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lovelywholesale dropshipping

Published on: February 1 2023 by pipiads

Lovely Wholesale Haul + Try On *HONEST REVIEW* | brunetteprincesse

[Music]. hey babies, what's up, welcome back to my channel. i hope you guys are doing well great, which is always in the video. i was just about to head out to the gym, so a cute excuse in my gym outfit, but i got this delivery right now. like the guy literally just called me, i was like who is at my door? so i will link all of the details of the company below and i will give you guys discount codes and everything. so they really really hooked me up. so the company is called lovely wholesale and they reached out to me to uh, partner up with them and show you guys some different outfits and i will tell you all of, like, the sizes and stuff that i got. so they oh, these are packaged really nicely. so they um are a brand from china, so the measurements are a little bit different and they do tell you that on the website and they um sent me a video for reference as well for the sizing. so i hope i got it right. that is the only thing. so i got all of these items. so there are three jeans and two tops, i think, yeah, so one green, two jeans, three, two- oh i'm so excited for these- and then two tops, so i'll open up these bags for you guys. so this is what it looks like: lovely wholesale. this is the item i was the most excited about, actually, which is why i'm filming this right now, because i actually am going out tonight and i want to wear it, so i will see if it fits, though i'll show you guys, obviously. okay, gucci, you got gotta get off me, baby. so this is a jumpsuit, so it looks like this: um, there's a zipper. oh, the zipper is in the front. okay, so it's a full-on jumpsuit. i'll show you guys the model that had it on. um, and the zipper is in the front. so it's a short sleeve. um, romper. super cute. it has ed hardy on it. there's some tigers. there's a bunch of stuff going on on here. so i thought this was really, really cute. hopefully it looks as cute on me as it did on the model. this i will do a try on for you guys as well. and then i really really liked it, this shirt. so, um, it only it came in a medium, which i think is fine, because i want it a little bit. okay, this is a perfect size actually. so this is. i just thought this was so cool. this is like: so my aesthetik, this is like so my vibe. and this is the fabric is so soft, you guys like it's very, very stretchy, very soft, like it's like not silky soft, but almost like it's like really, really soft. so, anyways, that is the design i chose for it, and this came in a variety of colors too. i think they had like white and red, if i'm not mistaken, maybe some purple, i don't even remember, but i will link it for you guys, so check it out. i just absolutely loved this design and i really, really like that. this brand is very multikultural as well. there's a lot of um representation of different colored skins on their products and on the actual pictures, which i don't see often. i could be wrong, but i don't see that often. so i was really really attracted by that, because i think it's very important to have multikultural representation, especially in clothing and the fashion and beauty industry, because it's not really known to be very multikultural. so i think we're getting better with that. but yeah, i was really, really impressed by this and i really like the design with like the money just super. like bougie, if you're just gonna go run errands, put this on top of leggings, cute shoes. you got an outfit girl. okay, these shorts i cannot wait to wear this summer. hopefully they fit. so these are the shorts okay. and with my body shape, it's very, very hard to find shorts that fit, because i have a very, very small waist and a very wide hips, so it's very hard to find something that fits. but these are so stretchy. are you guys ready for this? this is the behind. so i'm thinking of wearing this at like a festival or something, or like a beach party, like a little cute crop top. oh my gosh, this is so cute, you guys. so it is a butterfly print on the booty- love that. and then i got these other jeans. i think i got they get the same ones. i think i might have gotten the same ones in two different colors. so let's start with these guys. so i think these are actually gonna fit. so these are very stretchy. this, um like material and fabric is very high quality for, like their pricing. i'm very impressed. and these jeans: i thought they were also cute for, like, if i'm going out somewhere, like during the day, like nothing to like this is pretty casual. okay, you guys are gonna understand. so these are ripped jeans and the rips actually go all the way down, like all the way down, and they go all the way in the back. so literally, i'm all the way. they don't go down down in the back, but they are very ripped in the back. so this is the jeans. and then the last pair of jeans before we do this try on is these black jeans. these, again, are very stretchy as well. so these are just cute black jeans. um, i think they are a little bit shorter than like usual at the bottom, which is cute. if you're wearing like cute heels, you want to show them off, or strappy heels, and the heel, the like strap, goes around your um ankle, if that makes sense. so that is the clothes, and now let's try these on. so this is the first outfit, so you guys can see, even like in the mirror, the pants don't go all the way down, which i kind of like. this is like very casual. it's very just like hanging out. i am obsessed with the shirt, you guys. it's so soft and it fits really well. so this is a medium. um, and the problem i always have with the jeans- which i actually really like, these, because they're made for like curves- um, i can never get jeans up past my hips because they're so wide compared to my waist, so here it'll fit, but here it does not go up, and these actually went up perfectly and they fit really really nice in the back. there's no like a big big space here, so sometimes i have to like wear a belt because of that, but these actually fit really nice. so very casual, very fun, love it. um, and still kind of cute, like you can definitely put heels on this and dress it up. so, yeah, definitely love this. oh my gosh, you guys. these jeans are so comfortable. i actually could have gone definitely a size or two smaller, so this is how much space there is, because they are so stretchy. they're definitely too big for me, especially here, but they are so cute. so this is what the back looks like with the rips. i absolutely love this style. this is the front. they do go all the way down. um, they're just so comfortable like i could like literally like they're so stretchy. this is really really comfortable, but they are a little bit too big, so i definitely recommend going a size smaller if you're getting these. i also was not sure of my size and i definitely wanted them to fit. so at least they do fit, but they're a little too big so you guys can see. but definitely really really cute jeans. i love this style, especially here. this is something i would definitely wear just like hanging out, even like around the house. i hate jeans, hate, hate jeans. you guys know this. but if i was just hanging out in my house, these almost feel like leggings. they're so soft and it helps that they're like big because they're a little bit baggy, so kind of like a mom jean or boyfriend jean kind of vibe. but i feel like they fit really really nicely, especially in my hips. so definitely recommend these. they're just so comfortable like i don't even want to take them off. okay, i told you guys i would always be honest with you. so these shorts definitely did not hit the hole, for the button actually is not even cut so i can't even button it. um, they do fit kind of cute. i didn't think they would fit like this. um, so i don't know, but the stiker is also a little bit coming off and i hate this. like this is like too much space, so i would definitely have to, like take this in with a belt. but yeah, these are not as cute on as i thought i would like them and, of course, i can't even button them. so don't waste your time on these, don't waste your money. so these are not a hit, even though they are really cute for the picture. but yeah, no, okay this. so i paired it with some red heels. this is definitely.


[Music]. none of them love me, but all of them watch me. took me some losses, but nothing can stop me. i'm in miami. they calling me poppy serving my dripping. they all wanna copy [Music] back with another hit. you heard me. this is my second try on clothing haul for you guys. i hope you guys enjoyed my last one. if you haven't seen it already, i will link that video in the description box below, so go check it out. so today i am actually working with lovely wholesale. if you have heard of lovely wholesale, please drop a comment right now and let me know what you think about them. let me know if you've heard about them. just let me know how you feel about them. this is my very first time ever ordering anything from them. i actually had somebody contact me to partner with them. i got to choose five items. they sent me the five items. you know i agreed to do a video on it and you know, give my honest review and honest feedback as well. as i have a code that will save you 10 off anything you order on their website and that code is jazz eight. so if you do decide to go order from them, make sure you use my unique code to save an additional 10 off, and their prices are extremely reasonable, so i highly recommend going to make a purchase. i actually did research before i did my own video. i've seen different videos on youtube about this company as well. also, they do have an instagram, so follow their instagram. i'm actually really excited to be working with them. um, like i said, it's my very first time. i am extremely hyped to be able to show you guys my items, as well as the size description, all that good stuff. so while i'm trying it on, i will pop a picture in the corner here to show you what item look like and, you know, get my honest review on it. so, without further ado, let's go ahead and try these items on. let me just show y'all what i got first. let me show y'all what i got. then we're gonna go ahead and jump into this. so i got a hoodie, another hoodie, another hoodie and joggers- two pair of joggers. so we're gonna start with the hidden first. i'm gonna start with the hoodies. you know what i'm saying. i'm gonna show you guys what the hoodies look like and try them on and go from there. then we're gonna jump into the joggers, you feel me? so let's go ahead and get this started. this is a nice little heartbeat hoodie. i really eff with it. um, it's a size small. i like myself to be fitted, guys, just just in case i don't know. so i'm hoping this fits pretty tight, but this is what it looks like. but what's it gonna look like on me? you heard me. let's go ahead and put this baby on. oh, it fits me just how i like. you know what i'm saying. it's not too tight. um, this is how it looks. this fits me just right. i like it a lot. um, i really like this hoodie. this [ __ ] is dope bro. oh, my goodness. yeah, my f with it got the hoodie on. you know what i'm saying. yeah, i really like this one, guys. um, i really do so. y'all gotta go ahead and rate this one. this is hoodie number one. go ahead and rate it. scan the one to ten. i actually give this one, um, a nine. it's probably gonna be my favorite because i i'm effing with it for me. let's go ahead and jump in the hoodie number two. baby hoodie number two. this one right here. this one's a little different, you know. i'm saying: um, this is actually a size medium because with this company i think it's kind of size small. so i got a medium in this. typically i would get a small, but this is a medium. so y'all ready for me to put this one on? y'all ready? let's get it. i can freak with this one too. you know what i'm saying. i ain't gonna lie, though. the material on this one feels like really thin. but y'all, this is lit. i like this one a lot. again, this is hoodie number two. make sure you rate it from a scale to one to ten. i think i give this one, i honestly give this one like a seven, just simply because the material is extra thin. but as far as it, as far as how it looks, it's dope. i like it. um, yeah, i can, i can rock with this. i like how it fits me. like i said, i like my clothes to be kind of fitted. i don't like my clothes to be big on me, especially my hoodies. i like them to be like really fit. um, so yeah, i like this too. so let's go to 1-10, guys. let me know what y'all think. you know what i'm saying. but we're gonna jump into hoodie number three. we about to go to paris real quick, because this hoodie says paris. you feel me? i think i'm gonna like this online too, and, as y'all notike, i got a lot of black stuff. mostly everything is black. one of my favorite colors to wear is black. this is the paris city. what do you think about that? you're ready to see me in this one? okay, be back now. we in paris. baby, i like this one too. like i said about the other two, this one fits perfectly. like how i like um material still is a little thin, but this material is a little bit better than the last um. i would definitely have to rate this one eight and a half nine. so hoodie number three. y'all gotta let me know- when does 10? what you guys think how it looks on me. drop your comments below. let me know what we're doing. make this interesting, make this fun. actually, i'm liking everything so far. i'm about to be fly bro, like i really am. i am definitely going to be putting in another order because i mean, i'm happy with this and, like i said, the price is extremely reasonable and at the end of the day, you get what you pay for. so i'm not unsatisfied at all because i really like how these fit um. so yeah, so you're gonna have to check out that website. like i said, they got women's and men's clothing, so make sure you go check this out. obviously, all mine that i've got so far is from the men's section. but okay, we done with the hoodies. so please rate them on a scale of 1-10. let me know your honest opinion, feedback on how you think they look and, as well, which one is your favorite. so right now, about to jump into the freaking joggers, i got two paired joggers. let's start with jogger number one, baby dragon number one. that's how they look. so let me put these on and show you how they look on me. okay, with this paris hoodie. i actually think i will wear these with the the heartbeat- the heartbeat one, because you see this little bit of brown right here- i'm really about color coordination- and the heartbeat one head like brown on the strings. i think that would look fine with these. so let me go ahead and throw these on. you know there's some basic feeling joggers, but you know i'm saying i definitely rock these. you know what i'm saying? yeah, that was jogger number one, so y'all gotta let me know what y'all think about those. on a scale of one to ten. i personally believe those were about six. you know what i'm saying, but i definitely will rock the hill out of those for sure. that's a fact. so i got one more item, which is another pair of joggers. so joggers number two. okay, let me know what y'all think. you know, let's go to one to ten on these babies, and just let me know. we got one more and they black two. you know what i'm saying. i told you i really like black. i kind of i like how these feel better. yeah, this is more my type of material. i like these. these are more like sweatpants material. the other ones they felt like i don't know how to explain it, but these are again. these are these. let me throw these on. so these jogger number two is definitely my favorite set. they kind of comfortable too. they are thin. they are really thin, but you know they're really comfy. um, i'm not here in texas now, so you know what i'm saying. like, if i want to wear these in the summertime, i might need something- you know what i'm saying- because it's gonna get hot. but these are driving. number two: this is actually my favorite pair out of the two that i did get. um rating these, i probably give them a seven and a half. you know what i'm saying. they are kind of comfortable, like how they feel. um, they fit me, like how i like. i like my clothes small, so this company, really, i'm rocking with them, like because i'm very petite. you know what i'm saying? um, and sometimes it's hard finding clothes that fit me like how i want them to fit. i don't like my c.

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[Music]. what's up, guys? welcome back to my channel. as you guys can tell from the title, today we will be doing a lovely clothing haul with lovely wholesale. so if you guys like any of these items in this video, the links will be down below in the description. what i think about my makeup, though: like is she giving her away. but yeah, shout out to lovely wholesale. we're going to get into this clothing haul, but before we get into it, make sure you guys like, comment, subscribe, go ahead, follow me on instagram and all my other social medias, follow me on snapchat, twitter and instagram, and it's on period. everything will be down below in the description. don't forget to subscribe, don't forget to ring the bell and all of that good stuff. and yeah, i hope you guys enjoyed this video. let me know what you guys think. i hope you guys enjoy it. we got some real, real pretty pieces today, real cute pieces. so, like i said, if y'all like any other items in the video, it will be linked down below in the description, and don't forget to use my code 18 at checkout so you guys can get a 10 discount. so, yeah, like i said, i hope you guys enjoy it. we're gonna get right into it. once again, shout out to lovely hotel for all of these beautiful items. thank you guys so much and that's all period. we're gonna get into the first item and i hope you guys enjoy, okay, y'all. so the second item is not any clothes that y'all can see i got a little taller. we actually have some really pretty heels for them. so y'all kind of trying to figure out how lovely wholesale heels, here you go. here's the heels. real, real cute, baby, don't with them my toes look too big, but these are the heel. these are really, really cute. make sure you guys go shop with them. so yeah, let me know what i think about these. really cute, don't play with them. like, these are really really good quality for the price. like no lies for the price. they look small for me too, but real cute. these are 41. i should have got a 42 or 43, whatever. but yeah, these are the heels. let me know what y'all think. all right, y'all. so next we got these bottoms supposed to have like strings right here. you know, let me show y'all. it comes with strings on the side, but i didn't have time to put them in, so we'll put them in later, but they still real cute, if real nice. let me show y'all these are really, really cute. these are size medium, also size medium, and they fit really really good, which i can see. i wish i had time to put the strings in, but yeah, these are the pants- real cute. these are the size medium. they're really stretchy period. if you guys like these, go ahead and click the link down below in the description. with my code and a tall girlfriend, because i'm tall and look at it, i would probably wear these like on a chill date, honestly, like i probably wouldn't read to the wedding or anything like that. but i want to link these down below the description and, yeah, we're gonna move on to the next piece. i hope you guys are enjoying it. so far, all the links will be down below in the description for every piece. so, yeah, go check them out. so, y'all, these are the second pair of shoes that they sell. make sure you guys go shop lovely, wholesale. let me show you off up close. real cute, good quality. let me show y'all these two. both of them are really really good quality. do not play with them. actually, i got a 42 of these two, but they cute. i didn't even notike. they sold sandals. but these real cute, go shop, use the link down below and it's on puree. i don't got to look hot but yeah, like i said, those sandals are really, really cute, really good quality and they also very affordable. so make sure you guys go get those sandals and also the other heels and that's all period. now we're going to get into the outfits and i hope you guys like them, because i really do love them, like like they're really cute, really good quality, lovely. wholesale is most definitely improving with a quality and i've notiked that, like i've had so many partnerships with them, and it gets better and better every time. i can say that. so make sure you guys go shop with them, show them some love and get y'all some cute clothes from them, because y'all said i got the shoes too. alright, y'all. so this pink ski mask, which is really really cute, it's real good quality. this one is next. i would i want to put it on, but like i feel like it's gonna mess up my makeup and my hair, like really really bad, but i'm sorry, i just can't try it on. but it's very good quality, as y'all can see, real good quality, real thick, you see, and it fits every size. it's real stretchy. so, yeah, this is the ski mask. real cute. i can't wait to wear it, though i can't wait to post pictures in it and everything. so, yeah, real cute, and it's my favorite color. so- and i think they got other colors too. so make sure you guys go check them out and shop this ski mask to read. the next item we have is this pink purse, which is really really, really cute, real cute. just look at the color, don't play with them. real cute, like i love pink so much. can't wait to wear it. she giving i'm starting to like little, little person more than me person. so, honestly, but yeah, go shop her. very affordable, you know you can be a baggie and still shop smart at the same time. like, why not? yeah, she's real cute, real cute, can't wait to wear her. i love pink. y'all like this is so pretty, but y'all can't wait to wear this. make sure you guys go shop down below in the description, use my it's coat her. as i always say, we're gonna move on to the next piece. all right, you guys. so this is the next piece. this is really really cute. i think i might take pictures of this today. this is my color, like i don't know why i'm really starting to look new, like a lot like more than useful, but real cute little daydreamer sweater or hoodie fit real nice. they fit real comfortably. this is the size medium also, but i like the really big baggy look, so i should have large but still cute. make sure you guys go shop period. this is really cute. and this, um and yeah, yeah, make sure you guys go shop this hoodie. the link will be down below in the description, as y'all can see, it's giving very much daddy vibes, don't play. so, yeah, make sure you guys go shop this jacket- real cute. so, yeah, use my cold shave team, do not forget, i'm always remind y'all. so, yeah, we're gonna go on to the next piece. let me know what you guys think about this one. and she got a hood on play. like i said, let me know what you guys think, we're gonna move on to the next piece. i believe that's the light. now we got two more. so, yeah, okay, guys, so this is the next outfit. it's gonna be very much cozy, very much bare, but it's cute, you know, real comfortable. i will take pictures of this, but i feel like i would have to be outside please, because it's like a girl has you in the house with that big outfit. so, yeah, real cute, real comfortable, is really really soft, good quality, like great quality. it's super thick and this just hella cute, like it's different. i honestly don't know what she was gonna wear with this, but this is super, super cute, but it's just hella hot, super hot right now, but make sure you wear this in the winter because, but i really really love this outfit, like it's super cute, real cute, different. this is the back and, yeah, make sure you guys go shop this outfit. the link will be down below in the description. use my code. i want to take pictures and it's so bad, but i thought it looked hella cozy. but i'm in the house. usually i take my tripod, drive to a place like, so i have different backgrounds. but if y'all know, y'all know i had an accident um three days after i moved in. so i take pictures in the house now until i get me in the car. but, on the other hand, go shop this outfit, i would really appreciate it. y'all use my code. i'm gonna move on to the next piece. okay, y'all, this is the last piece. y'all probably can see my shorts to it, but just ignore that. but this is so cute. like i already took pictures of this, she get in. i really love this. this might be my favorite one other than the pink mask and the furry outfit. but comment down below your fa.

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LOVELY WHOLESALE “Hit Or Miss” Try On Haul | Honest Review

hey y'all, welcome back to my channel. it's your girl, stasia, and today we have another try on haul for the company lovely wholesale, and, yes, this is another sponsored video. i'm so happy that they- um, you know, decided to reach out to me again because, for those of you who may not know, i did recently collab with them and i did, uh, um, try on haul, but those items, i would say, were more like summer time and i know we were approaching fall, but i still- i don't know why- i picked like summer items or whatever. it was just stuff that i saw, just whatever, randomly just selected some things. but with this go around, i made sure i did purchase. excuse me, i didn't purchase anything. i made sure i did some choose items that i could definitely wear, you know, for the fall time as well as you guys, if you like any of these items, again, like always, the links will be down below in the description box for you guys, and you can also use my coupon code, which is star c10. i'm gonna have that on the screen somewhere, as well as in the description box also. so, yeah, don't forget to use my code at checkout to save you some coin. sis, jumping straight into this haul. we're gonna start off with this beautiful cardigan. this cardigan right here is definitely my fave and, um, obviously i picked out all these items. this is so freaking cute. y'all you have the stripes in it. you have different colors, like hot pink, navy blue, mustard and like a brownish, taupe color, um, and of course, white is in here also. i just thought this was really freaking cute. um, i love how some of the stripes are like vertikal and some are horizontal, just to give it like a little bit of um contrast or whatever. but, yeah, i thought this was really freaking cute. the material really surprised me, okay, because y'all, this is some great quality material. it's really stretchy, as you all can see, this has a lot of stretch in it and i did get this in a size large, but i would say that this does run slightly big, but, honestly, to me it fits me perfectly because, um, fall and winter is all about layering anyway. now, also, the bottom has like these fringes on it, which is super cute. of course, i'm going to be trying on the items which i'm sure i've already inserted it somewhere for y'all, probably on this side, but anyway, yes, y'all can see we have like the fringes. i just think this is so cute. and then, another thing i just now realized is at the bottom you don't have any pink. i just love how this was made like this is really good. oh yeah, you don't even have. this is dope like okay. so basically, sorry. so, yeah, i think this is really cute. like i said, this isn't a size large anyway, um, yeah, i'm gonna show y'all this one next. so for the next one, i have a two-piece set now, um, it's another one of those like black spandex, like sweatsuit things or whatever. now, this is, um, definitely spandex material. as you guys can see, it is all black. i'm gonna show you all the front. it just has like the regular zipper and it does have two pockets right here. these are not full pockets, these are really like actual pockets. and then you have like your little drawer strings for the hoodie part, just plain and simple. y'all this is a little tiny. i want to show you all this, sorry y'all. um, i kind of got washed out. so anyway, yeah, like i was saying, this is a little small, like just from the looks of it, so i don't know if i'm gonna be able to fit it. now i know for a fact. i'll be able to still put it on, but i don't like wearing anything under my hoodies, a lot like i just be wanting to have on my bra and just throw on my hoodie or whatever. so i don't we want them to be extra tight. i need like room in it. um, here, because you know your girl is like a little heavy up here, you know. so, anyway, still super cute. and i- oh yeah, i did get this set right here in the size large. all of the sets that i'm about to show y'all is in a size large. so, yeah, that was the first set. and then, moving on to the next set i have is exactly the same, it's just a different color. i decided to get the same one in pink. oh, i hope that don't look that washed out, but yeah, it's like a really light baby pink y'all. and then, of course, we have the pants. they are made the exact same, with the zipper pockets on each side, and the ankles are, um, skinny but, like i said, they don't look that small, like that tight around the ankle. but, either way, i wanted these little tracks and things, just so i could purposely wear them with, like some uggs or something like that, sneakers or whatever, but being as though the bottoms, the ankles, aren't that tight, just by me looking at it, more than likely i'll just throw them on with some uggs and just be out the door, but yeah, so now, moving on to the next two-piece set i have. um, i guess i'll show you all the hoodie first. so yeah, i'm mad because i really wish i would have gotten these and extra large. now it don't look that, it doesn't look that small, but still i'll be wanting my hoodies to be like a little bit oversized, like i don't want them tight. now i'll be wanting the bottoms to be tight, but i don't be wanting the hoodie itself to be tight, like no, i like that kind of oversized look. so this is for damn sure- sorry y'all- this for damn sure is not going to be oversized at all, like, maybe if i had smaller chests then i probably could get away with it a little bit. but i don't know- and this is a pullover actually, i'm let me shut the hell up and stop toking and show y'all the item. so anyway, yeah, this is it right here. as you guys can see, it's like a graphic type thing or whatever it has, like these different, whatever, just all over. i thought this was super cute and, like i said, it is a pullover. um, you do have some drawer strings right here if you want to put on the hoodie, because it is a hood. now, the sleeves also have like a design on it, as well, as y'all can see, this is super dope. y'all like super dope. this is the other side of the sleeve. well, y'all gonna see me try this on anyway, and the back is plain, but, like i said, this isn't a large. also, now, these are the pants right here. i like these the way. oh, my god, y'all. i know these shit's gonna be too small. look at this right here, like when i put these on, it's gonna be. it's gonna be too small. i know it's gonna be too small. i'm so mad because this is like, really, as y'all can see, that's a thick elastik band. this quality is made better. well, one thing i could see right now: like i said, i never tried this stuff on y'all, these are really thin, though the material feels different. it doesn't feel like spandex, but these are thin, and i say that because the light from my ring light is sorry, my ring light, my phone just going off, my ring light is shining through the pants and i can actually see through the pants like this little white thing right here. i can see that from the back of the pants right now, like nah, y'all gonna be able to see it, but anyway, yeah, so here are the pants. the pants also has like that graphic. look on it as well. um, it is skinny legs at the bottom, like i said, these right here don't look that tight around the ankle either, but just the fact that it does have like a tighter like band around it may let me put my phone on silent, y'all, i'm sorry. so anyway, back to what i was saying. as y'all can see, you have like the little graphics. oh yeah, i said that already. see, this is why i don't need to be checking my phone while i'm recording. so, yeah, that's those now. moving on to the last and final item. they did send me five items again, um, this time, so we're gonna move on to the next one. the reason why i say this is my least favorite is because on the website, this look as if it was supposed to be a dress and i am going to insert the picture so y'all can see, like over here somewhere, just so y'all can see what it was supposed to look like. it was supposed to look like a pullover hoodie, like sweatshirt dress type of thing, right. and you see she got it with the thigh highs on or something or whatever. i think that's how it was and that's exactly how i wanted to wear mine like. i would still want to put like some biker shorts u.

What I Ordered vs What I Got | LOVELY WHOLESALE TRY ON HAUL/REVIEW || KaayBenzz

what's poppy stinky squad? it is your girl. k to the [ __ ], benz the sunkisspee, and i'm back with another videotv. oh, if you are new to my channel, welcome, and if you're already subscriber, welcome [ __ ] back today. we got a kind of a different type of video today. we got what i ordered versus what i got. you got me so lovely wholesale was kind enough to send me some items. i believe they sent me around five items to try on for you guys. i honestly don't know like how they're close, fitter. anything is my first time actually getting clothes from this company. if you guys wanted you know a little, this skill code which you guys use- caveman's 10- will be in the description box as well, on the screen down below for you guys to use to save some money off your purchase. i will leave all the item description and everything down below for you guys, in case you guys wanted the items that i will be trying on for you guys today. so we are going to open up the bag. exciting. i love hauls, you guys understand. so i honestly don't know what it is first, but i guess i'll start with this one. so i got this in a small. it is called. the lovely, sexy bed is designed. black t-shirt. based off of the picture, you guys can kind of see like the titties are showing you. guys, i love my girls, my little babies here. okay, one thing already: i don't like the fact that i have to physically. okay, they give you the lace, yeah, but like that's just too much work for me. other than that, like it does look like a cute little like shirt, like you don't even mean, like it has like inside out effect. i know for a fact this is gonna be like tight, but not too tight. i don't know why. i love my clothes very fitted, but, um, yeah, guys, so this is basically the top. i'm gonna go and lace this up and then i'm gonna try it out for you guys so you guys can see what we're working with. okay, so, guys, this is the top. honestly, i want to work with these jeans. i just don't have to use away with it. right now. i can't explain what it is, but it won't be. it's not off the shoulder, but it's not a full top, so i feel like i have to like pull it down. you know what i mean. see how much of a difference that makes. if i pull it here then it's super [ __ ]. cute titties are sitting pretty hey. when you pull this off the shoulder it does go back up. it's weird. i can't explain how it is. like i don't really know how to tie a bow, so i'll just have to fix this up. but overall, like it is a cute top. so we're going to go on to the next. the next item we got is a lovely sexy dude shoulder skinny pink blouse. this is kind of like an off the shoulder like bustier type of top, which i thought was super cute. i got this in a size small, so this is basically the top. it basically will clip- so i don't know if you guys can see here- kind of has like a circle and then it locks when you pull it. so basically it would be like this and then the sleeves are off the shoulder. they look pretty fitted. um, the bottom is kind of like: oh, it's slit. oh my gosh, i didn't know. it's like a slit on the sleeve. it also is laced in the back, which i like a lot. but i'm basically trying this one out because this looks super cute and it says i've been losing some weight. it's just exciting. but we are gonna go try this top. what the [ __ ] is this? no, please don't go. take a moment. okay, look at this. what i need? somebody to let me know what the [ __ ] is going on. i'm gonna be real, this would have been a really cute top, okay, but it's just malfunctioning at this point. look, i pop it up. [Music]. so it's not only the shirt's fault, it's just the fact that why does it keep going in like this? it's just not making it's not it any sense. okay, i'm gonna be back. i'm gonna try to fix this one. so, guys, this is the best it's gonna get. i cannot button these two up. it's just not working. like. it would have been a super cute top if this was, i guess, more flexible, but it's like defended one would side goes the opposite direction. so it was just super hard to get on. like, right in the forearm part i feel like it's about to rip, like the seams. but like this is the back. i like it a lot just because of my backpack. [Music]. overall, like i don't know, like i really don't know how to feel about this, but overall, we're just gonna get on this because i feel like i'm gonna pop it, tear it in some type of way, and we're not gonna do that. so let's get out onto the next item. the next item we got is a lovely casual hoodie called letterprint army green, two-piece pen set. it's like a cropped hoodie that says body, yada, yada, and the booty says too. so we excited because i be serving body in my face like what's good, right, i honestly have so many sweatsuits- i don't wanna say sweatshirts, retractions- but olive green is a color that i did not have. so i'm like, honestly, like this is the color that i want. oh, this feels really stretchy, okay. okay, inside is lined very nicely with like a fleece. i really like this already and i didn't even try it on. it looks more like a brownish green on camera, but in reality it's like, uh, like an army green. you know what i mean? nothing drastik, nothing major. but yeah, these are the pants. they're also squished at the bottom for the sweater. since i didn't show it for you guys, this is it. i got this track set in a size medium because i forgot to let you guys know, but we are gonna go try this on. so, guys, this is the tracksuit. honestly, i do not like it that much. like this is it high up? okay, it's already down to my ankles, but i don't want it to be like this low. actually it could be the slow, but the back just looks [ __ ] if it's this slow. yeah, like i just wish there was pockets. i hate the fact that there's no pockets because i just feel awkward, like if you know me, you know from my hauls- like i love a pocket and i just feel like i don't know how this is supposed to be situated. like the sweater is fine, i just wish there was, like laces. like there's a lot of things that i wish were going on in this that are not going on. but this is not doing the cheeks. any time of justike, i'm gonna show you guys anyways. like this is the cheeks, like i have body, but this is not it. it's like just not the flex, it's not it. and like even the bottom, it's just not. it's just odd. like the makeup, their clothes are pretty weird, like i don't know what to say. like it's comfy- don't get me wrong- because they're very good quality material, but it just did not and doesn't fit the way that i expected it to fit at all, even on the butt, like my butt's around and it's giving me w. yeah, guys, this is the item for the next item. we got a lovely sportswear patch pink one piece jumpsuit without the belt. i'm so scared. i ordered this in a size medium just because you guys already know how my hips, in my chest, are set up, so i just felt like this might be the perfect size. but overall, as you guys can see, it's like has like a little cinching in the waist, there's no pockets as well, it's kind of hemmed at the bottom and, of course, there's like a little zipper. so basically, in case you guys want to show the girls, you guys can show the girls opens up like that. we're gonna go try this on it to see how it is. we're super excited, so let's go. so, guys, this is the bodysuit i'm gonna be real. you guys can really see my rolls, and it's okay because i'm a- you know, tasty ass bakery and all. but that's one thing that i don't like. it is so long right here, like my card starts right here, but there's this much, there's this much excess, so i'm trying to like pull it up without ripping it, but like, overall, i think it's really cute. i really want to find like a corset or something for this. obviously i wear a bra. i'm not wearing a bra right now, but let me show you guys the cheeks. you guys already know how the cheeks say: set the blood cloth up, okay, but, um, based on the picture, i can't really see how underneath it looks, just by simple fact that, like she's wearing the corset, so it's covering everything overall. i think it's so cute. but yeah, guys, this is this item. and for the last item, we got lovely street butterfly, broken whole blue jeans. listen, let me tel.

LovelyWholesale Haul, Try-On & Styling

hey dolls. so i am back, so i'm gonna be doing a lovely wholesale video. try on, kevin did one in forever. so let's see what we got. i'm gonna try it on and tok about it, you know, while i have it on, to make it really easy. so this is my bag of goodies. i already kind of went through it, so i know i got some really good pieces. there's probably like one thing in here that i don't really care for, so that's really good. so let's see what we got, okay. so first up, we got this really cute dress. it's definitely like a fleece kind of dress and it's really like casual and cozy. i would definitely wear this on a day when it is chilly outside but it's not freezing- cold like it's cold but it's not freezing- and i will put this on with some black uggs just to play in with the black zipper and black little strings- um, super cute, with some black hooks and a cute bag. and it's still really put together and cute. so this is kind of it up close. this is the material. if y'all can see, this is really, really cute. i really like it. i could definitely see myself throwing this on to go get my nails done on a day when it's cooler out, or to go grab something to eat or even just to wear around the house. it's really cute. you have this little pocket on the front and then it does gather in at the waist and then you have a zipper here so you can zip this up all the way or you can leave it down as much as you want. zip it a little bit super cute. play around with it with some jewelry, a bag and some shoes. you can also put this with sneakers, but this is more so of a vibe that i will wear with uggs, and i have some louis vuitton uggs that are black with the louis vuitton monogram on the back, so those will be really, really cute with this. i can envision this together with, like a louis vuitton bag. so just to kind of play it up, i'll just grab a bag and kind of show y'all how i would style it, although i'm not going to put shoes on and all of that- just to kind of give y'all an idea. so, like with this bag, um, the palm springs, i actually changed out the strap recently and i like it with this strap. and then i used the little coin purse from my multiple recently. i wore it like this, so i think this is really cute with it, because it gives like that black and brown vibe, and then my boots will match perfect. so this is a really cute way to wear it, like super cute, maybe more so with, like a brown boots you can wear this, or even with the black boots it will still look cute, but you can do this. this could be cute as well, but i don't know. i never wear this bag because it's so big like, but this is cute also, like kind of like that um, and yeah, or you can just do a black bag like you don't have to do a louie, let's just say just kind of showing y'all like this gives it more of a classy bob, um, like some black sneakers. really cute as well, really really cute. so y'all get the vibe right. so let me do y'all a little catwalk, okay, she cute, she popping, and i love that it has this band at the bottom so it kind of like comes in, so it's not just loose, so even if it's windy, it's not going to fly up and it also helps to show off. you know, you got a little something back, though, whatever, because if it, if it didn't have this band at the bottom. it would just be kind of like loose and free flowing. yeah, that is this piece, so super cute. this is the next piece. this is super cute as well, definitely like laundry vibes, but also kind of like dressy at the same time. so this is a two-piece set. you have the black top and the black pants. let me do a close-up so y'all can kind of see. so here it does have like a scrunching detail and then also here on the pants it does have that same scrunching detail. so i think that's really cute because it just gives it a little bit of flair instead of it just being like a plain top, plain black pants, and the pants actually do flare at the bottom. let me just get up here real quick so y'all can kind of see. so that's how the pants look at the bottom. so really cute, okay, real cute. really like this outfit. definitely would throw this on with like some sneakers, some really cute kind of like slides or something like that. um, you can also put this on with like some heels and make it into like a dressy outfit. with this partikular outfit you can really do any kind of bag. so just, for example, since it's all black. i will play it up with like some color. so this is really cute. let me pan down a little bit so y'all can kind of see the bottom. well, you still can't see the bottom because my camera is like kind of close. let me see, okay, so you kind of see this. the vibe like, yeah, me and my girl's about to go out and get some dinner. more realistikally, with me, me and my mom about to go to lunch, um, but yeah, i think this is really cute. um, or you can make it more casual, throw the bag crossbody, put it on with some really cute black kind of like sandals. here it's really like warm a lot of days, so this is like still kind of keeping it wintery, but then if you put on like a shoe, that's a little bit more open toe but you're still covered, you're still pretty good like it's like in between you know, transitioning phase, like if it's still kind of cool but not freezing, um, you know, this is the back of the pan, so it's really cute. and yeah, i just started doing my waist training again last night because, girl, i've been just eating, not doing it. like it definitely makes a difference. like people say, don't make a difference, but it make a difference, okay. so there's one big style with it. let's just say, like a little black moment. let's just say you want to dress this up, put some heels on with this and you're going out to dinner or something at night. a little small bag, all black moment, black shoes, or you could do a colored shoe or whatever. so super cute. this is also a really cute vibe, um, and the pants fit really nice as well. this is a small and i believe i got that dress in a small as well. um. so, yeah, this is just really cute, i really like it and it really pops with my nails, because i just got my nails done. okay. so for the next piece, i'm going to throw the jacket on with this real quick because, um, typically what i would do is put this on with some jeans, but i didn't get any jeans in this video and i'm just not gonna do all of it. but yeah, so this is the jacket. it's like a little varsity jacket and it's red and white. this comes in several colors. i decided to get the red one just because i don't have a lot of red in my wardrobe. my freaking watch is getting snagged on here, all right. so now we got the little jacket on. now, for example, i would totally not style this with this, but this will be cute. you could do like a black jean. i would probably put like a white top underneath, or even like a regular blue jean, um type of pants, and then like a white little shirt underneath. and i like this jacket because it is crops. okay, so this is the back. it does come in cropped, like you could put it on with this, um, just to like layer it, and it's still cute. but i would probably more so do like a white top with this jacket just to let the white pop out even more, um, but yeah, i think it's really cute. this jacket is cute. it has a b on it, um, and yeah, i just think it's cute. and then you have pockets. the pockets are actually functional. this material is like that light jersey kind of like material, um, and also on the sleeves it doesn't have any leather and it doesn't have any additional patches, so you just have this one. but what you could do if you wanted to personalize this is buy some patches and kind of just iron them on yourself. you could do that with pretty much any jacket, or you can get like some, let me just tell y'all to. you could get some letters. i probably wouldn't do it with this, with this b right here, but this b could stand for like the school, and then you could get the black glitters or white letters and put your name on the back. that would be really cute to personalize a really inexpensive jacket. so for this look, i'mma grab this bag that i never wear. this is more so kind of like never wear this bag, but oka.