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Make $300 in 2022: CPAgrip and Facebook Ads Method Revealed!

Published on: November 17 2023 by Entrepreneur

Make $300 in 2022: CPAgrip and Facebook Ads Method Revealed!

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Selecting the CPA Offer
  3. Creating a Landing Page on Google Sites
  4. Designing the Landing Page
  5. Adding the Affiliate Link
  6. Publishing the Landing Page
  7. Creating a Facebook Ad Campaign
  8. Choosing the Target Audience
  9. Setting a Budget for the Ad Campaign
  10. Monitoring the Ad Performance


Promoting CPA Crap Offers through Facebook Ads


Welcome to my channel! In today's video, I will guide you on how to effectively promote CPA (Cost Per Action) offers using Facebook ads. I will provide a step-by-step process to help you select a suitable offer, create a compelling landing page, and set up a successful Facebook ad campaign. By following these techniques, you can generate a significant number of conversions and earn a substantial amount of money. So, let's get started!

Selecting the CPA Offer: Before diving into Facebook ads, you need to choose a CPA offer that has high conversion potential. One such offer is the "750 PayPal Gift Card" promotion, as people are always eager to get their hands on gift cards. Head over to CPAGrid.com and select this enticing offer.

Creating a Landing Page on Google Sites: To create an effective landing page, we will use Google Sites. This platform allows you to build a simple one-page website that captures leads efficiently. Follow the steps outlined below to set up your landing page:

  1. Visit sites.google.com and familiarize yourself with the simple steps to create your one-page website.
  2. Start by adding a suitable title for your landing page, such as "Grab a $750 PayPal Gift Card."
  3. Paste an eye-catching image related to the gift card offer.
  4. Resize the image to ensure it looks appealing.
  5. Insert your affiliate link into the image.
  6. Add a call-to-action button below the image. You can find pre-designed buttons by searching for "Click Here button" on Google.
  7. Save the button and place it beneath the image on your landing page.

Designing the Landing Page: To make your landing page visually appealing, consider bolding the title and choosing suitable designs for the image and call-to-action button. Remember, the goal of this page is to entice visitors to click on the button and provide their email addresses.

Adding the Affiliate Link: To ensure you receive credit for any leads generated, it's crucial to insert your affiliate link in the call-to-action button and the image. This way, whenever someone clicks on either, they will be redirected directly to the CPA offer.

Publishing the Landing Page: Once you have finished designing the landing page, it's time to publish it. Choose a web address that reflects the offer, such as "grabapaypalgiftcard." After clicking on the publish button, your one-page website will be live and ready to capture leads.

Creating a Facebook Ad Campaign: Now that your landing page is up and running, it's time to create a Facebook ad campaign to drive traffic and generate conversions. Follow these steps to set up a successful campaign:

  1. Click on the "Create Campaign" button within the Facebook Ads Manager.
  2. Select the campaign objective as "Traffic" since your primary focus is to drive visitors to your landing page.
  3. Choose your target audience, focusing on the United States for potentially higher conversions.
  4. Proceed to set your budget for the ad campaign, ensuring you allocate sufficient funds to reach a substantial number of people.
  5. Monitor the ad performance regularly to optimize and make necessary adjustments.

Conclusion: Promoting CPA crap offers through Facebook ads can be a lucrative venture when done correctly. By selecting suitable CPA offers, creating a compelling landing page, and running a well-targeted Facebook ad campaign, you can generate a steady stream of conversions and earn a substantial income. Remember to monitor the performance of your ads and make adjustments to maximize your results.


  • Learn how to promote CPA offers through Facebook ads step by step.
  • Choose a high-converting CPA offer, such as the "750 PayPal Gift Card."
  • Create a compelling landing page on Google Sites to capture leads effectively.
  • Design the landing page with an attention-grabbing title, image, and call-to-action button.
  • Insert your affiliate link in the button and image to ensure proper tracking.
  • Publish your landing page and start driving traffic with a targeted Facebook ad campaign.
  • Monitor the performance and optimize your ads for maximum conversions.
  • Promoting CPA crap offers through Facebook ads can be highly profitable with the right strategies.


Q: How do I select the right CPA offer? A: Look for offers that are in high demand, such as gift cards or exclusive deals. Research the conversion rates and choose offers that resonate with your target audience.

Q: Can I use other platforms to create landing pages? A: Yes, Google Sites is just one option. You can explore other website builders like WordPress, Wix, or Squarespace to create and host your landing pages.

Q: Why should I focus on the United States for my Facebook ad campaign? A: The United States has a large population of active Facebook users and generally has higher conversion rates. However, you can also target other countries based on your specific offer and target audience.

Q: How often should I monitor my Facebook ad performance? A: It's essential to monitor your ad performance regularly. Initially, check it daily to identify any immediate adjustments required. As you gather data, you can reduce the frequency to a few times a week or based on your campaign's performance.

Q: What should I do if my Facebook ad campaign is not generating enough conversions? A: Analyze your ad targeting, creative elements, and offer to pinpoint potential areas for improvement. Experiment with different variations and make data-driven optimizations to increase conversions.

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