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longs weekly ads

Published on: January 28 2023 by pipiads


[Music]. hey guys, welcome back to my channel. today we are going to be doing a couponing video, specifically a couponing in Hawaii video. we are going to be going to CVS, aka Long's drugs. there's a whole bunch of deals that I wanted to pick up and I might as well share it with you guys, just to let you know. hello, sir, all of these deals are beginner friendly, so if you want to start couponing today, this week, you definitely can. all you have to do is download the CVS app and, as long as you have an extra pair card, all you have to do is login with that and then you'll be able to get access to all of these coupons right on your phone. the only other thing I'm gonna pick up is one of the weekly ads that they usually have in store. there is a in add coupon for two dollars off of Revlon- okay, so let's get on in there. oh, and my sister's with me. okay, let's go [Music] and ahead and grab the lungs drugs ad. that'll be for later, but the first thing I want to pick up is $2.99 game. so I do need fabric softener. $2.99 is not a bad price. the 1 liter of scope is 399 on sale. then there is also a $1 coupon on the app, making this $2.99 for 1 liter of mouthwash. so next, in the ad I saw that 199 inch. now they're right here, so I'm gonna grab two. I'm gonna grab two of these, making it 398. and on the app there is a $3 off of two oral-b toothbrushes, making these together 98 cents. second page of the lungs ad, there are Tampax pearl tampons for 399 and on there is a dollar off making these $2.99. a deal on garni whole blend shampoo or conditioner: 349, 12.5, selected right. so I think it's this one, but it's clearly unmarked. so they have to honor it because it is in their weekly ad. so this would be 349. there's a dollar off coupon in the app, making these 249. next, we are going to rip this out of the weekly ad. it's two dollars off and you clearly see here that there are nail polishes for 379, making nail polishes 179. when you cut this out sale for 179 with this that we took out of the weekly, it'll now be 179. the color that we chose is romantique. this isn't necessarily on sale. however, I do need new dieron, so 279 is the regular price of the one that I like, but there is a $1 off coupon on the app, making this 179. in the ad it says Gillette sensor 3 or assembly Venus razors are on sale for $5.99, so they obviously they don't have a market. guess, we're kind of early today so this isn't marked, but it's the 4-pack Venus simply 3, so $5.99. there is a coupon on the app for $2 off, making these 399 for four razors. ok, so this is what we have in the cart. hopefully everything goes as planned. the game should be $2.99. this should also be $2.99 with the coupon on the app. this should be 399, with a coupon on the app they should be $2.99, with the coupon on the app, 249 and I should be 179, 179 and for both of these it should be 98 cents. that's the thing with couponing: sometimes you plan things and they just don't work out. so we're gonna head over to the register right now and hopefully everything turns out the way I want it. okay, so we just finished with long. there was something that didn't work out, but I'll tok about it. so first things first was this: Revlon nail polish. original price was 559. it was 30% off, which made it 379, and then I had a coupon that I got from the weekly ad in store that took $2 off, making this one 79. next was the gained laundry fabric softener. original price is 429. this was on sale this week for $2.99 plus. I really did need this so I just picked it up and this is also a pretty big bottle. this is the 64 fluid ounces. next were the tampons. these are original price 619. they were on sale this week for 399 and there was a $1 coupon off, so this made this $2.99. so originally with this one we grabbed the wrong one. there is always a way to check if you go to that red box that you saw at the very beginning of the video. okay, just do a quick price check and turns out the one that I grabbed was actually 749, so I grabbed the one right next to it. my sister did. actually, this was $5.99 as advertised in the ad. I had a $2. I had a $2 coupon which made this 399, so just about $1 per razor. so we got the scope. the 1 litre bottle: original price is 629 for this reduced down to 399 and there was a 1 dollar coupon on the app which made this $2.99. the last seal I got this week was whole blends Guardian conditioner. we go through conditioner really fast. so if I were to pick up either or nine times out of ten, I'm just gonna pick up a conditioner. this original price was 549, it was on sale for 349 and there was a $1 coupon which made this $2.49 hi. so I'm editing the video right now. and I totally forgot to add in the deodorant deal. it was 279 for the secret deodorant. I had that $1 off coupon in the app and it ended up being 179 hi. so my subtotal was 19 dollars and 18 cents. so the only deal that did not go through were the toothbrushes which I was kind of bummed about. they were advertised for $1.99 each. I grabbed two and there was in my up. I clipped it the night before, I clipped it last night and it said three dollars off two oral-b manual toothbrushes and for whatever reason, it didn't go through. that happens from time to time. try not to get discouraged about it. but they said, oh, it'll take 24 hours, and I said everything else that I clipped last night went through this morning. so that shouldn't be it. who knows, I might try and come back later because that was a pretty good deal. it was $1.99 each, so that made it 398 and there was a three dollar coupon which made two toothbrushes 98 cents. I feel like I did a pretty good job today for somebody who hasn't coupon since like August. I haven't coupon since before I gave birth, but um, as long as I get 50% savings or over, I'm pretty satisfied. so in total, after taxes, with Hawaii tax, it ended up being 20 dollars and 31 cents, and this is everything that I need anyways. so pretty successful trip. this is also very beginner family. so anybody who wants to try couponing today, you definitely can head on over to your nearest long strug's or even CBS. I don't know if they have the same exact deals, but head on over. let me know what deals you got. if you like these videos, please tell me. I usually go couponing at Walgreens, but if you want to see those, let me know. hopefully this was helpful to you. if I should coupon for anything specific, let me know. like I said, give this a thumbs up. subscribe. I'm trying to get to a thousand subscribers, please. so help me. you subscribe to me. you don't know, are you? I'm subscribed to you. okay, I have to go fight my sister now. where's your phone? subscribe to me, I'll put you on my hot spot. come on anyway, subscribe. you're not subscribed to me. yeah, okay, everybody starts somewhere. I'm sure I'm Amy. hi, help me get there now. do I have 301? Thank You. anybody else's sister fake like? please just like this video if your sister it's a fake, but just got the notification. Marissa, link up. subscribe to your YouTube channel. you.

Technical market analysis with Nabil

okay, okay, whooped, okay, hey, hey, hey, follow us. Market Peak member and interesting people on YouTube. um, today we want to tok about the market. we tok about the fundamentals and then we're toking about the shot analyzers I did and where do I expect the market, where the market should go and where do I enter the market as well for buyers and sales. so let's start with the news. there are some interesting news, but, moreover, there will be some interesting charts. I'm charts I'm going to show you because I will put everything together, like the inflation rate, interest rates, unemployment rate all together, and then I will show you, then, after that, the charts. so let's go. a new era begins. welcome to Market Peak, the largest crypto education platform in the world, with over 140 000 members, numerous Partnerships and over 500 educational videos on blockchain, D5, nft and metaverse Foundation. The Golden Market Peak is rewarding the community even more while learning, Learn to Earn. starting November 1st, air drops from potential projects will be distributed in addition to education packages. the first project is holygrailsio, a Solana nft Marketplace that distributes 100 of all fees to the community. time to act is now Market think, shaping your future. so let's go. so for the first news, and I'm gonna tell you the news are not that interesting, so stay with me. when we come to the charts, they are more interesting. so for the first news, we have coin batteries cuts his losses on the quarter three. to what was it? 44 percent, which was 545 million, and um, yeah, what does it mean in the crypto Market? I mean, overall, I still think, um, binance will stay, still have the same and in the run with FTX, so I think there will be not much impact on that news in the markets. so, yeah, it's just one news. I just want to show you, um, where the problems are in the Bitcoin Market, in the crypto market and um, yeah, then, some interesting things as well. is the leading South African retailer, pick and Pick and Pay, starts accepting Bitcoin and as well. this is just more for trusting. so if more people, more companies, accepting Bitcoin, obviously more people will invest into Bitcoin. so just the, yeah, it's just a thing where people could go into the market and we should see more money flowing into the market and, as well, if people paying with Bitcoin, obviously, um, we should see some moves and monies flowing into Bitcoin and um, yeah, some interesting things as well about Meta. Meta is accepting or let users mint and sell hooligan powered nfts on Instagram, which is, as well, super interesting. um, as we know, Instagram one of the biggest social media platforms and they're accepting nfts right now, which, as well, is a big push for the crypto world and giving again more trust for the people, more companies, bigger companies coming together and joining the crypto World. um, and as well, if you're thinking like three, four, five years before, before, nobody was at least interesting in crypto at all, nobody was thinking even about crypto, and no big companies like meta um joining the nft world. so, um, I think, slowly and slowly, the, the crypto world is coming um to the end user and to the bigger companies as well. so, you, you will miss it if you don't join right now, because later on the chart analyzers I will tell you um what you can miss if you don't join the crypto world right now. so and um, yeah, then just a little bit about the OS job growth. as we saw, the unemployment rate roses, Rose by 0.1 percent, which is not much. we saw a change on the hourly rate as well. we get more money on the hourly average rate. so instead of 0.3 percent, we get 0.4 percent. um, but I will come to that later. on the charts and um, yeah, then what was last week as well? the FED hikes um 75 basis points. um, as well, uh, which is super interesting because now we have December left and now it's interesting and we have a 50- 50 run right now and what we get? do we get a 50 basis point change or 75 basis point change? and I think this will be really, really interesting. so what do we see next week? next week, I think the most important dates and write it down right now, it's a tense of November which will come out as a CPI data. so we get the inflation data and, as we heard Jerome Powell, he just said he's gonna wait until he decided for December what he's gonna do when he sees the numbers on the CPI. and we want to tok later after that, what do I think where the CPI should go and what is what if this is a CPA is going up, what is a effect on that? so let's go on the charts, because they are pretty interesting. first of all, a really simple chart. I think maybe everyone from you should saw that already: the normal interest rate, and I already priced in the two lines what we should see in the next meeting, and here we should see like 252, a 50 basis point change and to 48 is 75 basis point change. so this is already priced in, right and um. but of course we will see some volatility on the inflation, because when we the inflation gets out and we see, for example, the inflation went higher, then of course there will be more priced in in a higher rate. so in 75 basis points and that's what's on the market should fall down on it, right. so, um, yeah, now for a moment I just take out the cam. maybe this is annoying for the rest of the charts, um. and now I want to tok about the unemployment rate, the average earnings and that's where the personal spending and personal income, because this is really important. if we're just toking about the unemployment rate, it doesn't. it doesn't do that much if you're not checking the average earnings. and as well, how much is one person saving for itself right? so when you get your salary, your wages or doesn't matter how you earn your money- and you put something to the site, how much is these in comparing to how much um people are spending? so, for example, if people spending right now more and saving less money. that means in the future we will get a down move in the in the economy, because people later have no money to invest more, right? so, um, we want to get a good average right and we doesn't want to peek down or Peak up just because if we're doing that, then of course, um, we will get some problems in the market. so what do we see here? um, interesting, when we saw the spike on the corona crisis, then, as well, the average earnings went higher, the spending went higher, but the personal income is the same. so, of course, right, there was less jobs, so the personal income was less, but of course, you had to pay a lot because, like in Germany, we say, like the rabbit buys, because you just had to buy something before nothing was there, because of you being scared or something. so that's why people spend more. and right now we just came to the average back, um, on the personal income and on the personal spending and as well on the average earnings. so the FED on this side has a lot to play with, right, they still have. they still have the chance to move the um interest rate. it's higher because the unemployment rate is still very low. it doesn't seem a lot on the average earnings and as well on the personal income and in the personal spending. there's not much and that's why the market could um or the, the FED can still be more aggressive on the interest rates. and now we have a really interesting chart. first of all, what everyone else is thinking right. so what do we have below? we have here the um inflation and the buff and gray. we have the s p 500.. and, as you see, every time when we get the high of the inflation- and the inflation was higher than five percent- then we got as well the bottom of of the yeah, of the S P 500 right. so when the inflation went down, then the um S P 500 went up. same here, right, same here, but at since 2009, there was all times a lack of six months. as you see, the peak was here, here was the peak, but this wasn't the peak or the um, the low from the s p. so there was a lag of six months and all the questions, because if this is the high right now of the current inflation, then we might see already the bottom, right. that's what other people thinking, so, as w

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Google Partners Academy on Air: Modern Search

Hello everyone and welcome to the last Academy on Air session of the year focusing on modern search. We are really thankful to you for coming today, because we know it's a very busy time for you, with Black Friday and the holiday season coming around the corner. So thanks, Thanks for taking the time. We'll hope we'll make this worth it. I'm Roman. I'm a Product Marketing Manager on the Google Partners Team side, and we will tok to you today, ultimately, about a huge opportunity. We know now that the volume of queries is going to grow significantly before the holiday season, of course, and on the black Friday, but the bigger thing to call out is that this trend is something that seems to be going beyond just the holiday season. Overall, retail has grown 6% over the course of 2020, which is the highest in a decade, And you can see that e-commerce grew by a massive 45%. This means way more people coming online to search for things that your clients are offering. Now, this may look to you like a temporary thing, but research suggests that it's not, And it looks like over 80% of consumers are actually planning to stik with their pandemic shopping habits and shop much more online. So that is the opportunity we're toking about. There are way more people online looking for our clients' products. How to make the most out of this opportunity? We think there are two elements to it that we're going to cover in today's session, And the first element is all about removing roadblocks. The roadblock probably needs no introduction. You told us yourselves over the past couple of months that you need some help with privacy solutions and with measurement solutions that are respectful of users' privacy. The pandemic has undoubtedly accelerated the trends that were already there, such as users being very careful and very concerned about how their data is used And, as you can see on the screen, about 86% of the consumers actually do want more transparency about that. The biggest thing we want to take it out of this session is that this should be way more than just a coding, copy paste job to cover for the gap caused by recent regulations. The new products that are available in this space actually allow you to boost your clients' performance and to make the most out of capturing the user behaviour. So we are going to tok you through the Privacy-Centric Measurement setup, how to make it part of your conversations with your clients and in what order you should be implementing certain solutions to make sure you make the most out of it. And now to the second part, which we think is all about the opportunity. You see on this slide quite a few changes for a few search terms. Trading apps searches are tripling, so are searches for local big businesses and requests to support local businesses. The trends that you're seeing on the screen now do not serve to give you any business insights or acumen. they're more here to demonstrate that, when we look back, hindsight is always 20/20.. We are fully aware of the trends, we know why they happened and we can easily justify their appearance. But if you were to think about how user behaviour will change and if you were asked this question in March last year, December last year or even June this year, there's a strong possibility you would not have caught any of these trends. and we're building your marketing campaigns and marketing strategies based on what you think you know, which is not a reflection of reality. So there you have it: The growth of e-commerce and undoubtedly other vertikals of over 40% year-on-year 15% of search queries on Google being new every single day and trends constantly emerging. We think there needs to be a way to be able to understand those trends before you actually get them, And we think we have a solution for you, And this solution may possibly send shivers down your spine, because we have heard from you for multiple years that this is something that has not worked perfectly for your business, And this is broad match. Broad match has been a bit of an odd kid for the past couple of years, but we are quite sure and confident that, with the advances in machine learning and with the right coupling with automation, this is actually by far the biggest opportunity you have right now to bring more clients to your clients' businesses. We'll spend the second half of today's presentation toking to you about why we think this is important and how to build out that modern search strategy. So there you have it. We have the private-centric measurement on one side, we have modern search campaign principles, including broad match, on the other, And to make this come together, we're going to tok to a few agencies who are already making the most out of these solutions. so you don't just take our word for it. The fireside chat will kick off in about half an hour in case you want to come back for that. So before we move forward, one final piece as we go over this content. Please don't take this as a step-by-step process. You don't have to start with private-centric measurement to then continue with broad match setup, nor vice versa. Both of these can be happening at the same time and should be happening at the same time. So the faster you get those into your accounts, the more you can maximise the performance of your advertisers. And so, without further ado, let me pass on to Brendan and Sahru, who are going to tok you through private-centric measurement. Brendan Sahru, over to you. Thank you, Roman. Good to hear about the challenges and opportunities that are facing agencies today. Welcome to the driving campaign performance in the age of consumer privacy section of today's Academy on Air. For the next 20 minutes, we want to tok to you about privacy-safe growth strategies and how you can thrive in this era of privacy. I'm Brendan and I am joined by my colleague Sahru, and we are both go-to-market leads for Privacy-Centric Measurement here at Google. The current ads landscape is the most challenging that I have ever seen it, and I've been doing search ads since 2006.. Privacy changes that are happening in regions and in different countries all seem to be occurring at the same time. Just look at all the changes that we've even seen since 2019 and ITP and how the cookie has been impacted since and several updates that we've also witnessed. I think it's fair to say that keeping up with these changes is very complex and also can be off-putting. You know how can we stay ahead as you move into the cookie-less era in digital advertising? A question for you, Sahru: If we don't make changes for privacy, what will happen? Well, thanks, Brendan, for just first of all taking us through this complex journey right, Like let's just take a step back and say "Yes, it is complex". But as agencies, you have this. you know your way forward in helping clients get along with you in the journey. So what I'll do is more than one thing. there are a couple of things we can actually tok about to simplify this process for you. So, in general, what happens is, you know, with this whole impact on cookies, it is going to impact your performance. Let's break it down. What are those three things it's going to impact? One is measurement: your audience list will be impacted. Then, of course, all of this will have a downstream impact on smart bidding. So all the effort that you've put in all this, while probably is not going to be in a good place if you do not act on it right now So, which is why we've come up with this strategy for you, which is a privacy-safe growth strategy, And the first step is to: one, understand and collect the first-party data. That is step one. The second one is to measure data accurately, And the third step in this process is actually to activate it with automation. So, Brendan, why don't you kick us off with the first step? Yes, absolutely, And the first and most vital step is getting the global site tag right across.

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Amazon KDP Ads: Increase your book sales and get a good ACOS with this simple set of strategies.

hi people, just a quick message, uh, to everyone that saw my last ad strategy video. that one got taken down because i had some of my personal information and so i had to remove that one. but, yeah, this one's got a bit more information in as well and it's a little bit clearer. so, um, i hope you enjoyed this video. hello people, how are you all doing so? in this video, i'm going to be toking about the ad strategy that i use to help me consistently deliver low a costs and, if you stay to the end, i'll show you what i do on a weekly basis to help maintain my acos and prune off the ads that aren't working. so, if you're new here, my name is ben i. i post videos on my self-publishing journey and all the hints, tips and tricks that i have into growing my income online. so if this is something that might be interesting to you, then hit the subscribe button and hit the bell icon to be notified when i bring out a new video. of course, if you're not part of my facebook group yet, then do join the facebook group. we're a community of self-publishers and we're all here to help each other and get to success. and, of course, if you're new here, then check out the residual royalty academy free courses aimed at bridging the gap between starting out on kdp and helping you upload your first 10, 100 or even a thousand bucks. and once you've done that, then check out the royalty accelerator course, where matt has helped so many people hit a four figure a month income online through publishing. there's so many testimonials at the bottom here of people doing so so well: 2 267 pounds, 2 000- it's all here. do giving and checking out. everything's in the description below, so do get checking out if you're serious about publishing. but really, guys, without further ado, let's jump into this video. so i'm going to go on my amazon advertising account and what i'm going to do is just set a create a campaign here for you. so we're gonna go on sponsored products. lock screen ads are just for ebooks, so if you're advertising against your print book, which we're gonna do in this example, this doesn't apply, so we want to select sponsored products. now, the way i set up my advertisement to win is that i literally type in what my book is. so we're going to use letter tracing book as an example. so this is going to be my first letter tracing book and we're just going to put, uh sorry, automatik, so we're going to keep it like that. we changed the bids. we might change the bid at a later date, so i'm not going to put the bid number or anything like that here. i'm just going to leave it as the word auto and we're going to start it on may the 23rd. you can add it to a portfolio as well, if you have portfolios to organize your ads, but otherwise i'm just going to leave that blank and we just also leave the ends date blank as well. so we want this ad to keep on running. now i put a daily bid of five dollars in. now i hear some other people who are telling you to put more in, for example, as amazon like working with larger budgets. um, i've tried this in the past and this generally tends to lead to amazon spending more on my money without giving me much of a return. so, say, i put this up to 10. in the past it's really spent just more money in a day without really much return. so i leave it at five. personally, again, this is just all my opinion. so, uh, if you find that 10 works better for you, then by all means go for it. this is just purely what's worked for me. so put that at five, keep that at automatik targeting and for the campaign bidding strategy, i leave it on down only, which means that they spend less per bid when it's less likely to convert to a sale. so, um, if you select up and down, for example, i don't mess around with any of this. but if you select up and down, then amazon can automatikally put your bids up for you. so if you bid at 20 cents, they can put it by a maximum of 100- 100. so that means up to 40 cents in real time when they think your ad is more likely to convert to a sale. so again, i've never really tried this. it sounds a little bit fishy to me and it sounds like amazon can manipulate the system a little bit here, which is why i've never tried it. and of course, fixed bids doesn't adjust the bid at all. so if they can, if you can spend less per bid on your ads, then you just really go for that. so down only is a no-brainer in my opinion in this section here. so we keep the ad format at standard ad for pretty much all my ads. i'm starting to um, mess around with custom text ads, especially around the father's day point, uh, where a little bit, where you get to write a little bit of text alongside your ads. and so if you think that you can write something that's really going to add a lot of value in, say, 200 characters or less, then by all means go for it. and again, if you're a good copywriter or you guide yourself as a good copywriter, then do definitely give it a trying out. you can really really add a lot of value by putting a little text next to your book, um, and it can really draw people in. but for the most part, i keep it on standard ads because it allows me to get more ads out quicker and bearing in mind that i do these ads because i publish low and no content, so i might be publishing 10 in a day and i don't want to be fiddling around with lots of text to write out. so that's why i choose standard ads. now, creating an ad group i never use, so i literally just put any letters in here, um. but yeah, you can group your ads. you can group your products within ads, and that's a new feature that i still am yet to use, but i don't see the value in. so i just put anything random in there, to be honest, and you select your product down here. so you want to select [Music]. i'm just going to select this quickly, guys, so this might be fast forwarded. [Music]- here we are. so i'm going to select this one here, my letter tracing book, and we're going to go down here. now this is the important part. i just literally select 20 cents on there and that's really it. you can select it by targeting group as well. but, like i say, if we're publishing a lot of books in a day and we aim to advertise in each of these books, then i don't mess around with that, i just keep that as it is. but when you want to tweak your ads- and you can do this- i mean close matches might be better for your book or lose matches might be better for your book. have a look at those. i'm not going to go into too much detail on those, but have a look, um, if you do get the chance to, at which one suits you best. but for now we're just going to leave the default bid at 20 cents and leave the negative keyword targeting blank, unless you've got keywords and minds that you don't want your book to associate with, and we're literally just going to launch the campaign by pressing that button and then it will take you to the amazon home screen. of course, i'm not going to do that because i already got an advertisement on this one, so i'm just going to go back here and we are going to go straight back on campaigns. um, i'll show you a quick road map of what everything that i've said summarized. so, uh, as strategy road map. so, like i say, 20 cents a bids and you want to be checking this. so, as i said at the start, if you stayed to this far, then well done. i'm going to show you, uh, what i do on a weekly basis to maintain the ecos. so this roadmap really summarizes it up for you. so, 20 cents at bids and you want to ask yourself if you've got a good acos. now, in the top right hand corner there is a link to my video on working out whether your ads are profitable or not. so give a checking out, if you haven't done so already, to determine what a good a cost is. now. if it is a good a cost, then you want to find best search terms and do manual bids on them so you can find these search terms by clicking on the ads and it gives you an option on the left hand side. and if your acos is not goods, then you want to look at your bid of. if it's spent over one dollars in the last seven days, then, uh, if it has done that, then decrease your bid to 10 cents. um, this might be due to the fact that it's a high volume, uh.

Justin Long Talks About His Podcast, ‘Life Is Short’ | TODAY

welcome back, don't go anywhere, you can say. our next guest has a long resume. his roles range from action-packed movies like live free or die hard to downright hilarious ones like when he joined a misfit team of underdogs in dodgeball. he's been an issue of rom-coms as well, you probably remember. he's just not that into you. Dustin long. he's branching out. now he's hosting his own podcast. it's called life is short with Justin long and he's here this morning to tell us all about it. thanks for coming. good morning for having me podcast. hey, hey, American, sorry, I just caught myself like you've got like a lot going on there. it's hard to pay attention. you guys love this beauty. yeah, it's, it's our podcast. sorry, come on and just just tok for fun. that's what we do in your podcast. I was looking- oh, look at the picture. we toked a lot about me people: Neil Patrick Harris, you've had New Jack Shepard, Olivia Wilde, we had Lena Dunham, Sam Rockwell, it's been it's. I felt so lucky. it's been so fun toking to some of whom I've known, like Olivia, you know, I've known for years. she didn't tell me that we just my brother writes that. I do with my brother, Christian, who's the funniest person I know and he writes a lot of questions and then we just start riffing. we just, we just it's just a conversation with. these shows are so fun to do it. I love doing these, especially this one, yeah, but I sometimes you feel rut. right right now I feel, okay, why do you like the show? I covered that, sorry. all right, here's my question for you: is there anybody who first on our show- which is why I'm in this cut scene now? we got to do a three seconds away. I've heard that you have a rock star person you want to interview and that is your grandmother. if that's true, yes, she's a rock star. why'd you look confused? well, she is just cost us our book toking to a booking agent right now and it's looking good. my grandma's 102, yeah, and she's, she's doing it, she's the best, she's so funny and it's just amazing. recall to. so I would love to tok to her about you know the 20s. what was? what was the depression like? but, yeah, it's been it's, and I've loved pickin people's brains. yeah, I've loved. very curious about a pond, where they come from. and I want to ask you about a tweet you posted recently. oh, but I think we have it for our viewers at home. you posted- I know this is gonna sound like I'm making it up just to brag, but I promise you it's true- a squirrel just peed on my head, absolutely true. where were you? I was in LA, I was walking back and you don't walk off, and I didn't walk off in LA and I was walking. it was such a nice day and, um, and I felt little dribbles on my head, little like liquid, and I looked up and I saw squirrel. and I looked down and there was clear. I thought maybe I won't say thank you, yes, upon my head. and I looked at it was clear, clear liquid. so you relieved that this girl had just peed. I hope that's a pun, okay, did you see what I did? it should have been well. I was relieved. it could have been much worse. it could have been, I don't know. it's not as if you use your imaginations in terms of what bodily fluids squirrels might produce. it's mostly good luck though. right, maybe it's Birds, but any time an animal relieves himself or herself on your head, I think you're right, unless it's like an elephant's. okay, before we let you go, short story from Jeson long. I named the movie. you give us a short story that we might not know from behind the scenes. it's gonna be very hard for me if you haven't told anybody. tell already. I'm pretty long way. okay, you ready? yeah, way to sell the podcast and long-winded short story. um, there was a day where we were just getting pummeled. I was getting pummeled with balls and I kept trying to get you.

Basically Planet Fitness

[Music]: nice muscle shirt, bro. the skin is improv. guys would buy some. tries, bro, hulk out with your bulk out bros. we're not a gym, we're planet fitness. [Music]. that's why i don't like gyms. well, carrie, we're not a gym, we're planet fitness. you can work out however you want and there's absolutely no fights to the death. well, that's a plus. tons of equipment, helpful staff, no gem intimidation. only ten dollars a month. we're not a gym, we're planet fitness. guys on the planet fitness watch how ridiculous this is. go ahead and fill this out and we'll get you started. sounds great: boom, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang bang. it's even better than i hoped. you like big muscles or the platinum package. 100 of the fee goes to 75 percent of the total cost. i make your little muscle into big months. okay, it's crazy. [Music]. oh, and that's why i don't like gyms. matt, we're not a gym, we're planet fitness. no gym intimidation, no lunks, tons of equipment, just 10 a month. speaking of our comfortable judgment, free approach, another thing you may have heard about is our lunk alarm, and that's why i don't like gyms. well, we're not a gym, we're planet fitness. no gym intimidation, no lungs, just 10 a month. so, um, what do you do for a living? i lift things up and put them down. excuse me, i lift things up and put them down. scientists were able to mimic nessie moon's voice by recreating his mouth and vocal cords with a 3d printer. it allowed them to produce a single [Music] sound. [Music] you.