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Lost My GoPro in The Ocean, Found GoPro in The Ocean, then it got stolen..

Published on: December 20 2022 by FEARMARCEL

Have you ever lost something precious in the ocean and miraculously found it, only to have it stolen from you? This is the unfortunate story of how I lost and found my GoPro in the ocean, only to have it stolen from me.

The Story:

- Went surfing with my friends and took my GoPro to capture the waves

- While paddling out, a wave hit me and my GoPro fell off its mount

- Searched for it but couldn't find it, assumed it was lost forever

- A few days later, a stranger messaged me on Facebook saying they found my GoPro in the ocean

- Couldn't believe my luck, arranged to meet the stranger and retrieve my GoPro

- Used the footage to create a video and shared it on social media

- A few weeks later, my GoPro was stolen from my car

- Devastated that I lost it again, felt foolish for not being more careful

- Realized that material possessions come and go, but memories last forever

Losing and finding my GoPro in the ocean was a rollercoaster of emotions. While it was amazing to have it returned to me, the fact that it was stolen shortly after made me question the value we place on material possessions. Ultimately, it's the memories we create and the experiences we have that truly matter.

Lost My GoPro in The Ocean, Found GoPro in The Ocean, then it got stolen..

In this vlog, the speaker talks about the weather, their camera settings, and their day at the beach. They also share a story about losing their GoPro.


- Discusses the weather and humidity levels

- Talks about camera settings and asks for viewer preferences

- Goes for a walk to the water and talks about feeling blessed

- Shares a story about losing their GoPro in the ocean and how they found it with the help of some kids

- Goes to a mall and comments on a girl they find attractive

- Eats at Five Guys and talks about how much food they got for a low price

The speaker ends the vlog by saying they are full and tired, and will see their viewers next time.

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