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Published on: December 25 2022 by Smart Money

Do you love playing video games? Would you like to make money while doing it? Well, you're in luck! In this article, we will explore how to make money through playing video games using PayPal. So, grab your controller and let's get started!

Ways to Make PayPal Money Playing Video Games:

1. Streaming on Twitch: Twitch is a popular platform where gamers can stream themselves playing video games. You can make money on Twitch by getting donations from your viewers, subscribers, and sponsors.

2. Participating in Tournaments: There are many video game tournaments that offer cash prizes to the winners. You can participate in these tournaments and win money by showcasing your gaming skills.

3. Selling Game Items: If you have rare items in a video game, you can sell them for real money on websites like eBay and PlayerAuctions.

4. Playing Mobile Games: There are many mobile games that offer rewards for playing them. You can earn PayPal money by playing these games and redeeming your rewards.

5. Testing Video Games: Video game developers need testers to try out their games before they release them to the public. You can get paid to test these games and give feedback.

In conclusion, making money through playing video games is not only possible but also a fun way to earn some extra cash. Whether you choose to stream on Twitch, participate in tournaments, sell game items, play mobile games or test video games, there are plenty of opportunities to make PayPal money. So, what are you waiting for? Start gaming and start earning!

Are you a video game enthusiast? Have you ever thought about earning money while playing games online? Well, your dreams have now become a reality with Monero. In this article, we will show you how to earn money by simply playing games online using this app.

Steps to earn money:

1. Download Monero from Google Play or App Store.

2. Play games and win gift cards.

3. Collect coins for playing games.

4. Redeem coins for people, Amazon, or Google gift cards.

5. Discover new games every day and earn more points.

Why choose Monero?

1. It's free.

2. It's fast.

3. It's safe.

4. It's fun.

5. It's exciting.

6. It's always something new.


1. Best game app I ever used. Super easy to use and earn coins quickly.

2. Love this app. I enjoy the game a lot.

3. You really do get money for playing. I received 15 on my people account.

In conclusion, Monero is a great way to earn money while playing games online. With its user-friendly interface and exciting games, you can easily collect coins and redeem them for gift cards. So, what are you waiting for? Download Monero now and start earning money in an easy and fun way!

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