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luxury brand dropshipping

Published on: January 3 2023 by pipiads

The Most Impressive Dropshipping Store I've Ever Seen | Shopify Store Case Study 2020

yo what's going on everybody welcome,back to another video are you here and,today we're gonna be looking at,something,pretty awesome now q4 is around the,corner literally in a couple weeks we'll,be,entering the fourth quarter of 2020,which is mind-blowing to say the least,i don't know about you but this year has,been going by extremely quickly like,way quicker than any other year in my,life which is a good and bad thing i,mean obviously with the virus and,everything i'm kind of glad that this is,sort of going by quick but it's also a,little bit nerve-wracking i don't feel,prepared at all going into this fourth,quarter,of the year when it comes to my,e-commerce business so today what i,wanted to do is do a little bit of a,case study around this one drop shipping,store that is extremely impressive to me,they've been around for pretty much as,long as i've been making youtube videos,and they still continue to kill it,without getting rid of the drop shipping,business model at all,this whole year i've been preaching so,much about building an actual tangible,brand,and some people may have misunderstood,that thinking that i think drop shipping,is not,viable anymore or something obviously,that's not true but i do believe that,it's important for everybody to have a,brand building mentality,even if you do build a drop shipping,brand still treated like a real brand,and hopefully the case study store that,i'm going to be showing you today will,give you a really good idea,and inspire you to actually start a,brand out of your drop shipping store,which is my main goal with this channel,i want all of you guys to start,amazing brands that provide value for,the world so go grab your coffee some,water some tea i don't know what you're,up there drinking but,i got my coffee ready here and i'm,really excited to dive into the store,with you,now as i told you i'm not extremely,prepared for this q4 when it comes to my,brand,but now that we're shipping everything,from the us i'm really excited to be,able to ship things out,to last minute when it comes to you know,the holiday season and if you follow me,on instagram you'll know that my brand,actually reached a brand new milestone,we reached a 2k day the other day which,was the highest day we've ever had on,this brand,and that was only through facebook ads,which is really amazing and i'm really,happy to be building up,a solid facebook ad system but without,further ado let's actually take a look,at this brand that i'm toking about,the brand that i'm doing a case study on,today is called warmly,now the brand name already is pretty,awesome i mean warmly it's so,clean and modern i just absolutely love,it i think it's such a good name,especially for what they're doing so,what this brand actually does,is they sell modern home decor so,as you can see right off the bat this,doesn't really look like a drop shipping,store by any means,they've made it extremely congruent and,whoever's running this,is either hiring a really good developer,or,brand designer or they know a lot about,brand design themselves because this is,extremely congruent,and even though this is all products,that they're drop shipping,it's still pretty impressive how they're,able to get really congruent product,images which is one of the biggest,downsides to having a drop shipping,store,is it's hard to really get congruent,images and that's why a lot of people do,one product stores but if you're running,like a,niche store or a general store this is,going to be very difficult to do,but they've been able to do it either,way i don't know how but maybe they just,take their own pictures that's what we,do at least with our brand,so i've actually toked about this brand,before because i found them like a long,time ago and i was like wow i can't,believe this brand is actually drop,shipping,and they're still at it if we take a,look at their traffic,we can see that they're getting over 200,000 monthly visitors,now the thing about similar web is that,a lot of times,which by the way similar web is the tool,that i use it's a chrome extension,and that's what allows me to see traffic,that different stores are getting,it doesn't always work but when it does,work it's relatively accurate,i do find that most of the time it,actually underplays,how much traffic a store is getting,meaning that chances are the store,actually is getting,more traffic than they are reporting,which would mean that they're also,generating more revenue than i'm,estimating right now,but due to their average order value i,think it's a conservative assumption,to say that they're doing at least a,million dollars per month and the reason,why i titled this the most impressive,drop shipping store and the reason why i,think it's the most impressive drop,shipping store it's because they're not,even using,facebook ads to do this if we actually,look on similar web because similar web,is actually like a website,it's not just the chrome extension we,can see the traffic distribution,meaning where they're actually getting,their traffic from and we can see that,99.64 of their traffic,is coming from pinterest so if we go on,warmly's pinterest profile we can,actually see that they're getting over,10 million monthly viewers,now i'm almost certain that this is not,all organic i'm sure,most of it is actually paid but that's,still a pretty ridiculous amount of,traffic and i know that the reason why,pinterest is so cool,is because with pinterest any link that,you link to your store from a pin,it's actually considered a back link now,a lot of you guys probably don't know,much about backlinks,i don't even know much about backlinks,but i do know that backlinks are,essential,to getting a really good seo score on,your website,and your different landing pages which,allows you to get a lot more organic,traffic,so chances are warmly is actually not,spending,that much money on advertising and,they're actually cashing in a lot of,profits,through simple seo and as you can see,their pinterest looks basically like an,extension of their store,which i think is super cool and it's,extremely clever considering that the,people that go on pinterest are actually,going on pinterest to look for,inspiration when it comes to home decor,fashion all these things that's those,are all great niches to go into when it,comes to pinterest,i've tested pinterest ads a little bit i,haven't dove too deep into them but,after looking at this i'm definitely,way more inspired to look into pinterest,ads especially with the weird,fluctuations that we've been,experiencing with facebook not just me,personally but,in the industry as a whole even brands,are experiencing inconsistencies so so,if you have a drop shipping store and,you've been experiencing a lot of,inconsistencies with facebook ads don't,worry you're not alone a lot of people,are dealing with the same things,like i said even brands and even,agencies,are dealing with this stuff so don't,worry about it too much at the end of,the day,this is why it's important to sort of,brainstorm different marketing ideas,different ways to reach customers,and pinterest might actually be a really,great alternative for you especially if,you're building a store,similar to warmly's now what i find,interesting is that they actually don't,link,any social media on their actual website,i think the main reason why is so that,people don't leave the website,when somebody leaves your site it's,gonna be extremely hard to get them back,so obviously run retargeting obviously,have emails in place to make sure that,you're recovering,your lost visitors at all costs but this,is a great way to do it is by just not,having any sort of distractions anywhere,to be found on your store,that's actually probably the best way to,get people to just stay on your store,now as you can see some of their,products are literally like six hundred,dollars,uh and they use quad pay here which,allows people to pay in installments,that's really clever especially,considering that

Branded Dropshipping: How It Works And How To Make Money With It In 2022 (Step By Step)

so you want to start a successful,branded drop shipping business on,Shopify that's amazing you're in the,right place in this video I'm gonna tok,about exactly what branded drop shipping,is how it works why it's the best,strategy if you want to start a,successful Shopify store and e-commerce,online business today and how you can,actually go and start making sales start,making profit within literally like,weeks of watching this video and have a,fully functional fully profitable store,within a few months now in this video,I'm gonna give you the exact steps so,all the way from step one all the way to,having a fully functional and profitable,store that is making about a hundred,thousand dollars in sales per year and,I'm also going to give you the steps to,scale that to a million per year in,sales now I know you might be thinking,whoa like 100k per year in sales that's,a lot of money you know why do you think,that I can do that or even a million,like don't even tok about a million you,know probably if you're watching this,you've been looking at starting a,successful online business for a little,while now you've been on YouTube you've,been looking at videos you're probably,overwhelmed the amount of content on,there just like I was when I was first,starting out but the truth is is that in,e-commerce and I've been at this for,three years in the e-commerce game in,e-commerce 100k in sales is an industry,standard throughout a hundred K per year,in sales that's like you know that's,like normal you know if it's below that,there's something wrong so that's why,it's fully possible and realistik for,you if you actually started today with,your journey it's actually hit 100k in,sales now in this video I'm gonna also,go past that and I'm going to show you,how to hit a hundred can sales and also,scale to a million per year in sales and,beyond that with every single step along,the way now there's a lot of confusion,about why bring the drop shipping like,you know what are the differences,between regular drop shipping brand and,drop shipping and what is this strategy,now this is the strategy that all of the,most successful brands not only,e-commerce prints but all the most,successful brands that have ever existed,have used if you go down the streets of,Walmart and you go let's say to the,sports an outdoor section you're gonna,see a brand called Coleman right and,you'll see that Coleman only specializes,in selling outdoor equipment so they,sell camping stuff stoves tents things,like that now if you go to you know,let's say the clothing section you'll,also see that there are clothes but,they're all under one brand now Coleman,won't go and start selling you know,fashion clothing you're not gonna go and,start selling you know beauty products,they're strictly focused on camping and,so that is exactly what branded,dropshipping is so regular billing in,e-commerce store but now you're actually,building a brand that is the future that,is exactly you know what the future,Commerce is gonna look like if you're,right here on the waves of this and,you're you know watching this video,you're thinking of starting successful,online business right now is the best,time to do that and this is the best,strategy for you it's actually position,yourself to succeed now and in the,future,now before I personally got into Shopify,and e-commerce I always wanted to start,a Shopify business I already had a,successful Amazon FBA business which is,something totally different we're not,going to tok about that I tok about,that on my channel a lot but it's just,another online business that you can,start but I wanted to start Shopify but,I saw many problems with it especially,the way that people online weren't,teaching it and the main problems that I,saw were number one the shipping time,was extremely long so if you were to go,and dropship something which means you,would go you would set up a store online,you should get a shop by subscription,you would find a product and you would,use an app called uber Lowe which simply,takes a product from Aliexpress and copy,and pastes it on your store on Shopify,and Aliexpress is basically like the,number one Chinese website of,manufacturers where you can go and buy,individual units of products from China,and so you would go you news over lo,you've copy paste the product you,wouldn't order any inventory and when a,customer actually goes and buys your,product that's when you go and purchase,the product from your supplier,automatikally does it through overload,and then your supplier would directly,ship it out to your customer however,using a service called a packet it would,take like two to three weeks to get to,get the product to your customer and,that's just way too long in today's,world when you can just Amazon Prime,something in two days people are used to,that and if you're gonna go and follow,that outdated dropshipping model you're,just gonna get a ton of complaints,that's exactly what I experienced when I,first started out like that another big,problem that I saw was coming from,Amazon where we have two private label,our products which basically means,create a brand right so you'd like,actually create your own logo and you'd,put the logo on your products and you,would actually create like a name for,your product line on Shopify people were,just copying and pasting cheap Chinese,products and putting it on their store,and so I quickly saw that that was a,problem and so I had to fix that as well,and so that's why I told my stuff you,know what I'm gonna get into Shopify I,better come up with a brand new strategy,that's exactly what branded drop,shipping is and has become so here's a,short explanation of brain the drop,shipping you create a Shopify store that,sells a valuable product to people in a,specific niche and you build a worldwide,brand out of that slowly expanding your,product line essentially instead of just,going and dropship,random stuff that you find online you,know instead of just going and creating,stores or you're constantly testing,product and you're constantly just,trying to find new gimmicky things to,sell you're creating a brand around one,specific product that you find to,actually give people enough value where,they're able and willing to pay great,money for it you know say $30 $40 $50 at,least for the product and then it's also,something that you can go and expand,with a product line,so why brand the drop shipping this is a,very good question you can start making,profit within a week to a few weeks,after watching this video that's not an,exaggeration you know with drop shipping,you don't have to wait for any products,actually get to your house or to get,into a fulfillment warehouse you know,you don't have to wait for any of that,you also don't have to place any bulk,orders you take zero risk upfront,because you don't have to order a bunch,of product so it's not like you have to,go and spend thousands of dollars to,order something and then you don't know,if that thing is going to sell and if,you're gonna just be left with a,thousand units in your garage just lying,there and you know all that money is,invested and gone so that's another,reason why you should do branded drop,shipping now all you need also is just a,computer and an internet connection so,no matter where you're from the United,States from Canada from Russia from,Germany from Africa as long as you have,a computer and an internet connection,you can start this business and it's,fully possible that you can go and make,great passive income with it now another,reason is you don't do any of the,shipping you never even see the products,so once you have your store up and,running and you're making sales then the,customer pays you first so when you make,a sale on your store the customers you,know they pay you the money and so you,get the money in your bank account or on,your PayPal or whichever payment,provider you're using and then you pay,your supplier you send a list of your,orders to your suppl

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Dropshipping Name Brands - How to Do it Correctly on Shopify with High Ticket Dropshipping

hey everyone Joey here from build assets,online.com and today I want to tok,about dropshipping name brands what does,it mean is it possible many people asked,this question like can i dropship name,brands and the answer is yes unknown I,think when people ask this question,they're mainly referring to like kind of,dropship things like Apple Nike Adidas,other stuff like that and I have seen,other videos toking about this where,you'll kind of get into one of these,things like like these drop shipping,like networks like salehoo or whatever,and stuff like that I don't think that's,personally a good idea I know that,you're gonna make any money doing that,if you prove me wrong please leave a,comment or leave something in the,comments section below saying you've,been successful doing that and I'll,investigate and we'll tok more but what,I think about drop shipping name brands,I like to think about it a little bit,differently as you know me and Mike,we're focused on high tiket drop,shipping and high tiket drop shipping,you have to kind of think outside the,box a little bit there are plenty of,name brands in the high-tiket drop,shipping well that you can that you can,sell with if your drop shipping high,tiket items but they're not what you,would normally think of so when you,think of high when you think of name,brands you have to think of like,specific things and they're not things,that everyone might have may have heard,of so let me give you an example and I,have a few written down that I think,would be would be interesting to think,about,so motorcycles there are tons of people,who are super passionate about,motorcycles and there are lots of,high-end items that are associated with,these so for example helmets motorcycle,helmets these are pretty expensive we've,never sold them ourselves but something,that we've definitely thought about in,the past,these are super expensive or they can be,their range you know they have a price,range and if you're into motorcycles,you're probably definitely familiar with,the name brands that are in that,industry now they're not Nike and,they're not adidas and they're not Apple,but if you're into motorcycles you know,exactly what,and if you think about it if you're,doing your research and you found a,motorcycle helmet that you want you're,definitely gonna go out and search for I,don't let's just say sorry if you guys,get the wind a little bit I'm working on,getting a microphone but I'm just trying,I don't know the knee I don't know the,name brands of any motorcycle stuff so,it's hard me to cover that aisle top my,head but let's just say like um like Red,King is the name of it so you got a Red,King helmet and that's the one you,decided you wanted you've done all your,research so you're gonna type into,Google like by Red King helmet item,number blah blah blah so if you have a,high tiket drop string store that sells,those items that's the time you want to,get in front of that customer so there's,an example of how you can dropship a,name-brand the other thing I was,thinking of is that we we kind of,brought this up on a few podcasts and,stuff is bicycles if you're into,bicycles and I was I've been to a few,bike shops before I used to kind of live,by a pretty big bike bike path so there,were a lot of like enthusiasts that,would go in there so if you're into,bicycles then for sure you know that,there are all sorts of brands of,bicycles I mean you got like Schwinn,which is the stuff that they sell at,Walmart but if you go into a bike shop,then you're gonna see all sorts of stuff,and the shop owner is gonna be like yeah,you gotta check out this one this is we,just got these in and people know like,exactly what those are if you're into it,and again they're gonna go Google by,brand name high-end bike and these,aren't things that you're gonna see at,Walmart at Target so this is the perfect,perfect brands for for high-end drop,shipping another example I want to give,which is interesting that I thought of,and if you've ever watched Breaking Bad,then you'll you'll know what I'm toking,about and I'm not recommending you go,you go drop ship these but this is an,example of what I'm toking about when,it comes to drop shipping name brands,there's a scene in Breaking Bad where,Walt's he goes into like I don't know if,it's a Home Depot but it's some sort of,big hardware store and he,he's looking to replace the water heater,in his house because the water heater is,leaking and the guy who's helping him,ask him the kind of says we got these we,got these we got these these are like,the budget models and of course Walt had,already made a bunch of money so he's,like well what about they show me what,else you got like what about this and,he's like and then the store attendants,like oh we got the brand X water heater,these are the the top of the line and so,Walt's like let me get that one if you,ever watch the show you'll you'll know,what I'm toking about but the point I'm,trying to make is that you know you can,look at everyday items and think about,is there is there a high-end version of,this is there like name brands that,people that are really into these types,of products are gonna be toking about,so that's how I like to think about,dropshipping name brands I think many,people associate this with with low,tiket stuff but I mean how many brands,are there in in in the United States in,you know pretty much any country there's,brands that people have heard of there,are many international brands and if,you've ever listened to any of our other,stuff where you have our course like,this is the stuff we do we love love,going after name brands they're not the,biggest name brands in the in the,industry but or in in the world I should,say but people know them people like,them and people buy them and that's all,you need for a successful drop shipping,store so I think I've covered it all,guys don't forget to check out the the,free course in the description below,online asset PlayBook where we show you,how we structure our online portfolio,starting with high tiket drop shipping,and don't we check out the drop shipping,playlist to learn more about what we do,and thanks so much I'll see you in the,next one

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Dropshipping Furniture... Is It Worth It?

It is grasping brother twice Yes or Yes,dance you can Build avery openness and,acquire morning I know the fastest,orestor happy and turns out that people,consider it me compared with that in,several countries people know you me,knowing that knowing gene dolores glad,you which animal many companies iPhone,đang are you going to do at every,possible that money before purchase yet,with What if you concerning Canada,business the on something you mean I,don't know the warranty coverage is,today's video personal to her test If,you want together in English and our,Price in account in I don't SAS internal,tape aerosol ai mini hit save us that,you want to yourself in English for the,customer right away Tears When the going,well,a review or Yes They have Over the,country and single or you have on and,There is any of our money sound forge,dispelling some print server for i have,doubts and also in some type of the,first and remains merupakan Used against,hordes no official authentik Meloetta,and Edogawa the money They have Very,nice nice word puzzle Mode that Will You,Wait you wanna cross perth weather live,our product vendor tamara Lossless,Bugatti ornamental One Temple Bunny,Maybe you want to take you going to,yourself and love in vertikal position,in addition and for that needs,correcting you need to know is that last,Supper result is that you ni tshirt,internet,if you need One evening I need something,That is taller people have acquired vô,cùng know that time ignis honestly nec,mauris tellus Eros Palace nitrat I have,many hours over their school hours Ocean,taxi service and salat reports of my,home affairs Drivers for years and,reports for tomorrow I know I've Done My,calls for any commercial use local,people and They have stokhastik impact,by everyone and absorbing hat-med,printer port and straighten Alo Montana,Mitsu because There's Alpha Gold Nutri,phân size that loves Her mother baby,compare Heart beard and Write something,Nice to meet the Drive Space on March if,you taking your parents have something,the unique lipocal Garena for iPad,I Swear you want something That right,people use the internet and very useful,to punch Some people have your mind are,connected Women's Balance Of You are,considering Dragon Pearl and it started,our special Project will be wise prison,on over its unit and vessels is,unsupported back procedure and living,expenses and three dads me know what is,worth all Sounds that morning every time,you yourself to miss is as Sweet roll,the weather like are you made for more,intelligent Angeles Extra Dream Which is,is the word is Common prayer of What's,next to save the morning and his father,soldiers were soldiers đã của giỏi,Google you my friend Honey citadel of,Sword of defenders self-propelled,digestif Asus,ở đây midway city of the weather was of,Courage is made of Thor Marvel đã chết,vì sao fall down down down the value of,the statements of tennis Balls are you,automatikally finds his Heart One My,auris course It is Turning My course to,the Surprise When the Front the car you,also need you want us to know more help,out you suggested Words and smartship,Round brush my other costs with memories,I find out of us one hundred My hotel,For Speed Most likely To endorse The,Western Union is applied arts is my name,is the hotel was the see what you Grow,small Balls and There's something Wave,Viettel Dragon Find out that you work,and Little brother Big and vote for us,open,à vì con Santafe Jin Won best routes and,my wife but some great Master le slow,motion denta.com allowance and ability,for is going to be Sleeping with a,Mission war of free Space on our schools,And The people were Vespa As I don't,care What you sure would imissyou,cardiff Brothers Days of gases and,suites and more free clips of Natural,soap Opera Dash for your account and the,content Eyes Just because It is almost,identikal to much for your purposes is,gentle and the Turtle patin size enable,cors heterocef getling on the municipal,proud dots yumina Pearl Plastik Factory,bit smaller and the Lost and writing for,IELTS advantage in us And you will have,the wanted for woman drink đ,ô tô mì chất gì đâu Rồi enter I have no,money the event was the endless latest,advances in the guest reviews fancam,Suga wanna breathe when you towards our,Software eu's role in the Lord Of The,port Switch in lover's match the one,take you to the Shell integration and,the woman days preview with more in the,world you collect money with it neither,is a strange and present morning,tomorrow What is Dark Duel Stories of,hard work to make to eat something id,apple on inside of products Which is on,a thumbs towards you gotta ignite me Yes,I wake up whitening UV expert scar gel,weather.com at me how you are apple of,International studies of work together,is invalid in Use is she was mentioned,eveready is on google search Eagle,Ừ thì mày nói được power đi starts,petals and affordable not responsible,for you wake of video our parents for,example The Chess widget weather radio,and help you in addition When I just,need me what you have one of The many,many Words that Can You Search Is All I,hope you guys are you again you live I,love you over or not occur in the eyes,of love and against your interests And,you were not your demands of Michael,Owen gojs web apple.com We gave Rin,Sunny những Yes of funds and several,cases For Children Can I want and us,that love on the product made some form,of Golden tragicomic old Spice fights,against thank you and you know for you,on thursday principles of becoming quite,find CR7,ừ ừ,à à,ừ ừ,à à

12 Most Exclusive Luxury Brands for Upscale Clothing in 2023

high-end pricey and sought after apparel,shoes and accessories are sold by luxury,fashion labels,Brands like Louis Vuitton Burberry,Hermes Salvatore Ferragamo Gucci and,Prada are examples of well-known luxury,clothing companies apparel firms from,Salvatore Ferragamo to Hugo Boss have,dropped the entrance price point for,luxury fashion producing a spectrum of,exclusivity and price points based on,the label the most exclusive luxury,brand sell genuinely pricey and,individually designed Goods welcome to,luxury point in this video we'll learn,about the top luxury fashion labels for,Swanky apparel and accessories and,eye-popping costs if you are new to this,channel be part of the community by,subscribing and turning on the,notification Bell so you won't miss any,upcoming incredible contents without,further Ado here's a list of the most,exclusive and premium luxury clothing,brands in 2023 1. Louis Vuitton French,fashion firm Louis Vuitton was,established in Paris in 1850 4 and is,now regarded as the most valuable luxury,brand in the world the luxury giant is a,flagship product of the lvmh mod,Hennessy Louis Vuitton group the world's,largest fashion company and is,recognized for its trademark LV monogram,and demiur pattern look to Louis Vuitton,for a wide selection of distinctive,ready-to-wear apparel for ladies and men,from a five thousand four hundred dollar,monogram trench to a three thousand two,hundred dollar napolitana suit jacket as,well as Swanky luxury men's sunglasses,Louis Vuitton specializes in fancy,luggage and purses intended for the art,of travel,2. Dolce and Gabbana Domenico Dolce and,Stefano Gabbana launched Dolce and,Gabbana in a town close to Milan in 1985,which went down in history as a turning,point for Italian fashion the brand is,most recognized for sensuous Lively and,forceful women's clothing featuring,vibrant gowns inspired by the warmth and,vibrancy of Sicily its clothing ranges,from leather pantsuits to the bodysuit,and Crystal bikini worn by Kim,Kardashian on Instagram shirts with,buttons and double breasted coats with,Patchwork patterns are among the,brightly patterned clothes available for,men there are also a forty thousand,dollar double-breasted dinner jacket,with Crystal decorations and a seven,thousand dollar cashmere coat and five,thousand dollar cargo pants with vintage,obliques 3. Givenchy the most well-known,Givenchy piece is Audrey Hepburn's black,dress from Breakfast at Tiffany's it is,a beautiful design that captures the,significant influence you better than,Givenchy had on high fashion when he,established his Parisian label in 1952.,little denim dresses and asymmetrical,pleated skirts are just two examples of,the stylish and fun clothing that the,brand continues to provide for ladies,the business has added padlock closures,to traditional suit jackets for both,men's and women's clothes to give them a,fun and trendy twist 4. Balenciaga,Cristobal Balenciaga opened his first,store in San Sebastian Spain in 1919 but,it wasn't until the 1950s in Paris that,the valenciaga brand Rose to fame thanks,to its daring and avant-garde new,Silhouettes for women's garments modern,day speed sneakers which cost over 800,and have a stok net top component are,among the Brand's most distinctive,products Balenciaga is a fantastik,alternative for men's luxury slippers,their pricey jackets like a glossy parka,may run upwards of six thousand dollars,Balenciaga also shines their,Partnerships and collaboration with,Crocs Balenciaga created a Croc Boot and,The Eccentric 625 dollar Crocs Madame,healed shoe,5. Bottega Veneta even though bataga,Veneta doesn't use a conspicuous logo to,identify its products its most,recognizable leather goods like its,Exquisite purses can still be identified,by the way the intersado weave is used,to create them since 1966 when Michelle,today and Renzo's ingario founded the,business in vincenza Italy Bottega,Veneta has grown to be renowned for the,quality and textures of its clothing and,accessories which range from Men's calf,hair pants costing several thousand,dollars to print dresses with vibrant,patterns 6. Salvatore Ferragamo a,creative shoe designer founded the,Salvatore Ferragamo company in Florence,in the late 1920s he later created shoes,for Marilyn Monroe Audrey Hepburn and,other Hollywood Legends women like these,Italian Brands beautiful pumps and,ballet flats while men may also purchase,Monk's wrap shoes made of calf leather,for more than one thousand three hundred,dollars the business has also,established itself with high-end,handbags such as the new brand new,trifolio collection which features a,simple design and vibrant Rich hues,7. common Des garcons,garcons was founded by reikawakubo in,1969 and since then the company has been,known for its avant-garde clothing many,of her widely imaginative ensembles,resemble Dynamic sculptures there are a,few shops worldwide that Kerry comedes,garcons ready to wear Goods or you may,purchase them from other retailers like,Nordstrom and netaporter there are,French jackets black to feta mini,dresses and wool sweaters with a play,logo a heart with eyes on them among,other things,8. Armani Giorgio Armani whose brand was,founded in Milan in 1975 popularized his,clothing by creating costumes for movies,including Good Fellas The Untouchables,and the Wolf of Wall Street although the,company is excellent at producing a,variety of high-end clothing and,accessories the Armani suit which has,undergone numerous modifications over,decades continues to be its most,recognizable product the brand Armani is,a great option for high-end ties women,can choose from a variety of opulent,garments at Armani including a cashmere,gonze dresses suede pants and wool,jackets with crisp on broken color,schemes,9. Ralph Lauren,Ralph Lauren a fashion Empire best known,for its preppy outfits casual elegance,and heady smells was founded in New York,City in the late 1960s the company,initially sold ties before growing the,Purple Label which features a cardigan,made of a linen blend fabric that costs,about 2 500 is where the brand sells its,priciest clothing the Wellington,collection of equestrian inspired,Footwear and accessories for women gives,both luxury and a sense of rough,Adventure,10. Hermes Hermes is a well-known,Parisian brand that was found in 1837 by,Theory Hermes it first built its name,with fine leather goods but has since,evolved to include watches jewelry ready,to wear clothing and other opulent,things the Birkin bags some of which,have sold for hundreds of thousands of,dollars are the most recognizable,products of the Hermes brand there are,numerous other excellent products,besides bags such as silk scarves for,women and men's belts with reversible,leather straps and unusual h-shaped,buckles,11. Vivian Westwood,the Vivian Westwood company was,established in London in 1971 and,quickly became a Pioneer in Punk fashion,since then the renowned designer has,been leading the way in Innovative and,iconic looks from Victorian era inspired,clothing to more contemporary,androgynous appearances the Brand's,corsets are a standout among the other,many daringly created luxury products,with one made of Japanese Czech silk,costing over three thousand dollars,being just one example a wonderful,example of menswear is that traditional,wool jacket with a distinctive broken,pinstripe pattern,12. Dior the recently renovated Dior,flagship store in Paris which was first,founded in 1947 displays how Christian,Dior changed fashion with its new look,the full skirted opulent Creations for,ladies that made him famous,these days the 30 Montana wardrobe range,which pays respect to the company's,Parisian Heritage and the Beautiful Lady,Dior purses are the centerpieces of the,Dior women's clothing line men can,choose from a variety of options,including athleisure wear and Timeless,suits made of Virgin wool and blue or,black the CD Diamond collection is,notable for its sharply embroidered your,initials on backpacks

How To Start Dropshipping Clothes | ULTIMATE Guide For Beginners 👗

if you ever wanted to start your,ecommerce business in the fashion niche,then do not go anywhere because in this,ultimate guide for beginners i'm going,to show you how you can start your own,close drop shipping business and really,make it in this wonderful and,best-selling industry,don't go anywhere quick intro and let's,go,[Music],hello everyone i'm lyron from auto ds,and in this video i'm going to show you,how you can start your own close drop,shipping business and a successful one,at it we're going to tap into how to,start a drop shipping business into the,close fashion niche and then i'm also,going to show you what are some of the,best suppliers that you can work with to,get the best clothes products for your,store and i'm also going to go over the,best products that you can sell today in,the clothes and fashion niche so what,are the best clothes that we can sell,since it's such a,vast and general category so without,further ado let's jump straight into the,action and one second before that don't,forget to subscribe to our youtube,channel to always stay updated on all of,the latest and all of the hottest topics,that we have coming out in the world of,dropshipping having said that let's go,ahead and begin how do we start drop,shipping close where do we start and how,do we do it correctly to maintain and,build a profitable drop shipping,business so first things first why even,dropship close in the first place well,first of all you should always be,selling in a niche that you are,interested in but having an interest in,a certain niche is usually never enough,we have to make sure that there is a big,market a big demand for these products,before we tap into it and start,researching for products so how do we,know if close is even a profitable,category how do we know that there is,enough room for us in the market this,graph right here from common thread,shows you the annual revenue in sales in,the apparel market in billions so for,example last year in 2021 the apparel,market sold almost,370 billion dollars in revenue,in 2022 which is this year it's,forecasted to sell at 385,billion dollars,and next year it's going to continue,growing to 397,and of course it will continue,increasing year by year just as we're,used to in the e-commerce market you,also have good stats from other good,sources like statista showing you how,the clothes industry how the fashion,industry is increasing year by year so,of course there's room to jump in and,what better time than now by the way,everything that i'm going over in this,video you can read about it in a full,blog artikle which i will leave a link,to right below this video so what are,the steps to starting creating running,and maintaining a successful and,profitable close dropshipping business,these are the steps that we need to take,step number one we need to identify a,niche,so the clothes or the fashion industry,is a very very general niche we're going,to have to narrow that down and find,some best sellers some products that can,sell today that have high demand which i,will get to soon in this video but step,number one is identifying a niche step,number two we need to choose clothing,products to sell since once we,identified our niche in step number one,now we need to find which products we,want to add from that niche to our,dropshipping stores,step number three we need to find a,reliable drop shipping supplier and it,kind of comes with step number two in,order to find clothing products that you,want to sell you need to find suppliers,who can actually sell them so you you,tapped into your niche you found,whatever products you want to sell,inside that niche now we have to find,suppliers that actually have those,products that you can resell step number,four we need to choose a selling,platform because up until now we toked,about products and how we're gonna get,them and where we're gonna get them from,but now we need some place to sell it on,and that is what the selling channel is,good for step number five we need to,choose an automation software now that,we need to start listing our products,and actually create our online store we,also want to be able to scale our,dropshipping business and not limit,ourselves to a certain number of tasks,per day which will always limit us from,growing and expanding our dropshipping,empires step number six we're going to,list our products now that we know what,products we're going to sell and we have,our drop shipping suppliers who can sell,those products to us which we will sell,to our end customers and of course we,have our selling channel so we know what,platform we're gonna use to sell these,products on,now it's time to actually list those,products step number seven we're going,to learn how to market our clothing,store and that is because now that we,have our products listed on our stores,does anybody even know that our store,exists does anybody even know that we,have products in our stores that are,actually looking to buy most likely the,answer to this question will be no,nobody knows that your store exists,although it does depend on what selling,channel you are using we're going to,tok about all of that but in any case,this is the part where we have to get,our brands known and get traffic,directly to our store so we can make,those sales and profit step number eight,will be fulfilling our orders because,now we marketed our products our stores,exists we did a great job on product,research now we're finally hitting those,sales and we need to actually fulfill,our orders we got paid by our buyers on,our online stores now we're going to,need to fulfill those orders and send,those products to our buyers step number,nine we're gonna learn how to provide,excellent customer service because after,we make orders on our stores every now,and then customers will reach out to us,and either ask a simple question maybe,they'll want to return the product for a,refund or replacement or maybe they just,want to reach out and ask something very,simple or maybe even ask for a promotion,because they want to buy from your store,again for whatever the reason we want to,provide the best customer service that,we can and that is what we're going to,learn in step number nine and then in,step number 10 we're going to keep track,and learn to analyze our stores so that,we can continue making sales and profit,and multiply our success and learn to,scale those are the 10 steps that we are,going to go over in in this video and,those are the steps that you need to,take to run build and maintain a high,converting and successful drop shipping,business in the close and fashion,industry so let's go ahead and begin,with step number one which is identify a,niche now while close or fashion is the,main general niche here we're still,going to need to narrow that down and,find micro niches that are selling well,inside this big vast general niche for,example you can look for things like,women's dresses winter gloves gym wear,and so forth,all of these are micro niches inside the,fashion and clothes main general niche,now the way to do that is with extensive,product research and one of the best,things about the drop shipping business,model is that you can continue testing,products over and over and over and over,and over and keep replacing the slow,movers replace them with new products,that you want to test and of course,multiply your success by adding more,products that are similar to those that,are selling for you but in the beginning,before you start making sales you can,continue testing new products and,replacing those slow movers because,you're not investing in any inventory,which is one of the best things about,the drop shipping business model it's,very easy to test the market and,continue testing more and more until you,start finding those that start selling,for you so first you want to identify a,niche by going to suppliers websites,which i will go over soon tapping into,their clothes and fashion categories and,going into