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Long Beach Grocery Ads: Fresh Deals and Savings!

Published on: June 6 2023 by pipiads

The article summarizes an episode of Jeopardy, featuring contestants Bobby Freitas, Sarah Schmear, and Ray Lalonde. The host, Ken Kenny, presents categories such as Word Puzzles, 18th Century, The Office, Vacation Aisles, Apps and Websites, and Remember the Alamo Bowl. Ray Lalonde dominates the game and wins with a total of $192,700 in seven days. In Double Jeopardy, new categories are presented such as Sounds like a University, Stage Musicals by Song Lyrics, Africa, Elemental Hit Parade, and Right Place Wrong Time. The final category is TV Finales, and the clue is about Dolly Parton's appearance as an angel named Agnes in the final episode of a comedy series. The contestants struggle to come up with the answer, but Ray, Sarah, and Bobby eventually guess the correct show, Grace and Frankie. Ray wins the game with a total of $26,600, bringing his eight-day total to $219,300.

David Priess: Trump's Very Bad Day at Court (The Bulwark Podcast)

The Wednesday before Thanksgiving saw another mass shooting in Virginia, a sadly quintessential American story. The availability of weapons and the rhetoric that justifies violence with those weapons has led to an epidemic of shootings in America that society has learned to accept as background noise. We need to acknowledge that guns have a role in American national character and experience, but there is a difference between different types of weapons and reasonable safeguards can be enacted. The problem is not understanding the problem, but getting politically to the solution somewhere in the middle. We need to stop fetishizing guns and politicians should stop posing with heavy firepower or weapons of mass destruction as if they are toys or somehow a cultural social signaling. The gay and trans community must be very alarmed at the way years of long rhetorical attack might spur more violence. This has become a huge thing on the right, and if you're putting out the message that you're dealing with pedophiles and groomers, and that they want to rape or castrate children, there will be people who will think if that's actually true, what is the appropriate rational response. We need officials who want their neighbors to be able to go to their place of refuge without fearing that some nutcase is packing heat because the people who are supposed to protect them are unwilling to act on the very law they are sworn to uphold.

Amazon's Newest & Biggest Grocery Store: Amazon Fresh Irvine

Take a Tour of Amazon Fresh Store in Irvine

Amazon Fresh Store in Irvine is the latest and biggest supermarket opened by Amazon. The store offers a unique shopping experience with its smart shopping carts. In this article, we will take a tour of the store and explore its features.

The Dash Cart

The smart shopping carts at Amazon Fresh Store are called Dash Carts. They are all computerized and have screens. To use the Dash Cart, customers need to scan their Amazon QR code from the Fresh App. The cart has cameras and lights that detect all the items put in it.

How to Use the Dash Cart

To buy items with barcodes, customers can put them in the shopping cart, and the cart will recognize them. The screen on the cart will display the name and price of the item. If customers decide not to buy an item, they can remove it from the cart, and the cart will recognize the change.

Buying Produce with the Dash Cart

To buy produce with the Dash Cart, customers need to know the PLU code of the item. They can find the code on the produce and add it to the cart by clicking the Add PLU Item button. The cart has a scale that measures the weight of the produce and displays the price.

Finding Items in the Store

Customers can ask Alexa, Amazon's voice assistant, to find items in the store. Alexa can tell the aisle number of the item and guide customers to the location.

Exploring the Store

Amazon Fresh Store offers a wide range of products, including produce, meat and seafood, packaged foods, and bakery items. The store has a deli, a pizza counter, and a hot bar. It also has a large beer and wine aisle. Customers can find ready-to-eat meals, meal kits, and soups in the store.

Amazon Fresh Store in Irvine offers a unique shopping experience with its smart shopping carts and voice assistant. The store has a wide selection of products and services, including free two-hour grocery delivery and one-hour pickup with Amazon Prime. The store also has a customer service and returns counter. Customers can enjoy shopping in a spacious and well-organized store without waiting in checkout lines.

Inside the Asian Crip Gangs of Long Beach

In this article, we will follow Stupid Young, an emerging new talent from Long Beach, as he takes us on a tour of the east side. We will explore different spots, try authentic Cambodian cuisine, and learn about Stupid Young's journey as a rapper.

The Tour:

- Stupid Young is an up-and-coming rapper from Long Beach with a unique way of life.

- We start our tour at a gas station and head down to Long Beach.

- Stupid Young takes us around the east side and shows us some monumental spots.

- He shows us his favorite Cambodian food spot and takes us to some local spots.

- We visit the house where Stupid Young's friend got killed and pay our respects.

- We explore the area where Stupid Young grew up and where his music career began.

- We end the tour at a local street where we get to see the local life and meet some people.

Stupid Young's Journey:

- Stupid Young got into rapping while he was in juvenile hall.

- He signed with a label and continued to pursue his music career.

- Stupid Young is a part of the Asian Boys gang and represents them through his music.

- He has gained a lot of attention from his music videos on WorldStar and has become an emerging talent in the scene.

Stupid Young's tour of the east side of Long Beach gave us a glimpse into his unique way of life and the history of the area. We learned about his journey as a rapper and his representation of the Asian Boys gang. Stupid Young's emerging talent in the scene is definitely one to watch out for.

Airplane Stereotypes

The article is a transcription of a humorous video about experiences during a flight. The video features various characters, including the captain, flight attendants, and passengers, who encounter different situations during the flight. The article is written in a conversational tone, using contractions, idioms, transitional phrases, interjections, and colloquialisms. The article follows the following structure:

The article introduces the topic of the video, which is about the funny experiences during a flight.

Main Body:

The main body is divided into various sections, each focusing on a different situation encountered during the flight. The sections are written in bullet points or numbered lists and include:

- The captain's announcement at the beginning of the flight

- Turbulence and unexpected maneuvers

- Security checks and confiscation of items

- Passengers and their interactions with each other

- Delayed flights and missed connections

- Arrival at the destination

The article concludes by thanking the audience for watching and promoting the sponsor of the video.

100 Year Old Mail: Bewildering Fashions & Shockingly Offensive Ads (and good giggles) with @Ora_Lin

In this article, we will be exploring a fun and relaxing unboxing video of old magazines from the 1920s and 30s. The magazines contain a variety of feminine arts, including embroidery patterns, lace designs, and knitting patterns. We will also discover some interesting advertisements from the time period.

Unboxing the Magazines:

- We are joined by Ora, who has a historical sewing and vintage themed sewing channel on YouTube.

- We open a box of old magazines sent by someone on Reddit.

- The magazines are from the 1920s and 30s and contain a variety of feminine arts.

- We are excited to see the lace patterns, pajamas, baby clothes, and aprons.

- Ora will scan the patterns and make them available to the public on Archive.org.

Discovering the Patterns:

- We find transfer patterns that were used for embroidery.

- The transfer patterns have different colors and designs, and some have been used.

- We find a pattern for a vest made of Zephyr wool and a pattern for lacework.

- There are also patterns for skirts, blouses, and dresses with unique designs and details.

- We discuss the use of darts and stiffened pieces for added structure in garments.

Exploring the Advertisements:

- We come across advertisements for milk chocolate, exercise girdles, and corsets.

- We discover an ad for an apparatus that promises to make you taller by dedicating five minutes a day to it.

- We find an ad for a service that makes patterns custom to your measurements for seven francs.

- We discuss the changing styles of the 1920s and 30s, including boxy shoulders and waistlines.

In conclusion, the magazines from the 1920s and 30s provide a fascinating look into the feminine arts and fashion of the time period. The transfer patterns, lace designs, and unique garment details are a testament to the creativity and skill of the women who made them. The advertisements also give us insight into the beauty standards and trends of the time period. Overall, it was a fun and educational unboxing experience.

Gelson's Markets Long Beach Grand Opening

Welcome to Gelson's Long Beach store opening. As the President of this fine market and company, I am excited to share our love of food, friends, and family with the citizens of Long Beach and surrounding communities. We promise to serve you with a passion for perfection today, tomorrow, and into the many years to come.

Plaque for the front of our store:

- Gelson's thanks you for the opportunity to share our love of food, friends, and family with the citizens of Long Beach and surrounding communities.

- We promise to serve you with a passion for perfection today, tomorrow, and into the many years to come.

Members of our team:

- Suck Nelson, Vice President of Customer Service and Training

- Tom For Tally, Senior Vice President of Warehouse Grocery

- Donna Tyndall, Senior Vice President of Operations

- Dil Brass Dis, Senior Vice President in charge of all of our perishables

- Vicky Catlin, Store Director for this fine store

- Nancy Foster, Mayor of Long Beach's wife

- Jackie Slogan, Senior Director of Operations for this area

- Jomarie, our number one customer who talked us into doing a Long Beach store

- Brenda McDaniel, Senior Vice President from Arden Group

Ribbon Cutting:

Let's open this store up! But first, let's recognize our very first person in line today with a nice gift card.

Thank you for joining us at Gelson's Long Beach store opening. We look forward to serving you with a passion for perfection today, tomorrow, and into the many years to come.

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