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main street market ads

Published on: August 6 2023 by pipiads

Starbucks: What Went Wrong in Australia?

- Starbucks has over 28,000 locations in 76 markets worldwide.

- However, one continent that has proven to be tough for Starbucks is Australia.

- Starbucks closed two-thirds of its stores in Australia in 2008.

- So, what went wrong with Starbucks in Australia?

1. Rapid Expansion:

- Starbucks opened its first Australian shop in Sydney in 2000 and expanded rapidly.

- By 2008, Starbucks had 87 stores across the continent.

- They launched too quickly without giving Australian consumers time to develop an appetite for the brand.

- They also moved into regional areas and outer suburbs, making Starbucks too readily available.

- This lack of organic growth and point of difference led to failure.

2. Financial Losses:

- In its first 7 years in Australia, Starbucks accumulated losses of 105 million.

- In 2007, Starbucks Australia took loans totaling 54 million from the US.

- In 2008, Starbucks announced the closure of 61 stores due to the financial crisis.

- This retreat was embarrassing for the brand.

3. Coffee Culture and Competition:

- Australians are spoiled for choice when it comes to coffee.

- Australia's coffee market is one of the biggest in the world, with an expected revenue of over 6 billion in 2018.

- Australians have been immersed in cafe culture since the mid-1900s, introduced by Italian and Greek immigrants.

- Australians prefer specialty menu items like flat whites and Australian macchiatos.

- Starbucks offered a basic menu with sugary drinks that didn't align with local tastes.

- Australians opted to pay less for coffee they liked from local baristas they trusted.

4. Success of Gloria Jean's:

- Gloria Jean's, an American coffee company, thrived in Australia.

- Founded in Chicago and now based in Australia, Gloria Jean's has over 400 locations.

- The company attributed its success to two Australians who franchised the business.

- Gloria Jean's adapted its menu to Australian coffee culture, offering a wide variety of espresso drinks and specialty coffee.

- Starbucks is opening its first store in Milan, Italy, later this year.

- The company plans to develop in Italy with humility and respect for the coffee culture.

- Starbucks is also making a comeback in Australia, targeting tourists and international students.

- The company hopes to be a familiar face for tourists visiting popular vacation destinations.

- Tourists could be the key to Starbucks' success in Australia and preventing another downfall.

The future of shopping: what's in store?

The Retail Revolution: How Your Data is Driving the Future of Shopping

- The internet has revolutionized the way we shop, giving consumers more choices and power.

- Chinese live streaming star, Chinathisis, has become a key opinion leader in retail and has helped make China the world leader in e-commerce.

- Western retailers are playing catch up, but some are starting to harness the power of consumer data.

- The pandemic has accelerated the shift to online shopping and the need for direct-to-consumer selling.

1. Personalized Services of the Past:

- In the 16th century, shoppers received personalized service, but it came at a premium price.

- The industrial revolution brought mass production and limited choices, with products being sold in small shops.

- The internet changed everything, giving consumers more choices than ever before.

2. The Power Shift to the Consumer:

- 30 years ago, brands defined themselves, but now consumers have the power through reviews, social media, and influencers.

- China leads the way in e-commerce with its live streaming influencers, such as Chinathisis, selling a wide range of products.

- Chinese consumers are more willing to allow data tracking, giving retailers valuable insights into their preferences.

3. Western Retailers Catching Up:

- Western retailers historically had little data about their customers, while online companies collected vast amounts.

- The pandemic forced many traditional retailers to close stores, but those that utilized consumer data thrived.

- Amazon, with its established logistical system and customer data, surpassed $100 billion in quarterly sales.

4. Direct-to-Consumer Selling and Data Collection:

- Some brands, like Nike, are focusing on direct-to-consumer selling to gather more customer data.

- Nike's loyalty program and apps allow for personalized experiences and insights into customer behavior.

- Shopify, an e-commerce platform, saw a significant increase in new stores during the pandemic, offering a simplified way for brands to sell online.

5. The Future of Retail:

- Retailers need to adapt to customers' preferences, whether they prefer brick-and-mortar stores or online platforms like Instagram.

- Nike's stores provide a personalized and interactive experience, capturing more data and improving stock control.

- The volume of data collected globally is expected to increase, raising concerns about privacy and data exploitation.

- The retail revolution is driven by consumer data, allowing retailers to better understand and meet customer demands.

- The future of shopping will involve a blend of online and offline experiences, with retailers prioritizing customer loyalty and data privacy.

- Retailers that embrace consumer data and adapt to changing preferences will thrive in the new era of shopping.

Main Street Basics Promotion

Hello and welcome to this session as one part of a six-part Main Street Iowa orientation video series. Other videos in the series include in-depth discussions on each of the Main Street Four Points. In addition to a general presentation covering the Main Street Approach overview, as well as a discussion on the foundations of local Main Street program management. Today's session will go into more detail about the promotion point of the Main Street approach.

Promotion is one of four integrated values that help create the framework for this comprehensive approach to Main Street district revitalization. As you participate in this training, we challenge you to think about how each of the four points overlap and support each other through this process, not as individual silos or isolated committees, but as a coordinated and powerful strategy for your local Main Street program.

This promotion training will be facilitated by Main Street Iowa's Downtown Development Specialist, Carol Lilly. Carol is one member of our Main Street Iowa team, a team that is here to support your local Main Street program with technical support, assistance, and connection to the broader Main Street network both here in Iowa and across the country.

Carol, I will turn it over to you. Thank you, Michael. As Michael said, today we are going to dig into promotion, so let's get started.

Activities generated through the promotion point are typically highly visible to the community. This point addresses all things social with the purpose of attracting people to the district. It encompasses everything from festivals to pub crawls to general invitations to experience the downtown district.

To be effective in promotional activities, you need to understand the changing market, both customers and your competition. You need to define the market, the Main Street's market niche, which is its unique position in the marketplace. You need to identify downtown assets, which include people, buildings, heritage institutions. And finally, you need to create new image campaigns, new retail promotions, and special events to lure people back downtown. You need to spread the word about those activities strategically.

This sounds like a lot to undertake, but because promotions is one of four points, you'll have the support of the design, organization, and economic vitality teams to help you achieve your goals. In order to understand the customer base, you need to know who they are. Rely on your EV team to help you with this process.

Robin Bostrom talks about the ESRI data in her economic vitality presentation. ESRI data provides you with a wealth of information. Use it to identify and learn about your potential markets.

So what are your district assets? Work with the design team to learn more about physical assets and buildings. Build partnerships with the historical society, other nonprofits, and institutions to get an understanding of social assets in your community. It's the people, heritage, and institutions that set your community apart from all others. So what's that one thing that makes your downtown special? Is it the physical landscape like Snake Alley in Burlington? Is it a beautiful historic theater with regular live performances? Or a whitewater course like the one in Elkader or Charles City? A bell tower like in Jefferson? Or perhaps your heritage like the Czech heritage in Cedar Rapids?

So you've done your research, you've got the data, you've identified your target market. Now you can start thinking about what activities to add to your promotions calendar. What are you going to do? There are basically three types of promotional activities: image-building, sales or business promotions, and special events and festivals. So no matter what promotional activity you do, you need to ask three questions: Does it address your organization's mission and vision? And does it have specific and measurable goals and objectives? If the answer is not yes, don't do it or adapt your plans to meet those goals.

Image-building events, campaigns, and activities are not focused on retail or business. They are done to reinforce that the Main Street district is an authentic, dynamic, lively place. It is the center of community life, the place that makes people feel proud. Image must be crafted and reflect the values of the committee. It becomes the community's brand. Be authentic, focus on what's best, and what has the most potential. Generate fresh activity to help downtown become or remain the center of community life. The materials you create should be high quality and reflect a sense of place. Showcase the progress that's been happening downtown. It generates excitement. What does that excitement do? It attracts more investors, shoppers, diners, and residents who want to be where the action is.

There's a couple of examples here on the slide. Rapids branding campaign is one. The brand has specific guidelines and is carried through into all support materials to reinforce their image. Support materials are everything from signage to brochures to letterhead. The picture on the right is an image campaign from Avoca where they celebrated their 150-year anniversary, which is a milestone event.

Use a variety of targeted materials to create the image you want to portray, and remember to reflect quality and the characteristics of the district as a whole. There are a lot of tools that you can use, and remember, you can't reach every audience with one medium. You need to use blogs, videos, social media profiles, and campaigns, hashtags, brochures, ads, and tourism guides, coordinated window displays, billboards, banners, stickers, press releases, press recruits. Use it all. You should use your logo and your tagline in the signature of your email. You need to spread your brand and your message in every communication that you can think of.

You can use a lot of these methods not only to share your image but also to talk about sales events and festivals too. When you're crafting your image, accentuate the positives and dispel the negative. Tell a compelling story of your downtown and the people in it. Lamar's is a great example of a community with a general campaign. They are branded as the Ice Cream Capital of the World. They have carried that theme throughout the community. There are ice cream statues, signage, anything and everything is included in that Ice Cream Capital of the World strategy.

Image campaigns can also help with a short-term situation like a street state project. The image from Nevada and their message is very clear: Businesses are open again. Use every form of marketing that we talked about earlier to tell your story.

So what are some other ways that you can build your image? You can hold annual meetings and celebrate significant achievements or milestones. During those annual meetings, you can celebrate historical events. Main Street Iowa award recognitions. Share that information with your community. If you win an award or even if you nominate something, share that you've participated in that bigger process. Conduct ribbon cuttings, do grand openings, promote everything happening in your district to promote a positive image.

The next type of promotional event that we're going to talk about, or activity that we're going to talk about, that should be in your calendar are business promotions. These activities generate immediate sales of goods and services. So typically, we immediately begin to think of retail events, but don't overlook dining, service, and entertainment venues because they all need to ring the register and generate sales too.

I love this example from Marion because it taps into their image, and it's also a very sales-focused piece. It tells you exactly how you can support businesses financially. In sales events, you will want to showcase the variety of goods and services that are available within your downtown area. Promote the area as a cooperative, unified district group, and a group of people working together design those sales events to ring sale after sale after sale.

Sales efforts don't have to be events. A well-done window display that highlights a product can also help improve sales. Creating window scavenger hunts to get people downtown and really looking in windows and at the displays is a way to help generate sales. Assist with in-store merchandising and include information about coupons or reward programs within the display. Good visual displays are good things to share on Instagram and in social media. You can offer sampling of mixes or food items that they sell in the store. Create a district-wide gift certificate program. Develop contests or games. There are all kinds of examples out there that you can use if you just Google. Host live social media events and showcase things that are

Shopping at the Grocery Store - English Conversation

In this article, we will explore a conversation between a customer and a grocery store employee. The customer will be shopping for various items, and we will witness their interaction at different sections of the store. Let's dive into the dialogue and see what happens!


Customer: Hello! Can I help you?

Employee: Yes, please. I would like a loaf of white bread, a dozen eggs, and milk.

Customer: Sure. How much milk would you like?

Employee: I'd like two cartons of milk. Okay?

Customer: Anything else?

Employee: Yes, a small bag of flour and a bottle of oil. What kind of oil would you like?

Customer: A small bottle of olive oil, please.

Employee: Here you are. Will that be all?

Customer: Yes, that's all. How much is it?

Employee: That's 23 dollars. Here you are, and here is your receipt.

Customer: Could you please give me a bag?

Employee: Yes, of course. Here it is. Have a nice day!

Customer: Thank you. Goodbye!

Customer: Hi, hi! What can I do for you?

Employee: I would like a bunch of bananas and a kilo of red apples.

Customer: Uh, I'm afraid we only have green apples left. Is that all right?

Employee: Yes, that will be fine. Anything else?

Customer: Yes, have you got any olives?

Employee: Yes, we have both green and black olives. Which do you prefer?

Customer: I would like a jar of green olives.

Employee: Here you are. How much does it cost?

Customer: It's 10.75. Here you are, and here is your change and receipt. Thank you!

Customer: See you soon. Thanks for coming. Bye!

Grocery Shopping:

Music: What are we going to buy from the grocery store, Mom?

Mom: Let's first go to the produce section to buy fruits and vegetables.

Music: This is the produce section. We need tomatoes and carrots. I would like to buy some oranges. They look so fresh.

Mom: Okay, you should put them in a plastic bag. We've run out of cereals, so we need to buy two boxes.

Music: Are these okay?

Mom: Those are perfect. You can put them into the cart.

Music: Mom, can I buy some chips to have a snack a little later?

Mom: I'm afraid not. Chips are not healthy. I am going to bake some cookies later on, so you'll have a great snack.

Music: That sounds wonderful. Let's go and pick up the ingredients. We need flour, sugar, butter, eggs, and raisins.

Mom: This is the dairy section. Let's take the butter and the eggs. I would like to buy some yogurt too. Is that okay?

Music: Yes, sure. Put it into the cart. I'll take two cups.

Mom: Why have we come to the fresh meat section? Do we need to buy anything from here?

Music: Yes, we need chicken because I want to cook a chicken broth.

Mom: Look, this frozen pizza must be delicious. Please put it back. You'll have a delicious meal at home.

In this article, we witnessed a conversation between a customer and a grocery store employee. The customer successfully completed their shopping, and we also saw a conversation between a mother and her child while grocery shopping. It's important to make healthy choices and consider homemade options for snacks. Remember, grocery shopping can be a fun and productive activity. Enjoy your shopping and have a wonderful day!

Pinterest CEO: Expanding Advertising Markets | Mad Money | CNBC

Last month, Pinterest went public and received a warm welcome on Wall Street. But should individual investors consider investing in this newly public stock? In this article, we will explore whether Pinterest can create a delightful addition to your portfolio.

Pinterest's Early Performance:

Despite some initial obstacles, Pinterest's stock showed strong momentum in its early weeks. However, a recent setback caused the stock to plummet. This decline can be attributed to the company's high customer acquisition costs, which is understandable considering its rapid growth.

Interview with Ben Silbermann, Co-founder and CEO of Pinterest:

In a recent interview with Ben Silbermann, he shared his thoughts on how being a public company aligns with Pinterest's core values. He emphasized that Pinterest is not about showing off or being promotional but rather about personal inspiration and discovery. The platform allows users to explore their interests and plan for their future, making it a unique service.

Revenue Growth and Advertising Solutions:

Pinterest has experienced impressive revenue growth, with a 54% increase. Silbermann attributes this success to the close alignment between users' desire for inspiration and businesses' aim to reach new customers. Unlike other online services, Pinterest's ads are relevant and actually help users achieve their goals.

Empowering Small and Medium-Sized Businesses:

Pinterest aims to empower small and medium-sized businesses, providing them with an authentic way to reach their target audience. Silbermann believes that these businesses often offer the most interesting products and services, and Pinterest offers them a chance to showcase their creations. The company is working on simple advertising tools and measurement solutions to make advertising on Pinterest accessible and effective for these businesses.

The Nice Culture at Pinterest:

There is a perception among Wall Street analysts that Pinterest's management team is too nice. However, Silbermann believes that being nice and being successful in business are not mutually exclusive. The company's focus on inspiration and empowerment is reflected in its internal culture and the way it projects itself to the world.

User Growth and International Expansion:

Pinterest has experienced a 22% increase in users, both in the United States and internationally. The company is dedicated to bringing inspiration to people all around the world, and its growth in international markets is a testament to its success in achieving this goal.

Visual Appeal and Machine Learning:

Pinterest's visual nature has always been a key aspect of the platform. Silbermann, who has a love for design, believes that pictures can convey ideas more effectively than words. The company's recommendation algorithms leverage machine learning to provide users with personalized recommendations based on their taste preferences.

Potential for Community Events:

While Pinterest has organized meetups in various locations, there is potential for larger community events, similar to what Warren Buffett has done with Berkshire Hathaway. These events could provide an opportunity for users to connect, learn, and become ambassadors for the platform.

Despite the recent stock slump, Pinterest remains a promising investment opportunity. With its unique focus on personal inspiration and its dedication to empowering small and medium-sized businesses, the company has the potential to create a delightful addition to any investor's portfolio.

PAW Patrol BEST Holiday Rescues! ❄️ | 30 Minute Compilation | Nick Jr.

Using #Headings# and #Sub-headings#, Try to Use Contractions, Idioms, Transitional Phrases, Interjections, Dangling Modifiers, and Colloquialisms and Avoid Repetitive Phrases and Unnatural Sentence Structures

## Introduction ##

- Music using a real-life Christmas tree is a great idea, Rocky, but it's so tall. Did we make enough decorations?

- Don't worry, Marshall. I've got some Christmas lights in my pup house. I'll get them.

## Decorating the Tree ##

- Well, that's as far as I can reach. How will we hang anything on those high branches?

- I'm on it.

- Here's some lights. Let's decorate.

- Joy!

- Good job, pups. The ornaments we made look great on the tree.

## Something's Missing ##

- Hmm... something's missing. What? The star! We need to put the star on top.

- I'll do it.

- There! Now we know Santa will find us and bring lots of presents. This will be the best Christmas ever.

## Fun in the Snow ##

- That's one way to get down the hill.

- I'm going this way. Do not try that at home.

- Are you okay, Marshall? I'm fine, just helping you guys get down. It's cold, and I'm starting to shiver.

- Don't worry, we'll get you out of that chair as soon as I get out of this snow.

- You okay, buddy? Yeah, but my tail's a little chilly.

## Building Stairs ##

- Hey Ryder, what's the plan? We can't get Marshall's ladder down here, so I thought we could build some stairs.

- Stairs? We can make a giant snow staircase.

- That should do it. Yay, Ryder! Cali is getting pretty cold. I'll give you a hand.

## Winter Wonder Show ##

- Oh, thanks Ryder. Wow, Kelly, whoa, what are you doing?

- Kelly: Marshall, wow!

- And how about you, Marshall? I'm okay, I'm just not much of a snow pup.

- Peggy, Pete, Poindexter, come on, it's showtime. Thanks a million, Ryder.

- Don't thank me, thank Tracker and his big ears. Just yelp for help or whisper, I'll hear you.

## Pop Rock Performance ##

- We wrote a special song for the Winter Wonder Show, folks. But we never came up with the last line.

- Remember, we're the Paw Patrol. We got this, right?

- And a one and a two and a one, two, three.

- It makes us happy, 'cause we love the snow.

## Ice Rescue Mission ##

- You're the Paw Patrol. You're the ones to thank, especially Tracker. He's your biggest fan, Santa.

- Santa: Santa? It's really him, Tracker. And the pups were willing to miss Christmas in order to rescue others in need. What good pups! That truly is the Christmas spirit.

## Snowboarding Adventure ##

- Ryder, the weather report says an even bigger storm is on its way. You gotta get down the mountain now.

- Everest, can you and Bettina start now?

- We're as ready as we'll ever be, Ryder.

## Rescuing Jake from the Mountain ##

- Ryder, this is a disaster. The Paw Patrol has to fix this.

- I know, what if we turn Sports Day into Snow Sports Day? What do you say, Mayor Goodway? Let the games begin again.

## Bear Rescue Mission ##

- Marshall, you need to get up to Jake's mountain as fast as you can. Ready for a ruff ruff rescue?

- Great, because we need your fire engine ladder to save three bears. I mean, uh, okay, I'm on my way.

## Saving Christmas ##

- We've got the star, and it's...

SCAM 2021? | Mainstreet Marketplace

Hello everyone and welcome to my channel! I know this is new, this is different, why is this all happening, huh? Why am I not standing? You have a lot of questions. Well, this video is a little different from the title, you might have guessed, I got scammed. This is how it all started.

A few days ago, I was going through my social media, as I do all the time. I saw Karan Khatri's story. Karan Khatri is an Indian hypebeast, he has a YouTube channel with a lot of subscribers. He makes videos on sneakers, mostly. It was about an Instagram page by the name Main Street Metro from Marketplace by Michael.

The name was Main Street Metro from Marketplace. Wrap your head around that. They were actually organizing a raffle giveaway. So basically, what is a raffle? In a raffle, when you get a ticket, you're basically paying for a chance to win a new sneaker, not paying for it directly. Once you win, you shall receive a call being asked to pick up your new pair for retail price, and they randomly pick one of you as the winner.

So, I got excited and obviously, I bought a slot. The first one I subscribed for was the Nike Dunk Low Spartan Green. I paid 1178 rupees, to be exact, including shipping. And I didn't win the giveaway, but it was fine because they claimed even if you don't win the raffle, you can use your spent money as store credit on their site. Basically, you can buy anything from their site with the money you spent.

Naturally, I felt drawn to other sneaker giveaways. I wanted to participate in more, right? Because I don't do raffles. Raffles are just not my thing. I've done it just once previously, other than that, I've never done it. This is the second time I've ever participated in a raffle. So, I entered the second raffle as well, and the second raffle was for the Nike Jordan 4 University Blue. It was dropping that same day, so I wanted my hands on that. I wanted to review it on my channel.

This time, I bought three slots. The more slots you buy, the better your chances of winning are, basically. So, I bought three slots. I got the buy two get one free walla slot for which I paid 3500 rupees, to be exact, including shipping. And I didn't win that either. Still, I was like, cool, no problem. This happens in raffles all the time. And the next giveaway was on Travis Scott's own birthday and the new sneaker released of the Nike Travis Scott 6 British Cocky. This one was not going for 999 rupees, but this one was going for 1999 rupees. So, I paid 2,360 rupees, including the shipping charges.

By now, I had spent 7074 rupees. And if I won the Travis Scott Jordans that were on retail for eighteen thousand rupees plus, they are very difficult to cop on retail, so that was a pretty big deal if I won those.

So, I entered the raffle giveaway. Later that night, the results finally came in. And guess what? This time, it was no different at all. I still didn't win. I was like, but okay, no problem. I still got my store credit that I can redeem from this store. But I had just one month before that subscription ends, so I was like, all right, no problem. We can buy something in this month, I can buy something in this month, unless I don't forget about it, which I tend to do a lot.

And when I was participating in these raffles, I also posted a story on my Instagram promoting these raffles, as Karan Khatri did. So, maybe some of you people from those stories actually participated in that raffle as well.

So, the next day, I got texts from a few different people asking for help as they can't use their raffle subscription amount for a reason I'll tell you in the later part of the video. Seeing this, I got concerned, not really for the money I spent, but for the money these people spent from their own pockets or owing to their parents, which, to be honest, do not have good financial conditions.

One of which is Naveen, who contacted me and told me his whole story. Same thing happened with him and he lost twelve thousand rupees, which he cannot use as store credit at once. He even texted Karan Khadri, and this was his response: Read properly. It's on the website for no reason. Don't create issues. I really did not expect this from Karan Khatri. That is just so rude. Is this how you treat someone who lost their money because you apparently didn't specify this initially?

Then I went to the site and didn't find any option to redeem my credits. Then I approached them on their Instagram page, and then this happened:

Me: So, I was like, hello. I participated in three of your giveaways but didn't win. How do I redeem the subscription that I bought? I can't find an option on your site.

Them: Hey Arya, what are you looking to purchase? I'm looking to purchase because I wanted to review them on my YouTube channel.

Me: Ah, okay, nice. Let me know what you like.

And I wanted to check if these guys were right. So, like from a low financial condition, I texted them this: If you have any good offers as I'm low on budget this time around.

Them: How much are you looking to spend?

Me: I said 7,000 including the subscription I bought, or max 7.5k.

Them: So, only 2,000 worth of store credit can be applied per order, and on orders of 15,000 or more.

So that ended the discussion right there. After this, I was sure I'm not getting my money back, and this is some kind of legal loophole. We decided to dig deep and uncover some truths. But while reading the terms and conditions, we came to know the full story.

Here's a summary of what we found, really, really interesting. They had reserved a right to change and make a difference in the existing norms at any point in time without prior notice. Secondly, about the store credits, you can only redeem 2,000 worth of store credits, and that too on an order of minimum 15,000 or more. That would be available after we get the subscription. And this whatever he texted me, it was nowhere to be found in the terms and conditions.

If he has to redeem all the money according to their rules, then he has to spend at least 78,000 to redeem it all. And finally, the refund policy states that they don't do refunds. Plus, we had to take legal advice to make this video because they were hiding behind a firewall of terms and conditions applied. And that's the reason content from the site or the logos or anything from their site, they're not included in this video as they might have got a lot of complaints from people. They changed their terms and conditions on 13th May and posted it on their Instagram stories. Not even their terms and conditions till 19th May, as this is the time I'm editing this video.

If someone from Main Street Marketplace is watching this, please at least let them redeem their money. They're not even asking for a refund as you didn't specify this 2,000 thing before. And guys, listen, if they can't help you, you shouldn't buy anything from them or participate in their raffles as they are not honest and clear with their audience.

On the other hand, Veg Non Veg is doing a much, much better job. They should really learn from them. So, all in all, what I'm trying to convey through this video is from a business point of view, they are doing very well and earning a buttload of money even without spending any of it. But what really is wrong about this, what I felt was wrong about this, is that mostly people who get into raffles don't really give a about the money, okay? Personally, when I entered the raffle, I really didn't give a about my money. I was like, okay, I bought the subscription, it's like I've lost my money now. That's the mindset of people who participate in raffles have. Plus, you can't expect a return from them, obviously.

But what they did wrong here was they gave people false hope in the name of store credit that can be exchanged on their site. And when it was the time to do it, they just turned their back on you, putting some more terms and conditions like you can use only 2,000 worth of store credit on only one order, that too which is minimum 15,000 or more than 15,000, which is not even mentioned in the terms and conditions.

So, what do we learn from this experience? Whenever you see something that is too good to be true, believe me, it is. And make sure when you're entering some kind

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