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LoyaltyLion for Shopify

Published on: June 4 2023 by pipiads

- Andrew from ecom experts dot io reviews LoyaltyLion, a loyalty app on the Shopify platform

- In this video, viewers will understand if the app is suitable for them

- The article will cover integrations, pricing, competitors, reviews, and performance


- LoyaltyLion should integrate smoothly with other apps to avoid manual data transfer

- It integrates with a long list of apps including Convergeo, DigitalFifo, Gorgeous, Hubspot, Judge Me, GlaviolimeSpot, Loox, Okendo, Oracle Bonto, Recharge, Stamped, Trustpilot, and Zendesk

- A comprehensive list of integrations is essential


- There are four pricing tiers based on the number of orders

- The free tier allows some add-ons at five dollars

- The app is not necessarily the cheapest, but that is not necessarily a bad thing


- LoyaltyLion has competitors such as Smile.io, Swell, Bold, Grow Wave, Rice AI, and Marcelo

- Knowing the features of each app and comparing them is essential


- LoyaltyLion has a 4.5 out of 5-star rating out of 292 reviews at the time of recording

- One-star reviews give an idea of issues customers may face

Setting up:

- A step-by-step guide is available to design the program, decide on earning points, create discount vouchers, and preview the program

- LoyaltyLion uses existing customer information from the Shopify store, avoiding the need for a separate account or database

- Referrals can be incentivized to acquire more customers and increase sales

- Personalized emails can be sent to customers with information about points and rewards

Mobile performance:

- Mobile performance is essential, and LoyaltyLion performs well on mobile

Impact on store performance:

- The app affects store performance, increasing page size, page load time, and number of requests


- Loyalty apps are relatively important for re-targeting existing customers, but not the most critical thing on the store

- Removing residual code is necessary if the app is uninstalled

- A backup is essential before editing code

- LoyaltyLion is a suitable app for incentivizing existing customers and acquiring new ones

- The app integrates with several apps, has several pricing tiers, and performs well on mobile

- Removing residual code is essential when uninstalling the app

Take a tour of Boody's loyalty and rewards program with LoyaltyLion

Today, as a Customer Success Executive at Loyalty Lyon, I am excited to share with you the success story of the Buddhist Loyalty Program. In just four months, the program increased the spent of members by 48% and their average order value by 17%. Let's dive into the key components of this program and explore how it can inspire you to launch your own.

Key Components:

1. Easy to find: The loyalty program is highlighted on the main navigation of the website.

2. Integrated loyalty page: The page is consistent with the brand identity and shows how many comfort points the member has earned.

3. Earn more comfort points: Members can earn more points by engaging with the brand on social media, referring friends, or writing a review.

4. Referral system: Members can easily refer friends through various channels, such as email.

5. Motivation for new customers: New customers are motivated with a $15 discount on their purchase.

6. Checkout experience: Members can see the number of points they will earn with their order and redeem points directly in the cart with a point slider.

Buddhist created a fully customized and own brand loyalty program that encourages members to repeat purchase while strengthening their brand identity and community. The program's simple components, such as the point slider and referral system, offer a seamless experience for members. If you want to learn more about Buddhist, you can also read our interview with the CEO in the link below. Thank you for reading and see you soon!

Take a tour of the Lively rewards program with LoyaltyLion

Music Applause Music

Hello, my name is Sophie and I am a customer success specialist at LordyLyon. Today, I will be giving you a brief tour of Lively's loyalty program. Lively is a sophisticated underwear brand, and with the Lory program, they have increased their spend of their members by 36% and their average order value by 21%. I will be showing you what Lively does differently and how they're on the path to success. Let's start!

Features of Lively's Loyalty Program:

- Loyalty program is a key component of the brand

- Shows points balances on homepage to motivate engagement

- Tiers loyalty program structure that reflects brand values and strengthens relationship with customers

- Exclusive perks for higher tiers, such as double points and early access to new styles

- Encourages engagement through social media, mailing list, reviews, and referrals

- Referral program offers 10% discount to new customers and loyalty points to advocates

- Point slider allows for seamless redemption in carts

- Customized and on-brand loyalty program that is engaging and user-friendly

When designing a loyalty program, it is important to keep it consistent with your brand values and identity. A loyalty program connects and helps you accelerate your marketing efforts, build longer lasting relationships with your customers, and in turn, hearts brands love. Lively's loyalty program is a lucrative part of their business and has contributed to their success. Thank you for joining me on this short tour of Lively's loyalty program, and I hope to see you soon!

LoyaltyLion - Loyalty Rewards Program - Demo: Explained in 5 Minutes or Less | Ecommerce Tech

In this article, we will be discussing Loyalty Lion, a leading points or credit-based retention and loyalty tool in the e-commerce ecosystem. We will be looking at its features, competitive landscape, when to use it, integrations, pricing, set up time, and final thoughts.


- Install the app on your site or code it in.

- Customers can earn points, unlock rewards, and get discounts or free products.

- Flexible rewards program that can be customized to your heart's desire.

- Loyalty Lion has an automated segmentation strategy that places customers into three buckets: loyal customers, at-risk customers, and win-backs.

- Instant points rewards at checkout.

- Recommendations board that provides recommendations to improve your performance.

- Loyalty Lion does not require issuing gift cards or discount codes for users to redeem points.

- Clean insights dashboard to show the numbers between four key customer segments.

Competitive Landscape:

- Smile and Swell are the industry leaders in the space.

- Loyalty Lion is an upmarket solution in a crowded marketplace.

- Other players in the space include Bolt Loyalty, In Relo's Loyalty, and many others.

When to use it:

- If you're serious about your store and building a digitally native vertical brand.

- Loyalty programs work well in industries like health, wellness, beauty, and fashion.

- They also work well in industries where you expect repeat infrequent purchases, such as subscription boxes and replenishable goods.


- Loyalty Lion integrates with Shopify, Shopify Plus, Magento, Bigcommerce, and custom API integrations.

- They also integrate with Lime Spot for product recommendations, MailChimp, Hubspot or Omnisend for email marketing, and many others.


- Loyalty Lion's small business plan starts at $159 per month and allows for 800 orders a month.

- The classic plan is $399 and gets you a dedicated rep onboarding and quarterly calls with their loyalty experts.

- The advanced era starts between 2,000 and 4,000 orders a month and gives you access to instant points and in-cart rewards.

- Enterprise pricing varies.

Set up time and resources:

- The store can be launched within 24 hours with a turnkey solution and little customization.

- If you want to spend more time customizing, you may bring in a designer and developer.

- Set up time depends on your requirements, ranging from one week to one month.

- The head of marketing or head of e-commerce should expect to check in by weekly to monthly.

Final thoughts:

- Loyalty and retention are winning factors for a fast-growing brand.

- Loyalty Lion offers a mid-tier to enterprise solution for serious e-commerce brands.

- They are fast-growing and fast-changing, releasing new features and integrations regularly.

- If you're interested in Loyalty Lion, you can contact Derek at e-commerce techno or book a tech consultation with him.

Finding the Best Customer Loyalty Rewards Programs for Your Shopify Store - Yotpo vs. Loyalty Lion

In this video, Courtney, co-founder of Dandelion Branding, talks about the benefits of customer rewards programs and focuses on two of the leading programs for Shopify: Yotpo and Loyalty Lion. She explains that rewards programs are great for retaining customers and building interactive user experiences on your site. She notes that rewards can be given for various behaviors, such as placing an order, creating a customer account, engaging with social media, and referring friends.

Courtney discusses Yotpo and its pricing structure, which can be a bit unclear. While they offer a free option for those with less than 100 monthly orders, it can become expensive for larger stores. On the other hand, Loyalty Lion offers a free version that allows for customization and different tiers based on the number of orders per month.

She stresses the importance of being creative with your rewards program and communicating with your audience about it. She shares an example of a successful rewards program she worked on that incentivized customers to subscribe to products. Courtney shows how easy it is to install Loyalty Lion into a Shopify store and emphasizes the importance of incorporating it into marketing efforts, such as email campaigns.

Overall, Courtney encourages small business owners to invest in customer rewards programs as they can lead to loyal customers and a boost in engagement.

The Sustainability Series: LoyaltyLion x Shopify

The Sustainability Series is a mini-webinar series that explores conscious consumerism in e-commerce. In each episode, the hosts talk to a guest partner about how offering customers a sustainable shopping experience can create community, inspire action, and drive loyalty.

Main Discussion Points:

1. Shopify's Three Key Initiatives: The guest, Gazelle Waters, from Shopify, discusses three key initiatives that Shopify has created to empower its merchants to become more sustainable. These include the Shop Pay payment support, the offset app, and the app store and partner connections.

2. Brand Examples: The hosts discuss brand examples of businesses using Shopify that offer a sustainable shopping experience that builds customer loyalty. One such example is Albert's Rerun Program, which facilitates a circular economy by taking lightly used shoes, giving customers a credit towards a new purchase, and reselling the shoes.

3. Building Sustainability into Brand Positioning: The hosts discuss strategies for building sustainability into existing brand positioning or narrative. Gazelle Waters recommends going back to brand values and understanding how they can be extrapolated into sustainability initiatives. She also recommends understanding the customer's values and finding ways to connect with them on sustainability issues.

The Sustainability Series is a valuable resource for businesses looking to offer a sustainable shopping experience to their customers. By understanding the importance of sustainability and finding ways to align with brand values and customer values, businesses can create a loyal customer base that values sustainability and supports the business's mission.

How to integrate with Loyaltylion on Shopify (Reward customers who left a review on your store)

Integrating Loyalty Lion to Reward Users with Loyalty Points for Writing Reviews

In this article, we will discuss how to integrate Loyalty Lion to reward users with loyalty points for writing reviews. This integration will help businesses increase customer engagement and loyalty, which can lead to higher sales and revenue. Follow the steps below to set up this integration.


1. Go to external integrations and click on the Loyalty Lion integration.

2. Enable the integration and go to the Loyalty Lion page to manage it.

3. Scroll down and click on settings to find your token and secret. Copy them.

4. In the opinion page, click on save after you are done with the integration. The Loyalty Legend preferences will update.

5. To track users and give them reward points, create a custom rule. Click on create new rule in Loyalty Lane and select custom rule.

6. Set the identifier to left_preview_on_opinion to identify customers who write reviews on the opinion page.

7. Select the number of points you want to reward your customers. For example, 200.

8. Choose immediate as the approval method.

9. Set the limit for your rewards, such as one time per day, week, month, or year.

10. Give your rule a title, such as Reviewers Music.

11. Set up the notification for customers when they receive points.

12. Set a description for the customers in the loyalty layout panel when they click on your rule. This is optional.

13. Click on create rule and wait for a few seconds.

By following these steps, you can integrate Loyalty Lion to reward users with loyalty points for writing reviews. This integration can help increase customer engagement and loyalty, which can lead to higher sales and revenue. Remember, in order to get the reward, the customer must be enrolled in your loyalty base. Encourage them to enroll and see the benefits of this integration.

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