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Lush Lawn Guaranteed: Professional Lawn Service Ads

Published on: June 4 2023 by pipiads

In this article, we will be discussing different ways of advertising for your business. We will be sharing the methods that have worked for us and the ones that didn't work as well. Here are some key points to consider:

- Signs are an effective way to target a specific neighborhood or area. Make sure to have a plan and not leave them out for too long.

- Magnets on your vehicle are a cheap and effective way to become a mobile billboard.

- Business cards are a must-have when advertising your business. They are inexpensive and can easily be handed out.

- Clothing such as hats, shirts, and hoodies with your business name and logo can be a great way to advertise while on the job or out in public.

- Utilize social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook to reach a wider audience.

- Google My Business is a great tool to help potential customers find your business online.

- Mailers and newspaper ads may not be as effective as other methods, so it's important to know what works in your specific area.

- Remember to be mindful of what you post on your personal social media pages as it can affect your business image.

In conclusion, finding the right advertising method for your business may take some trial and error. It's important to not give up and keep growing your business.

Lawn Care Business How To Advertise - Complete Marketing Strategy for 2022!!!

My friend Brian approached me for a collaboration on marketing strategies for our respective lawn care businesses. We decided to make a video and share our insights with our viewers. In this video, I will be sharing the three most effective marketing strategies that have helped me gain more clients in 2020.

Marketing Strategies:

1. Google Business Listing Reviews: The most basic and important thing is to set up a Google Business Listing for your lawn care business and work on getting reviews for it. This is the Achilles heel of most competitors in the market who are not actively seeking Google reviews. It is human nature to choose a service based on reviews, and having good reviews on Google can lead to more business for your company.

2. Postcards: The key to effective postcards is to target your ideal client and provide them with reasons to choose your lawn care service instead of others. It is important to avoid marketing to people who are not already lawn care buyers. Using postcards can help you build route density, which is essential for a successful lawn care business. It is also important to do fiber rounds as you work, putting five postcards around the houses you are currently working on.

3. Website: A website is important for getting your phone to ring or for getting your contact form filled out. The website should have one goal, which is to get customers to contact you. The best way to achieve this is by creating a video that showcases your lawn care services and provides potential customers with useful information.

Bonus Tips:

1. Tag your photos and videos with lawn care or lawn service, your city, and state. This will help your photos and videos show up when people search for lawn care services in their area on Facebook.

2. Provide real value and content that people want to see on your Facebook page. Avoid being too salesy and focus on providing instructional videos that offer tips on lawn care.

3. Work on getting your instructional videos circulated in closed Facebook groups, especially those associated with HOAs. This can help you become an expert in the neighborhood and get more business.

By implementing these marketing strategies and bonus tips, you can gain more clients in 2020 and make your lawn care business successful. Remember to focus on Google reviews, postcards, and website videos to showcase your services and provide potential clients with useful information. With hard work and dedication, your lawn care business can thrive in 2020.

🗣 Best Way To ADVERTISE? 🌱 Beginner Marketing Tips 😎How I Started My Lawn Care Business 💯

The author talks about how they started their lawn care business and how they advertised it. They discuss different advertising methods and share their personal experience of using Craigslist as their main advertising platform.

Advertising Methods:

1. Physical ways - using door hangers, flyers, sandwich boards, direct mailers, and yard signs.

2. Online ways - using Craigslist, Facebook, Google, and Nextdoor.

3. Word of mouth - talking to realtors and getting cool with other local companies.

Personal Experience:

The author started their lawn care business by creating flyers on Microsoft Word and going door to door in their neighborhood. They eventually moved to Craigslist and spammed their ads to get more customers. They highlight the importance of putting in effort and learning basic fundamentals of selling psychology to make their offer proper.

Advertising is a crucial component of any business. The author believes that it's supposed to be hard at first but with practice, it becomes easy. They encourage readers to try different advertising methods and find a couple of key ways that work best for their business. Lastly, the author invites readers to visit their website, makemoneymowing.com, to work together.

3 Ways to Use FACEBOOK ADS! Lawn Care Marketing Made Easy

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Landscape Advertising: Google Adwords for Lawn Care, Hardscapes, and Snow Removal

In this video, Ryan teaches the foundations of running a Google AdWords campaign for landscaping contractors. This information is helpful for both DIY contractors and agencies looking to generate leads for a landscaping client. Ryan shares his experience running an AdWords account for a landscaping client, which generated 172 estimate inquiries for an average of 48 per conversion. Ryan explains that investing in Google AdWords is fast, trackable, preferred by Google, and matches the buying behavior of customers. He provides a guide to ideal companies for Google Ads, including location, budget, capacity for new jobs, and systems. Ryan also offers tips on defining services and targeting specific keywords with broad match modified, phrase, or exact match. He emphasizes the importance of the account structure and ad relevancy to increase click-through rates and decrease cost per click. Ryan suggests splitting campaigns by location and ad schedule to optimize the campaign over time. Overall, Ryan provides valuable insights and strategies for anyone looking to run a successful Google AdWords campaign for their landscaping business.

#1 Low Cost Option To Market Your Lawn Business Successfully

- Brian introduces himself and his channel focused on helping landscapers grow their business

- He discusses a low-cost option for marketing with residential flyers

Why Residential Flyers are Effective:

- Brian reflects on his own experience starting a landscaping business without social media or other modern marketing tools

- He explains that flyers were his go-to option for marketing and why they remain effective today

- Residential flyers are a low-cost option, costing less than 10 cents per flyer, and can be easily distributed in targeted areas

How to Create Residential Flyers:

- Brian offers a plug-and-play residential flyer template for sale on his website for only $7

- He suggests using black ink on a lime green paper for a cheap yet effective design

- The flyers can be folded and placed on mailbox flags for easy distribution

- Brian emphasizes that even though fancier postcards may have higher return rates, residential flyers are a great option for those just starting out and looking to market their business on a budget

- He encourages viewers to get creative with their flyer design and distribution to grow their business

- He thanks viewers for their support and reminds them to subscribe to his channel for more helpful tips.

This ONE Facebook AD TRICK (FREE) gained me 7 NEW CLIENTS off of ONE POST

In this video, the speaker discusses how they picked up a 17,000 square foot property and leveraged it to gain seven other clients in the same neighborhood through one ad post. They discuss the importance of social proof and how providing excellent service to clients can lead to glowing reviews. They also emphasize the value of video in marketing and the importance of adding a clear call to action in any advertisement. The speaker provides tips for running successful Facebook ads and door hanger campaigns, including incentivizing pricing and offering limited-time promotions. Additionally, they provide mowing tips for a particularly difficult lawn and discuss the importance of staying focused and keeping faith in daily life.

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