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magic soaps dropshipping

Published on: February 3 2023 by pipiads

DO NOT DROPSHIP These 5 Items (WARNING - Products that Will LOSE You Money)

Hey guys, Today I'm going to be warning you about five different items that you should avoid and not dropship on AliExpress, especially if you are a newbie. Now, some of these items will lose you money because they convert horribly. so if you try and sell them, you'll lose money running Facebook ads because they're basically doomed to fail from the start. And the other items will potentially lose you money because of the fact that they have risky items that are basically begging to get your PayPal and Stripe accounts shut down due to disputes, refunds and chargebacks. To find out what these five items are, keep watching this video. Alright, let's start out by toking about the first item, But before I do that, I want to make this video a little bit more interesting. Now I'm going to show you this item and I'm going to give you five seconds to think about why you should not dropship this item and you should avoid it, And if you get the answer right, you get 10 points, Yay, Alright. so here is the first product: this little pink dog paw necklace. Can you figure out what is wrong with this product? Five seconds go, Time is up, Alright. so what's wrong with this product is that it is extremely risky and could potentially be a massive trap. Why? Well, because take a look at it: While there are lots of orders showing that this product has plenty of sales potential, there are very few reviews for this product. I remember once being told a story about a new dropshipper that got burned because they took a risk on an unproven product that had very few reviews. There was a super hot cultural trend happening at the time, but there were very few products on AliExpress for it. One of the products on there was a T-shirt and again, it had very few reviews. Well, this guy decided to take a chance, so he advertised it on Facebook and boom, It started selling like crazy. It was his very first winning product and within weeks he was making hundreds of dollars a day. Pretty awesome, right? Well, it was for the first two to three weeks while the items were in transit, And then four weeks went by, and five weeks went by, and six weeks went by, and each subsequent week he was getting more and more emails from customers saying that they did not get their T-shirts. Now, admittedly, this was partially his fault, because he had advertised his product as having worldwide shipping. And, as I said in my video last week, "10 Things to Do Before You Start Dropshipping". that is a very bad idea. Shipping to all countries is not equal. and guess what? As a newbie, he hadn't gone through the hundreds of countries that AliExpress suppliers ship to and checked to see if their shipping options were fast and efficient. But it was also the supplier's fault, because of the fact that they weren't experienced at manufacturing and shipping out this level of volume for this product. He took a risk on an unproven product and he ended up paying a hefty price. For months and months afterwards he was giving out refunds. Now, luckily, this story does have a happy ending. Today he is a successful six-figure dropshipper. He has learned from his mistakes and hopefully you will learn from them as well. Alright, let's move on to the second product that you shouldn't dropship. Remember, if you got this product correctly, you have 10 points. To be honest, figuring out why the next product is a no-no should be pretty easy. so if you get that one right, you only get five points, Okay. so here is the second product, this coffee mug. You've got five seconds to figure out why this product should be avoided. Go, Time is up, Alright, so the reason why you should not dropship this product is because of the fact that it contains a trademark from Star Wars. As I've discussed before on this channel and, surprisingly, one of my more popular videos, "How to Not Get Sued When Dropshipping", selling products that contain trademarks is a really bad idea. Why? Well, because it is highly illegal. These products sell like crazy, which is what makes them so tempting. Products that contain trademarks from popular franchises and brands will always sell really well, But selling them is a really bad idea. For one thing, these products get taken off of AliExpress really quickly because of the fact that they're illegal, and so it is only short-term money. And secondly, as I described in my video "How to Not Get Sued" -- and I do think that everyone should watch it, so I will include a link to it in the description below -- if you try and dropship these items, you really risk the police coming and knocking at your door. So, even though it requires more testing and work, stik to selling items that don't infringe upon copyrights and trademarks. Okay, did you get it right? If so, add five points to your total. If you have no points, that's okay, because you can catch up. The next product is worth 15 points, Alright. so here is the third product. You've got five seconds to figure out why you should not dropship this. Go Time is up. Alright, let's see if you got it right. The reason why you should avoid dropshipping this item is it is really, really boring. It's just a white beanie. I mean, it's a nice white beanie, but it's still just a white beanie that you can buy basically anywhere. Look, something I get asked a ton is "Why would people buy AliExpress products from you for a mark-up when they can go direct to AliExpress or even Amazon and buy them for cheaper". And that's a great question. and let me tell you why. It's because good dropshippers know how to get their customers to impulse buy. Impulse buying is extremely powerful. There is a reason why supermarkets put chocolate bars at the checkouts. It's so that when you see it, you think "Why not" and you just throw it in with the rest of your groceries. You don't need that chocolate bar and you probably shouldn't buy that chocolate bar, but it's right there in your face and so you impulse buy it. To impulse buy something, you need to have a really strong emotional reaction to it where you think "Wow, I really, really want to buy that". So take this coffee mug here, a staple on Wholesale. Ted, It's got this cute little guitar as the mug's handle. This mug sells like crazy on AliExpress, and it doesn't take a genius to figure out why that is. It's because that mug is perfect for people that love playing guitar and also love drinking hot drinks. If you create a Facebook ad targeting those people, showing off this mug, then they're going to look at it and think "Wow, I really want to buy that". But that's not all. Good dropshippers than combine this strong, impulsive emotion with a sense of scarcity, which is exactly what supermarkets do with their chocolate bars. Think about it: You're at the checkout and your groceries are going down the conveyor belt, and so you've probably only got about a minute before all of your groceries are scanned, And that means that you've got just one minute to make a decision. Do you go ahead and buy that chocolate bar that you now really want, or do you leave it behind and miss out? And that is scarcity. You have a limited amount of time to make a decision, and so you take action and you buy that chocolate bar right now, before the opportunity disappears. And so what good dropshippers do is they run limited time offers, and at often times, they will use countdown timers to stress the point that, yes, this is a limited time offer. Not only does the customer now really want this mug, but they believe you when you say that you've only got 12 in stok at 60% off, and so they need to take action right now before they miss out. And so what do they do? They act and they buy it right now. They don't go and price check it against AliExpress or Amazon, because they believe that they're getting a great deal right now. So here is the problem with boring products: They do not create strong impulsive emotions in the customer and it's very, very difficult to create a sen.

Top 10 Daily Winning Products To Dropship in June 2021

hey, this is sell this now. every day i'm looking for new products to sell, so here's my top winning products of the day: [Music]. our next product is the portable ultrasonic insect repeller. this protects your family from mosquitoes and it's perfect to sell during the summer season. with this portable ultrasonic mosquito repeller, you'll feel safe that mosquitoes will never harm them again, and we also think that this item has a broad market base. and, using variable frequency that is inaudible to humans and pets, it keeps mosquitoes away, while safe to use by the whole family, and this item has a high perceived value and i'll give you a good profit margin. and finally, the facebook ad has received more than 1 000 likes. now the selling price for the portable ultrasonic insect repeller is just under 25, whereas the product cost is only 2.99. shipping will set you back 1.59, so you're looking at an excellent profit margin of 20.41. sell this now. our next product is the rainbow colorful eyeliner. this is a precision felt tip liquid eyeliner pen. it's easy to use and its flexible tip glides on smoothly with intense pigmentation in one swipe, without skipping or tugging, and it falls under the beauty niche market, and we also think that this item has a broad market base and many other similar products were winners before on the market, and it's perfect for a one product store. and finally, the facebook ad has received more than 1 300 likes. now the selling price for the rainbow colorful eyeliner is just under 20 dollars, whereas the product cost is only one dollar and nine cents. shipping will set you back three dollars and sixty cents, so you're looking at a good profit margin of fifteen dollars and thirty cents. sell this now. [Music]. our next product is the wireless charger power bank. this wireless power bank has built-in cables that let you charge almost every device out there and charge them fast without the need of an external cable, and it comes with a cable plus wireless charger, and this falls under the phone accessory niche market. and we also think that this item has a broad market base and many other similar products were winners before on the market. and it's thin and easy to carry. and finally, the facebook ad is getting hundreds of likes and comments. now the selling price for the wireless charger power bank is just under forty dollars, whereas the product cost is only twenty dollars and twenty three cents shipping will set you back 2.11, so you're looking at a very good profit margin of 17.65. sell this now. [Music]. we all know that shopify drop shipping is becoming more and more competitive. finding new products before everyone else is the name of the game. there is no magic or luck in this process. dropshippers with the best tools will always be ahead of the trend. adplexity is a premium research tool that gives you real-time data on top trending products. unlike other research tools, it literally reveals the most profitable products and stores at the moment. as a result, they're the only one that can show you hottest trending products in real time, before they get saturated. and good news for our subscribers: we got you an exclusive 25 lifetime discount on your ad plexity membership. click the link in the description to find out. our next product are the long cat shaped towels. this is a quirky product with a wow effect. it's the perfect cat gift to dry your hands and the cat niche is very passionate and there are different cat designs available, and it features snap buttons on their paws. and it's a proven seller on aliexpress with many, many orders. now i haven't seen this product being advertised yet, but it's so cute and quirky that it could get a lot of engagement now. the selling price for the long cat shaped towels is just under 30, whereas the product cost is only 6.85. shipping will set you back 5.72 cents, so you're looking at a very good profit margin of 17.42. sell this now. [Music]. our next product is the hair and beard building fibers. this instantly gives you the appearance of thick and plump hair and beard. it's made with natural plant fiber and it can immediately cover the baldness, sparseness and spots on the temples, beard, top and sides of the head. these hair fibers have a natural, real hair texture and perfect luster, making thin hair thick. and we also think that this item has a broad market base, and we also think it has a lot of untapped potential. so far, there haven't been many orders on aliexpress, so you could definitely take advantage of this, and it's perfect for a one product store or to create a brand around. and finally, the facebook ad has more than one thousand likes. now the selling price of the hair and beard building fibers is just under 24, whereas the product cost is only 4.69. shipping will set you back 1.74, so you're looking at a very good profit margin of 17.56. sell this now. [Music]. our next product is the multi-use mini colander. this is designed to specifically fit cans to fully remove residue inside. it lets you drain, strain and contain food without needing to make a mess or waste food. it falls under the household niche market and it's a proven seller on aliexpress with many, many orders. it's made of food grade silicon material that is safe, highly durable, high temperature resistant and can be reused. now the selling price for the multi-use mini colander is just under 18, whereas the product cost is only 1.89. shipping will set you back 1.28, so you're looking at a good profit margin of 14.82. sell this now. [Music]. our next product is the fur away lint roller. now, this is a definite problem solver. it easily and quickly removes fluff and hair from your clothes or furniture. pet hair and fluff are magnetikally drawn into the collector. unlike other lint rollers, it works without batteries, without refills and without the hassle of cleaning the brush. and we also think that this item has a broad market base. and it works like a paint roller: by moving back and forth over the desired area, it catches the hair and transfers them to the collection tray at the top of the roller. and finally, the facebook ad has not received a lot of likes, but it has received more than 1 500 comments. now the selling price for the fur away lint roller is 24.32, whereas the product cost is only 7.34. shipping is completely free, so you're looking at a very good profit margin of 16.98. sell this now. [Music]. do you have what it takes to scale your store to the moon? shipping your products from aliexpress is good, but what if i told you there is a better way: introducing cj drop shipping. cj dropshipping is a global warehouse network located in china, the us, europe and southeast asia. they can source, store and ship pretty much any product for you, and at very competitive prices. their shipping time is way faster than aliexpress and you can order in bulk. that's why they're your best ally when it comes to drop shipping. click the link in the description to see for yourself and browse their product catalog. our next product is the three-piece drill brush attachment set. now this is a problem solver. simply attach our brushes to your cordless drill and clean any surface with speed and ease. instantly remove stubborn grind dirt, mildew, mold, soap, scum and hard water stains. cut your cleaning time in half and let your drill do the work for you. and we also think that this item has a broad market base and it's a proven seller on aliexpress, with many, many orders now. this product was a winner before, and it's not the first time. it's been promoted on facebook ad. and finally the facebook ad has received more than 1 400 likes. now the selling price for the three-piece drill brush attachment set is just under 25, whereas the product cost is only 6.53. shipping will set you about 1.29, so you're looking at a very good profit margin of 17.17. sell this now. [Music]. our next product is the solar outdoor windbell. this wind chime will add a touch of magic to your outdoor space and it's perfect to sell this summer. it's ideal for decorating terraces, gardens or courtyards.

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☀️ How to Start Dropshipping in Europe 2022

hi again, everybody. welcome back to the channel. in this video, i'm going to be teaching you how to find the best suppliers and how to find the fastest delivery times to your customers within europe. now, if you want to drop ship to, say, the united states or to japan, i'm going to do a separate video on that that will be very similar to this. so check back at this channel for how to start drop shipping internationally now. you might already be a drop shipper or you might be brand new to the game, but whichever you are, i'm going to show you exactly how to get started drop shipping within europe. now. this is going to include countries such as the united kingdom, germany, france, sweden, switzerland, norway, finland, the netherlands, belgium and many more. so if i haven't mentioned your country and it's in europe, then stay for this video now. i'm going to show you three methods for this. first will be on aliexpress, as i'm sure you all know and love. the second will be alternative wholesaler websites, and the third will be on sale source, because it is very, very easy to filter your country. okay, i am ready to share my screen with you. let's go right now. i'm going to show you all three methods as quickly as i can, just to show you how easy it is to do so. essentially, i'm just going to help you find products that are within your customers country or the country that you're selling to. so let's say, for example, we have a sock niche and we're looking at socks. so i would go on to aliexpress and search for socks, um, and here i'm going to go to this magic arrow here and just tap, click from um. so here you can see really easily that you can choose a manufacturer from within the united kingdom, spain, france, czech republic, italy, poland, germany, whatever your country is, i am sure that you'll be able to find it here on this list. so let's say, for example, we are in france. we can see all of these manufacturers- sorry, all of these wholesalers are selling from france. so these are quite cute. let's find something that sold a lot. okay, they, they sold almost a thousand of these. so let's take a look. so now what you would do is collect the stok that you want, um, and you would click on france. you'll be able to see how long it will take to deliver to you. so i'm actually in the united kingdom, so let's try a wholesaler from the united kingdom. okay, 2 300 of these have been sold, so that's promising, um. so i can choose the cute little design i want. i can choose the united kingdom um, and then i can see that this will get to my customer within two weeks. so that is one way of doing it. it can vary between about seven days or two weeks and um. it's just much faster than waiting one month for your order to be delivered to your customer. the second way i would do it, so with this you can then just import this to your store. if you have overload, then you can um import it to your store using oberlo. however, if you have sales source, all you would need to do is go to the bottom bar here, analyze the product and then you can import it to overload from here. it's really useful because you would then be able to look at the marketing and copy these tags to your own ad campaign. but i'll show you that a little later on when we look back at salesforce. so that is how you can quickly and easily find fast shipping on aliexpress. the next thing i'm going to do is look at alternative wholesalers within your country. so if you just google wholesaler, so many will come up. you can google wholesaler uk. you can look at um wholesale wholesalers in france, yep, and then you can even look at wholesalers in, say and then, and you can see where they are and what they do. i know this seems really obvious, but not a lot of people think that they can do this. what you would then do is write out an email, and what i'll do is i'll include an email template in here for you that you can, uh, email your wholesaler and then ask them about drop shipping. so your email should look something like this: okay, so you have your email template. you know roughly what you should be putting in there and you'll see, as you're searching for wholesalers, that, um, some of them are specifically designed for drop shipping, and i will show you one of those websites. now they drop ship um across the uk and europe and that is ancient wisdom. okay, so this is ancient wisdom: dropshipping- and they specialize mostly in beauty and well-being. so we can look at their different departments. you can see that's very focused on aromatherapy and tea and candles and all of those soothing things. they also do things like bath bombs and soap um gemstones. so all of that, and if that is something that you're doing for your store, and then i would really recommend ancient wisdom, um. so let's just choose one product. for example, let's look at the tea. tea is a good one because it's obviously very lightweight. i it doesn't. it doesn't cost a lot to send. yeah, it is something that people constantly want, so it would be something that people could buy again and again. um, cool. so one kg of tea, so one kg of this- will cost you 26 pounds and you can set up as the rrp for about 64 pounds 30. so you can see that's a 40 pound markup and you already know that um on the website. and if i was to order it now, let's look at the shipping. so the shipping will cost seven pound fifty. you can divide that up between your customers or you can charge your customer um, so there is a five pound charge, but you can see that there will be a same day dish dispatch before uh 12 pm, and if we go down here, we can see all of the countries that um they operate in uh. and then we can also look at the delivery here. so it says at the busiest times the dispatch can take up to four working days yet, which means that your shipping will always be between one and two weeks, which is so much better than a month, um, and you feel safe because they're in your country and not that much- fingers crossed, can go wrong, but they can't go, they can't get lost at sea and that kind of thing which they could do if they were coming from china. okay, so now we have gone through aliexpress, we have gone through the alternative wholesalers. now i am going to show you how to use filters to drop ship quickly, uh, to your customers. countries on sale source: ah right, so let's take a look so you can see the range of countries we have here. it's insane, uh. so let's mix things up a little and let's go up to belgium so we can see what products are selling in belgium. cool, and then that's along with their store, for example. now, this is a great store to look at because they have 2.2 million people coming to their store each month, um, and they're selling high tiket products. so let's take a look at what they're doing. this is a store, like i said, based in belgium, and you would be able to find a store within your country if you just chose the right filter. yep, so a you can see the kind of price that you can get these products for, and then you can also see how to market the product. here. you can see how many people are looking at these things per month, so you would get a good amount of traffic when running your facebook ads. um, you can see aliexpress suppliers and then you can also go to the store and check out how they're doing and what their other best sellers are. we can see that this is the best seller, but they obviously sell all of these other products and, um, if you're, if this is the theme of your website or if you have a general store, then you could think about selling these products too. do another one. so, say, if i am here in the united kingdom and we could do this, for, like finland or like any other country, rip dreams. these guys also have a lot of traffic every month. so, um, sexy picture going on there. uh, we can look at how these guys are doing, what they're selling and how much they're making per month, as well as how well this product is doing. so they're selling them for 35 dollars. um, you can see the supplier selling them for nine dollars, and from here i can literally just import it with oberlo, or i can then check the product on aliexpre.

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TOP 10 WINNING PRODUCTS TO DROPSHIP NOW: Best Shopify Dropshipping Products for Summer 2020

in this video, I'm gonna show you 10 winning products that you can sell on your Shopify store or your drop shipping store to get the best results possible in the next couple of weeks and months. you guys asked for it: weekly product list. let's go. hey, it's Raphael Cintron here, and even though I don't believe in a secret sauce or a magic bullet for your results in order for you to be successful with your Shopify business, there are some things that will help you. that's why I make these winning product videos. don't take them as sort of: oh, this is the product that's gonna make me six figures or seven figures, and if I don't make it with this product, I'm gonna fail. No, take it as a product that's gonna help you shortcut the process of researching, spending hundreds of hours or time on this, or spending a bunch of money on ads, testing products that don't work. I'm gonna give you the ones that do and that I see that have a lot of potential, from thousands of people that I've helped in this business. and before I give you the list, in two weeks exactly, we are starting our five-day live Shopify training. I'm gonna teach you absolutely everything that you need to know about products, about ads about Shopify stores so you can scale your business up to the next level. all you got to do to join that is to click that first link down in the description and request to join the private group. the event will be held five days alive on that private group, by me teaching you everything that you need to know, plus live Q&A s and special gifts and everything for you. now onto the products. the first one up is this leaf shaped soap box. I'm gonna show you exactly what it is. so it's a little soap box here you can put your soap or anything in the bathroom. it is leaf shape and I actually found it on Facebook. I'm gonna show you the video ad here. I think has a lot of potential. doesn't have that many orders, not a huge scaled up product. the ad is from Jun, so actually about two weeks or three weeks ago they start running this ad. you can put the thing here and the good thing about it is it solves a problem which is soap meshes up or it gets really mushy on regular soap holders because there's water that is saved on the soap and basically the sub soap soap holder. what it does is it keeps it very dry and it keeps it nice and firm, the soap, so it pushes out all the water, also for spun and anything like that. uh, nassif, I would click here on this partikular app on Aliexpress. we can see the sales volume of it and here on the right hand side we can see in the last week it sold 80 in the last 14 days. so one hundred and sixty one has total of two thousand orders in the past six months. so this is a product that has so consistently ten to twenty orders a day, every single day, is solves a big problem that a lot of people struggle with and they're willing to pay twenty fifteen dollars for this. you can also sell them multiple of them, so you can buy it for around three to four dollars, sell it for on ten and then sell about four or five of the same products. so it's not about the margin on each product, it's about the margin on the order as a whole. so I think it has a lot of potential, especially on Facebook ads. so if a good problem target home owners- people have a home, people have a family, for example, a lot of different bathrooms in their home- and then target them with multiple of the same product, definitely a good one to sell right now. for the next one up, it is this magnetik therapy glove and what it does is you put on your hand. this is more targeted towards old people or people that work online a lot and on their computers your wrists start to hurt. my wrists start there and my hands start to hurt when I work a lot on the computer- and obviously a lot more people now, with the pandemic, are working at home, working from their laptops. it's a great product that helps them not have pain. and right here, this one actually one of our employees. we just hired two employees that were ex shopify workers. they worked at Shopify, finding products, building stores. we just hire them for my team to help my students and one of them found this partikular product. they look really good. two thousand orders here and five-star reviews on all of their products. you can see the statistiks by day. something about eleven in the last seven days sold about eighty one hundred and sixty one. so the order volume is quite consistent with the first product that we saw: ten to twenty per day consistently, and it's a product that solves a massive problem. you can make a nice video explaining and teaching people why they need a product like this or a glove like this when their hands start to hurt. you can also target older people who have arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and it could be a great product that they see a lot of value in it, because pain solving problems or pain solving products problems- all products- definitely have a huge margin because people really feel the value in buying it from you. the next video up is a very interesting one because of the whole social distancing pandemic situation that we're going currently going through right now. it is a hands-free touching tool or touching kit. so what this tool does is you can open doors with it, you can touch elevators, you can touch ATM machines, which are disgusting most of the times, like this one in this partikular product. it sells for a dollar. you can get it for two, three dollars for most suppliers out there and then, like I said, you can bundle it together with a lot of the same product so you can sell it for around ten dollars, sell for five, six, even ten at a time for a family selling really well: 1200 orders. if you look at the order stats, its selling about forty five per week, 90 every two weeks, six per day. but there's a product that has a lot of more potential. I just found it a couple of days ago. it's been selling for around two to three weeks now, quite consistently, and I think it has a huge, huge potential once people start to go out more- and they're already starting to more, especially in the USA. but a lot of people are still scared about the coronavirus, about the pandemic, so this is more of a fear mongering product or a product that people buy when they think, oh my god, I'm so scared about the corona virus, going outside, going with the pandemic. they just use this tool and I feel a lot safer. it's something that a lot of people are willing to pay a lot of money for and they see a lot of value in a product like this. the next product of this: survival chainsaw. it is a small product for around eight to ten dollars, and what it does is you can pretty much cut anything you want without having a real chainsaw. people that are interested in survivalist, survivalist niches, anything like that, or just adventure pandemic, these obscure niches that a lot of people have very, very strong feelings about- you can sell this partikular product. it is basically a portable chainsaw. you can use it for whatever you want: if you're going camping, hiking, going in the woods, you can just cut up a tree, cut up whatever you want. you can cut up wood to make a fire. so it's a very useful product that people are willing to pay good money for and they can pretty much cut anything they want. doesn't have that many orders or on 650 right here, but it's not. the order volume is. the potential that this product has solves massive for anybody that is going in the woods, going hiking. and then also is a niche that people are very passionate about, which is survivalism, survival gear. now that it's summer, even more people are going outdoor, people are going to the woods, people are going to the mountains, going with friends. so this is a product that I just saw- I found it about three days ago, I think- has a huge, huge potential for you to sell, if you are selling to any of these kinds of categories of people that are interested in outdoor sports or just going out in general, if we click on a sofa here, the order volume, like I said, it's just twenty three, twenty something per week, even th.

Dr. Squatch Soap EXPOSED (YouTube Sponsors Exposed)

you've read the title, you know what time it is. it's time for youtube sponsors exposed. today we're looking at dr squatch. i guess this is probably more of an instagram sponsor exposed, because i usually see them advertised on instagram. so dr squatch claims to be true men's soap for men. don't use your stupid, evil, toxic laundry detergent, liquid soap anymore, shower gel or whatever. no use dr squatch which, based on the ingredients list, is oil, scented oil in a bar. i'm not hugely optimistik at this thing's ability to actually clean, but we're gonna give it an honest go. but this is essentially like lathering up with scents and oils, which is what they did like a long time ago. but we've kind of advanced to have, you know, germ killing properties in our soap and such that this really doesn't seem to have. but there's only one way to find out: we have to test the squatch [Applause]. we are back. we are arguably clean. so let's tok about the squatch. this is going to be kind of similar to the ridge wallet. if you ever watched that review, which i recommend, that and all of my exposed series reviews link will be popping up above my head if i remember to put it there. let's just tok a bit about it. you, you smell nice afterwards. it's got enough exfoliating properties and the sea salt and stuff like that to clean off enough dead skin. so long as you take a pretty warm to hot shower, you're gonna feel clean. you would probably want to have a nice and chemically soap on standby, like a liquid soap or something like that, in case you were really nasty one day and needed to kill some like bacteria or something and make sure you're still washing your hands with regular bacteria killing, you know, chemically hand soaped throughout the day, because this, this will clean you up but it won't necessarily kill some bacteria. that's probably harmful to keep on your body, especially. you know you're licking your fingers or something after eating, blah, blah, blah. but ninety percent of what you interact with on a normal day is going to be handled by soap like this and you'll be fine. so this is this is fine for a daily soap. i just want to put that disclaimer out. you probably want some nice, wonderful chemically soaps or hand sanitizers on standby in case your day gets real nasty. so let's go to the verdict. is it as advertised? i mean, yeah, it's as advertised. it's a natural soap. it uses sustainable palm oil, which it's still not good to use palm oil at all, even sustainable. but at least it's better than tearing down forests for palm oil. it's- it's what it says it is. it smells nice. you'll feel clean after using it. it doesn't feel as kind of grimy as some liquid soaps and whatever. but the real question, the big question that we answer: is it worth it? no, these cost between eight and ten dollars per bar, depending on how you get it: subscription, subscription or otherwise. eight to ten dollars for one little bar of soap that's probably gonna last you the few months depending on your showering habits. at best, you can scroll right into amazon, our best friend, and find soaps with pretty much the exact ingredient list as this guy made in canada, mind you. so it's not even like it's some chinese overlord company and you'll get like six bars for sixteen dollars. this one bar is eight to ten dollars and that soap's going to be the same as this. do you see the problem? this is another case, which is very common, of these things you see advertised all the time- of price inflation due to brand recognition, and the smart thing about this marketing tiknique is that they will give you something that's actually a good product, so they keep really good reviews, but the problem is you're none the wiser that it is a very inflated cost for this product, so i do not recommend. ah, i do not recommend this product because i i would just recommend the cheaper alternatives on amazon. make sure you get the ones that say sustainable palm oil. if they're using palm oil, though, at the very least spend the extra four dollars per six pack or whatever. anyway, that's all for me. leave your comments below of what you think if you've tried this stuff before and what sponsor dealie you want me to expose. neck, these videos usually lose me sponsorship dollars instead of gain me sponsorship dollars, so consider supporting the channel in other ways, like subscribing or joining the channel. links are below in the description. appreciate you, guys. until next time i scheme, you scheme, we all ski for ice cream. [Music], bye, [Music], so [Music]- hey.


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Comments secrets down below: subscribe. hit that notification bell and I'll pick one Person for every video to give out that exclusive module. comment secrets- subscribe. hit that Notification about. click that first link in the description to schedule your free one-on-one call. now Let's get on to this beautiful list right here: top 21 products to drop. sure right now We'll be going through them one by one and sure how we found them, What is a place, look at example for each out of you one of them and how to target them and how to Essentially sell them and what you can do to get the most profit out of these products. the first one: tactikal, full-figure Tactikal gloves. how we found I'll show you the video right here. And this partikular one is very interesting. I think this could be just like the indestructible shoes that I mentioned a while back in April, before they became Massive. and if we look at indestructible shoes, calm. This is the brand that was able to turn, and before watch this video, I want to show you the example here. indestructible shoes was able to turn shoes that are waterproof, breathable, Non-breakable, into a massive brand, making one seven hundred thousand dollars per month. The same thing could happen with these tactikal deluxe in the circle gloves. if you look at the video right here, You basically the the gloves can't break. You can't break your hand while doing crazy things or just doing whatever you want. You can use your touchscreen with it as well, just like this. and Yeah, right here, It's the same thing as the indestructible shoes. Like you can't break them, You can't burn them, You can't destroy them, but now it's a glove. so I think it's a big, big opportunity to build a brand out of Tactikal gloves to make millions of dollars. just like indestructible shoes is the same exact thing. This video has been running for about a month now- 634 thousand views, which is pretty nice, and it's scaling slowly, slowly. last time I checked they sound like 400,000 views, So they're Scaling it up, just like in the structural shoes. What's doing five, six months ago? now it's gloves. So you want to go ahead and be first in that trend. the engagement is pretty tight here. It's a pretty big on that size. You can definitely go ahead and sell this partikular product, But I recommend for targeting is tactikal brands. Anything has to do with indestructible tactikal gear or military gear, hunting, construction and outdoor sports. one big, big interest for indestructible shoes Was people that work in construction. one of my students made more than ten thousand dollars Selling these shoes back in April by targeting people that worked in construction, Had a construction company or were interested in construction and home construction in general. So it's gonna be a huge, huge one. the second one that I want to show you: this smart comb soap dispenser. We're gonna pull it up and you probably know if you travel, if you go to places that are Public and big like malls and so on, They always have these smart dispensers where you put your hand and it pulls up the, the soap. These are for home soap dispensers, So they're taking that tiknology and basically selling it at home and you can easily dropship this from Aliexpress is not some patented think. so you can basically see the video here and It's a simple product. in about a week It has four hundred and thirty four Thousand views in a week. in one simple week, half a million views- Absolutely insane. It's scaling up really hard the engagement over here. It's good. If we look at the store over here selling at household touchless soap dispenser- It's called fresh piss calm- You can see the reviews on the bottom and the whole page basically showing you these little gifts What it's. it's solving a problem where people are basically having a mess on their soaps as well. It's really good for people to have children. So if you want to target parents and just people that have a family in general, it's a great product. It's antibacterial, So it helps in keeping your hands cleaner Instead of like pushing on that thing every single time. and if you want to target this partikular product, you can do parents, Which I think it's gonna be a big one. that is why it's so scalable, because something that parents worry about- everybody that has a family in some way it worries about that or It's just easier and more convenient and you can use it in that way as well as home brands, home improvement grants like Home Depot, Lowe's- all these brands are really good for that- and soap brands- people that are interested in soap and Interesting so friends on Facebook- It's gonna be a very target at one that you can sell this product to. maybe they have a lot of soaps. there are soap Enthusiasts. they buy all these things for soap or some fancy soap- this spencer's. now they have a smart home soap dispenser. I think it's gonna be a great product to sell. the third product that I want to show you is the split flexibility helper. right here We're gonna look at the video, and this is one product that we sold a lot of money- twenty thousand dollars- back in February and January- and now it's making a massive comeback. in about three weeks It has three hundred and sixty nine thousand views. You can see the video right here. basically helps you make better splits. The engagement is low, which it could be. It's either a watch page or they're running a lot of video view ads for this partikular product, but it's still running. It's cildren pretty well and it was a product that they're well for us. So if somebody's reviving it and it's running it again, that could be that it's gonna be a massive one again, And it's also a good Christmas gift for anybody that's interested in yoga, Maybe doing the splits, maybe sports as well, any combat sports, this super important. I'm a judo back in the day and it was super important to be flexible as a great product to give for Christmas. for Now it's Cyber Monday, It's gonna be huge, So I think it's a great product for you to sell. if you want to target for it, You can do yoga, people interested in pole dancing, gymnastiks and also people interested in combat sports- jiu-jitsu, Judo, MMA- all of that- It's a great product to sell for them And it's also a great product to gift to those people. for the fourth product right here: the home faucet Booster shower. this one, you've probably seen it because it comes from sleek's, which is a brand that absolutely blew up with a tile Dispenser, that little tiled product that you p.