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Make $100K a Year With Your Videos...

Published on: December 9 2022 by KingHuman

Make $100K a Year With Your Videos...

Make $100K a Year With Your Videos...

King humanoids just king human here and
I'm gonna show you yeah you how you can
make a hundred grand a year with your
videos check it out yes it's true you
can make big bank if you make simple
videos simple how-to videos and submit
it to an online website much like
YouTube but this one is called metacafe
metacafe com and they have a producer
program that will pay you five dollars
for every thousand views I know what
you're thinking ah crap King human five
dollars per thousand views I make a dime
yeah you will right now metacafe stop
producer is named RK or in he's making a
hundred grand a year just off of the
videos that he's put on metacafe that's
entirely based on views hits people that
go to look at his videos and he gets
paid for that metacafe gives him a check
now why does he why is he so successful
with that well his videos are
entertaining they're informative and
they have good production values so if
you take that formula that same formula
that he has and plug it into your own
how to subject matter you should make
money too now you may not make as much
as kit quedas 100 grand a year but if
you make a couple hundred bucks a month
that's a car payment you can go on
firearm I mean you know whatever now
yeah Kipkay has other marketing secrets
and ways of getting views to his videos
and I'll tell you about that in a future
video but for now just go check it out
go to metacafe com check out Kipkay look
at what he does look at what other
people do on metacafe com
and check out what the amount of money
that they're making on metacafe and get
your gears turning so now with a note
pad and paper and start churning out
ideas now the other thing I know you're
going to give me resistance on is you're
going to say well King human I don't
have any how-to information in my head
what could I do what what video could I
produce well none of us are born with
the information that we have we go out
we learning so put down the middle
control put down the bag of Cheetos get
off the freaking couch and go to the
library and learn some things you'll be
surprised at the amount of information
you're going to learn and before you
know it you're going to have a ton of
ideas that you can make videos for and
start making money ok that's my tip go
do it and be cool subscribe to King
human more stuff coming up soon sayonara

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