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Make Up To $3,000/Mo Testing | Make Money Online Testing To Make PayPal Cash

Published on: December 1 2022 by Littlemama

Make Up To $3,000/Mo Testing | Make Money Online Testing To Make PayPal Cash

Make Up To $3,000/Mo Testing | Make Money Online Testing To Make PayPal Cash

hello everybody thanks for coming to my
channel today my name is grace I'm also
known as little mama and I'm from the
blog working right now calm in this
video today I'm going to show you how to
make up to three thousand dollars a
month by testing and testing things so
this is going to be a great way for you
to earn some PayPal cash and get some
PayPal money online so let's get started
all right before I get started as well
let you know that this method will not
produce you any passive online income
and this is going to be trading your
time for money but you are going to be
able to make a decent amount if you are
working really hard at this method so I
hope it worked for you but if it doesn't
check out the program in the video
description it's gonna be the first link
in my video description it's going to be
a program that's going to teach you
online skills that will help you build
an online business instead and build a
passive online income it's gonna be a
business model that I've been using
since 2016 and you can check that out
and you keep in check out this video it
kind of explains to you what I do online
how my business works or if you just
click the link and get started right
here okay so check that out alright so
in today's method is gonna be at you
test calm at you test calm this is going
to be one of the largest communities for
testers in the world yes this is gonna
be a worldwide and it's gonna be for a
lot of different countries and as well
this will be for a variety of people as
I'm going to show you the project's are
involved could be applied to alarm you
also if it doesn't qualify if you don't
even qualify they have huge referral
bonuses for if you know somebody that
can do that test so these are real big
projects or they pay well anyway so it
just depends on how many you do and the
more you do the more you rated so you
also go and get radon here and I'm gonna
show you behind the scenes how that is
okay so you can just become a tester by
clicking this button so once you go to
you test you test calm you will get to
this page and you can click this to sign
up right away so let's see how it works
okay this is what you want to know
anyway right how you test works you go
create an account you're doing it
registering or confirm your email and
then go start throwing out your profile
and this is going to be a very important
that you are making sure you give them
all your information they're going to
use this in front
to give you and invite you to the to the
tests okay so you must be very accurate
in here and see so that they can match
you to pay test that's right for you
okay and then you can also get educated
with their Academy so learn how to test
with us by completing courses passing
quizzes and partikipating in live
practike test cycles in our new test
Academy so this if you go through this
then they'll know that you've been
educated and that you will probably get
invited more because they're going to be
you're gonna be tracked that you've gone
through the Academy okay so this part is
very important that you learn how to do
it well and then as your tester rating
increases you'll receive project
invitations or survey requests that
match with your tester profile so this
one is very important like I'm saying
earlier you got you want to test well
and you want to increase your rating
because that's how you gonna get even
more tests and the higher pain test as
well fourth step you go complete
projects and earn report bugs or share
your opinion about apps or products and
earn payments for your approved work we
pay testers twice a month using PayPal
and pioneer so it's gonna be paying for
a lot more people not just PayPal it's
gonna be pioneer as well so this is
gonna be great news so this is gonna be
great news for everybody and it's gonna
allow a lot more people to receive funds
if they also pay it with Payoneer okay
so earn money testing for the brand's
you love so you could be testing for
brands like uber or these other ones
folks wagging on Facebook Google
Starbucks McDonald's Nike so they're
their clients do you really want to know
you don't need your help so you ready to
start testing I'm gonna go inside and
show you some stuff you see on the left
this is my profile and I am I'm ready
because I just opened this I care
and you see this is Academy here so this
is the Academy you can see how you can
test you could take all these different
courses and I highly highly suggest that
you take all these courses so that you
can get the most invite for your testing
okay so what you want to do is go to
projects so that you can find these
projects okay so even if you don't sign
up you can check out the projects over
here on the top so back inside here
projects so this is the opportunities
that you will be seeing over here and I
it defaults to suggest it but I put all
for now just so you can see so there's a
lot of worldwide
opportunities here I'll show you this
one partikular so it says that you know
it's looking for people who own android
devices with the OS version L or M and
it says you could earn a $10 referral
bonus if you don't have this but you
know somebody that does then you're just
going to copy this link and give it to
them and what this is is their referral
form okay so it is like a referral form
for them to go sign up under your kind
of thing see if they click on let's
apply it then it will say this is from
test or whatever so it's very important
that you get the referral link from the
from the description okay so as I go
back out here and just want to keep
going for you to see so there's
different projects and so like this one
is offering a hundred fifty referral fee
this is a referral fee so for the actual
testing itself they're not letting us
know how much the test is it for itself
so you just got apply and get to this
page and you just gotta put in your info
as you have it in your per test account
okay so make sure you're gonna use the
same email and the same name that it
appears on the new test platform okay
and then tell them where you live
for this one I guess you have to be from
one of these countries I'm guessing okay
so there are a variety though okay there
you don't have to worry about not not
being able to get that one you can refer
somebody or so you can refer somebody's
to make a hundred fifty or just go keep
looking because they have hundreds of
testing projects here and they're all
recent or are or ongoing and there are
this two hundred referral bonus for USA
so even if you don't test you have an
opportunity to refer somebody that can
do the test okay and I'm just going to
now give you some payment proof of the
research I've done why this is a great
one because P this one is stuck with
pain but it doesn't tell you how much
you're gonna earn here but so this is
why I want to show you these other
research things I've seen so usually I
just do this research for myself and I
just know that they work and I don't
show you so now I'm I should gonna show
you guys a lot of people don't believe
that these things work and so I'm gonna
show you why the this part my research
okay so this person Alex this is from
his own experience okay this his
disclaimer this is from his own distance
and a friend who had become a golden
rated you testers and was able to make
several thousand dollars per month okay
and he's saying like you know your
skills you need to get good at the
skills so one of the ways to get good is
doing the Academy that they provide you
for free okay so go through the Academy
and get good skills and then it depends
on your location it depends on how much
time you spend testing and then you want
to get your rating okay see the golden
rate you testers have more payout rates
and are more unlikely to get invited to
partikipate in any cool projects so you
really want to concentrate you could
really concentrate and earn a lot here
and this is why there he's saying that
you can actually earn probably like five
hundred to three thousand monthly
and this is from what he seen himself
not only that there are here's somebody
who was the head of community of X you
test so this is a past employer who's
worked there for seven years and they're
saying there's people who take this so
serious that they use it as their
full-time career and they make over a
hundred K per year okay so this is no
joke it just depends on how much time
you can put into this okay speaking from
experience of watching the earnings of
one of my friend living in France living
her friends worldwide okay
he's making a thousand dollars per month
and he's red gold okay so you want to
achieve gold rated status obviously and
then if you go to you test payment proof
on Google oh my god like you should see
ten thousand different test payouts from
PayPal so this is like all the proof
that I found a hunk of crap okay so this
is still training time for money where
you gonna just have to keep working to
keep earning and you're not gonna be
earning multiple times from the work
that you put in so if you want to build
online business that does that like I do
though you can check out that first link
in the video description or check out
the link up here that I'm gonna link so
that you can see how to learn the skills
that you need to build an online
business where you can earn over and
over again from the work that you've put
into your business this is a business
model I've been using since 2016 and I
really really love it so if you want to
do something like that and make passive
online income and get someone your time
back check out the first link in the
video description and I'm gonna show you
exactly how I've learned it as well okay
I hope you like this video if you did
please give me a big thumbs up
underneath this video if you haven't
already please subscribe to my channel
so you could learn more ways to make
money online and difficut hit that
notification bouncy to see you in my
next video comes out I come up with
videos every single week so I hope you
get notified and I hope I see you on the
next one bye

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