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macy's black friday 2021 ads

Published on: January 28 2023 by pipiads

Macys Black Friday Ad 🛍💰Macys Cyber Monday Deals 2021

hello, welcome back to my channel and if you are new, welcome to my channel. i am sam and i vlog lifestyle and travel videos. it's that time of the year when i present to you guys the best of the best deals. holidays are here, black friday is here and in this vlog, i'm going to share with you macy's black friday. at scan. i have found out the best deals for you guys, so in a minute the picture will be right in front of you guys. i'll put the link for the pdf in the description box below. so, without further ado, let's get started. you guys, the black friday deal for macy's has already started from november 11 to 15, followed by 16 to 22 and then 23rd to 27th. the one that is happening now is november 16th till november 22.. if you're someone who does not like to stop by the store, you also have free shipping when you purchase 25 and above, or you can order online and this free pickup and store as well. now let's get to the deals. it starts with clothing, as you can see, and then it goes on to airfryer jeans, cosmetiks, jewelries, plates and stuff- lot of holiday decor, as you can see. i i am just putting the entire pdf right in front of your eyes, and this covers all of the holiday deals, ranging from food to descartes, to clothing, to ornaments, perfumes. november 23 to 27 is the time, you guys. as you can see, the preview states the timeline. these are some offers that really stood out to me. as you can see, you get extra 20 off on diamond jewelry, these airpods are just 4.99 if you are a member of macy's. star rewards and some of the cosmetiks under five um- i would say clinique um- followed by kids clothings, electronics, kitchen gadgets. these are something that i'm really hoping to grab this time. i personally love the way macy's has categorized for 10 and under 20 and under 30 and under 40 and under 50 and under 5 and under as well, so you can grab the different kind of deals depending on your budget you want to. really, 60 to 70 percent and up till 80 percent is what i have seen really really stood out to me. these 999, 1499, 15 and 16.99. you see it starts at 5.99. kitchen equipments and gadgets, something that you can use throughout the year or really gift it to your loved ones. these are of super huge you guys. [Music]. i am going to put all the links in the description down below the time stamps as well, where it says five and under, where i begin the video of 10 and under 15 and under. all of these links will be provided in the description box below. please, please, please, go take a look and share this with your friends and family so that they have a great thanksgiving and holiday season this year. [Music]. if you guys like this video, please hit the like button. share with your friends and family. let them know the biggest deals that macy's is providing this year for black friday. leave a comment down below. let me know which deals stood out for you. thank you so much for watching. have a good day and i'm going to see you in my next vlog with some other blockbuster deals. bye, [Music].

Macy's Black Friday IN STORE Deals 2021🔥

hello everybody. welcome to viva sam. i'm standing right outside macy's, as you can see. let me show you going inside the store to show you what are the in-store deals that macy's has to offer the day before thanksgiving. so stay tuned. so, guys, it's afternoon, it's 3 pm right now and, as you can see, the store is pretty empty. people are start gonna come in in the next hour or so and i'm right now standing in the men's section and i'm showing you a couple of offers that they have, and the range is really really wide: 13.99, as you can see here, and then i have 29.99 over there, 1999- crazy deals, you guys. and then there are some last act over there. um, i think that's the least price that macy's has. you don't get any discounts on those. that's the final sale. but, yes, you can always return that within 30 days. and, guys, there are a couple of items that says 50 and under 40 and under 30, 20, 10 and 500 as well. so i think those are great holiday gifts and stoking stuffers too in the kitchen area. right now. i have a bunch of coffee makers over here that are that are on sale, excuse me, cuisinart, ninja espresso machines. all of that, guys, i'm now heading over to the kitchen section so you can see these 13 piece cookware set. they are on sale 29.99, and there are a couple of stainless steel over here as well. let me show you. right by the door i see these black friday specials: 9.99. you can take an extra 20 off if you are a macy's rewards member. if not, you can apply for a card and get a 20 off on the same day of shopping. also, special 50 of sixty and seventy percent off. i'm standing in the clothing section right now. this is for females and, as you can see, they have ton and ton of jackets, sleepwear, maternity clothes, undergarments, skirts, pants, trousers, skirts, frogs, and i also see a couple of interesting items on the last act. you guys, now, those are not the black friday deals. however, you can do a lot of savings when you are purchasing from the last act and they are not bad. they are not the torn ones, they are good. but you have to have the eyes, you guys. now let's come back to the special 40s of the 50s over here: dollar 100 and under. similarly, you will see 50 and under 60 and under 40 and under 30 and under. i love these jackets especially. i don't know, there was something special about it, it was so soft when i touched few of these. there are caps, there are hats over there, and now i am walking over to the top section, mostly blouse pants, office, where work wears sweaters, and these are all made in sequins and um, special materials, fox leather. all of those party wears are also present here, as you can see. and now i'm heading towards a bit of jewelry, i would say to the left i have jewelry items, jewelries as in rings, necklace, touring, and then 1999 specials, 15 off on watch, and you can take an extra 15 percent as well, extra twenty percent as well if you have a macy's card. over here you can see boots, shoes. these are just 19.99, you guys, available in different colors. these are specials. i have never seen this on these kind of items before or after thanksgiving, so these come in the store only during the holiday season. and now, heading over to the special 50, you can see designer handbags over here, available in different colors. i personally like the calvin klein bag. i thought it was way too professional and you can carry those during work or maybe, um, during party, or friends get together those kind of things. there are a couple of mk bags over here at 25 off. i thought they are some good deal as well. mini fragrance set 50 and under different brands, and those are really special as in for gifting your friends and family, for keeping in your wallet, your mini bag, work bag, all of that. coach perfumes over here, jimmy choo, gucci, a lot of options, you guys. i could see a bunch of clinique items and they are offering special 30 percent and they call it mary clinique. yeah, that's fun, i know. all so decorative out here. black friday special 60 off on dinnerware, ornaments and decor. i saw a couple of kitchen equipments as well in terms of gadgets, as you can see: coffee maker, toaster, bella, kitchenaid, loads and loads of brand, some eatables as well for this holiday season. these are great items you can give to your friends and family. they have starbucks, ghirardelli and a couple of kitchenaid items as well over here, as i said: nutribullet, bella, mixer, grinder, fruit juicers, all those stuffs, guys. as you can now see, i'm entering the luggage section. black friday special: 60 to 65 percent of small handbags, duffel bags, trolley, chicken bags, available in different colors. i love this black one. it's small, it's portable and it can fit adequately anywhere, like inside the aircraft cabin, in your car, everywhere. and these are some hot plastik bags, as you can see, available in different colors. i love the peach and the beige color. 65 percent off here as well. crap before they are gone. i think these are great for your travelers- people like me who love to travel day in and day out. [Music]. i just now head over to the ladies section. you can see these glittery issues. literally, holiday time is here and macy's is providing an extra 20 on the listed price. these sandals are really, really worth it. like i know these brands, i use it on a day-to-day basis. they range from inc to michael cars to calvin klein, etc. but they are really good. these dear forms are great too. 999, you will see international concepts is offering and this is a great price, just not for the winters or the holiday season. you can use this throughout the year. a little more over here: 1999 and 29.99, and a couple of these are 25 and under. in terms of gifts for your friends and family, over here is the sleepwear special: 60 off on pants and shirts, undergarments for women. over here, as you can see, brands ranging from champion to martha to different. i think there are a couple of local brands here as well, and these are available in different colors which are really really eye-catching. and now it's time for some bags. you can see special forty percent of fifty, 50 of these bags really really cut my eyes and they're available in different colors, different material and different sizes as well. i know a lot of ladies prefer bags with number of chambers, so those are available here as well. i couldn't resist myself when i ended up purchasing quite some of these 50 and under and 15 and under today. you will see tomorrow, when you head to the store, a bunch of j malone, coach, michael kors, dior, salvage, clinique. couple of items are out on display especially for the holidays. those packaging are done specifically for the holidays in mind. these mini fragrance gifts are great. these are portable. you guys, you can keep these vince camuto in your pocket. yes, i'm not joking, guys, believe me, you can put it in your pocket. you can keep it in your work bag, you can use it in your keep, keep one in your sling or whatever you may like it. guys, leave a comment down below. let me know which deals stood out to you while you were watching the macy's in store door busters that you are going to watch out for yourself in store tomorrow. so thank you so much for watching. [Music]. thank you, guys for watching. if you like this video, please hit the like button, share and subscribe, and don't forget to come back for my next vlog. i'm now heading to walmart and i'm going to show you the in-store blockbuster details that's gonna reveal up tomorrow. so stay tuned. like, share, subscribe and comment. stay safe. happy thanksgiving. [Music].

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hey everyone, welcome back to my channel. delicious budgeting. my name is Anna. today I'm going to share with you all Macy's Black Friday ads. so actually it started in early October, but I just now saw it and I've honestly been like looking and looking for Black Friday ads. it's so odd this year, I feel like some are like Pretty Black Friday ads or early ones or like targets, doing like weekly Black Friday ads. so I'm trying to make sure I have the current ad version, like the correct dates, by the time the video goes up. just all that to take into play. but the Macy's Black Friday goes till November 26th, so there's still plenty of time to shop and a lot of deals. so I will have it linked down below too if you just want to check it out for a reference. I'm totally waiting for Walmart's Black Friday. I had to drop because that starts November 7th and that's like around the corner, so definitely waiting on that. I will definitely have that video up as soon as that head drops. I'm literally checking like multiple times a day on a daily basis. anywho, kind of here on out on my channel I will be sharing some Black Friday ads and which items I think are really good deals or where you can find it cheaper. so if you're new to my channel, welcome. I focus on content such as Beauty. my son has saved money, so if you're interested, please hit the Subscribe button down below. also give this video a thumbs up, be sure to turn on notifications, upload every Wednesday, Saturday and just go ahead and jump straight to Macy's Black Friday ad. as I mentioned previously, the Black Friday ads are definitely a little odd this year, so I'm going to be sharing with you all two of Macy's Black Friday ads. the only difference is that once started in early October and then the one I'm gonna share first start at the end of October. anywho, both of these sales go to November 26th, so they can catch both those deals and some of them are like listed twice. so you know I will definitely go over that. but the first one I'm going to share is a more recent ad from Macy's. so we're happy. Ninja blender for 99- not bad, especially for a ninja implant. so you can get that for yourself or you can give it to like a family or like a couple, like 50 each. I would say that's a pretty good deal. also, we have this Mac Mini lipstik for ten dollars, so do keep in mind this mini size. that's a pretty good deal for a Mac lipstik. and then also They're bringing back like Toys R Us and to Macy's, which I found pretty interesting. definitely nostalgic for back in my days, but we'll dive a little bit deeper into that later into the ad. also I found really interesting is they have 50 off select Urban Decay eyeshadow palettes. so I think that's actually a really good deal I like to give to any beauty lover or again to add to your own makeup collection. right now we're using a queen comforter, but we have a king bed. we do have a king size Comfort. it's like an Ugg dupe from Costco. it's actually pretty good, but I live in California so it's not like that cold yet, so we just have like a little lightweight one for now. but this one. you get a six piece comforter set for 30 dollars, so definitely not bad at all, just to have as like a backup or if you have a guest room. definitely keep that in mind. there's some family pajamas: twenty dollars and under. definitely not a bad deal. also, I would check out Old Navy. they do have like daily deals, so you have to be on it, you have to be fast. I would definitely check like literally every morning because even when they do go myself like nine, ten dollars or so, like the family matching pajamas, the sizes go out fast. these Styles go out fast, so legit, you have to be quick with it. but also Old Navy is a great alternative. and then also I thought this was a really good deal, this four-piece glassware set. so it's nine dollars. so outside of Christmas, if you know like a wedding is coming up or someone's like moving out, maybe like a housewarming gift, nine dollar is actually really nice. also, go like Ross and Burlington, it's like around the same price, not bad at all. or hey, Dollar Tree actually has some really nice glasses. you get four for five dollars, something else to consider, but that would make a really nice like wedding gift or housewarming gift. I think also I did call this one. so if you checked out my old 10 Sephora videos, I did say perfume sampler sets are really good to get like for yourself. or if you have like someone you want to buy for but you don't really like know them that well. or you just like don't know like what perfumes that they wear. or colognes- they have this women's fragrance in it for 15. also, they have a men's cologne set for 15 as well. Ernie is actually going to get that. I still have mine from last year from Ulta. Anna came with a perfume atomizer, which is I could just spray my own perfume in there, which is nice, very durable as well. I do like this just to try different perfumes out. also, like when I travel. it takes up less space, I don't have to worry about bringing it back. I just packed like three to four so I have like different scents. so I would highly recommend this for yourself and for a gift. perfume and cologne is really nice to get. so we have this high-end mascara from Urban Decay and tarte. not bad at all for like a stoking stuffer to add to a beauty basket or akin to your makeup collection. we have a lot of high-end makeup from Macy's which I wasn't really expecting. so we have this tarte foundation for 27.30. has SPF in it, which is very helpful. I personally haven't tried this Foundation before, but not a bad price. also, we have some perfume deals. I love this Daisy Marc Jacobs one. I haven't tried this exact one, I just have like the classic one, but fifty dollars for three ounces is pretty good, given that it's normally a hundred. so if you like this one, I would definitely snag it. and we have this four piece cologne gift set for 25. so I think this is really good like for anyone in your life that wears cologne. peace cologne set 25: it's inexpensive. it's a very nice gift, birthdays coming up, Valentine's Day- it's like two months after Christmas, so nothing wrong with thinking ahead and just holding on to it a little bit longer. have some bedding deals here for the home, so these Martha Stewart bath towels for four dollars is actually pretty good. so one thing my husband and I did before we moved out together: we know we wanted to move out. we didn't necessarily know when was the right time with, like, our finances and everything, but during Black Friday we would buy like little appliances here and there, like bath towels, and by the time we were ready to move out together, we honestly didn't need to like buy everything at once. it was just like so nice to kind of like save here and there if you do have that opportunity, or if you know you're going to move within the next few months, or hey, just to have, I would definitely recommend it. and then, like once we did move out, we're like: oh yeah, we need like a baking dish or like a glass pan, just like little things. but I'm glad we didn't have to like scurry and try to find like towels and like vacuums or just like little appliances, like we pretty much had everything which was really nice. so it was definitely something to consider. also, there's some luggage. honestly, if you're not picky, just go like Costco Ross Burlington, just saying so yeah, this is pretty much what my husband and I did. so 20 and under for small appliances and cookware. so like there's a waffle iron, a little bullet, and then like some pans they have like the mini waffle makers from Target for like ten dollars. we actually just bought that recently. so like that's not bad at all. also would make a really cute gift, like to a couple that like maybe just moved in together, just like a couple who lives together. you can get them like a little like shaped waffle makers- ten dollars at Target literally, and then like a pancake mix or something like that. I think that would be a really cute gift. go to Dollar Tree and get like a seasonal spatula. I think that'd be s.

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🚨 Alert 🚨 Macy’s Black Friday Ad is Here!

hello everyone. it is me, mary, and we are here with our official first full black friday ad of a big box retailer this year. so this is macy's black friday, 2021. in my description bar you have full links below. don't worry, there's also some other information in there. please feel free go ahead and read everything. i included some highlights. each item displayed here you'll be able to see later throughout the ad, so don't worry about that. you'll see a savings percentage drops, estimated savings or either clear price drops. now there's going to be information on shop in store and online, with hundreds of other savings options to come as well. online shopping. now here you see how to navigate through each page. say, you don't want to do a click by click standard type of option, or you just want to go to a certain page i mentioned. you can go through here and go to the direct page if you'd like, or you can do a click by click big. no. no, this year there are no free items after mail-in rebate. if you're looking for those, you're not going to find them this year. now the store hours are going to vary by location, so it could be statewide, could be store wide, so check your store. and also for the curbside pickup. now you see what i just did. i clicked on the little blue ball. that's going to allow you to do a few things. number one: if it doesn't indicate, like we see here, full slash queen size, if it just says bedding set, here you can see a little bit more detailed information to save you a little stress, and also you can get a little bit more information and compare some prices. so we do have that option right there and you can always click on that. now i want you guys to know this is a quick ad overview and highlight of some of the interested saving options through this ad. until other ads are released, i will include the highlighted pages for you. so i'll say this is page number xyz, so that way you can link to it and you can go and find it, but it's not going to be a full 56 page. later, when all the ads are quit, more ads are released, i'll do a fully categorized top five tv deals, in my humble opinion, our top five gaming deals, etc. so let's go ahead and get started with macy's black friday 2021.. one of the first pages i want you to look at is page number two. we always have these bonus buys deals with macy's. this is the diamond earrings: 29.99, regular 200 with empty any- excuse me- 25 dollar purchase. this would be a 85 percent drop. if you were already spending 25 dollars worth of items, that would be a good deal. now, if you're just going to spend 25 to get the earrings, then it's not as good of a deal, but that's up to you. now, another deal for me that is maybe not a savings deal, but i believe it's a good deal is the believe bracelets. close to my heart, um, this one right here at 50 goes to the make a wish foundation. wonderful calls. i would hope that a lot of you would think so as well. so let's go to our next thing we're going to look at. we see there is a 20 off coupon that can be used with many items. alternatively, 15 and 10 percent extra options. please be be very careful and read full details of this coupon. it can be used in store and online. the promo code is listed in the description, so read all information in my description above please. it can also be used on clearance items. it does say: use your mesa's credit card for this coupon. however, in many years we have seen that coupons have been allowed for all. so let's go ahead and give it a try. but be clear in reading this. there's going to be a lot of things where it says coupons cannot be used on, like certain cosmetiks, xyz. so let's go ahead. we do see these 499 earbuds. we're not going to jump for joy on that, but let's go ahead and go to our next slide, guys. so on to page three. we're going to be looking at the 85 percent off freshwater pearl earrings. the next item is going to be the regularly priced 45 dollar, now 4.99, adam levine and that is going to be 1.7 ounces, 4.99- 89 off. i may have been redundant. we're going to look at these clinique. these are the stoking stuffer sets here, so they could be some nice gifts. and, as we are going to see as we scroll down momentarily, we're going to see two different prices: the value, which is going to be higher than the regular price. so the regular price is going to be somewhere just under the 50 percent mark, as we see, the five dollar price versus the value, which is 31.. so the value is actually higher than the price. always consider that when you're really looking at your money saved. now the towels are a really good deal. they're pretty nice quality. here's some t t-shirts those are definitely under fifty percent off. the towels here- pretty nice quality towels are good investment: 6 to 14, now down to 299. so take a chance and go ahead, take your time. look at page three. it's definitely worth checking out, guys. okay, guys, we're on to the next page. this is page four ten and under the two that i'm going to be looking at are going to be the twin microfiber sheet sets. these are thirty dollars and they're 6.99 and they are regularly priced at thirty dollars. so 699, that's 77 percent off. the reason i say that we are changing kids, uh, twin sets a lot. so for this price, that could be a really good deal. now the next one, i think for longevity purposes. when it comes to plushes, especially during the winter season, how we're packing them up and saving them. you want something that's going to last a long time is the mace's exclusive. regularly, 50 is down to 9.99 for savings of 80 off. you're probably thinking about the crock pots. i'm crazy for not including that. we're thinking about longevity. it's not always about the cheapest item. this was 21.99. yes, it dropped 59. could we get better with better deals? we're early in the game. let's revisit this at a later time. it's cute, but it's cute always the best. all right, guys, let's keep it going. alright, i skipped a few pages. we're going to see a lot of box jewelry deals, but we're going to zone in on this ornament deal today and we are looking at page six. i wanted to quickly mention this deal. it is really priced at 100. we are at 19.99, so it's just at about 80 percent off and, as we're seeing here, there should be a few different varieties. but this is a macy's exclusive and here we go. let's go on to our next page. all right, guys, we're going to skip over to page number seven. these are the 20 and under deals we're going to be looking at this really cute discovery inflatable toy tent. i remember tents when i was a child. they were always a lot of fun. so this is an inflatable toy tent and it was rarely priced at 49.99. now it is 12.99, that's a 74 off. this is a really solid deal, so i would say this would be a good investment. now, below that, you're seeing the microfiber set and plush throw set, twin through king, regulate 60 through 90.. if you're looking at the highest price there they're now 19.99. by the way, that's going to be 78 percent at the higher end there. so good savings. now you're looking at multiple makeup deals. now the very high percentages that you could look at now that's not the regular retail price that we're seeing, that's the total value price. so we distinguish that a little bit earlier. but the total value price is if you look at everything at the individual price. so say that a mac lipstik if sold individually would be like 19.95, but at the bundle deal it sold at 19.95 for four of them. so that's kind of what we're looking at there. so that's really where you're looking at the total value versus the retail and then the sale price. so there you go, guys. a little bit of a breakdown. but let's go on to our next deal. the next page we're actually going to look at is going to be page 8 and that's going to be some 60 off deals, actually 60 percent off plus. and we're looking at a shark. now this shark vacuum, it's a stand-up vacuum. the regular price is 283.99. now it's going to be 99.99 for 65 percent off. we will probably see this at a better deal, especially at kohl's, but i just wanted to point it out. dental care also is going to offer some re.

Macy's Black Friday Deal's | Black Friday 2022 Ad Preview | Top Noch Deal's for The Low 💰🛒

you guys already know what it is, so let's get right into it. today's is Macy's. we're gonna look at their Black Friday Early Access and some of the deals that are out now. as you can see, the Deal started- the same as Walmart, November 7th, um through the 13th, um, and then they will have a next round of bills that will be coming out November uh 14th and then the final uh Black Friday, November 20th through the 26th. foreign is one that you would like to shop at. download the app, sign up for the emails and mark your calendars so you can also shop online, shop in store- and they do have curbside as well- and Macy's, as most stores, will be closed on Thanksgiving Day and then they will be opening 6 am Black Friday. so if you go online and you're scrolling, some of the deals are live. the ones that are not live will stay coming soon, and these are some good ones. so they also have a Thanksgiving, not Thanksgiving. a Black Friday coupon is the 20 off this year, so let's get in to the ad um first. off. on the bottom, you see they have that MAC lipstik for ten dollars, so then we're gonna go off into the next page. you see they have some pajamas, some Shepherds and things like that. pause it, um to look, but I was mostly looking at this page. here is what caught my attention like, okay, Macy's. so that sampler, like perfume set, I think is a really good gift and it's only 15. um, you could give this to almost any woman of any age. and then I'm not a makeup person, but I do know that Knack and Too Faced are good brands. and then this lipstik kit right here, or a lip gloss is perfect. so now let's look at the next page. here you see they got 25. what is that? Calvin Klein for men and women. and look at 50 off on Marc Jacobs Dot. Now 50 off on just name brand perfumes period. now. then they also have like betting and things like that, which I really like to get. but look at this: 69.99 for this five piece luggage is an awesome deal, regularly priced at 300.. they have really good deals on appliances- probably better than some of the other stores right now, like 19.99 and under for these here, and I'm pretty sure they have more. and then 29.99 for this 13-piece pots and pans is a really good deal as well. who nobody told me that Toys R Us had partnered up with Macy's like work, it can be a kid, okay anyway. so, as you can see here, uh, Forbes listed this artikle um about Macy's and Toys R Us. they have 451 Toys R Us um brand toys uh to shop in their stores and they have one in New York. it's just the biggest one in this artikle. it's pretty recent: up to 70 off on jewelry pieces and y'all know Macy got the good quality fifty percent off of designer bags that got boots and shoes and all kinds of stuff you know for the low, the good stuff you got. so then we'll look at here they got a little bit of freebie so you can get a free weekend bag with this uh large Versace spray for men or the free tote with the women's jumbo Versace. that is definitely um a good deal foreign here has a free shower gel. I can't pronounce this, I'm not gonna butcher it up. y'all sound it out for yourself. Paco raban, I don't know, but yeah, you guys. so off subject a little bit. the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade is going to be on the 24th at 9: 00 am. you will be able to view it live in New York or on NBC on streaming through peacock, and it will start at 9: 00 am to noon. so yeah, you guys, that was just a quick preview of Macy's Black Friday. I hope you guys enjoyed this um or found it helpful in some type of way, and I'm gonna go ahead and get up off of here because I just wanted to drop this real quick and I will see you guys and tok to you in my next one. bye, [Music]. thanks.


welcome everyone to the macy's black friday ad preview. we are getting a sneak peek of deals that are starting in store and online on november the 16th. these deals on the first page are five bucks and under they are super amazing. so if you haven't already checked, on my channel i have some other ad previews up for black friday walmart and then a target video to help you get prepped for target deals. that ad should be coming out super, super, super soon. so stay tuned on my channel. if you love a good deal, click that subscribe button. that is the goal this holiday season. so these deals are under five bucks. check it out. we got some 4.99 leggings. that black in decker glass bowl chopper has my name on it- 399 regularly- 44.99. we've got some sedona and cuisinart fry pans for 4.99. so think out of the box, don't just think the holiday season. if you know someone who's you know moving into their new place or a new home, grab them. some of these household items for super cheap. if you need to upgrade your own items, do that as well, but these are amazing deals. we've got the hot wheels monster truck and the chelsea barbie for 3.99. some little pearl studs there for 4.99. an eyelash curler, check it out. the glassware for 3.99. ellen tracy two-piece perfume- i am digging that. black and decker steam compact iron regularly 39.99- 3.99. we've got some headphones. we've got some levi t's there for 4.99. great gifts for dad, can't beat it. this first page is smoking hot. these items will sell out super quick. so we're gonna head to page number two. not a big fan of scans like this, but this is what we have to do, guys. so i have some personal care items. i like that bella mini baker's waffle donut or cake pop for 6.99. that is a super cute gift. or check out those hot air popcorn makers for 9.99. dig in that pink color. these are gifts for under 10. so we have some philosophy shower gel which is at 50 off. always nice to get that. junior sweaters for 9.99. so if you have some teens, they love clothes, get clothes. i love getting clothes for the holidays or gift cards. you can make it simple and let them get what they want. some glassware, some pullovers, the mac liner there for ten dollars. mousse munch- 10 ounce for 7.99. that's a great gift for the neighbors. now, with coven and stuff, people get a little, you know, leery with home baked goods and all of that. but if you get them something that's packaged, put a little christmas card on them, wish them a you know merry christmas boom. you're good to go. like the clinique. a little happiness fragrance set- just 10 dollars- so really cute. pj's- 9.99. we've got some bath towels there for 2.99- that's a steal. check out the clo, the cozy plush throw for 9.99- very nice. we've got some men's dress shirts for 9.99 and then those cute flannels at the bottom there for just 9.99 as well. so really tons of gifting ideas on a budget, guys. these deals will go quick, though so try and be quick to it. oh, baby yoda- i love me some, baby yoda. karen scott, um clothing there for 14.99. the kids gifts for 9.99- these are 20 and under under. they have some juniors jeans for 19.99. check out the bella two quart electric airfryer for 19.99. so if you've got kids at college now, i'm sure they're doing a lot more cooking and things like that, so that would be a pretty cool gift to go ahead and grab. we've got some dress shirts, some jeans, shoes. check out the fine silver plated boxed jewelry gifts for 14.99. fashion watches- really some great deals. spade earrings for 19.99. we have the estee lauder lip gloss set for 19.50. mac lipstiks are 15 bucks, so there's a lot of good set. some lawn comb sets for 20 bucks- not a big savings on that, just six dollars. so page number four, i think there's like 28 pages, guys. so stay tuned. i love macy's for their mail in rebate deals. um, you really have to do the mail-in rebate to grab the good savings. kohl's is another one for mail-in rebates, especially on these little kitchen appliances. so the bella panini grill: 799 after a mail-in rebate. and then we have the waffle maker. there is also 7.99 after the mail and rebate. so just make sure you're doing those mail-in rebates. that bella rocket blender for 19.99 is a great deal. look at 7.99 after the mail-in rebate. so that is a hot item to grab. the rice cooker two is good. and then we have the four slice toaster oven, so 7.99 after a 12 mail in rebate. those are great deals here. we have some of our other kitchen gadgets here. the 4 quart stand mixer for 49- that's a good deal. a lot of you guys are looking for the insta pot. check it out. the vortex 6 quart: it's a 6 quart for 59.99. these ninja foodie air grills are pretty cool. 169, we've got the instant pot duo, then the nova 8 court. that is an 8 quart for 69.99. so really some fantastik savings. nespresso- check that out- 124 regularly, 312 bucks. so there's over 50 savings. we have some shark upright vacuums there- way over 50 savings. rachel ray: 14 piece cookware. kathlon set for 139. i have some kathlon pots and pans. they work really well, very happy with them. those are some hot deals, guys. um, the combo coffee maker there for 139. and then we have the kitchenaid 5 quart artesian mixer. so really some fantastik deals. if these are specific items, just add them to your list right now and get going. get thinking what you want to grab: 15, 15, 15 piece cutlery set there for 20 bucks. we've got 60 off holiday dishware, ornaments and gifts. you're going to see a lot of deals on trees and ornaments and wreaths, things like that. so look out for those. love that garden countertop there for 79.99. those are expensive but those are pretty cool. a couple of air fryers there. we have the magic bullet pro for 39.99- really some amazing savings. the ninja blender for 99.99. and then there's some of the 60 off savings on tableware- um, things like that. for the holidays, 70 off of expanded dinnerware sets. there is a 42 piece set here for just 40 bucks. so really some good old savings there. we're going to go ahead and jump to the next page. see what's. see what's we got so far. i'm pretty impressed. i think there's some fantastik deals: 75 off quilt sets. hello, 60 off hotel bedding. now is the time to kind of upgrade your bedding, if that is something that you need. you're going to see amazing deals on towels and you can see all of these bedding sets- 60, 65, 70 off, seventy five percent off sheets. so really a great time to go ahead and grab some new bedding, if that's in your near future. um luggage sets: you're gonna see some hot deals on too. i'm sure we will check out that five piece set for 50 dollars, even if travel is not in your very near near future. you know, if you're thinking, and once everything kind of gets a little bit better, when that time will come- and we pray that it will come soon- i'm sure that is a fantastik deal. look at that donna kieran luggage there- 70 off. so if you're looking for something a little bit more chic, there there's a whole bunch samsonite tag, riverside london fog sets- really some stellar sets. and then here are some more um sets there: 60, 70, even as much as 80 percent off. so really some great deals here. we're going to start getting into some tik sets. i do see some massagers and things like that which are at a very good price. that train set is 60 off. um, really some cute deals. we're gonna see some toys, i'm sure soon. so we'll see these arcade games. i don't know, i seen these at target for 19.99, i don't know regularly 50. i don't know how they're any different, but i'm sure they're different in some way. so melissa and doug sets here, 50 off. that is a great deal. this looks super fun. these little bumper cars, those are some fao schwartz toys. so those are pretty pretty pricey there, but those look really cool. all right, let's see what's on page nine. we're gonna get into some clothing. great time to stok up on clothing. i haven't even bought the kids new winter coats, but sixty percent off winter coats. look at those kids coats for 15.99. you know my kids are homeschooled right now or i'm doing e-learning and you know you don't need a super heavy coat unless they're going o.