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made in china dropshipping

Published on: February 1 2023 by pipiads

Meeting My Shopify Dropshipping Supplier in CHINA

and is that before you come here, he are the most handsome guy in this town, but you come here now, he's a pickle. how much did you pay for this? bush? we got a pretty crazy tonight. [Music]. good morning guys. I am here in the middle of China, in a city called yee-whoo Yiwu. I had never heard of it. on a map it's like a little dot, but what's really interesting, that little dot is the size of Philadelphia. I'm here in the shangri-la hotel- surprisingly cheap for shangri-la hotel. it's always going on my dreams to stay at a shangri-la because they are amazing. I mean, just look at this room. it's absolutely absurd. but yeah, I'm really excited. parent Li, they have the biggest wholesale market in the world here and I'm gonna go and check out so many products. tok to my supplier, who I've been working with for the past three months with a partikular beauty product that I did five hundred thousand dollars with. we're gonna be chatting about long-term business goals and white labeling and I'm going to visit his factory and he's going to show me their whole production process, how I can get cost down and I'm just really excited to see the whole manufacturing culture of China because it definitely feels very industrial here feel like I'm in a communist little bubble. it's gonna make sure they aren't monitoring me. [Music] to try the country social smoking out here in China. yeah, we can smoke everywhere, yeah. so I'm here with my buddy, Johnny, and he's saying he's going to show me his store right now, which is upstairs in the fifth floor, but they are the sole supplier for, as seen on tv, products which I'm sure you guys are very familiar with. he's very famous here in China and not very famous just doing this. learn the business. I'm favors, yeah, this man of business. so I'm excited to see what they got up there. and we're going up to the fifth floor to beautiful sleek young lady. they're very beautiful, almost empty here today. so now, after touring his store, were going to his factory. we're sitting here in his portion. he was saying: how expensive Porsches are here in China? how much did you pay for this Bush? 200, two hundred and twenty thousand euros, dollars in his currency, that's 1.5 million RMB. that's just ridiculous. the same car in the us- I'm not a car expert- probably be around 70 to 80 thousand dollars. what kind of Porsche? Panamera? okay, car guys dropping the comments below, but that's pretty expensive. I'm pretty sure to let me know. so right now factory is in Ningbo, which is about three hours by car, so we're gonna go there grab some dinner and be as well be dinner time by the time we get there, actually see the production of my product and all those other products. this guy's impressing me. he basically supplies the entirety of. has seen on TV that store that I showed you before. that was in a showroom in the city. very impressive story. right now we're at Johnny's factory that makes appliances, stuff like nutribullet, vacuum cleaner, fryers, stuff like that. this is cultural, I guess, in business, where they make tea for guests. so we're making some tea right now. how could I have water than that? oh, my shine, watch how I wash. I have used other fun tornado, mm-hmm, very good, thank you me. and he said before you come here, he is the most handsome guy in this town, but you come here now he's the second one [Laughter]. so over there they're making a heater. yeah, he wasn't making arts in air, which I'll link right here. very popular as seen on tv products. my maiden, yeah, yeah, yours- include um well, beam, well, host Imam, there's the Steam Mop. so this product alone right here sells on Amazon for around 69- 70 US dollars. the factory here sells at wholesale for 16 US dollars, so that's quite a Marco. this machine here actually makes the case for the Steam Mop of your soft stand. it takes around 30 seconds to make one one. it's about the job. so, apparently, in this area, seafood is very famous, happens. so we're gonna be eating fresh seafood here tonight. that's a very traditional meal that we're going to be out it. we literally came to this restaurant and they brought us into, they're back in the kitchen, which is choosing me what to eat tonight. it's that simple. so here's this little private dining room that we have all set, so we will hold assortment of foods here. I just watched this partikular district economy. Wow, guys, we're done with dinner. that was a lot to handle. the snake was very good, etc. etc. are you come with us? and yeah, yeah, he's gonna come to floss. and that, ladies and gentlemen, is China, Chinese food. I like you in America, in China you make me nauseous, so I must go to bed now. this.

How To Dropship With 5 Day Shipping From China In 2020 (Shopify Dropshipping)

hey, what's up guys? it's Sebastian. I've gotten this video request quite a bit in the past a week or two simply because I've been posting on Instagram how fast I'm getting products in from China to the US and a lot of people are curious about how I do it. and also, with drop shipping, I'm able to get five to twelve day shipping right now from China to the US. so I just want to explain exactly how I do that, because it's very simple, but it's kind of like a foreign language. if you don't understand it, it just sounds again like a foreign language, but once you know it, it's just like it comes very naturally. so in this video, I'm going to explain not only how they get fast shipping times, how to get fast processing times, better suppliers and where to find your suppliers, because that is a very important thing. a lot of people use Aliexpress and I'm going to explain why you should not really use it right now. so I'm going to explain why you really shouldn't use Aliexpress right now and and the better option. so before we get into this video, be sure to smash the like button and click Subscribe below. also, my cat is right here. so if you guys see a black shadow. that is because that's my stealthy cat. so, without further ado, let's get into this video. as you guys know, I pack. it has been pretty slow with processing times and shipping times. I've seen people have over one month shipping time from China to the US, which is not acceptable for your customers. that is where you get a lot of charge backs and customer complaints, so you do not want to have one month shipping time at all. on the flip side, though, a packet is beginning to speed up their processing and shipping times. I've heard people getting 10 to 13 day shipping from China to the US with a packet, so that may be a viable source for shipping, but that doesn't solve the problem of processing times. a lot of dropshippers use Aliexpress when processing times right now are up to one to two weeks, which is terrible. that is literally two weeks, not even moving the product. that's where that's just sitting and not even being shipped, which is a big issue. so I'm here to solve that issue for you guys and also solve faster shipping times for you guys, so you guys can get maybe eight day shipping for your products, if that sounds good. that will allow you to use PayPal and almost any payment provider simply because your customers are getting your products very fast, almost as if they were already in the US. ok, number one: you need to get rid of Aliexpress. that is not what you should be using right now, unless you already have a great relationship with your supplier, where there are already processing the as fast and have fast shipping times and they're cost efficient. if that is not the case, do not use Aliexpress. trust me, I'll explain why. so yesterday I found the product I'm going to start drop shipping and we found it via one of the methods I've showed in the previous few videos- my product research videos. if you guys haven't seen those, I strongly suggest you check them out if you have not found any winning products. but I found that via that method and again, those are free methods. it's not like I'd paid for a tool or anything. so I found the product. I saw it was doing big numbers, so instead of using the Aliexpress listing, which had the product for around $13 shipped, I went on Alibaba, looked up the same product, went directly to the supplier and I'm now getting the product shipped for around $8, which is an extra $4 profit per sale. if I do 10,000 orders, that is an extra $40,000 profit on just using a better supplier. now, traditionally, yes, Alibaba is used for bulk orders and isn't really used for dropshipping, but in my experience, you can still find suppliers on there that are willing to dropship the top listings for this product that I'm going to start drop shipping. I contacted them and they happily said that they would do drop shipping for me, which is amazing because traditionally, again, people do not think Alibaba is a source for drop shipping suppliers. okay, so that's number one. that's setting up better suppliers and getting better pricing. the main thing you guys want to know is shipping time. so, on Alibaba, you can contact them and ask them if they have any fast shipping that's affordable to the US or to whatever your shipping. I want to preface this, though, by saying: if you guys are selling worldwide, I would definitely narrow down your countries that you're selling in right now- two, maybe three app max- simply because you need to manage shipping times properly, and if you're doing worldwide, shipping times are going to vary immensely, which means you may get a lot of charge backs and negative feedback on facebook, which will, in turn, lower the performance of your ads, which is not what you want. so, for myself, I'm personally just selling in the US because it's very simple to manage shipping to the US. it's only one country. it's basically the same shipping time for all states, so I don't have an issue with that. also, when you are negotiating with suppliers on Alibaba, it's very difficult to set up shipping. if you send them a list of like 20 countries that they have to ship to it, you just send them: hey, you know, we're shipping mainly in the US, can you drop to the US? they will most likely say yes, because that is a very simple task. okay, so you guys now know that. but now we need to discuss exactly what shipping methods I would suggest. so dependence on the product. you can use DHL Express, which normally is a little bit expensive, but what I normally do is add that as an upsell. so I say: you know, free ten to 12-day shipping, or upsell five to eight day shipping and charge quite a bit of money for that because it's expensive. you can do that. and then what normally is working for me right now is USPS and UPS. those are all working really well for me. so I would contact their suppliers and ask them: hey, what are shipping times and costs via UPS, via USPS, via DHL and via e packet- yes, I said e packets. B packet again is starting to speed up. I've gotten quotes that they can guarantee at most 15 day shipping with 24-hour processing, which is not bad at all. that is very manageable and customers will not be too upset with 15-day shipping. so here's one thing that I also recommend you guys take advantage of on Aliexpress. they do not guarantee that you're gonna get your product shipped out within a day. with processing times on Aliexpress there are normally one to two weeks right now. so the solution to that is on Alibaba. all you simply have to do is contact the supplier, tok to them and be respectful and just build up a good bond with them and then ask them: like, hey, are you willing to do 24 hour processing? even 24 to 48 hour processing? that is still really good. that will allow you to get your tracking numbers submitted to the customer within a day or two days of placing your order. that is what people are doing with big brands that are doing millions of dollars a month. for example, if you place your order on Jim shark, you're getting your tracking number within one to two days. if you do that on your website right now, you probably won't get your tracking number for a week or so, which is bad. now the next best solution is to find shipping agents for your products. I'll explain exactly what they do and how you can find them, because it's very simple. shipping agents are basically someone they buy the product in bulk for you- okay, so they contact the supplier, buy the product. they probably get it very cheap because they know the suppliers normally- and they house the products in their warehouse, which the warehouses are normally closer to these ports where they ship out of, which allows them to get you faster shipping times. and then, when you do that, they also offer faster time, so they are closer to one day processing, which is amazing for yourself and your customers. but that doesn't help. if you don't know how to find these shipping agents, what I would suggest is simply going on Alibaba and typing in drop shipping agent it.

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How to Dropship Products NOT from China! (US/EU Supplier)

in this video, i'm going to show you how you can start drop shipping- not from china, so i'm going to show you a platform that has drop shipping suppliers of original us slash eu products. so in this video, i'm going to show you, step by step, how this platform works and why this is a great platform to start drop shipping with, especially if you don't want to use aliexpress, alibaba or any of these other platforms. all right, so the platform that we're going to take a look at today is called spocket. the website is pocketco. if you want to go check that out, i'll also leave a link in the description down below. so this is the platform that you can use to do this. so, right here, you see many products already, but this is just for like, just to show some like general stuff on the website. however, on this platform, you can find the right products. they have different suppliers from all over the world, especially united states, canada, uk, australia, germany, so most of them will be high-end, quality products. but let's just cut the crap and let's just sign in, right, so i can click on sign up for free now and we can then create an account. for example, let's say: let's say my name is gary and here we are inside spotcut. so this is where you can find products to start drop shipping. so you can filter this by category, right there. you can filter this by the price locations. you can even choose one supplier and you can sort this by relevance: lowest price, highest price, newest and the shipping time. so if you just scroll down, you'll find all of these products and this is what this platform looks like. so, on here, for example, if we take a look at- let's see- um, this offer right there, the price is three dollars, shipping price five dollars, retail price four dollars and eighty cents shipping time for up to seven days. now, like i said, you can filter this as well by shipping time. so if i click on shipping time, i can filter this and there we go. so these products will only take one up to three day shipping and it's free shipping inside the us. once again, you can check- i mean, you can check- all the prices and all the features of the product on here once you click on it. this is basically where you can take a look at the product. you can also take a look at all the photos of the product, but let's say that you want to use this product. all you need to do is click on add to import lists right there and you can then choose your plan. all right, so this is not free. however, there's a free trial available, as you guys are there. 14-day free trial, 14-day trial, 14-day trial, 14-day trial- all right, so you can get this for free. i'll leave a link in the description which will send you over here so that you can sign up. that will be an affiliate link, so that would help support me and the channel so that i can keep making these videos. anyway, this is pretty much the platform. that's great if you want to use um drop shipping like a drop shipping business model without using a platform from china. so on air, you can find many good products, you can find suppliers, you can filter this by shipping times, locations and overall, this is just a great platform. you can also take a look at how this guy made over 170- 8k in just three months with this platform. they have a facebook group with over 50k drop shippers, so that could be valuable as well to link up with other people. but yeah, overall this is just a great platform to start drop shipping um on a platform not from china. all right, so check out all of the products on there. get started, and i'm pretty sure you'll do well. so if this video helps you out, leave a like on the video. i would appreciate that, and then i'll see you in the next one. have a good day.

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Dropship on Shopee Using China Suppliers - Better Than Shopee Dropship Taobao , Aliexpress , 1688

hey guys, thanks for supporting my humble youtube channel. in this channel, i will be posting my journey of an online entrepreneur and some of the hot news that is happening around us. subscribe to my youtube channel to support my works here. alright, i will see you inside the video. so everyone is toking about dropshipping from 168a taobao, aliexpress and some others china website, but the problem with this website is that it takes too long and, most importantly, it cannot, of course, sync to our shopping store. so we have to do everything manually, which include uploading products and also keep track on products quantity, which is the stok level. so in today's video, i will introduce to you a website where you can dropship from china's supplier with the price that is cheaper than 168 taobao, and also it consists of 10 of thousands of products that you can choose from. and, best of all, it is an author sync system, which means with a few clicks or products will be automatikally uploaded to your shopping store. you do not need to keep track on the stok level, as it will be automatikally updated on your store. all right, this website is called tooniesc and the company contacted me yesterday and shared with me their services. i feel like, wow, if these things really, really works. this will be great for sellers that want to start selling on shopping and, by the way, tourneyscn works across all shopping stores, so if you are selling in philippines, indonesia, thailand, it will work as well. of course, there are a lot of things that we can discuss about the impact to the local seller, blah, blah blah. let's not tok about this now. okay, so this website is in mandarin, but you can translate it to english. as you can see over here, there are 10 categories with in this website and each of these categories have a lot more sub categories inside it, so products variations will definitely not a problem. what about the price? at a glance, the pricing for the product is very competitive. all products pricing over here are listed in rmb. i mean, just divide it by two and you will get the price in ringgit. if you want to be more accurate, you can use a currency converter. i have not really do um a product to products pricing comparison with, like, um, taobao 168 or the price they are selling in shoppi. i will do it on another video. this video is just an introduction to this tooniescm. i need more time to do research on this website as well. okay, so this platform can sync to shoppi, lazada, taobao and also others platform as well. at a glance, this may seem working. i will need to do more research, as i say just now, and work on this website throughout the week. you can subscribe to my email list where i will send you an email when there is a new video out in my youtube channel. all right, i mean you can have a try on this website first, if you want, and just comment on below what sort of questions or what sort of things that you want to know about this website so that i can contact the person in charge and get back to you asap. i will be posting more videos about this tony's throughout the weeks, so make sure that you subscribe to my youtube channel and also subscribe to my email list so that you won't miss out any great videos on how you can start your shopping business. okay, i will see you on the next video.

how to shop & ship from MADE IN CHINA | made in China tutorial | how to ship from China to Kenya

hello, hello everyone, welcome back to my channel. my name is esther perkins, so today we're going to look um at made in china. so made in china is a leading e-commerce platform that connects global buyers with chinese suppliers. so this is another platform whereby you can buy your goods um at wholesale price. so this is something that you might be interested to look at. so made in china is another platform. it's very familiar to alibaba. everything, even the stores. personally, i think they look the same as alibaba. so the reason why i keep on insisting on looking at all or interesting new with all this platform is we are looking on ways to cut our costs when it comes to either pricing what we get from from the suppliers. if we can get something cheap from alibaba, why not buy from there? if you can get it from taobao, if you can get it from 1688, you just compare and see who is giving you the best price and go with them. so it is good to make sure that you're getting the best price when it comes to your products. sometimes i think this is has happened to me. i have been, i have shop for something and then later on so another, on another platform, the same same thing been sold for so little money. okay, so all you have to do is register. as you can see, i'm already signed in, so all you gotta do is register. it's easy because it's in english, unlike october 1688. so you're going to register and then you're going to check on the categories, whereby you're going to see all the items, like the categories of items that you like to buy. for instance, let's say we're looking at um at uh. by the way, they have this place where they have the low maq items. you've seen this on alibaba. so that's why i'll say they are like alibaba, because they have the same same things and all that. so that is something that you can look at. so let's say we're looking for handbags. let's say we want to buy some handbags. so we're going to go to category and search for handbags, whereby we'll find all sorts of handbags and all that. so you can just to compare the prices and all that if you like to buy some bags and all that. so that is something that i like to say. so you just go to the category section, such for whatever you're looking for, and you will find the bags, cases and boxes. then you can choose. maybe, if you want paper boxes, cosmetik bags, handbags, whatever it is that you're looking for. i think they're very detailed, detailed when it comes to searching option in the category sector. so you're going to see, like alibaba, you'll find some suppliers having high maq, others having low mq, all that, well, you can. uh, it depends. some are manufacturers, some are trading companies, so that is the reason. so you might find that they're selling like to me q and you might find other selling like 300 mq or 10 000 mq. so we're going to look at how to know legit supplies. so, as you can see, for made in china, it is audited supply. so if you see that sign over there on top there is a supplier who's already audited by the company and then you're going to save their silver member, diamond member, gold member and all that. so, as you can see, this company, this bug company, is already audited, the way we say from alibaba, verified this one's audit. they just say audited supplier, so you're safe to buy from them. if you like to buy directly, without a shopping agent, i always insist on a shopping agent because you can buy from all this platform, like from like a hundred supplies, and they will consolidate all that for you, making your work really, really easy. so i will insist- and i will always insist- on a shopping agent, because you don't have to worry about if the supply is legit or not. that's the work of the shopping agent. so you're going to go to the profile of the company and from there you're going to see if the company is audited and the number of years and the location of the company. so, as you can see, this is a diamond. this is another company for shoes is. it's a diamond member and has been audited by made in china and is in shanghai, china, and it has been a member since 2011.. so if you're interested in them, you can buy directly from them. you're going to just send an inquiry, as you do from alibaba and all that [Music] also. if you don't want to, they go to the categories section. you can always search for whatever you're looking for, all right. so you're going to search, let's say, women's shoes. we're going to just type it in and do all the the supplies. our products are going to be shown and the good thing is you can choose to either see the product or the supply. i will advise on checking on the supplies because it might be like the first five or ten products that you're going to see there from the same supplier. imagine getting to that same supply. all all that while. so it's good to search through the supplies. that way you get better options, all right. so that is something else you need to know when searching for items. so it is better searching for, for supplies rather than searching by products. that's it. when it comes to made in china, it's very easy. you can just buy directly from all the supplies that you might like and all that. so there's nothing complicated about made in china. and, as i said before, if you're trying to cut your cost and all that, it's good to look at all the options that you may have when buying from china, and especially if you have a shopping agent, then you're good to go. you can buy from like a hundred suppliers. that is the work of the shopping agent: to to consolidate all that for you and to buy for you and to worry about if the supplies are verified and all that. so it is easy buying via shopping agents. so i will advise that also. do check made in china if it's something that you would buy from. yeah, you can do so and maybe you can save yourself some coins, all right. so thank you so much for watching this video. hope to see you on my next video. all [Music] right.

Drop Shipping | Parceria com FORNECEDORES PREMIUM na CHINA!

e fala aí: pessoal, tudo bem com vocês. ó, para você que tá querendo um a gente na China, que você faz dropship, você precisa de um agente na china para que consiga para você produto de alta qualidade, produtos com o melhor preço para esse, mais barato do que do Aliexpress i a entrega mais rápida. esse vídeo aqui é para você. se liga só nas dicas que eu vou te dar. eu vou te passar aqui agora uma empresa parceira que tá entrando no mercado para revolucionar o mercado de dropship. Eles olharam para o Brasil e vira uma grande vantagem de ter nós dropshippers como parceiros. então, se você é dropship, Você não pode perder esse vídeo. Fica atenta aí que eu vou te mostrar em todos os detalhes Como que você pode ter todos esses benefícios de uma forma muito simples. ou você liga só no vídeo novo para isqueiro de negócios, exato, então o seu a gente da China chamada willka, essa plataforma é assim ó Seccional, ela vir para de fato nos auxiliar. que está acontecendo fazendo aí faturamento de 10 mil, 5.000, 5000 porta. ela veio para todos e ela vejo, tá nesse conceito de parceria, melhor fazer com a gente, faz, porque eu vou te mostrar aqui ó ela tem a o próprio ser assim por ela fazia ela prestar próprio. ela tem o contato de todos os fornecedores na China. imagine o seguinte: o Aliexpress, ele recursos no Mercado Livre que tá Nossa. então vários tipos de fabricantes, fornecedores, se cadastram Aliexpress pra vocês os produtos tá, E lá nesse taxas, em ouvir o conceito contato direto com esses casos, têm dica. por isso ela consegue valor muito mais barato do que não deve estresse. e olha que interessante. Além disso, elas próprio ela pega estoque nos Estados Unidos e dois na China, totalizando aí 25 mil metros quadrados de estoques e de caso avulse. e o melhor de tudo, tá o melhor de tudo, tá isso daqui para foi excepcional. ela tem um sistema de verificação de qualidade daqueles produtos. só vai ter pessoas ali climão está verificando a qualidade do produto antes de mandar o seu cliente velho, tem saco mesmo a funcionar. uma das maiores dores do próprio hoje é isso: você não sabe de fato Como é o produto de uma vez que você vai testar aquele produto. é esse Você já cada direto para casa do cliente e o cliente vai te dizer se aquele produto é bom. é isso ajuda você quando você começa a fazer, a começar a escada do seu produto e reprodução apresenta horrível a quantidade de devolução e troca quantidade que você vai ter. agora esse problema não existe mais porque alguém vai fazer qualidade, não seja vai ter que as suas, cristalizando de fato de qualidade superior ainda. ela tem o a forma decidiu própria dela. tá, a BR guia online vai chegar mais cara do que chique, assim essa você acredite mais rápido porque a maior qualidade e fez o e você pode trabalhar o Grid da sua loja. Você pode ter uma experiência incrível que o seu filho, porque agora você vai ter o grupo seu celular e trabalhada e personalizada através da, o yucca. mas ela tem vários produtos aqui, vários, Vários, vários. você pode fazer o produto direto. foto: tá, melhor de tudo. galera é aqui. ó, olha que interessante frete galera [Música] br-101 pode vai chegar BR, então assim, é O que é a única do ex que também já vai ser o viu, então assim, se você hoje tá conversando o próprio ou se você já faz groff, por favor, eu te peço, por favor, se atenta, cara da Inovação do mercado 70 trás desses que te faço tão querendo, você com o parceiro e te levanta a série EA Will é uma empresa. se, então, se você curtiu, se escreve aqui desse canal Tá, deixe o seu like e comenta isso que que você achou dessa introdução sobre a surpresa. e aí, se você quer que eu faço um vídeo bem detalhado mostrando passo-a-passo tudo, cabra, coisas estão dentro da unita para vocês cadastrar, para você poder colocar todos os frutos das colagens aqui, para você obter cotação, produz, porque se você curtiu o produto AliExpress não sabia se abriu, consegue vou lá mais barato, é só você tem uma foto do produto, pronto, velho, feliz, botar o produto para você e te passar melhor valor dos benefícios. e olha que interessante, qualquer problema que você tenha, você tem acesso ao chat com um atendente que vai falar com você português de forma personalizada e que vai te auxiliar o mais rápido possível. então, não perde tempo, não, já, ó, começa a seguiu, se inscreve aí, deixa seu comentário e eu tenho certeza que você vai crescer demais, porque agora você pode trabalhar o preto, essa marca que você vai ter um a gente seu partikular lá, China, trabalhando para você, will help you.