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Make $97 DAILY With Amazon's Affiliate Program (FREE Method)

Published on: December 9 2022 by Buildapreneur

Make $97 DAILY With Amazon's Affiliate Program (FREE Method)

Make $97 DAILY With Amazon's Affiliate Program (FREE Method)

oh my goodness look at this email from
the amazon affiliate program says hello
again we've reviewed your account and
decided not to reinstate it
immediate effect your associate's
program account has been closed because
of non-compliance what a terrible email
to receive within the first few weeks of
signing up for the amazon affiliate
program i'm gonna tell you right now i
didn't receive this email but millions
of brand new affiliates received this
email within just a few weeks of signing
up for the amazon affiliate program and
the reason they do is not because
they're corrupt or terrible people it's
typically just because they don't
understand all the rules and they make
one small error and amazon tends to be
very unforgiving so this is going to be
a step-by-step tutorial assuming you're
a complete beginner to affiliate
marketing and of course to the amazon
affiliate program and we'll make sure
that we sprinkle in some rules in there
and make sure that if you follow this
template you don't get banned within the
first few weeks because it's beginner
friendly we're going to start by helping
you find extremely uncompetitive niches
okay places where there's not as much
competition so that you can hopefully
see some wins a lot quicker than if you
chose the more competitive niches we're
also gonna tok a lot about the best
traffic sources where we're gonna go to
get all these affiliate link clicks that
we need to get and then we're gonna tok
and give you kind of a game plan and by
the end of this video even though it's a
little long you should have everything
you need for the next six months to
start building up amazon affiliate
commissions and building up a cool
passive income through the amazon
affiliate program one item to note is
that the amazon affiliate program is
quite different than other affiliate
programs that means that you've got to
promote it a little differently than
perhaps if you're promoting a high
tiket affiliate program or you've
learned how to do high tiket affiliate
marketing on the side as well this is
going to be very different and a lot of
that is due to their commission
structure okay so if you saw in 2020
during the pandemic amazon really
slashed their affiliate commissions and
they went from not very good to really
bad is essentially where they went and
you can see they settled here we'll kind
of open this in a bigger tab here you
can see they ended up dropping quite a
bit so furniture home improvement lawn
and garden all that stuff three percent
that's kind of their higher end stuff
right and it goes all the way down to to
one percent for grocery sports um three
percent for baby products pretty much
everything now is between one and three
percent which is extremely extremely low
this means that you're going to need to
get a lot of clicks on your affiliate
link and a lot of sales on your clicks
in order to make a good living or a good
amount of income with the amazon
affiliate program so the best way to do
that is going to be through search
engines so heading over to google and
you can see there are millions billions
of people googling stuff every day and
often they're looking to buy something
so we're going to target that traffic
the people that are heading over to
google with their credit card in their
hand looking for a product to buy that's
going to be the easiest way for us to
get a lot of consistent clicks and the
way we're going to do that is through an
amazon affiliate blog so this video is
going to show you everything you need to
know here but we're going to start at
the very very beginning and that's
choosing a niche now if you haven't
heard of a niche it's just a category
okay it's it's what little piece of the
internet are we gonna cover and looking
back at this list here right that could
be furniture that could be home
improvement lawn and garden pets babies
sports all this stuff those are examples
of niches and we're gonna choose one and
we're gonna try to really really zoom in
what i mean by zoom in is sports is a
very broad niche we're gonna zoom in
right and say soccer or pickleball or
tennis we're gonna get as zoomed in as
we can right same thing with health
health is a very broad niche but you can
zoom in and tok about keto or you can
zoom in and tok about ab where you can
tok about different parts of your body
health there's a myriad of ways that you
can zoom in further than you're probably
initially thinking and i would highly
highly recommend it i would also say
head over to google and we'll leave a
link in the bottom here to this artikle
right here the these guys are kind of
the uh the biggest name in in amazon
affiliate trainings they teach amazon
affiliate training these guys have
started dozens of successful amazon
affiliate blogs they have a course that
they teach on it that's phenomenal you
have to see it for yourself we'll leave
a link down below to that as well but uh
they've already made a list of 90 niches
that they think have the best potential
for amazon affiliates so we can head in
here and you can see they've broken it
down by niche and then sub niche and i
would just head through this artikle
okay you can see golf home security
online dating travel gaming okay home
financial now that's pretty pretty broad
but you can see they'll break it down
individually within the artikle music so
i would head over there and try to pick
something that that jives with you right
that you could see yourself really
pumping out content for a while and
toking about for a while and and
getting into so once you think you've
chosen your niece you've chosen a place
that you want to you know focus your
blog on we're going to move on and we're
going to use this tool called ahrefs now
this tool is 100 a month so before you
run away screening you can get a trial
and you can do everything we're going to
teach you in this video everything you
need within seven days on their seven
day trial i believe it costs seven
dollars for the seven day trial but
still much more feasible than the 100
for a brand new affiliate so you're
gonna sign up for hrefs and you're gonna
go inside this tool and this tool will
be your best friend as you start this
amazon affiliate blog you can see right
here there's a couple different options
at the top but we're gonna go to keyword
explorer and let's say we chose music
okay so we're gonna type in music right
here and you're gonna see it's gonna
pull up some information search volume
cost per click all that stuff what we're
gonna look at is matching terms and
you're just gonna start seeing like how
much search volume is out there for
music related products okay and you can
see right here there's a lot of like who
would've thought of course there's a ton
of interest in different things music
but the right column right here is
volume meaning how many people are
heading over to google and searching
this every month you can see right here
youtube music two and a half million
just the word music 890 000. we're going
to kind of scroll down a little bit and
see okay christian music right 104 000.
google play music 103 000
we can keep going here and you can see
royalty free music 67 000. now what
you're going to be looking for is these
green options okay
if it's green here it's got a low number
and that means it's probably easier
meaning this is stuff that maybe you a
brand new affiliate blog could rank for
versus some of these big huge blogs that
have been around for years so kind of
scroll and just keep scrolling and
looking like sleeping music 63 000 you
might be able to do something in that
space calming music 60 000. you might be
able to do something in that space so
we're just gonna get a good idea and
make sure there's potential here if you
type in your main keyword right your
main category and it's got two or three
hundred people searching that main word
a month and then the smaller words are
less than a hundred you may have gone a
little too deep and there's going to be
struggles you're not going to get enough
clicks right there's not enough interest
in that topic so once you've determined
okay yes there's interest in this topic
right i could probably even go deeper
here and say like piano music and still
see that there's plenty of interest 22
000 here right tons and tons of of
people listening to piano music in the
thousands and looking for different
piano music terms in the thousands so
i've determined this is okay so you're
gonna choose a niche you're gonna make
sure that niche has volume okay i mean
there's people searching for it and
there are some some places that you
could rank here right that you could be
the the one to show up in google for
with your brand new blog that doesn't
have a lot of clout yet once you've kind
of established that we're gonna move on
past the niche now one of the niches
that i saw as i was looking through that
blog post was yoga
and that's the niche that we're to focus
on as we move through this video so
you're lucky if you chose yoga you'll
have everything placed here in front of
you and you can just use my research but
the next step is to start figuring out
what we're going to tok about okay what
are we going to post and tok about
ideas that's what we need and so we'll
go up here okay we're still in ahrefs
and i'm telling you right now this will
be your best friend this tool right here
we'll type in yoga okay and yoga as you
can see lots and lots of search volume
but now we're gonna start kind of
zooming in here we need to figure out
what kind of content we want to create
in the yoga space okay so what we're
gonna be doing here is we're gonna be
doing some research okay because you
can't just start pumping out content on
a blog and hoping that it's gonna rank
you must be very strategic about what
content you put out and here's why right
so we're in the yoga niche right so
let's say we typed in best yoga pants
okay i'm sure there's gonna be some ads
here and then you can see right here
we've got all these people trying to
show up for best yoga pants now there's
only one person that's gonna be in spot
one right one person that's gonna be in
spot two one person that's gonna be in
spot three and look here we've got
glamour.com new york magazine and vogue
so if you go for the keyword best yoga
pants right that's the artikle that you
write the best yoga pants that's who
you're going to need to bump one of
those three new york magazine glamour
magazine or vogue magazine probably not
pronouncing those right so probably we
don't really have a shot at that with a
brand new blog right bumping out one of
those huge major organizations out of
one of these top spots that means that
we're gonna need to do some research in
this ah rest we're gonna need to figure
out what people are searching for that
perhaps we a small affiliate blog could
rank for
so obviously there's money in this right
these people are looking for best yoga
pants great i'm sure we can throw in a
bunch of amazon affiliate links to
different yoga pants but the problem is
we'll never rank for that keyword with
our new with our brand new blog so we're
going to head over to ahrefs and there's
a couple different types of artikles
that we're going to try to write here
the first one we're going to look for is
best x for y so in the yoga niche this
would be the best yoga pants for
beginners or the best yoga pants for men
or the best yoga pants for women right
we're kind of niching down a little bit
and that's going to give us a better
shot at at finding something that people
search for where we're not competing
with the big guys okay so the best x for
y the next one is x review meaning
i don't know any yoga pants brands oh
really but i know levi so levi yoga
prance review that's probably not a real
thing but there's an example of what i'm
toking about the next one is x versus y
so you could say levi's yoga pants
versus buckle yoga pants i'm i'm going
far outside of my comfort zone here
nobody's gonna know they're gonna know
uh but that's the third kind of artikle
that we're gonna be trying to look for
in ahrefs okay and the fourth kind is a
little bit harder because it's not
direct people with their wallets right
they're not holding their wall in their
hand it's people looking for how-to
content how to get started with yoga how
to improve my morning yoga routine right
little things like that we probably can
include affiliate links we can say hey
to improve your yoga routine you're
gonna want some of this music from
amazon or maybe some white noise with
this white noise maker i don't know
things like that right and they're not
really looking with their credit card in
their hand which means we're gonna get
less sales than we would on other people
i think it's worth the risk but we might
find that it's easier to rank for which
means we'll get more clicks so there's
kind of a give and take here right so
we're gonna head into ahrefs and we're
gonna start looking for those four types
of content so i've typed in yoga here
and you can see we've got all this we're
gonna head over here and we're gonna
start changing the parameters a little
bit we said that we wanna look in the
yoga niche but let's get a little deeper
okay this is called keyword difficulty
kd and we're going to set it from 0 to
15. it goes from 0 to 100 and what it
means is 100 meaning that partikular
word or phrase that people are typing
into google is extremely hard to rank
for right it's one of these where you're
competing with vogue magazine but stuff
on the lower end like xero is like hey
there's not that many people that are
writing artikles about this and so it's
much easier for you brand new to this
space to perhaps start ranking and
showing up for in google so we're going
to focus on that the zero the zero to 15
range instead of the 85 to 100 range
right so we'll set that 0 to 15. the
next thing we want to adjust is volume
you can see right here that's well how
many people are searching for that every
month and we will want to adjust that
and say well if you know there's only 10
people searching for it every month i
don't want to write an artikle about it
because it's probably not worth me
putting all my time into even if i rank
i'll only get 10 clicks a month right so
i usually set it to about 100 okay now
we're starting to get into some better
stuff here you can see these are all
words that maybe are a little bit easier
to rank for yoga poses for two people
flare yoga pants okay we just i hope
people's light bulbs just came on you
can see my light bulb just turned on
that's that's a money keyword right
flare yoga pants there's people looking
for flare yoga pants and it's pretty
easy to rank for that's the number 10
here and 13 000 searches a month so that
could be our first big money keyword in
the yoga space so we're going to go one
step deeper remember we toked about the
best x for y the best reviews that kind
of stuff so this ahrefs our best friend
here can help us get even deeper we're
gonna go over here and click include and
now we can say hey i want to look for
searches that include very specific word
so let's type in best
now only searches that have the word
best in there and look best yoga blocks
i think yoga blocks are like blocks you
use to do yoga i assume
but money keyword right easier to rank
for lots of volume yoga studios near me
that might not be one because i'm not
sure how we'd send people to the amazon
affiliate program here right best yoga
mat on amazon tada right there is a
killer keyword to go for best yoga books
right plenty of amazon uh products that
we could send people to best yoga poses
i'm sure there's an amazon book that you
could send people to best yoga gifts i'm
sure we could send people there right so
now we've zoomed in we refined ourselves
enough that we're actually getting real
information we now have a good idea
perhaps of what are some artikles that
we could start writing on our first ever
blog and we could do the same thing with
reviews right we said the word best so
we could type in the word review right
here and once again
yoga 6 review i don't know what that is
i don't know what any of these are but
you can see there's volume there's
people with their credit cards that are
looking to potentially buy this yoga mat
right here right and there's 250 of them
a month at least looking and it's pretty
easy for us to rank for so we've got
some ideas we start to write down all
these ideas right we start to build out
this sheet of all these ideas these are
words these are things people are typing
into google that are easy to rank for
and have a lot of search volume all
right so we figured all that stuff out
now it's probably time step three build
our blog now to be honest this video is
not about building a blog i've got an
hour long video we're gonna put right
here that you can click on and learn how
to build your blog because that's
obviously tiky stuff like that so you
click that video if you want to get
started building your blog you don't
know how to build anything at all online
and you want to really start from
scratch with that but let's let's move
on past the the kind of the tik side of
creating a blog and tok about what's
next here after we've created keywords
right we've written down maybe 20 30 40
different content ideas that we're going
to go for here now it's time to start
making content outlines okay what are we
going to write about what are the how
are they going to structure these
artikles so that google likes them and
people like them and we actually make
money off of them i'll take this i'm
going to show you right here on the
screen this is a outline for an artikle
that we wrote on my blog recently and
what it is as you can see right here
it's titled clickbank alternatives so we
did a lot of research in the affiliate
marketing space which is my space and
realized there were a lot of people
familiar with clickbank looking for
other affiliate programs that they could
sign up for like the amazon affiliate
program so in my outlines i'll just
typically kind of build out the entire
thing i'll build out an intro i'll build
out you can see the pros and cons and
then we go into the alternatives and you
can see we've got a ton of alternatives
okay and then we'll add a few things
like make sure we link here and what are
your final steps which is what's your
call to action what do we want people to
do after they read this artikle we build
all that out then it's time to start
writing i'm going to give you a few
pointers here in this timeline okay
typically you'll find that longer is
better so we're going to hop in and
we're going to look at this right here
right best yoga blocks we'll type in
best yoga blocks and this is going to
help us know how long we want our
artikle to be so we've obviously got a
bunch of ads right here but what i'll do
is i'll click into all three of these
top artikles okay so very well fit
birdie and shape okay we'll click into
those and then i am going to highlight
which means i'm going to do control or
command a i'm going to right click and
i'm going to use a chrome extension
called word counter plus that you can
google and download that says hey this
2 900 words or about 3 000 words so i'll
do that exact same thing with birdie.com
and with shape.com these three right
there and then i'll take the average
length okay meaning if one's three
thousand one's two thousand one's 2500
my average will be 2500 and that's how
long i'm going to shoot for on my
artikle you don't want to be a crazy
outlier meaning if you know if these
guys are all three
in the two to three thousand range and
you write a 20 000 word artikle you
don't want to be that guy you also don't
want me the person that writes 500 words
because google's gonna assume that it's
not detailed enough for the people that
are looking for this wait a minute so
the way i've always done it and it's
worked really well for me is kind of
averaging and realizing what google's
looking for in terms of length for that
partikular keyword the next thing you'll
want to note is that you'll want to be
keyword heavy when i say keyword heavy
when i say keyword heavy the keyword
that we decided we were going to go for
here is best yoga blocks that means that
you're going to want to use the term
best yoga blocks in your title okay the
title of your artikle should say
somewhere best yoga blocks you'll want
to use it in your first paragraph
somewhere somewhere in that intro you'll
want to tok about the best yoga blocks
and you'll want to sprinkle that that
phrase that exact phrase quite liberally
throughout this artikle okay so you'll
say one of the best yoga blocks is this
one of my favorite yoga blocks that i
think is the best is this right so
you're going to try to take that phrase
do it exactly 10 20 times then break it
up into like different variations of the
phrase and do that 20 30 times and
really really really really in a natural
way help google to understand this
artikle is about the best yoga blocks
right hands down that's what it's about
so that's the second thing you're going
to want to do and the third thing you're
going to do in this outline is video has
always helped me so if you can find a
video or create your own video either
one and insert it into your blog post
for example you can see in this this
blog post i have with high tiket
affiliate programs which is one in my
space right you can see just a little
ways down i've got a youtube video
embedded inside of there they can click
and watch inside the blog post now what
this does is it gives google some
signals okay just tells google hey this
people go to this guy's blog in this
post and they stay there for a while
they stay on his page for like two three
11 minutes and that's a good sign to
google and then google just likes to see
people going to your blog and
interacting a little bit it's a good
sign for google i like this one
so video has always seemed to do well
for me and my blog posts so you'll want
to do those three things and include
them in your outline the longer length
the keyword density and a video here and
after that we've built up a blog
following the blog tutorial video we've
come up with what we're going to write
about and we've chosen a niche and now
it's time to write the artikle now this
is where depending on who you are who
are you depends on how you're going to
do this you can either write the
artikles yourself if you feel
comfortable and know that you're a good
writer or you can hire out now i usually
start by writing myself and then i start
hiring out after a little while once my
blog starts to get a little bit of
traction now the best place that i've
found for hiring good writers is called
problogger okay there's a site called
problogger and you can go here and post
a job you'll want to be very very
specific in what you're looking for how
many artikles you're going to do a week
what's the niche that you're going to be
writing in you know what kind of style
do you want them to write with and
you'll post a job after you post the job
you'll get a bunch of emails you'll get
all these people saying i want to be
your writer i want to be your writer
when do i start and about 90 of them are
going to be bad they're not going to be
good at writing i don't know where
they're coming out of the woodwork from
but you'll be able to tell pretty
quickly but you'll find some diamonds in
the rough have you been all my life so
you'll take these writers and you'll
give them a test artikle say hey okay
i'll pay you to write an artikle about
the best yoga pants okay or the best
yoga blocks is what we're doing right
and you'll have three artikles three
writers write an artikle about that and
you'll see which one comes out with the
best artikle follows your direction the
best all that different stuff
and that's that's how i've done it and
managed to hire multiple writers across
multiple blogs that are very good in
their partikular spaces meaning they're
experts at the subject that i'm wanting
them to write about and they're experts
at writing you want both of those in
your writers and then all you've got to
do is hand the writers this outline
right so you hand the writer the outline
that you've created and it tells them
word count it tells them keyword density
it tells them the video and a title and
they can start running with that and
creating these these artikles for your
blog now i'm going to pause for a minute
i told you this was a long tutorial this
is what many people sell in full size
courses kind of closing into a single
video here i'm giving it to you for free
so two second overview what we've done
here is we've chosen a niche we've
specifically targeted non-competitive
niches where we think we've got a better
shot of seeing success we've done
research to find where the money
searches are okay what are people
looking for in that niche where they've
you know they're prepared to spend money
and actually buy something from amazon
we've built a blog okay using that video
that we showed and the video down below
then we've either hired a writer or
we've done our own and we've created
these outlines for all these different
these different phrases that people are
typing into google now we're just going
to pump out all this content okay all of
this content about each one of those
each one of those is its own specific
blog post now that's number one that's
the first big piece of the puzzle and
now we're going to tok about the next
big piece of the puzzle the last big
piece of our puzzle is called
backlinking so what we're going to do is
we're going to compare okay so ahrefs
has another tool called site explorer
where you can kind of explore individual
website and see what kind of clout they
have online so this is me right this is
build a preneur and this is my clout out
of a hundred says your domain rating
that's dr is 53 which is pretty good 53
out of 100 meaning you've got a fairly
decent domain out on the on the internet
now this is another site in my niche
called authority hacker and we showed
you that uh high tiket affiliate
programs post right you see right here
authority hacker ranks above me when
someone looks up high tiket affiliate
programs they see authority hacker first
they see diggity marketing next and they
see me third and there's a specific
reason for that right when we go into
here and we compare buildapreneur.com
with a domain rating of 53 to authority
hacker with a domain reading of 76 they
have more clout online than i do and the
way we get clout online is by getting
backlinks so what a backlink is right is
when i'm writing an artikle and i say
you're looking for good yoga pants you
should check out amazon and i make a
link and i link over to amazon google
actually gives amazon a little bit of
credit for that backlink it says oh
buildapreneur.com is vouching for amazon
so anytime you take your website and you
link to another website google says
they're vouching for that website so if
we look at this authority hacker site
right here they've got a hundred and
eighty three thousand backlinks they've
worked really hard to get a lot of
people toking about them and linking
back to their website i've linked back
to their website now you can see my site
i have eighteen thousand backlinks not
nearly as many so eight you know they've
got 180 000 people or 5 000 total
websites that are pointing to them with
a link saying hey check out authority
hacker i've got 1.32 000 total websites
saying that same so that's where they're
getting a lot of this clout right and
google really rewards those backlinks it
says hey you've got a lot of websites
that are clearly vouching for you and
obviously it looks at other stuff
besides just hey there's a website
vouching for you right it says you know
what's the clout of the website vouching
for you so if you've got a backlink from
business insider or backlink from forbes
or one of those places google says whoa
this blog you know this is getting a
recommendation from forbes it's got to
be a big blog and it really boosts your
clout in google's mind now uh likewise
if you get a link from a website that
has zero links to them and they're brand
new it's really not going to increase
your clout that much excuse me do i know
you so the second piece of this puzzle
is building links to our site and to our
pages and once we start to do that then
google says okay this site is highly
recommended by all these people and this
partikular page actually came highly
recommended by all these people as well
that's a big win we're going to you know
show it up higher
so looking at this right here i would
bet that authority hacker has they've
got more links to their website than me
and i would bet they have more links to
that individual page than i do to my
individual page which is ranking three
down below them so we're going to need
backlinks and the way well there's a lot
of ways but the most common way to get a
good quality backlink from someone is by
making a guest post on their website
what i mean by that is we reach out to
these people that are in our space right
and we say hey i'd love to make a guest
post on your website i'd love to write
some content on your website for you and
write you a good artikle and some people
are like no and a lot of people are like
a lot of people are like sure that
sounds awesome especially if you're
actually an expert in your space that
you're writing about and then within our
artikle we'll include a back link to our
website we'll say hey you should check
me out at builderpreneur.com or we can
go more specific and say hey you know
i'm writing this artikle about affiliate
marketing you should check out this post
right here that i wrote about 17 amazing
affiliate programs that are all high
tikets and you can include a backlink
in your post and a great example of this
is an artikle that i wrote for
activecampaign.com which is a fairly
large website about let's see a year two
years ago and it says this post is
contributed by spencer meekum a
successful affiliate marketer okay and
so i reached out to activecampaign said
hey can i write this artikle about some
really good email marketing practikes
for affiliate marketing they said sure
that'd be great i wrote them this
artikle and then at the bottom of the
artikle you can see right here i said
hey check out builderpreneur.com and now
i've got a backlink from a really
powerful well-respected website and
google's going to take note of that and
so i may not be authority hacker level
yet but that's why i'm able to rank
third for a fairly competitive space is
because of these these backlinks and
this clout that i've built up on my site
so let's go over how i do that now to do
this we're going to go back to that
keyword explorer and we're going to type
in yoga okay you can see here's all the
keywords about yoga once again we're
gonna click matching terms on the left
there and it's gonna give us all these
these sites that rank about yoga now
we're gonna actually pick a keyword that
we think a lot of yoga websites that are
you know in the range that i would want
backlinks from would rank for so we
toked about the best yoga blocks i'm
going to click best yoga blocks right
there and i'm going to scroll down and
you can see right here it's going to say
hey here's all the sites that tok about
best yoga blocks
and we're going to right click and open
a couple of these sites okay and you can
see right here this is a fitness site
it's not yoga specific but it's fitness
this is also a health site not fitness
or not yoga specific but in the in the
health space and we're going to start
reaching out to these websites now
there's a myriad of ways to do this one
of the best ways this worked for me is
just manually you can do it through
their contact form okay so a lot of
times at the bottom of their website
they'll have a way to contact the web so
you can see at the bottom here a lot of
times you can contact the website that
way and you a lot of times you can
contact them on twitter and they'll let
you know how to get a hold of the right
person but you're going to try to get a
hold of the person that's running the
blog and just let them know who you are
spencer mecca i'm an affiliate marketer
i'm pretty good at what i do you know
i've built up a good size youtube
channel i'd love to make an artikle on
your website about how i did that and
how other people can do that too i mean
in this case yoga right hey i'm
so-and-so big fan of yoga i've been
putting out content on my yoga blog for
a while now is it okay if i write an
artikle about this for your blog and
you'll get a lot of no's and you'll get
a few yeses now you can kind of see this
is this is why blogging is a long-term
play because it takes a lot of work a
lot of content on the your own blog and
a lot of content on other blogs to get
these backlinks but you'll slowly start
to build up clout on your blog and
you'll slowly start to see different
artikles ranking for different keywords
as you continue to pump out now a word
of advice as you're looking through
these you're you're probably not going
to get backlinks from the huge guys here
right like we have business insider
right here you're probably not going to
get business insider this massive
massive well-known blog to be like sure
go ahead go ahead and write a blog post
on our blog because they get a lot of
people reaching out every week but
perhaps women's health mag or dive in
dot com right i've never heard of those
or maybe birdie.com maybe some of these
smaller places um we can scroll down
here and we can we can show even more
right we can see all the people that
have written artikles about yoga blocks
and you can see perhaps
yogaauthority.com right here what great
site that we could potentially write a
guest post on right yoga journal.com
huggermugger.com these are all websites
where we could potentially go to get
these back links and these guest posts
and link back to our blog best case
scenario you can link directly to your
your pages that we're building right
your actual content pages for example if
i can i always take a link to this page
this is where i really would like a link
directly to where google says oh they're
actually vouching for this blog but
they're also vouching for this page on
the blog right so that's best case
scenario i really want to rank this page
but if you can't do that then a link to
your main blog is helpful as well so
this is how amazon affiliate bloggers
make money and you can see it takes a
lot of work the cool thing is though
google doesn't fluctuate right so i
don't typically rank on spot one today
and spot 20 tomorrow and then i'm gone
the next day you tend to be pretty
steady which means if you can do the
work put in that work for six months to
a year where you're just pumping out
content and you start to see some
ranking and then some commissions coming
in you'll find that you'll make passive
income meaning that you'll be able to
disappear for a month and come back and
you know nothing's really changed your
blog is still getting visitors people
are still reading your artikles and then
they're clicking over to your amazon
affiliate links i'm not needed here now
as any good affiliate marketer would i'm
going to give you some calls to action
here where to go if you want to learn
more about this method the first one is
the 21 day blogs challenge there's a
link down below this is something i
created with a another affiliate
marketer it's low budget okay so it's
100 and it's it's basically everything
we just showed you in much more detail
spread out over 21 days so that you can
step by step do everything that we just
toked about in detail the second one is
built by that authority hacker it's a
training similar to what we just toked
about but they go into more detail on
the amazon side the second one is the
authority hacker course there's no
better training i'll be honest than this
one right here in terms of how to build
an amazon affiliate block it is more
high priced though it ranges from 600 to
900 depending on when you buy it but
that's the second best resource for you
if you're trying to get into amazon
affiliate blog and the third best
resource for you that's free is this
this youtube channel right here so i
would get started by subscribing each of
our videos focuses on a specific part of
affiliate marketing ranging from amazon
to adding traffic to all kinds of
different things so click subscribe and
if you want to get deeper in this head
over to either one of those other
resources we sent you and good luck with
the amazon affiliate program

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