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make money dropshipping on ebay

Published on: January 29 2023 by pipiads

How To Dropship On EBAY As A Complete Beginner (Step By Step)

in today's video. what i'm going to be doing is giving you guys a mini master class on exactly how you can start ebay drop shipping as a beginner. and if you're new to my channel and you've never seen my face before and you're thinking, why should i listen to this guy? well, welcome. my name is sam and on this channel, i've made over 400 different videos breaking down various different tips and tricks that you need to know when it comes to making money online. but, most importantly, over the past few years, i've managed to build various different ebay stores. as you can see from this one right here, i managed to make over 81 000 pounds in a few months, which is around 90 thousand dollars. so you're definitely going to learn a thing or two that's going to help you out on your own ebay drop shipping journey. so, as always, i don't want to waste any more time. i want to get right into it. if you find any value in this video, don't forget to press the like button. don't forget to subscribe. hit the bell notification. let's jump straight into the video. all right? so one of the first things that you need to obviously do is that you need to sign up for an ebay account. now, to be very honest with you, it's going to be a lot better if you've already got one, because ebay don't necessarily like it when you sign up on day one and you try and start drop shipping straight away. so if you've already got an existing ebay account, it's going to be a little bit better when it comes to doing the rest of the three steps that i'm going to go through in this video. but if you don't already have an ebay account, all you need to do is go on to the ebay website, go to register at the top right here and then, from this point, you're just going to sign up for an account. very straightforward, very simple, but the key things that you need to remember when you are signing up for an ebay account, just make sure that you put the correct details, because ebay is going to validate this and if you don't put the correct details, they may end up banning you, and once you get banned, it's going to be hard for you to open up another ebay account. the next step is that you need to find a winning product. now there's a certain step-by-step strategy that i personally go through when it comes to knowing which item is the best one to sell on ebay. so i'm just going to walk you through that entire step-by-step process, just so that you have a full understanding of exactly what makes a winning product a winning product. so the first place that i like to start is on the drop shipping suppliers website. so in this example, we're going to be using cj drop shipping. so what i tend to do when i want to find an item to sell is i scroll down to this section over here where it says global warehouses, and from this point, we're going to be able to look at items depending on which warehouse we're going to be shipping from. so in today's example, i'm going to be looking at the items in the us warehouse. so all you need to do is just click into it and once you do that, this is the page that you're going to see and it's going to bring up all of these different items. so all you need to do from this point is try and find a specific item that stands out to you that you believe that you're going to be able to sell successfully. all right, so i found this product right here, which is a wi-fi repeater or a signal amplifier. it's basically an item that people buy when it comes to extending the wi-fi signal in their house. so it's definitely a useful product. so now that we know that this product is available in the us warehouse, the first thing that i'm going to do, before i even show you anything else on cj drop shipping's product page, is to go over to zeek analytiks. so zeke analytiks is a product research software that i always advise every single person to sign up with if they want to do product research to find the best winning product to sell on ebay. and if you want to sign up for a seven day trial, you can do that by clicking the link in my description down below, and once you have signed up for that seven day trial, this is the dashboard that you're gonna see, and then all you simply need to do is go over to product research right here, and then you're gonna type in the name of the item, which is wi-fi repeater, and because we're gonna be shipping the item to the us, we want to see the data specifically for the customers based in america. so we need to click on united states, right there, and we're going to change the ebay site to ebaycom, and then we're going to click on search and right there, as you guys can see, zeke analytiks is able to show us that almost forty thousand dollars were spent on this product in the last 30 days and there's a successful listing rate of 71, which means that 71 of the sellers that have listed this product have been successful in making a sell. so now that we know that it's definitely a product that's worth drop shipping, we need to go back over to cj drop shipping and double check a couple things. so, first thing, we want to see the inventory amount, so we can see that there's over 1 000 units currently in the united states warehouse, which is a lot. we also want to look at how long it's going to take to reach the customer, and we can see that it's going to take three to seven days, and there's also tracking information available too, which is really, really good. so now that we know that this product tiks all the boxes in terms of us being able to make a sale from the product, research the fact that we can also drop ship it and get it to the customer in a short amount of time- what we want to do now is figure out how we're going to list the product on our ebay store, and to do that we need to sign up for something called autods. so this is what the signup page looks like, and if you want to sign up for a 30-day trial with autodesk, you can use the link in my description down below for that as well. and autods is simply a way of you being able to connect the product from whatever supplier that you want to use directly onto your ebay store. not only that, you're going to be able to automatikally fulfill all of your orders, so it's a really good software to sign up with if you are looking to take your ebay drop shipping business a little bit more serious. so all you simply need to do is enter in your email right here, click on continue. so once you've gone through that whole signup process, this is the page that you're going to see, and this is the auto ds dashboard. now the first thing that you need to make sure that you do is that you need to make sure that you connect your ebay account directly to your autodesk account, and the way that you're going to be able to do that is by clicking on this option right here, and, as you can see, i've already connected my ebay test account as well as my shopify test account. so what you're going to do is click on add store and then you need to click on the ebay store option, then click on continue, then it's going to ask you for your paypal account, which is optional, and which country that you're going to be selling in- so you can leave it at united states or you can change it to whatever you want, and then you're going to click on connect to store. then it's going to show you this page and then all you simply need to do is sign in to your ebay account. again, ebay is going to ask you to confirm whether or not you want to go through of it, and then you can do so if you want to. once you do that, which is necessary for you to continue, you need to go back over to your autods account, and what we need to do now is to connect the product from cj drop shipping over to autods. so the way that you're gonna do that is by clicking on add products, click on single products- perfect- and then what i need to do now is go back over to cj drop shipping, copy the product that i want to sell on my ebay store, go back over to autods and then paste the url right there. make sure that the supplier source is correct. cj drop shipping. make sure that the region is correct, as you can see.

How To DROPSHIP On Ebay As A Beginner STEP By STEP (Copy And Paste Job)

what's up- everyone Carter here in with me- is million dollar eBay dropship- apology, Lipsky. and today we're gonna break down how you can dropship on eBay step-by-step, as a complete beginner. it's almost as easy as a copy and paste job. it really is, you're gonna see, it's just that's pretty much the only skill you need. yeah, as long as your fingers work and you can click a mouse and you have some Wi-Fi on the computer, you can drop trip on eBay. so we're gonna go on to Paul's computer, we're gonna share his screen and we're gonna go into just how you can start your own an ebay drop shipping business. so let's get right into it. cool, so I know I've been showing you this kind of all day, but we only have like a short amount of time to show people at home, so I'll try to make this quick. there's obviously a little bit more that goes into this, but this is basically how it starts. so what I'm going to do here is I'm gonna start by going over to Walmart. okay, so in this case, what we're doing? this type of drop shipping. we're drop shipping from websites like Walmart onto eBay. so once the item sells on ebay, then I buy from Walmart, ship it directly to the customer. so first we have to find the right items to put up for sale on eBay. so I want to use Walmart here. so literally you're gonna search for any item. it doesn't matter at this point, don't, don't anything, don't overcomplicate this. I'm gonna search for bookshelf, bookshelves, bookshelves. yeah, and this is not necessarily an item that you're going to dropship. just literally just pick any random item here. I'll just pick the, the first one that comes up. I'm just going to open it in a new tab and I'm going to copy the title again. this might not even be an item I drop ship. you'll see why this is important in a second- and then I'm gonna come over to ebay and search for that item and we'll see what comes up. because our goal here is we are looking to find other people who are drop shipping this item, because if they're drop shipping this item, they're also drop shipping other items home, right? so once we lock into that, we can see: okay, what are they selling? can we sell the same items? and if you- no people are already selling the items, you can start selling them right away, okay. so once we pull that up, I first come over here in Walmart. I look at the photos, like try to kind of have put in your short-term memory what these photos are. so here's one with the door halfway open, here's one with the measurements on it, here's a corner. and then I come over to ebay and I look for listings to have the same photos, because that means they're drop shipping it. so this one kind of looks like the same thing, right, yeah, so let's open that one up. yeah, it's got 51 people watching it. yeah, a lot of people are interested. okay, sorry, so four times already. yeah, so don't don't get ahead of yourself. okay, first we got to make sure it's the right item and I can get exciting. okay, so these are obviously the same photos, right, you see that? mm-hmm. so we just found a person who's drop shipping their, drop shipping this item. we go from Walmart onto eBay. here, it is right here. so that's like step one. we found another drop shipper, right, yep? step two would be: let's see what else they are selling. now, in this case, we got lucky because we did, because this item is selling, it's already selling. you can see that right here. this is we're kind of skipping ahead here, but yeah, we're gonna take advantage of this because, um, the great thing about eBay's: they tell you what sells. well, it tells you right here, look at that for sold. so you don't have to guess if an item is going to sell. well, you can see it. it's right here. it says for sold. so this is an item that I would dropship again. we're getting a little ahead of ourselves. well, let's, unless that's let's. we did step one, we found another drop shipper. let's go onto step two. we can always come back to this later. oh yeah, so I'm gonna click on their name, which is over here on the right, and this is going to open up their, all their items, and you can see all them. buy right here says items for sale, and then number. click on that and what you're looking for is anything that they've sold. so right here at the top, we seize: this item sold 189, 189 times. this one sold one hundred and eight times. this one sold ninety-seven. these are all items that are being dropship. so right now you have a large variety of winning products right here. so let's, um, let's pick up, pick a random one. so let's do this. one is coffee table. again, we can see that's sold 55 times. so this is kind of like the next step. we found an item that they are already selling. well, okay. so the next step after that would be: we now have to find where they are drop shipping this from so that we can sell it ourselves. okay, so I'm gonna scroll down to the description, which is right here. see this block of text. I'm just going to copy it. so again, copy and paste. yeah, yeah, I didn't clickbait this video at all. literally copy and paste. so if you guys don't know how to copy and paste, I'll teach it to you. uh, right-click. or if you have a macbook, you hold down control and click oh my gosh, and you press copy and then you go to google, google, and then you paste it in there and you click search and I'll actually show you a shortcut later, that's if that wasn't fast enough. so you search for the entire description and what it does is it will find the item. in this case is Walmart. so, but if they might be drop shipping from Home Depot, they might be drop shipping from amazon. so when the search results come up, pick one of those- in this case is Walmart- and now we're gonna do the reverse of what we did before. so we are going to make sure that this is this item. we're gonna make sure that these match up. so again, we're gonna look at the photos. let's look at all these photos on ebay. so here's one with like candles on the top and books on the bottom. this one is more books and flowers on top. and then here, yeah, yep, flowers, the same item. so right here, boom, we just found an item that's being dropship. so this is an item that I would sell right here. so just to kind of recap that part of it: one search for a random item on Walmart and then we copy the title, pasted it into eBay and searched and everyone that came up that had a matching item. those people are dropshippers. so step one: we just found a whole bunch of dropshippers. step two: we came in to this drop shipper, looked at all their items and we saw what items are selling well. so that's step two: we see what items are already selling in their store. and then step three is we copied the description and we search for it on Google and we found an item that we could dropship. so let me show you just that last step. one more time. let's find another one and then I'll show you how to actually get your item onto eBay. so let's look at this one. so 47 times looks pretty good. you have to be ready for $121, so 47 times it's a lot of revenue. I would like that like that. so again going down to the description highlighting it, and this time when you right-click, if you're using Google Chrome, you actually see there's a button here that says search Google for. so that's kind of a shortcut that will actually search on Google for you, saves you like a step. and then here's the item on Walmart. probably, Oh No, okay, no big deal. this happens sometimes. yeah, it could be. this item is no longer available. let's check. I've never dropped ship from this website, but maybe this is where they're getting it from. yeah, good be possible. let's see what else we have. we have been Amazon listing. let's check out that one. that's not right. it's too expensive. they might just be drop shipping from that random site, wherever that. yeah, it could be. or maybe they were. we're doing it from Walmart. maybe they're. Walmart's just has a glitch or something. I mean that happens, that's. that's part of that's. this is part of the process, honestly. so, um, like, you'll go through and you'll run into these roadblocks, so it's kind of good that it came up. okay, sweet, yeah, but I'll show one m.

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How To Start an eBay Dropshipping Business & Make Money From Day 1 (Step by Step)

industry, revealing how to start an ebay drop shipping business and make money on day one, and how complete beginners are getting 100 to 700 a day with this new method, more than after the intro. [Music]. hey guys, how's it going? mike fasil here, welcome to this video. before we actually remind you that several shots have opened up for this week's free workshop, where it's the fastest and easiest way to make money online, we literally have a 62 year old woman go from zero to 160 grand profit in 90 days. so sign up for it now. so one of the things that prevents people from starting an online business right, is like: oh, i don't have the time, i don't have the money, i don't have any experience, and that's literally how i felt, literally back. but i had no idea what i wanted to do with my life. right, i felt stuck. i felt like the jobs that i was working, my boss didn't actually appreciate me and never in my life did i understood how i was actually going to go ahead and create freedom for myself, because no one else around me was toking about financial freedom or starting an online business or, you know, making money and travel around the world. everyone's like, oh, just get a good nine to five job, you know, work literally until 65 and then retire and live a good life. right, i didn't want that life and if odds are, you're literally watching this video. i'll tell you: don't either. there's something inside you that know you need and you want something more, and this method alone was literally the method that got me to my first 100 a day, literally, with, like ebay drop shipping- 100 a day profit. now, why is this important? you see all of it in social media like, oh, the 16 year old made 10 million dollars in 30 minutes. and it just sounds ridiculous. right, it sounds ridiculous because it is right and it prevents you from actually getting started. but what changed my life wasn't the money that i made, wasn't. for example, here's one business that literally wasn't the 346 grand i made in one like idea. or this other idea that literally made me zero to eight grand in 30 days. or this other idea that went from zero to five grand in 30 days to 1.6 million that first year. my first idea that literally changed my life was a little ebay drop shipping. why? because i got my first sale. and when i got my first sale, something clicked in my mind where i'm like, if i can make one sale, what if i made one sale a day? what if i made one sale every 10 hours? what if i made one sale an hour while i sleep? i can literally make money from anywhere in the world. and that's the beauty about ebay dropkick and that's what i literally, incidentally, found out when i was just getting started online. right, i remember i was like hanging out in, like, for example, this robert kiyosaki forum or group, and this one guy was posting how he was making money with like ebay, and i was like what ebay? like, don't you like sell stuff out of your garage on ebay? and just didn't understand it. it's like, no, i do this thing known as ebay drop shipping. i was like, what the heck is ebay dropshipping? he essentially says, well, mike, you know how people you know buy low and then sell high. i'm like, yeah, isn't that? what business is? you buy low and then sell high, like that's why i can't make money, because i don't have any money to buy low in the beginning. so you know, ebay drop shipping is different. you sell first, hi, and when someone makes a sale, you then take the money and then buy low. so it's a lot lower risk and in terms of marketing and sales, ebay does all that for you. so it's like, well then, what do you do? i just find products and just copy and paste them on ebay, like are you kidding me? and literally try this. literally go to ebay. type in the word bunk bed, cherry. you'll see all these bunk beds that are the exact same, right, look at this, look at this. this bunk bed right here and this bunk bed right here- 360. you pull this up and you can see that this person has sold two at 361. now, if i literally go to walmart, this exact same product with the exact same pictures are going and selling for 249 bucks. literally, you take this- what he said is a copy and paste this- throw it up on ebay and when you make a sale, you get the money directly to your paypal and you get the shipping details. so if someone gave you 361 bucks and told you where to ship it, all i did was i would go ahead, take the money and the details, go ahead to walmart, buy it 249 lower with, for example, the customers money, add to cart, but then ship it directly to them when i made that for sale. oh my god, my life was ecstatik, right? i remember this. i was like, are you serious? that was a lot easier than i thought and i over complicated everything with an online business. and he was like, yeah, that's really it. so that's a little what i did in my free time. i would just copy and paste pictures from walmart to ebay, like left and right, left and right, um, and then, literally after a while, i started making one sale a week, then one sale a day, then 10 sales a day, and i got at the point where i was making like 50 to 100 sales a day, especially leading up to like thanksgiving, right? um, which is obvious, because that's where most people buy stuff online, right? and it starts making you wonder: well, if i could go ahead and do this, i could do anything, right, i could start any other online business, because now i know that it works. so if you're in that exact situation, what would you need to do to go ahead and make money with this? well, the first step that you need to do is just understand how this process works. so, step number one: understand that ebay is a search engine, right? so when people come in on ebay, you'll see that if i type in the word bunk bed. people want to go ahead and buy bunk beds. so, as you can see, all these things that are related bunk bed, bunk bed, bunk bed with mattress, all these things- these are what people are searching for now. why is this the most important thing? because your one goal when it comes to making money with ebay drop shipping is literally learning how to be seen by people. that type stuff. right, because if you could be seen by people that want to buy a specific thing and you put that specific thing that they want to buy in front of them, the odds of them wanting to buy a lot higher. so look at this: bunk bed, bunk bed with mattress, loft bed, all these words i would literally put in the title. kind of like what these people did: kids went over. bunk bed, solid wood, convertible ladder, sales slats, cherry- right, you could even be more specific. i use the words like, for example, uh, children's room, furniture, kids room, um, for example, a bedroom, kid's bedroom- you know kids twin over- uh, like that, like just all these different things, because then i could be found for different keywords. does that make sense? you could see like: look, here's this one and it's in. it's an idr, because i'm in bali right now. right, and you can see that this like, there's one like twin over bunk bed convertible. here's another one. it's the exact same thing. you could change the pictures, but this person just copied and pasted it right and you could see that like it made sales, so you could see that it's already working. the next step that you need to do is literally create a process like you got to ask yourself: okay, say you want to make 100, no, no, that's not the goal. the goal is: how much things can you go ahead and copy and paste from places like walmart, places like amazon, places like overstok onto ebay? because that's a little what i did in my spare time. oh, i got 15 minutes, 30 minutes. let me go and copy paste, copy paste, copy paste, chill, copy paste, copy paste, copy paste, show. and i was just wait, man, why? because they didn't cost me any money in the beginning. of course, when you build a bigger store, you're gonna have to go ahead and get like the premium anchor store for ebay, but when you get started- it's free to get started on ebay, man. you literally go ahead and sell some stuff and i'll just wait and then, bam, you know like you would get a chick noise and you'd be like, oh man, this works, this works y.

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I Tried eBay Dropshipping For 30 Days (Here's How Much I Made)

so i tried ebay drop shipping for 30 days and this is exactly how much money i made. intro [Music]. hey guys, let's going. my name is michael c. welcome to the studio. before we actually begin to remind you that several spots have overland for this week's free workshop, which the fastest and easiest way to make money online sign up for in the free workshop below, okay guys. so in this video i actually want to tok about the two times that i tried ebay dropshipping for 30 days. the first one was not so good. the second one was when i was a little bit more mature and i had better expectations. the first time that i tried ebay drop shipping for 30 days, i remember i was a freshman in college and i just wanted to make enough money to have extra money to go out with friends so that i don't feel like the poor broke kid with all like mother friends for some reason had money to do cool things that i didn't have, right. i remember i got started in ebay drop shipping for the first 30 days. it was around the christmas time of freshman year and i remember making one sale. i remember it because i was selling some type of like children's toy on ebay. and then what would happen is i would then take that money and then try finding it on amazon. that's where it was. amazon was a really big supplier that i used to go ship people the products on ebay. and the craziest thing is when i went on the amazon store and i looked for that specific toy that i sold on ebay for some weird reason- i didn't even know it was possible- but it was just completely all sold out on amazon. so, just like that, my first 30 days ebay drop shipping- i literally had to refund the customers money back because i just couldn't find the product elsewhere and because of that one situation i ended up giving up for the next one year and i didn't try it on till later on. the first 30 days absolutely suck because i just gave up too soon. now i want to compare this to the next 30 days that i tried and why it was a lot considerable. okay, so now let's tok about sophomore year of college, when i was really starting to take this seriously. you know, i started getting older- um one year of college, maturity- and i started toking to my parents even more and i realized just how depressing our financial situation was like. i really remember calling my mom and hearing her voice and hearing her crying about like the bills or you know, my mom and dad fighting every single time. i was back and i just started realizing magnitude and the gravity of the moment, of what actually happens if you do not have money, how it literally ruins family relationships, how it literally ruins people's lives and i guess, softer more year i really started taking things seriously, right. so i was like, oh man, i really need to find a way to make money. my parents are struggling. they're fighting because we can't afford my college education- why am i even hearing this expensive college education anyways? my sister's crying because we literally had to send her to like a community college, because we told her we couldn't afford the college of her dreams. it was a lot of negativity, just like on my plate. so the second time around i had a little bit more maturity and i was like: you know what, i'm gonna try this again for 30 days, but now i'm not going to mess around, i i don't care if i fail, i'm going to figure this out. the second time around i had a bigger why. so i had more to lose if i were to fail, which meant i did not allow myself to fail. the first thing that i did on the next 30 days was i knew that i couldn't do this all by myself. i had to find who were the people that were already killing this um and doing really well in it. so that's a little what i did. i would find certain facebook groups that were on there and i would slide in people's dms and i would see people that would post a screenshot and even add people on facebook as friends, like some random, like punk ass kid back in the day, and i would just like message them and ask them questions. you know, luckily i don't know what it was. i think it was just i was really curious and and i was always like trying to give as much value to these people, but a lot of these people were just giving me advice left and right. i think the biggest thing was, i remember i was just like messaging them, um, and the biggest thing that got to them was when i told them my why, right, which is really weird, right, um, most people go ahead and ask advice without giving any contacts. i was literally just like opening my heart to all these strangers and saying, wow, you know. i remember there was one post on this like ebay drop shipping group um, and this person posted like how he literally got these products from amazon and he was shipping um on ebay and whatnot and this is how much money he made and this is his family and this is his story. and the moment he posted that i literally commented, liked and then messaged him and i was like, hey, like name- let's say his name is bob, right? hey, bob, i saw your post on this facebook group. i just want to say it was super inspirational. it gives me so much help. i'm trying to do this ebay drop shipping thing to help my family out with like our bills and whatnot, and just seeing your post really gave me hope. that was the first thing that i'll reach out to someone that'll make a post on one of these random facebook groups and just like that they would just respond to me and we would start toking more and i would ask them more about advice. and that was the first step to start giving me confidence of, oh my god, this could actually work. i think the first 30 days when i first tried doing this, you know it was very hard because i was in it alone. so when i quit and and i got that refund, i was like, oh my god, it won't work, i'm just going to go ahead and quit. that's why i gave up, because i just didn't have anything else in my reality to make me believe that i should keep on going the second time around. the reason why i didn't quit when i did fail or did get refunds was because i saw people actually doing it, and not just that, i had accountability within myself by asking them questions and actually building a relationship with successful people in this industry that i wanted to grow in. if you want to become successful in anything, you always need to find somebody that has the results that you want and find a way to get in front of them, to become friends with them. i know a lot of people that literally moved to thailand or bali just to get closer to people like me and the mentors that i've met in my podcast. right, you'd be surprised with what would happen when proximity of you around successful people actually do for your mindset. the next thing that i did is i asked them what tools were they using. it turned out a lot of these successful people were using these like automation softwares that actually did all of the inventory checking for me, right. so i remember i figured this out. i was like holy crap, that's exactly what you guys are doing, guys, i don't know if you guys know this, especially if you're an ebay drop shipping, but what the top one percent use is software to do all the hard work for them. i remember there was this one software. i don't even know if it exists, but what it would do is it would upload all of the products that i wanted from amazon onto ebay and then i would literally have a filipino virtual assistant just change the titles so that more people would go ahead and find it. and then what it would do is they would constantly check the stok on amazon and whenever it would go out of stok on amazon, it would automatikally turn it off as a listing on ebay. which was insane because, like as i grew in the beginning, i was like, oh my god, how do people deal with the inventory of all these things? you know, if, like, one stok goes out and you get 10 orders, you literally have to refund 10 people, and that's annoying, right. but then i didn't realize that there's already solutions for the problems that i had. i just got to find people who had the same problems and just found th.

How to Start Ebay Dropshipping in 2020 With $0 - Dropship on eBay With No Money!

how many veggies does it take to start drop shipping on ebay? in other words, if you don't speak the lingo, I'm gonna go ahead and answer in this video once and for all, and I'm gonna end the debate and tok about if, in fact, you can actually start drop shipping on ebay as a beginner with just a zero dollars. can you run an ebay drop shipping business in the beginning with no startup money or funds? stay tuned, because I'm gonna answer that question today. what's up everyone? my name is Sully and thank you for joining me in this video, and I hope that this video can help you on your journey to success. that's why it's called success with Sully. now, one of the best things about eBay dropshipping as a business model is the fact that you can get started with a very little startup cash or funds. so, unlike traditional businesses where you might need thousands or sometimes even tens of thousand dollars just to start, eBay dropshipping allows you to start with significantly less money. however, significantly less money does not necessarily mean no money. so can you actually start drop shipping on ebay with a zero startup capital or money? the answer to that question is tiknically yes, you can. now it's really quite simple if you want to start drop shipping on ebay with zero dollars, I can tell you how, except that's not free. so, although you can start that with zero dollars, the answer to this question and secret isn't free. I'm really sorry. okay, but here's the thing. I'm not gonna answer this question for cash or your money. instead, why don't you pay me in the form of one like on this video? so scroll down below this video, smash the like button on this video and, please, why don't you just leave a comment under this video while you're at it and just let me know that you've paid your dues and then, and only then, can I answer this question. okay, so now that you've gone ahead and paid, so now you've paid your dues, you've liked the video and, by the way, there's a no refund policy. it's very strict, so do not unlike the video, please. I'm gonna go ahead and share the answer. so if you want to start drop shipping on ebay with zero startup money or personal money, you can do that by simply utilizing and using credit cards that you might have. now, listen, I want to make it very clear that I'm personally not recommending that everyone do that. okay, I'm not recommending to everyone watching this video that they should start running up their credit cards and drop shipping on ebay, and I'll explain why I don't recommend that for everyone in a second later in this video, but before I do that, I actually want to tok about why it is, in fact, that you even need some sort of money to dropship on eBay in the beginning, whether it's personal money or by utilizing credit cards. why do you need any money at all in the beginning? and so the answer is simple: the reason that you will need at least some sort of access to some money as an eBay dropshipping beginner is because, as a beginner on eBay, you will not have quick and direct access to money you receive from eBay customers when they place an order for an item you listed on eBay, and the reason for that is because, when you get orders in the beginning from eBay customers in your ebay drop shipping business, PayPal and eBay will actually put holds on that money. so they don't trust you yet because you're a new seller, and so what's gonna happen is PayPal will hold the money in your account and they will not allow you direct access to that money, and so when you get an order and PayPal puts that money on hold, you're still responsible for going back to your suppliers website and processing the order so that you can make sure the item gets drop shipped to your eBay customer in a timely fashion and on time. and so the problem with this is because, since the money is on hold- the money that the eBay customer gave to you- you have to come up with some sort of money and funds, whether it's your personal money, again, that you have saved up for your business, or maybe it is credit cards again, like I'm going to tok about in a second- to process the order. basically, you need to figure out one way or another how you're going to pay for the order on your suppliers website. and listen- I know that if you're watching this video and if you're a beginner, this is kind of a bummer and it's kind of sad to hear all of this. but here's the thing. okay, there are rainbows at the end of this thunderstorm, brah, that I don't. I don't know if that saying came out right, but basically what I'm saying is there is good news, okay, at the end of all this. and so the good news is actually, if you keep selling on eBay, PayPal will hold your money less often. so once you build that trust with PayPal and eBay. what's going to start happening is you're gonna have access to eBay customers money much quicker and sometimes and eventually even instantly. so as soon as an eBay customer places an order for an item in your ebay drop shipping business, you're gonna have instant access to that money in your PayPal account. and the beauty of that is that once that starts happening, you can actually use that customers money to then go and place the order on your suppliers website, and so at that point you're just using the customers money they paid you to place the order on the suppliers website and have the item dropship to them. and that's one of the biggest beauties of eBay dropshipping is, at a certain point you don't need any of your own money really to actually drop ship on eBay. you can just use the customers. but now the question arises: should you actually use a credit card to dropship on eBay? because I've already answered the question: yes, you can start with $0 if you're willing to use credit cards and pretty much run up your credit cards and utilize your credit limits to process orders when you don't have any other money. well, in a perfect world, an eBay customer would buy an item from you and the money would be placed on hold by PayPal. then you would simply use a credit card to place the order on your suppliers website and by the time it's actually time to make the payment on the credit card balance, the eBay customers money that they paid you should be available to you by then in your PayPal account and off of hold and you could simply you is that money at that point to pay off the credit card? but again, this is assuming everything goes as planned. but here's the thing: what if the eBay customer actually ends up opening a return or maybe opening an eBay case against you, like they claim that they never received the item or the item was damaged, and let's just say that you end up losing this case on eBay and eBay will then make you refund the customer. so at this point you have to refund that eBay customer their money and yet you're still responsible for that credit card balance for the order you placed on your suppliers website and again you refunded the money to the customer. so you no longer have that money to pay off that credit card, and so that's really one of the biggest risks of drop shipping on ebay with a credit card and not having a emergency fund or backup money in case something goes wrong. now I don't want to scare you away from using credit cards if you're responsible and if you want to do that. I just want to say that drop shipping with a credit card does have its risks, and I'm gonna be honest with you. returns and item not received cases and things like that aren't really that common on eBay. in fact, I processed and I've had tens of thousands of orders on eBay in my ebay drop shipping business, and I can tell you firsthand that returns are not that often opened if you do things correctly, and neither are cases on eBay, but they do come up, and so I just wanted to let you know the risks associated with using a credit card to dropship on eBay and having no other money just in case something goes wrong. and so there you have it. if you want to start drop shipping on ebay with zero dollars, you can do so by utilizing and using credit cards that you might have.

How to Dropship on eBay as a Complete Beginner in 2022! (Complete Guide)

ebay drop shipping is an amazing opportunity if you're looking to start your first online business, because you're able to create a relatively passive form of income for pretty cheap. sadly, though, what most people are teaching about drop shipping just doesn't work anymore, so in this video, i'm going to show you what actually works in 2022 and how you can get started with just a laptop and an internet connection. [Music]. what's up? everyone paul here from dropshippingtitanscom, where i teach regular people just like you how to start your first successful drop shipping store. now, before we get into the strategies for 2022, we first have to cover what ebay drop shipping is to begin with. so if you're not familiar with ebay drop shipping, this is basically how it works. first, we have a customer who is shopping online here- she is right here, and she is buying an item on ebay. so she's going to pay, let's say, 100 to purchase an item from a seller on ebay, and that seller is you. now, the interesting thing here is that the item that you just sold, you don't even own that item. you've never even touched or handled that item. instead, as soon as that customer purchases the item from you, you then purchase the item from your supplier. so here's your supplier, and you are only going to spend a portion of that- let's say about 80 or 75- purchasing the item from your supplier, and at that point supplier will then ship the item directly to your customer. so this means, with this model, you never touch the inventory, you never handle the inventory, you don't have to buy the inventory up front or store the inventory. your supplier handles all of that. all you have to do is list the items up for sale on ebay as soon as it sells. you then get the supplier to fulfill the orders for you. so it's a relatively simple business model, and the really cool thing is that i believe that anyone can really make one sale using this model. and as soon as you make one sale, all you have to do is go round and round and round and round and round and continue to do it over and over and over again. now the first thing you're going to need- if it wasn't completely obvious- is an ebay account. so just come on over to ebaycom and click on the top left where it says register, and this is where you can sign up. now they give you the option for both a personal account or a business account, if you have that option available. i would go with a business account, but it really doesn't matter. you could sell under a personal account as well. so if you already have an ebay account that you're not using anymore, that's a personal account. you can go ahead and use that one for ebay drop shipping as well. so this might be a good time to tok about why we are selling on ebay to begin with. now i know a lot of people probably assume that ebay is dead with amazon taking over and shopify and etsy and all these other websites. are people still buying stuff on ebay? well, the truth is yes. there's still a lot of money being spent on ebay every single day, and what really stands out about ebay is a few things. first of all, selling on ebay is not like selling on shopify or your own website, because ebay is a marketplace, which means that it already has customers there purchasing items. instead of building your own website and trying to get traffic to visit that website and then trying to get that traffic to actually purchase from you, you can actually go where the customers already are. it is a lot, lot easier to get started on a marketplace than to build your own website. in addition to that you're going to spend a lot less money because you don't have to buy ads like you would if you're driving traffic to your own website. now, comparing ebay to other marketplaces, ebay is one of the simplest places to get started, one of the lowest barriers to entry, and they tend to be not as strict when it comes to other websites like amazoncom. amazon- if you mess up as a seller, you can really just get banned pretty quickly. you can get in trouble with amazon. ebay is a little bit more lenient and forgiving. i just find them to be a lot, lot more beginner friendly. so ebay is an excellent place to start drop shipping if you are a complete beginner looking to get started selling products online. now, during the registration process with ebay, they are going to ask for your bank account information. that is necessary so that they can pay you the money that you receive or that you get for all the sales that you're making. in the past, ebay used to work with paypal, so all the money would go flow through paypal. that's not the case anymore. you don't have to have a paypal account in order to sell on ebay. now everything is integrated in one and you will receive your payments directly through ebay, which is why they need your bank account information. before we actually find items to sell and list them for sale up on ebay, we first have to find a supplier that is actually going to sell those products and dropship them for us. now there are primarily two types of different suppliers. we have retail suppliers and we have wholesale suppliers. so you have to choose whether you're going to do retail drop shipping or wholesale drop shipping. now, retail drop shipping is when you buy the item directly from another retail store, such as amazoncom or walmartcom or homedepotcom, and have them ship the items to your customers. on the other hand, wholesale drop shipping is when you connect yourself up with a wholesale supplier who will then dropship the customers, the orders that you receive on ebay. now, with wholesale drop shipping, it is definitely a bit more difficult to get set up because you have to contact the suppliers, you have to ask them if you can work with them and they have to approve you. so in terms of setup, it's a lot easier to do retail drop shipping and it's harder to do wholesale drop shipping. in addition to that, we have a lot of software that we use to help us run our drop shipping businesses. now that software primarily only works with retail drop shipping, and this software is awesome because it really automates so much of the drop shipping business for us, which is why so many people that do retail drop shipping are able to scale it up so high because of the automation software. so retail drop shipping has the benefit of automation software. wholesale drop shipping has some software that works with it, but it doesn't really work that well, at least not as well as retail drop shipping, and it's a lot more money. so my opinion: there isn't great software for wholesale drop shipping. now. the third thing up here, though, is competition. so right now, you're looking at this and saying: retail looks pretty good, but here's where things start to kind of muddy the waters a little bit. the competition with wholesale drop shipping is really really low because it is harder to set up. most people aren't going to go through all the steps necessary in order to start doing wholesale drop shipping, and that lowers the competition if you are willing to take the action necessary to set up a wholesale drop shipping business. so in terms of competition, wholesale drop shipping definitely wins here. in addition to that, and really because of that, the margins with wholesale drop shipping are better as well when you are drop shipping from retail websites like amazoncom. i mean, think about this: amazon is getting those items from a wholesale distributor themselves, so they're taking the wholesale price and marking it up, and then you're going to take that price and mark it up even more in order to make a profit. but when you're buying it directly from a wholesale supplier, you're getting it at the wholesale price so you can sell it at a markup and still be at or below the amazon price and definitely below what other people are selling it for if they're doing retail drop shipping. so the margins for wholesale are much better than retail in general. of course, there's always exceptions to this. the last one i want to tok about is what is allowed now. selling on ebay th