Warnock's View:

- Warnock believes in building a community center and teaching people how to participate in the free enterprise system.

- He accused Loeffler of spending her career teaching big banks how to hide their investments offshore and making millions during a pandemic.

- Warnock accused Loeffler of using her privilege and power as a senator to pick fights with black women on her team.

- He believes in reforming the current criminal justice system and addressing the high rates of infant and maternal mortality in the US.

- Warnock criticized Loeffler for welcoming the support of a QAnon conspiracy theorist and sitting down with a white supremacist for an interview.

The Georgia Senate race between Kelly Loeffler and Raphael Warnock has been a highly contested battle with both candidates making accusations against each other. While Loeffler believes in the free enterprise system and accuses Warnock of being a radical liberal, Warnock believes in community building and reforming the current criminal justice system. The people of Georgia will ultimately decide who they believe is the best candidate to represent them in the Senate.

Sen. Kelly Loeffler And Raphael Warnock Face Off In Georgia Senate Runoff Debate | NBC News NOW

During a political debate, the candidates discussed their past actions and beliefs, highlighting their stances on important issues like healthcare, essential workers, and abortion.

Main Points:

- Raphael Warnock believes in standing up for ordinary people and providing essential workers with fair wages and small business owners with support.

- Kelly Lefler is accused of being out of touch and using her position to enrich herself instead of representing the people of Georgia.

- The candidates differ in their beliefs about religion and politics, with Warnock being a Matthew 25 Christian and Lefler accusing him of using the Bible to justify abortion and attack the military.

- Warnock believes in a woman's right to choose and thinks the government should focus on reducing infant and maternal mortality rates.

The debate highlighted the stark differences between the candidates and their beliefs on important issues. It is up to the voters to decide who best represents their values and will fight for their needs in office.

VERIFY: Fact-checking ad about Sen. Kelly Loeffler's stock trading timeline

Politicians accused of insider trading during pandemic: Did Senator Kelly Lefler sell stocks following a private Senate briefing?

The state's runoff election is 19 days away and political ads are filling our airwaves. Some claim that Senator Kelly Lefler sold stocks following a private Senate briefing at the beginning of the pandemic. Let's verify what's true and what's not.


- Senator Lefler's publicly available financial disclosures show that she did not make any stock transactions for 18 days after being sworn into office.

- After receiving a confidential briefing on the threat of coronavirus, Lefler sold 27 stocks between the day of the meeting and a mid-February market crash, totaling between $1.3 and $3.1 million dollars.

- Lefler claims that she did not make investment decisions for her portfolio and that investment decisions were made by multiple third-party advisors without her or her husband's knowledge or involvement.

- The Department of Justice dropped its investigation against Lefler and multiple other senators for claims of insider trading following the January coronavirus briefing.

- Lefler has since stopped trading individual stocks and sold 92 stocks in April, transitioning to mutual funds.

We cannot verify if Senator Lefler or someone she directed used insider information to sell stocks, but we can verify that she has since stopped trading individual stocks and the investigation into her trading was dropped.

WATCH: Kelly Loeffler defends herself against charges of racism

The topic of police violence against African Americans and the Black Lives Matter movement has been a highly debated issue in recent years. During a political debate, Senator Leffler was asked about his stance on this issue and how it affects African American families.


- Courtney Owens, a concerned African American mother, fears for the lives of her son, husband, and father due to police violence.

- Leffler has previously called the Black Lives Matter movement fascist and has alienated members of his own basketball team.

- Leffler defends his stance by stating that there are organizations whose goal is to defund the police, which he believes would hurt minority communities.

- Leffler accuses his opponent of not standing with police officers and being endorsed by organizations that aim to defund the police. He claims that his opponent's policies would not prioritize safety and security in communities.

- Leffler's opponent argues that the current criminal justice system needs reform and highlights the multi-racial coalition that protested this summer after the deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery.

- Leffler's opponent accuses him of using his privilege and power to pick a fight with Black women on his team who understand the reality of growing up in communities where police violence is a constant fear.

- Leffler's opponent questions his sincerity in claiming to be against racism while accepting the support of a QAnon conspiracy theorist and sitting down for an interview with a white supremacist.

- Leffler denies being a racist and accuses his opponent of being divisive by calling for Americans to repent for their worship of whiteness and making anti-Semitic comments.

The debate highlights the deep-rooted issue of police violence against African Americans and the differing opinions on how to address it. It also sheds light on the political tactics used by both sides to gain support and discredit their opponents. Ultimately, the decision on how to address this issue will have a significant impact on the safety and security of minority communities.

Ad Implies Multi-Millionaire Sen. Kelly Loeffler Lived Paycheck to Paycheck | NowThis

In this article, we will discuss the importance of having a business-minded senator in the city, especially during these challenging times. We will also touch upon the experience of a candidate who grew up in a housing project in Georgia and how it has shaped their perspective.

The Power Players:

Who are the people that run the world? It's not some secret society, but rather, the politicians, the ultra-rich, military contractors, monarchs, and media moguls. These are the individuals whose decisions impact every aspect of our lives.

Who Is Podcast:

The Who Is podcast, hosted by Sean Morrow, is the first podcast from Now This and iHeart Radio. In this podcast, the host delves deep into the fascinating lives of the people who run things. He introduces us to the reporters and experts who know these real-life world molders best.

Why We Need a Business-Minded Senator:

During these challenging times, we need someone who understands how to not only write paychecks and sign paychecks but also how it feels like waiting on that paycheck. We need a business-minded senator who can steer the city in the right direction and help it overcome the current challenges.

Personal Experience:

The candidate, who grew up in the Caton Homes housing projects of Savannah, Georgia, had 11 siblings and brothers. They were short on money but long on love and faith. This experience has shaped their perspective and given them a unique understanding of the challenges faced by people in similar situations.

Having a business-minded senator in the city is crucial, especially during these challenging times. The Who Is podcast offers an in-depth look into the lives of the people who run things and how they use their power. The personal experience of the candidate shows the importance of having someone who understands the challenges faced by ordinary people.

Michelle Obama, Billie Eilish cut ads for Warnock against Kelly Loeffler

As the runoff election for the two US Senate seats in Georgia approaches, prominent figures such as Michelle Obama and Billy Eilish are urging citizens to exercise their right to vote. The outcome of this election will greatly impact the future of the country, and it is important for voters to make their voices heard.

Why It's Important to Vote:

- The stakes in this election are enormous, as it will determine which party will have control of the Senate.

- With Reverend Rafael Warnock and John Ossoff in the Senate, the government will be able to provide much-needed relief to struggling Georgians.

- Republicans currently hold 50 seats in the Senate, while Democrats hold 48. If Warnock and Ossoff win both seats in Georgia, Democrats and Republicans will be tied, and Vice President Kamala Harris will break the tie vote.

- This election is the special seasoning that will bring our Democratic dish together and ensure that Georgians have a fair shake.

Why to Vote for Warnock:

- Warnock knows what it's like to live a hard life and has the experience to represent Georgians.

- He understands the struggles of farmers, such as those in Polk County, and will work to improve distribution and increase access to markets.

- He has integrity and will follow through on his promises.

- He is committed to healthcare reform and will work with Joe Biden to make healthcare more affordable.

The upcoming runoff election in Georgia is crucial for the future of the country. It is important for citizens to exercise their right to vote and choose the candidate who will best represent their interests. Reverend Rafael Warnock is a promising candidate who will work tirelessly to improve the lives of Georgians and bring much-needed relief to struggling families.

New Ad ANNIHILATES Kelly Loeffler in Georgia

Rebellion Pack: Fighting for Georgia's Working Class

Rebellion Pack has launched a series of crushing ads against Kelly Lefler in Georgia, while also endorsing Reverend Warnick for the upcoming elections. They are fighting for a $15 minimum wage and to kick out Republicans from Congress.

Main Points:

- Georgia's current minimum wage is $5.05, which is poverty wages

- Democrats gaining control of the Senate could lead to a raise in the minimum wage to $15

- Kelly Lefler has been accused of corruption and profiting off the pandemic

- Rebellion Pack is not afraid to call out campaign contributions as legalized bribes

- Rebellion Pack has endorsed Nina Turner preemptively for Congress

- Enforce the14th.com petition has been launched to prevent seditious Republicans from taking their seats in Congress

Rebellion Pack is pushing for change and fighting for the working class in Georgia. They are not afraid to call out corruption and are endorsing progressive candidates for Congress. The upcoming elections in Georgia are crucial for determining the minimum wage and controlling Congress.

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