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Macy's Ads Today: Shop & Save!

Published on: June 4 2023 by pipiads

Are you ready for the Mystery Box challenge? This challenge includes five rounds, each with a special item. However, there are also two items that you don't want to touch.

Round One - Desserts:

- Pick your choice from the three boxes

- One box has a special item

- Andrea picks the box in the middle

- Ferran picks the box on the right

- The special item is in Ferran's box

- The item is a dessert royalty

Round Two - Electronics:

- Spin the wheel to see who goes first

- Andrea goes first and chooses a box

- The box has a gaming console royalty

- Ferran has the option to steal or choose a box

- He chooses a box that has a speaker royalty

Round Three - Fast Food:

- Andrea picks a box with onions

- Ferran smells the boxes to find the good one

- He chooses a box that has McDonald's royalty

- Andrea switches her box due to Ferran's hint

- The special item in Andrea's box is a gift card royalty

Round Four - Gaming:

- Ferran gives Andrea his turn

- Andrea chooses a box that has a toy royalty

- Ferran chooses a box that has a game controller for babies royalty

- Andrea has the option to steal or keep her box

- She chooses to steal Ferran's box, which has a Game Boy royalty

Round Five - Money:

- Ferran goes first and chooses a box on the left

- The special item in the box is a lot of money royalty

- Andrea chooses a box with a penny royalty

- She decides to steal Ferran's box, but he already had the special item

- Ferran splits the money with Andrea

In the end, Ferran wins the Mystery Box challenge with the most valuable item, a lot of money. However, he is generous enough to split it with Andrea. The challenge was full of surprises, from special items to hints and stealing. Stay tuned for the next video where they will open Christmas presents. Happy holidays to everyone!

Best Christmas Ever - SNL

The speaker is reflecting on their Christmas day and expressing their joy and gratitude for the experience.

Main Points:

- The dishes are already done, indicating that the speaker had a productive day.

- The speaker had a great Christmas, with a smile on their face from the moment they woke up.

- The kids were excited about their presents, especially Dana and her playhouse.

- The speaker hosted the Christmas gathering and was happy to see their family, despite the three-hour traffic.

- The speaker gained weight, possibly due to the delicious food served at the gathering.

- There was some tension at the gathering, with someone accusing the speaker of being racist and claiming that a child was adopted.

- Despite the tension, the speaker felt some Christmas magic and had a perfect day.

The speaker thanks everyone for making it the best Christmas ever and expresses their love for their family. The article leaves the reader with a sense of warmth and appreciation for the holiday season.

Macy's Black Friday Deal's | Black Friday 2022 Ad Preview | Top Noch Deal's for The Low 💰🛒

Macy's Black Friday Early Access has started and there are some amazing deals available now. The sale will continue until November 13th and then there will be another round of deals on November 14th and the final round on Black Friday, November 20th through the 26th. In this article, we will take a look at some of the best deals available at Macy's and how you can make the most of them.


- Macy's app and email sign-up

- Online and in-store shopping

- Curbside pickup

- Macy's closed on Thanksgiving Day

- Open at 6 am on Black Friday

- Black Friday coupon: 20% off

1. MAC lipstick for $10

2. Pajamas and Shepherds

3. Perfume sampler set for $15

4. Knack and Too Faced makeup

5. Lipstick kit or lip gloss

6. 25% off Calvin Klein

7. 50% off Marc Jacobs Dot and other name brand perfumes

8. Bedding and luggage deals

9. Appliances for $19.99 and under

10. 13 piece pots and pans set for $29.99

11. Toys R Us partnership

12. Up to 70% off jewelry

13. 50% off designer bags

14. Free weekend bag or tote with Versace purchase

15. Free shower gel with Pacoraban purchase

Macy's Black Friday Early Access offers some amazing deals for shoppers both online and in-store. From makeup and perfumes to bedding and luggage, there are deals available on almost everything. Don't forget to mark your calendars and take advantage of the 20% off coupon. Happy shopping!

Best Christmas Ever - SNL

The article appears to be a transcript of a conversation between two people discussing their Christmas holiday. It lacks structure and coherence, making it difficult to summarize in a meaningful way. However, some key points that can be gleaned from the conversation include:

- The speaker had a great Christmas and was excited about the gifts and festivities.

- The speaker hosted the holiday gathering and enjoyed taking care of everyone.

- The traffic was bad and someone gained weight, possibly from all the food.

- There was some tension and disagreement, including accusations of racism and inappropriate comments about a child's adoption status.

- Despite this, the speaker felt a sense of Christmas magic and gratitude for their loved ones.

Overall, the conversation seems to be a mix of lighthearted banter and more serious issues, with a focus on the speaker's enjoyment of the holiday and their family.

Jim Cramer on AT&T, Boeing, Comcast, Macy's & Facebook Ads

Title: Financial Education and the Importance of Stocks

In a recent episode of CNBC's Mad Money, host Jim Cramer discusses the recent tax savings shared by companies such as AT&T, Boeing, and Comcast with their employees. While some may view this as just a gesture, Cramer believes it is meaningful, especially for those who may be making less money. However, he also acknowledges the cynicism surrounding these companies' actions, with some questioning if they will just use the savings for buybacks and dividends. Despite this, Cramer believes that stocks are a valuable way to create wealth and improve social mobility, but it requires financial education to make this happen.


- The Importance of Stocks:

- Cramer argues that stocks are the greatest wealth creator in history and a valuable tool for social mobility.

- He acknowledges that the Great Recession and Nasdaq crash have made many people fearful of investing in the stock market.

- However, he cites Jeremy Siegel's book Stocks for the Long Run as evidence of how much wealth can be created through stocks.

- Financial Education:

- Cramer believes that financial education is crucial to getting more people to invest in stocks and take advantage of the benefits they offer.

- He calls for financial education efforts on a federal and state level to help people save more money.

- Cramer notes that the wealthy currently hold most of the stocks, but it doesn't have to be that way with better financial education.

- Individual Stocks:

- Cramer discusses the potential for Finish Line and Macy's to benefit from recent tax reform and sees a positive read-through for Macy's from Finish Line's same-store sales.

- He suggests that Bed Bath & Beyond could face challenges from online competition and notes analysts' negative outlook on the company.

- Cramer also discusses Facebook's recent scrutiny over age discrimination in ads and calls for the company to be more responsible in its actions.

- Show Preview:

- Cramer previews his upcoming show, which will discuss Long Island Watch, blockchain technology, gold's relevance, job creation, and Autodesk's weaker quarter.

- He also highlights the value that club members receive, including economic bulletins and a new TV show.

Cramer emphasizes the importance of financial education in helping people take advantage of the benefits of investing in stocks. Despite the cynicism surrounding recent tax savings shared by companies, he believes that stocks are a valuable tool for creating wealth and improving social mobility. Cramer also discusses individual stocks and previews his upcoming show, which will cover a range of topics related to the stock market.

Must Have Fragrance Gift Sets|Sales|Macys|Ulta

The article provides a list of fragrances that people should look out for during the sales season. The author gives a brief description of each fragrance, its price, and where to purchase it. The fragrances range from old-school classics to new and trendy scents.

Fragrances to Look Out for During Sales Season:

1. Jimmy Choo - I Want You

2. YSL - Libre

3. Prada - Candy

4. YSL - Black Opium

5. Lancome - Tresor

6. YSL - Mon Paris

7. Viktor & Rolf - Flowerbomb

8. Kate Spade New York

9. Carolina Herrera - Good Girl

10. Coach - Dream Sunset

The author urges readers to try out these fragrances and not to listen to the hate that some of these fragrances get. The author also expresses gratitude to the subscribers and encourages them to stay safe and remember that they are blessed and beautiful inside and out.

Get A First Look At The 2022 Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade Floats

In Moonachie, New Jersey lies the Macy's Parade studio where all the floats for the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade are made. The parade, now in its 96th year, is an incredible feat as all the floats have to be folded up to fit through the Lincoln Tunnel to get to the parade route in New York City. The executive producer of the parade, Will Cost, talks about the new floats that are making an appearance this year.

New Floats:

1. Baby Shark Float: This is a new float and balloon unit, the first of its kind. It features Baby Shark, and the float has been designed to elevate him into the skies. Due to the seal-like movements of Baby Shark, it was decided to make him a float in the parade. The float also has the Baby Shark song playing throughout the parade.

2. Jeffrey's Dazzling Dance Party: This float has an LED illuminated floor and features kids costume characters having a good time dancing and partying throughout New York City.

3. Wonder Ship: Wonder Bread makes its debut in the parade with a 35-foot ship that will be floating along the parade route. The float has sculpted clouds and inflatable elements to give it some lift, and propellers that will propel it all the way down the parade route.

The Process:

The floats and elements for the parade start out as illustrations and designs, which are then printed and hand-sculpted and painted right there in the studio. The studio uses 2,000 gallons of paint, 300 pounds of glitter, and 200 pounds of confetti to make the floats and elements. Some of that confetti is hidden on the floats, and there will be confetti shots throughout the parade route.

The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade is an incredible feat, and the new floats are sure to delight the crowds. The studio works year-round to create the floats and elements, and it's clear that a lot of hard work and dedication goes into making the parade a success. Don't miss the 96th Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade next Thursday at 9 AM.

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