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makeup ads 2020

Published on: February 4 2023 by pipiads

Mrs. Hayes – Chevy Commercial | Chevrolet

(Wind blows). (Stalled engine). ♪ ♪, Come on, ole' beauty. (Stalled engine). I'll let you know when I'm coming back, Hopefully sooner than later. Okay, ♪. Hey you, okay. Are you ready? Okay, ♪, I'm gonna miss you. ♪ God, I'm gonna miss you so much. (Kids playing). ♪ Car ♪ ♪ ♪. -Who's that? -I don't know. ♪ ♪, Billy, sweetheart, Dinner time. Hey, Billy, you're up. This one's gonna go all the way down the street. (Crack of bat with baseball). (Thunk of ball hitting car). - Billy -Uh-oh, That's your name, right? I should make you fix all the damages to my car. young man, I'm so sorry, But I really didn't mean it. ♪, That's okay. I guess you can have this back. Come here and give me a hand. Come over, kids, don't be scared. ♪ ♪. These are here for everybody to use, so no fighting. T-minus 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4.. Count us down All. 3,, 2,, 1. Blast off. (Children cheering snaps from camera). Take this off, I'll let you do it next time. (Car hood closes). Alright, (Honk, Honk). It's getting' late, you two. Hey guys, I don't think that bus is coming anytime soon. Thank you very much. (Knock, knock, knock on door). Ah, this baby's coming And he's coming fast. Okay, Come on. ♪ ♪. I'm gonna miss you. ♪ ♪ ♪, 3,2,1.. ♪ God, I'm gonna miss you so much. ♪. (knock, knock, knock). Oh, Billy, Thank goodness you're here. Ole' girl's just not cooperating today. That's okay, Mrs Hayes, Let's grab your bags. ♪, I'll give you a second, Alright ♪. (Car doors shut). Oh, Lester, ♪ ♪, ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪. Alright, here we are. Oh, I love that feature. Ok, You just take this one and this one right here. Thank you, Billy. I'll grab these And we should be on our way. ♪ ♪, ♪. I was working on this thing all night. Oh, she's gonna love this. ♪. (Car horn honk, honk). ( Door opens, bells jingle). Oh, Hi, Mrs Hayes. Oh, Oh, Oh ♪ ♪. Oh, Billy. Merry Christmas, Mrs Hayes. ♪ ♪. What do you think, Ta-da, Let's go for a drive. Alright, here's your keys. ♪ ♪. Come on, mommy. Oh, I see y'all leaving me. ♪ ♪, Let's take a ride.

How To Set Up Facebook Ads For Makeup Brands

with aggro salons and in today's video, i'll be showing you, step by step, how to set up facebook ads for a makeup brand. so if you sell makeup online and you want to use ads to increase your sales, definitely check out this tutorial. i'm not necessarily going to be covering the ad part or the creative, but what i will tell you is: um, you want to use the existing content that you're already using on your facebook or instagram page and whatever performs best, so whatever got the most engagement, comments like shares- that's the content that you want to use in your ad. so we can go ahead and get started. first thing we're going to do is click on the create button. so in this video, what you're really going to be getting the true value is the targeting itself. so for and your campaign objective, we want to go with conversion. so conversions mean that when someone clicks on our ad, they're likely to come over to our site and take action. when you run a traffic campaign, it's going to show your ads to people who are likely to just click, not necessarily take action when they get over to your website. okay for asking for ad set name: we're just going to put an x and add name we're going to put a x just says placeholders, and we're going to turn campaign budget optimization on. so what i recommend you doing is testing multiple creatives, so different ads, and basically, with this campaign budget optimization on facebook is going to figure out which piece of content performs best and basically feed the majority of the budget into that piece of content. i recommend doing at least five to ten dollar per day budget. you're going to save this as a draft. so from here you're gonna go at the very top- you can't see it, it's cut off on my screen- but above campaign name it says one ad set. or you can come here with the four squares and the second x. this will take us to the ad set level and this is where we do all of the targeting. so on your end, you're going to have um, it's going to be website, and you're going to select your pixel that you're going to use and you're going to select purchase as your conversion event. so you basically telling facebook to go find you people who are likely to purchase. let's see. then we're going to scroll and for location, i'm going to do all the united states, i will leave age wide open, i will target women and we're going to tweak the actual interest. so, let's see, we can start off by doing makeup, all right, so let's do cosmetiks. so that gives us an audience of 74 million people. uh, this audience is so large that you literally can, um, not add any more interest and you'll be okay. uh, if you'd like, you can click on suggestions and get other related interests. but when you're selecting entries you're basically looking at audience size, not necessarily the amount of interest. so 74 million is more than enough people. so we'll just go with cosmetiks. and for placements, we're going to go manual and we're going to deselect everything but the facebook news feed. so marketplace video feeds, write column stories in stream, search, all off and in artikle off. so now we have a potential reach of 65 million people and you're going to click on show more options. here is where i like to do one day click review, okay, and that's done as far as the targeting. so, uh, you're going to go to the ad level, this last x with the red triangle, and you're going to select your facebook page and you're either going to create an ad here- if you create the ad here, where you're, you know, pulling the video or photo off your computer. you will simply click add media and add image or video. if you want to pull the um content from your instagram or facebook page, you would use, you would hit, click, exit, use existing post. then you would do select post. then, once you have everything set up, make sure, uh, your pixel is on, make sure they're tracking it. um, your call to action on your ad is going to be: uh, shop. now, let me see. so i'll just use this post as an example to see if we can get our call to action button showing, um [Music]. this is wrong. one second. what is this? okay, let's try something different. okay, since it's not um, basically, since we've already ran this as an ad, i believe, um, it won't let us edit the call to action. so on your end, you would have to edit it from the original post. so what i would do is just basically, um, create a new ad from scratch. if you run into this issue, then upload the media. let's go video, and i'm just using hair as an example so you can see what it looks like. so here you would add your copy. hey, are you looking for quality makeup? shop, our black friday sale. tap the shop now button. so you know, uh, obviously, make it fit your branding and whatnot, but uh, your primary text can be that simple headline: need makeup. then you want to enter your website url and make sure your call to action says shop now. so fine, shop now. and if you like to run multiple uh pictures and videos, and that's what i would suggest- you would click on this um action menu, these three dots, and you would duplicate this and you could do, like you know, two more. so now you have a total of three ads and you just want to go in and, you know, swap out the actual content itself. if you like my personal help with setting up your ads, i do have 30 days of coaching where i help you with pretty much everything: the ad copy, the creative, optimizing your website, targeting, everything from a to z as far as setting up your ads. if you want to sign up for that, you can click the link in the description of this video. if you want more information, you can send me a dm on instagram at aggro salons. you found this video helpful, useful. please like, comment, subscribe, share. thanks for watching.

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Makeup kotak isi lengkap Makeup one brand tutorial ADS lagi semua ada di dalam satu tampat

Hai guys, Assalamualaikum, warahmatullahi wabarakatuh, ketemu lagi sama aku, Fenix channelnya aku yang baru bergabung. jangan lupa kalian tekan subscribenya dan lonceng, ya, kalian tekan juga biar kalian gak ketinggalan setiap video-video yang aku buat. terus sekalian like setiap videonya dan jangan lupa kalian Comment di bawah dan kalian share ke seluruh media sosial yang kalian punya. Hari ini aku mau bikin Lukmi Cut seperti ini dengan one brand tutorial lagi, yaitu dengan ads. Ads disebutnya Ads dan make up. ini adalah make up yang udah lengkap banget isinya: ada bedak, ada lipstik, blush on dan eyeshadow nya, trus juga udah lengkap sama beras, berasnya dan sponsnya. bagaimana cara aku aplikasi dan temanya aku dapat Peluknya seperti ini. boleh kalian playgroup videonya dan kalian share ke seluruh media sosial yang kalian punya? Oke, jangan lama-lama lagi suara Nonton videonya. mungkin cuma ini muka, aku belum aku pakai apa-apa. Aku mau pakai Premier dulu. aku pakai primernya dari Wardah. aku pakai Premier dari Wardah dulu, ya, biar dia enggak terlalu kering mukanya kok. lainnya pakai tangan aja, ya, guys, dan aku udah video temen sebelumnya lagi. kalian ini juga bisa jadi sunscreen, ya, Dan aku mau amboxsing ini, dia makeupnya yang di balik ini dari AD. ini make up nya yang bakal aku amboxsing dari Ads di sini udah, kalau dari gambarnya geser, nih ada ininya bedaknya sudah ada blush on-nya, ada sponsnya, terus ada eyeshadow sama lipstiknya. ya, gak seneng banget ingin aku buka dan aku coba dimuka aku, kita amok sih ini muka. aku baru pakai pelembab aja. ya, Uh, ini mintardja itu, kalau ada kertasnya, tuh ini enggak diendorse sama sekali. ya guys, cantik ya depannya. Aku suka detail bunga-bunganya. ini bukan tempelan atau apa ini di FB Ia di sablon gitu 4 Cut banget warna ungu dan kita buka Bismillahirrohmanirrohim, ih, wow, wow, warnanya cantik banget. wow, cinta reggae. Inipun buka bersih ini lantai pertama. entar aku juga nggak tahu Oh, ini seringkali tuh dibuka ada sponsnya dan ada Brazzer Aini warna lipstiknya cantik-cantik banget, terjadi banget. ya, Ah, spons, terus pada brush make up. eh, beras hijau blazer les sama brush buat lipstik dan entar bedaknya di mana ya curut, ha, itu takut Destiny patah kok. Ya udah buka dulu Desa ini. ya, tuh itu ada bedak dan blush on cantik banget warnanya sih. semoga cantik juga nanti dia plannya dibuka ini dia bentukannya dan warnanya. sumpah, ini cantik banget deh. aku ngerasa banget buat Apple semuanya dibawa ke aku, enggak semuanya gitu. SIM, saya Dipilih warnanya, Oh, tapi nggak ada yang Mad, kayaknya glossy semua CY email usai membeli ini ada bling-bling nya semua, nggak ada yang map blush on nya. aku akan mulai aja dari bedaknya. aku pakai spons yang dari dapetin dari sini. ya, kayaknya yang lebih aman yang warna ini dia. kalau yang ini sama ini benar-benar putih banget, aku play dulu, Nia, guys, aku taruh di sini. sumpah, ini warna yang pertama, ini warna yang kedua. Aduh, ini basah ternyata, guys, Jadi teksturnya dua yang biasa dan satu yang basah. karena aku nggak pernah pakai yang bedak yang basah gitu, aku mau ambil. aman, yay, aku langsung Apple di muka dengan spons yang dapat dari kliennya. Bismillahirrohmanirrohim, terbangun. aku coba ini baumata dulu. ya, takutnya keputihan, geh, nggak masih aman. Oke, comment tidaknya dari sini. aja ya, Hai, cantik warnanya Terus, eh, masih masuk gitu dimuka sih sebenernya juga aku sih aku pengen banget coba yang basah itu, Tapi aku takut, Hai, untuk mengatur, mengatakan pesawat parkour, nih ponselnya juga enggak terlalu menyerap. bedaknya sih masih enak-enak dan aman-aman aja, tadi udah dapet perangkat gini, teringatkan Kayaknya udah deh, mutiara cinta, sedih aku, dan karena disini nggak ada pensil alis, aku pakai pensil alis dari punyaku sendiri. ya, jadi just Miss A qualifying dulu, ya, bikin alisnya udah, karena kenapa enggak? aku? eh rekam, Karena kita tuh sekarang fokusnya sama bareng yang barusan aku beli ini dan aku mau coba buat hai, hai Shadow. aku bingung, guys, mohon apa karawaleya, cantik-cantik banget ini ya Cidodol tuh makanya cucok banget [Musik] Kenapa nantinya ngambil beras yang dulu. eh, aku mau pakai beras dari sini. ya Lupa, aku tuh, meski kecil aduk, aku mau jadiin beskem pertama warna coklat, Eh, Desa, habis dulu. ya, warna ini ini dulu, ya, ini, yes, ini, cepat-cepat, ini aku taruh, Aku mau banget Barat. Hai, Neng Sung, keluar banget, tapi dia sedikit ini ya, guys, the cave hancur gitu nih. kau lihat, ini aku tuh udah punya sih, Jadi kayak serbuk-serbuk, yaitu jatuh-jatuh gitu ke pinggiran, gitu jadi cepet, Hai, tapi kagak warna dengan warna biru. will you biru tosca gitu, say, tuh biru toska atau biru muda, gitu nanti nanti aku bakalan bercampur Sera. Aku mau pakai biru tosca nya dulu, karena jarang banget ya, adc2 biru tosca, Aku cepat-cepat tuh gitu. biru kuning dan atasnya Aku bakal kasih warna pink, timnya sedikit pink Fanta, gini ya nih ring santai, gitu ini bakalan eh, uh, uh, mi5, nget, nget, Hai, Kein ping, yang bener-bener yang paling soft, pink, soft. ini rusak Utara, dibawa mati. sebenarnya ini yang jadi kendalanya aku tuh, aku nggak pernah, Hai, pakai yang berasnya dari yang kayak gini, jadi susah banget play nya tuh. nanti aku bakal ini lagi ya, rapiin lagi ya, guys, ditunggu aja. soalnya ini udah aku ratain dan aku Blend kedua Sisinya. ini udah aku Blend, ya, dua Sisinya tuh. jadi aku campur warna yang pertama Adele, biru, terus oren-oren gitu atau sedikit coklat, dan warna pink, pink yang sedikit marun dan dibawahnya benar-benar aku kasih warna pink. Ini hasilnya, Nia, sebelahnya juga sama biru, Cipta, hebat, memang, kalau kukasih biru lagi, ngomong opo semprotan untuk atlet parkour, kelihatan mungkin sebenernya ini kalau mati Kamera bener-bener kelihatan ngejreng banget. ih, Kara, di kamera pakai cahaya jadi terjadi kelihatannya lebih soft. udah, ini udah ngajarin banget dan aku Blend monkey penggunaan. hahaha, Ih, ada empat macam warna blush dan aku pengen coba yang warna urine dan akan ku campuran warna pink J dan aku sepertinya enggak bisa pakai deras dari sini karena ini kecil banget sedang ANTV. aku bisa jadi, nanti bakal kelihatan samoled, Kidul, ojek di aku, Oke, beras, aku wes punya bracey dengan bebas dan aku mau coba. Sudah, aku taruh di tangan dulu. ya guys, ini yang warna pink. Wow, kelihatan satu Ustad semua ya tuh sama pikirnya kelihatan dia benar-benar harus berusaha pusat deh porsinya 3-4 kali ucap baru dan terakhir yang lebih kelihatan tuh yang oren sih, kalau dari sini tirorin dan Ping, yang paling ujung enggak kelihatan ya Hai, jadi harus bener-bener berkali-kali ini aku coba bipi sebelah sini dulu itu coba yang urine, tuh guys, kesukaannya aku tuh dia berantakan gitu detritus, saudara, berantakan banget istilah tuh. ngelihat itu benar-benar harus diusap berkali-kali biar dia karena apa kamu sangat, karena serum aku tuh lagi ada perbaikan gitu mungkin dan aku bakal marahin orang itu bakal berisi ku biologisnya guys, sedikit kelihatan sih, kalau udah bener-bener 3-4 kali usapkan, cuma satu kali ucap Ibu, kelihatan kapal like ia mengaku kroto, tuh terus-menerus pengetahuan lebih dominan terlihat. sama aja saya, kalau mau Yasin orang atau miskin penganten, itu blush on-nya harus Canyon di aku benerin eyeshadow, tambah hidup putih di ujungnya, terus blush on-nya ini sebenarnya kalau dari kaca itu benar-benar udah kelihatan cantik banget tuh, dok, merah banget sebenarnya. kalau deh, ya, kalau buat mantren ketemu acara-acara. Itu sebabnya sebenarnya terus di sedikit-sedikit lebih glossy ya, guys, aku sukanya enggak tahu efek dari bedaknya yang bikin glossy, atau memang Blush on-nya ada glossy, glossy, my God, kita jadi Sisi liarnya besoknya map mungkin dari bedaknya guys kelihatan kan digituin sih suka-suka, suka-suka blush on nya. Aku tutup dulu ya, Kenapa takut banget ini patah tuh dan kubuka lagi karena, eh, karena aku mau pakai lipstik yang mana coba, guys, ini aku aku punya, coba ingin sih yang lebih kilo gitu saku mau ombre in, Eh, sama yang ini dia orange jadi yang didalamnya sedikit pink atau sedikit ping nyata merah-merah, bukannya lipstik yang seperti ini, yo, yo anget bisa kalian, karena aku belum pernah sama sekali pakai listrik yang dari musuhnya, itu yang valet gini dan bahkan A.

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hey guys, what's up. welcome to today's video. this is going to be a fun one, something kind of different. I thought it would be fun to kind of react, so to speak, to vintage and old school print makeup and beauty advertisement. if you guys follow me on instagram, you see that sometimes in my Instagram stories or even just at my regular posts that I have been sharing with you guys some of these vintage makeup in Beauty advertisements, and they are just so fantastik and interesting to look at. I thought it would be kind of fun to react to them together. I have a ton saved in my phone here. I will share them, obviously up on the screen so that you guys can see them as well. we're not just gonna be focusing on makeup. there's some skincare items as well as some advertisements for weight gain, which is so crazy to think about, and that's just kind of. what's fun about this is that we're gonna have a chance to see what has changed. what is the same. you guys get the drift first, so before we get started, can we tok about how fabulous this is? now, obviously, this is not my real hair. INH, which is a new company that I just discovered through an Instagram ad, which is so strange because usually Instagram ads are hacks and they're just junky, shitty, ripped off products. but this is legit. kathleenlights has toked about this brand. she posted a photo of her with, like the fake bangs, which looked so real. I saw Jordan from colour-pop and I think what was the other girl, Sharon, who used to work at colour-pop. she had a post as well. I think she's even in one of their ads. so I was intrigued. and when I saw the Ariana Grande ponytail, I was like, yeah, I gotta have that. I feel so just like sassy right now. you guys, I don't know what came over me. I went full the lamb today. I have false lashes on which I never wear. I've got this badass ponytail, the giant ho hoops. I am here for it. so, yeah, I just felt like getting a little sassy before sitting down toking about these ads. but if you're interested, I will put a link down below. this is not sponsored. I don't have an affiliate code or anything like that. I just think it's a really cool, fun product. they have some other pair extensions as well, so if you're into it, I know a lot of you going to ask, just like: this is long and it's fantastik and it matches my hair color perfectly. so, anyways, I figured that some of you might asked about, at best might ask about it, so I will put the info in the description box below. enough of that, let's go ahead and jump into the vintage makeup s. so the first one is for a Max Factor. now, Max Factor is a brand that is actually still around today. I believe you can only get it overseas, like in the UK. correct me if I'm wrong. I don't think you can get it here in the States. I'm gonna look into that. I don't think you can. I've heard Tati tok about Max Factor before and how she loves some of this products, but this is like kind of like the og of like foundation from my understanding. so they had this product called pancake makeup and the history behind this is really interesting. you should look it up. but it was really one of like the first like good, beautiful looking makeups that was used for on screen. obviously back in the very early 1900, 1920s. around that time there wasn't a whole lot. a lot of things were filled with chemicals and like lead and all kinds of nasty stuff obviously that people were using that didn't know was bad for them. so Max Factor came up with the pancake foundation. now this is kind of funny cuz it says makeup perfection for the woman who meets over 12 people a day. the funny thing about all of these ads I'm going to preface right now is that everything was so aimed at, like women putting their best face forward to impress others, especially men. I feel like that has changed so much. now I feel like not only women put on makeup. we want to feel beautiful for ourselves. I feel like a lot of beauty now is so focused on yourself as an individual and expression, which is an awesome thing. so it says pancake makeup, Max Factor's exclusive formula in the original, long-lasting makeup that covers complexion flaws like no other in the world. so it was the first of its kind. it was just a very revolutionary product. I just thought that this was a really interesting ad. now the next one is for something called Dewberry cleansing cream. this one is obviously very old. it says: who is she? this woman who's young, singles, with clean freshness, whose years are hidden, the clear, smooth complexion you, if you have discovered how do bury cleansing cream, appreciates. your skin softens as it seeks out impeccable, impeccable. sorry, this is a really small print. imperceptible dirt and grime. prove it to yourself. do as thousands have done at famous success school. I don't know what famous success school is. it has like a trademark next to it. it says: use Dewberry cleansing cream to keep your skin flawlessly clean. tone it with Dewberry skin freshener for an alive quality that makes men whisper. who is she? see what I'm toking about? hilarious to me. I wish I could find some ingredients and see what was in some of this stuff. I'm gonna have to dig a little bit deeper to see if I can find that, but I just knew that. that is amazing. moving on Maybelline now, from what I have found, Maybelline again is one of the- oh geez, like one of the first modern-day companies and, what's crazy, that meeting still exists today, which is so cool and so interesting to think about. now this one is for something called a powder twist. I think this is actually a pretty cool product. it says 12 Trish- you guys know I can't ever speak- both terrific twists and is a tongue twister. damn in I shadow. you'll love the automatik ease, the color control that is yours with the powder twist. the first and only automatik powder shadow. just two twists measures, the right amount of color, then the soft, smooth want. it puts the shadow right where you want. it lets you shade, shape, highlight, even do delicates around shadowing, surround shadowing- is that like a tiknical term. so go ahead, have all 12 eye-opening shades, obviously very bright, fun colors. she has chosen to bring the blue all the way up to the brow bone. that is something that you probably wouldn't see done today and it's funny because in these advertisements all the women have a very natural looking lashes. there's no falsies or anything like that that I can see so far, which i think is absolutely amazing. I struggled like none other to get these lashes on today. I am not the hugest fan of them, but they do add to a look. now here's one that toks about weight. it says: how do you look in your bathing suit? with a huge question mark, you've got this thinner woman and then a more filled out woman. it's a skinny. thousands gained 10 to 25 pounds. this easy new way, new ionized, yeast edy pounds give thousands natural sex appeal Curren. this is so funny because I feel like the woman on the left is what most women want to look like. a woman on the right maybe nowadays might be perceived as kind of, you know, plus-sized in the model world, which is just, like I said, crazy to see. but back at that time thin, being too thin, was looked at as like being malnourished, not having enough to eat, not being able to afford to eat. it show like a lack of health. it's just so funny that people were actually trying to gain ten to twenty five pounds and my ass is over here trying to lose ten to twenty five pounds. so interesting to see back to Maybelline and see what a difference Maybelline makes. you'd hardly believe that the same face could become so beautiful, would you? now this is kind of sad because I feel like the woman in either picture. it looks totally fine and she doesn't look less beautiful or more beautiful. obviously she looks enhanced. but, like I said, all of these ads were almost kind of like a slice, like they were always trying to like. really tell you in a very bold way that you look like until you use their products. yet it only takes a few soft accents of Maybelline- mascara, eyebrow pencil and creamy eyeshadow to make that am.

ADS Glitter palette 🎨 review #makeup #ADS

oh my god, this was a mess too bad. this experiment just gone too bad. hello world, namaste. welcome back to my channel. if you're new to my channel, please subscribe to it. i do beauty related videos sometimes: hair care, skincare also, and some fun stuff. there would be a bell button right next to it, here or there, i don't remember the place. um, but, yeah, click this and we are gonna move to video. now, you know, today i have tried a new eyeshadow palette. now, this is not a palette, this is just a normal four eyeshadow cord, and this was- and this was- so shady, this was such a huge fail. um, but that's okay, because this shadow just costed me 50 rupees- now, i'm telling the truth, 50 rupees- and thank god, it turned into a review video because i was trying to do a glamorous look- uh, like a glamorous makeup look tutorial after winter's, 2021 kind of thing- but then this thing just ruined everything. now you can actually tell that i have glitter here and there, everywhere, because i have just removed it, because this was looking so, so messy, but yeah, so if you want to know how it goes and of what eyeshadow i'm toking about, just please keep on watching. so here is the packaging of this palette. now, from this you can make out how beautiful this is looking: the packaging, the printing and all. and this is super lightweight, super, super lightweight. and here the they have given the color coordinates. like: which color are there in this? that is the pretty pretty match for it. and now i will show you. now, basically, this is from ads idios, if you don't know. this comes under normal local drugstore brands, affordable ones, and this actually costed me just 50 rupees. that's why i just bought it from that shop and thought of just doing the glitter thing. but the, the pretty. this is looking pretty by itself, no doubt, and here it is the way it looks like. now this dent is because i have just used it in the video and just removed it because this was so, so bad. and here is the color scheme: the, this white one. i was trying to make something from this white because, because this was the most matching thing to my sweater this day like today, and this pink one, this blue one and this green one. but then it just. the formula of this glitter palette is like they have mixed the real glitter into vaseline, because that glue is not drying out, like the glitter is going everywhere. i i will show you the swatch what i'm toking about. so let's take this one. pigmentation is good, glitter is also good, but the glue is so, so bad. it is not glue. i don't feel it is. it is glue. i i feel this is just normal vaseline. so i'm giving you the swatch. it's, it's decent pigmentation, but you can see i'm moving the glitter and it is going everywhere. now the thing is this will not dry down. this will not gonna dry down like after five minutes. if i will just do the same thing to this thing, the glitter will move and this should not be there. they should just stay on their place, because i was trying to do the whiting hair and then green thing there and this just moved everywhere like i cannot. you will see what i'm toking about because i have a demo of this. but this was clearly a real, real fail for me and, oh my god, now i regret why i haven't buyed some other glitter palettes- good palettes- after reviewing the youtube, so i thought of giving this this a move and yeah, it's just very, very bad. do not buy it. i know this is just for 50 bucks, but do not buy this. i don't know, even if, if i try to do like i was thinking to reuse it, uh, you know, when people do drawing thing, paintings, so they apply the glitter over picture, but this just moving so badly, let's see again, it is moving everywhere. it should be dry down to the place we have put in. it is going everywhere. this was so bad. and also, you can see i have some glitter right over here, some some hair, like i have tried to remove it, just it just created the canvas so fluidy that my liner got no removed without using any water, any makeup remover, anything like anything. so for me- not for all of you- this is a faith. do not buy this. this will look a little really, really intriguing thing, but do not buy this. also, they have many variants over this, like there was, this one is um, blue, like they have mentioned it, the blue, there was new, there was brown, pink, red, so they have created a smoky, glittery thing, kind of thing. so they have just put in four shades. for example, if they are saying the nude, so they will be black, brown, uh, nude, nude colors, kind of thing. and if they are saying the pink, glitter, smoky, i look, then there will be one dark pink, one light pink and kind of thing. the color scheme is like that, but the formula is the real feel and the packaging. this is a normal. you know, this is a real form like from here you can see. this is a real form like. i can understand that the brand is under budget, but at least formula should work. a glitter pallet should not be like this. well, i'm not so regretting about the product that i bought- a bad stok or bad thing i- because this was just for 50 rupees, although i made it 50 rupees into some other good thing, but it's okay. i am feeling bad because of the video. like the entire makeup was very good, like the lipstik and all the base was like in the video you can see i have done so quickly and so nicely, but then this just i look- did everything go worse and this video turned from the glamorous makeup look to the review of this bad eyeshadow palette. but, yeah, fine, so the review is hair, you can see, and now you will see the demo of this makeup look with this removed eye makeup look and yeah, so just enjoy this. all right, so i have moisturized my face. now i'm using the primer. this is the, like me, absolute blur, perfect primer and i am focusing it to my t-zone and this is a long-lasting one, like the primer, is really long-lasting and i am blending it with very light hands and i have just fast forwarded it because i was like this is the same process i do with these products. next, i'm taking this foundation duo. one is the lotus one, second is the sugar one, and i'm going to mix these two. i will take four drops, three, four right four- drops of sugar one and some of the lotus one, and next i'm going to dot them up and spread it nicely to my entire face and neck. also, i'm taking a little bit to my eyelids because i'm going to apply the eyeshadows and just to prime them a little bit. i have applied them to my lids also. next i'm spreading it again. then i'm taking my sponge- this is this damp sponge, obviously, and i'm going to blend it like that. and, yeah, this is the whole process of applying the base and, yes, i do not apply the concealers like that. next i'm taking the ny bake color correcting palette and i am taking this green shade from this and, as you can see, my active pimples are still peeking through from my skin and the foundation and the redness is like it is too red for the foundation, so i'm going to apply this over them. and this is a really nice palette for this. this was my first time i'm using it, but it has given a nice result. next, i have taken a little bit of foundation to my sponge again and i am going to apply it to the pimples only to cover the green color, and now you will see the all redness will be gone. yes, so i'm applying like that and just lightly blending it, and now you will see the redness is almost gone and the face will look like this. next, i have taken this ny bay contouring stik. this is a cream contour and most of the time i do my contouring like this and i'm making lines because i have chubby cheeks and round face. i need to do it. yes, now i'm going to blend this up with the brush and, as you know, when you do it for cheeks, do it upwards. when you do it for neck, go downwards. and now i'm blending my nose contouring, and i always do. if you don't know how to do nose contouring, don't do it. next, i have used the loose powder- this is from fit me, and now i am using my swiss beauty eyebrow kit and this has three shades and i almost every time use this palette for my eyebrows and this is really nice and easy to use. palette gives quite good results. go.

Schitt's Creek Blooper Reel

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