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Making $1,000+ Per Order With Shopify Dropshipping (Google Shopping Ads)

Published on: December 6 2022 by Shri Kanase

Making $1,000+ Per Order With Shopify Dropshipping (Google Shopping Ads)

The above is a brief introduction to Making $1,000+ Per Order With Shopify Dropshipping (Google Shopping Ads).

Let's move on to the first section of Making $1,000+ Per Order With Shopify Dropshipping (Google Shopping Ads)!

Making $1,000+ Per Order With Shopify Dropshipping (Google Shopping Ads)

yo what is going on everybody shri
kanasa here so exactly how am i able to
sell high tiket items and when i say
high tiket i mean 500 a thousand
dollars and above in sales with a single
product or so exactly how am i able to
do that this is one topic a lot of
people get confused on they kind of get
caught up on and they end up not
pursuing this entire space of products
simply because they don't think it's
gonna work they have a lot of opinions
they might have seen some products not
get sold and because of that they leave
a wide opportunity out on the table so
by the end of this video you're gonna
know exactly how i'm able to do it and
how you can replicate the steps which i
personally do so stik till the end but
let's just get right into it first thing
you'll have to do in order to find any
type of success with high tiket
products however is to destroy the like
button until it turns blue i promise not
gonna take more than two quick seconds
hopefully you have destroyed the like
button down below but i have on my
screen my shopify dashboard for my
general drop shipping store which i'm
about to tok about which has a lot of
these high tiket sales as you guys can
see today i actually did get an order
for 3340
one of my highest high tiket sales up
to this date and i'm looking at the past
90 days worth of data but overall as you
guys can see over time i have been able
to get a bunch of high tiket sales for
my shopify store this one right here
1700 1600 1400 1200 and so forth as you
guys can see if you continue scrolling
down a lot of these sales have been for
sort of high tiket items and if we look
back even further so if we go inside the
more filter sections change this time to
about the beginning of when i launched
this store which was about january of
2020 december of 2019 but what we're
gonna do is we're gonna go november and
we're gonna look all the way until today
when i'm recording this video which is
september 29th as you guys can see i've
had a lot of sales with over a thousand
dollars two thousand three thousand in
sales volume so as you guys can see
we're scrolling through and we can see a
lot of these orders have been very very
high tiket absolutely an amazing thing
i personally know because i'm doing it
right now and i know the beauty about
selling high tiket when i sell high
tiket a lot of things happen number one
thing i get a high volume sale so i
don't have to get a bunch of low tiket
or medium tiket sales in order to match
that same high tiket sale that i just
got so for instance right here 924
dollars in sales let's compare this to a
sale of 90
if i wanted to reach the same amount in
sales with a 90 dollar product i would
need to get roughly 10 sales that means
10 new customers on my shopify store
that means 10 new potential inquiries
that would have to spend time answering
responding to their emails responding to
their phone calls if i have any out of
those 10 maybe 3 don't end up liking the
product they end up returning that item
and wanting refunds and then going on
social media leaving a bad review for me
as you guys can see comparing one sale
to 10 sales it is a whole new domain a
whole new world simply because with 10
sales you have a lot more
responsibilities than with a single sale
now of course if you end up refunding
this individual customer with one sale
that's all of 900 lost that is a bad
thing don't get me wrong but it is much
easier to spend time energy effort
pleasing one person rather than spending
time energy effort pleasing 10 people
it's going to be a whole new level of
effort energy required to do that in the
latter situation so i would much prefer
having one sale with 900 in sale volume
compared to 10 sales with 90 each so
that is exactly how high tiket works
why i personally prefer high tiket and
also some of the results on my own
shopify store let's go on now to my
slides to go over exactly how i'm able
to do it so how do i sell high tiket
with google ads what is the secret what
can you personally do with high tiket
there's going to be a few layers that
you need to kind of dissect we start off
with products because the reality is if
you don't have the right product it
doesn't matter what kind of awesome
website you have how many campaigns
you're running what kind of bid you're
running it at what kind of seo you've
done it's just not going to sell period
it all boils down to the product so what
that means is you're going to have to
spend a little bit of extra time energy
efforts making sure your product is
right and this starts off with google
ads at least with the search volume
unlike other products medium tiket low
tiket where 25k or more is fine with
high tiket 50 000 or more in monthly
average searches is what you need to be
aiming at now i go more in depth into
this in my google ads mastery course
which you guys can find in the
description below it is an entire
summary of what i just showed you with
my shopify store how i'm able to
research products i'm able to scale them
and so forth one of the best courses i
have released to this date again it's
the google ads master course you can
find the link for that in the
description below but in addition to
search volume with 50k or more per month
you want it to be either a consistent
trend meaning a straight line or an
upward trend meaning a trend going
upwards do not go for those products
where there is 50 000 monthly searches
right now but for the past two months it
has been in a downward trend these are
mostly the seasonal products which tend
to do bad during this time period you
want to stay 10 feet away from them you
would rather have those consistent
products or those upward trending
products in addition to the trend you
want to be thinking about shipping
accessibility now unlike low tiket and
medium tiket product where it's all
about competition average monthly
searches and whatnot with high tiket
products you got to think of a few
different things and one of them is
shipping accessibility is it a
lightweight product or is it a very
heavy product it weighs 3000 pounds
you're gonna need this giant container
entire truck to basically ship that item
or it's very lightweight you can
basically send out via usps ups fedex
and so forth those things matter a lot
because with high tiket the price for
shipping can go through the roof very
very quickly so you want to pay
attention to that pay attention to the
volume size of the product dimension and
so forth and make sure you're not going
to get charged extra for shipping in
addition to that is the product sturdy
or is it fragile meaning are you gonna
have to just pack it with a simple box
that you can find at home depot or are
you gonna have to layer it with bubble
wrap and put a cotton inside the box and
put all sorts of things to make sure it
arrives safely because selling it with
one way and the other way can be two
different profit margins two different
ways of doing business if it's a sturdy
product obviously you're not going to
spend much time worrying about shipping
but if it's fragile you're going to have
a lot of complaints where the item was
arrived broken or it's not working upon
arrival because of the way that it was
shipped and all sorts of things like
that so you want to kind of judge the
product based on its accessibility how
sturdy it is how fragile it is and so
forth finally is it a small item meaning
can you just ship it very quickly just
stuff it inside a small bag or a small
box or is it a big product where you
need a giant box a giant container to
have it shipped again shipping fees add
up over time from one option to the
other especially if it's a big product
you want to keep that in mind when
you're shipping out the product finally
what is the target audience with lower
tiket or medium tiket items you would
not necessarily need to worry about that
but with high tiket you definitely do
because is it a product where a person
can directly order on your website or is
it a product where they might have to
call in if it's a product that costs ten
thousand fifteen thousand dollars
obviously they're not going to be
comfortable just placing an order on a
random website rather they would want to
hear a person's voice once they hear a
person's voice they would need some kind
of assistance so they might have some
kind of questions because five thousand
ten thousand fifteen thousand dollars
that's a lot of money for those high
tiket products but they can definitely
sell do really well you just need to be
prepared to handle those calls which
brings me to the next point on the list
which is the website because without the
right website you're not going to be
able to sell those high tiket items
period with the website there are a few
things you need to focus on number one
thing landing page how good is your
landing page is your description search
engine optimized or is it just a random
description which you just copied and
pasted do you have high quality images
with little to no text or does every
other image on your landing page have
some kind of text on it describing the
product in some way even though you
might think it's good to describe a
product with images it's not ideal
because that's what the description is
for that's what the words are for you
don't want to have any kind of text on
the images you want them to be very high
quality and you can refer to the bigger
brands like inspire uplift high go shop
sharper image etc to look at their
images to see how big brands have their
images because you want your store to
follow a very similar layout in addition
you want to have above 30 reviews think
about it you're trying to buy a 2 000
product but it only has three reviews
obviously you're gonna think twice
before purchasing a product like that on
the other hand if that three thousand
dollar two thousand dollar product has
43 reviews 73 112 reviews you are much
more likely to buy that product just
based on the sheer fact that it has a
lot of more reviews than the other
product so you want to keep that in mind
add more reviews for the higher tiket
items that's the only difference that
you really need to do you don't really
need to be doing different with anything
else besides these few things i'm
mentioning finally for the reviews you
can either import them fully from
aliexpress make sure they're in proper
english or you can write them yourself
copy some of them from amazon for that
same exact product people on amazon
leave very good reviews with a lot of
details you want to kind of take that
and use that to your advantage make sure
it's the same product though and then
add it to your own product page or you
can do a mix of both just make sure that
not every review is five stars you want
to throw in some three star two star
even one star reviews that's the best
way to kind of have a natural look to
your intel landing page but in addition
if it's a high tiket product make sure
you have some kind of visible phone
number in there it doesn't matter if you
only do sms customer service make sure
you have some kind of phone number in
there in addition make sure you have a
lot of shipping information there you
are very detailed with the handling
times when they should expect delivery
and so forth because of course they're
spending a lot of money on your website
they need to feel good about their
purchase which brings me to the last
point which is have some kind of
guarantee in there like an hour
guaranteed section you can also add a
warranty coverage app where it gives you
the ability to check the box for two
years warranty three years warranty and
so forth it's a brand new app you can
find more details about it on the
shopify app store but this is something
which can definitely increase your sales
with the higher tiket items finally you
want to focus more on the layout of your
website is it a good layout does it have
the right colors are those colors
trustworthy or not you gotta really pay
attention to that when it comes to high
tiket items are the pages out there
like return policy refund privacy faqs
etc or are you missing things what is
the speed of the website is it fast
enough or is it going to take 10 seconds
just to load up images on your website
nowadays with amazon people expect
everything to be very fast and very
quick if your website speed is not below
3 seconds you can forget about the sale
let alone that high tiket sale and
finally what is the design of the
website is it a design that makes
somebody want to trust you or is it a
design where everything is jumbled up
together very unprofessional a lot of
timers pop-ups and so forth so you want
to be focusing on your layout all of
these things make a big impact on the
purchasing decision when it comes to
high tiket but this brings me to the
second to the final point which is ads
now of course ads are important but
don't think ads is the only thing you
want to get right with my own high
tiket drop shipping store i have a mix
of standard shopping campaigns as well
as smart for the standard what i
normally do is i test various different
price points low tiket mid tiket high
tiket along with various different
profit margins low profit high profit
medium profit with smart however i tend
to stik more towards the mid tiket
items to the high tiket items these
sales that you see majority of them have
come through smart shopping camp and
simply because with smart you're giving
google more accessibility you're giving
google more control so google can go out
try different things test different cpcs
and so forth and obviously a computer is
much more smarter than average person
and that is one of the reasons why i've
been having more success when it comes
to smart shopping campaigns so make sure
to put a lot of the mid tiket to high
tiket items in there of course you're
if you're a brand new shopify store you
can't do that so stik to the standard
shopping follow the other strategies
which i mentioned on my youtube channel
or within my google as mastery course
for setting up the standard shopping
campaigns or even the smart shopping but
when it comes to the bids don't believe
that higher cost item equals a higher
bid you don't need to be bidding one
dollar two dollar if you are trying to
sell a product worth
two thousand three thousand dollars i've
had a lot of these products sell at 40
cent bids 30 cent bids even and the
product cost one thousand two thousand
even three thousand dollars so a higher
bid does not always equate to a higher
cost item
it's all going to depend on the type of
campaign that you have running your
quality score your ctrs and so forth so
you're going to make sure all of those
other things are proper and in shape but
with the budget you want to kind of have
a solid budget don't have a too low of a
budget because otherwise your campaign
is not going to spend enough for you to
get these high tiket sales a good rule
of thumb is 20 to 35 percent of the
total products in your store meaning if
you have 100 products on your store or
within a campaign run the campaign at
about 20 to 35 dollars today now this is
just a rule of thumb that is general and
you can apply you can have a higher
budget you can have a lower budget if
you have to but normally i do not start
campaigns at any budget less than 25
a day but this brings me to the final
point which is the back end without the
back end without a proper foundation
you're not going to be able to make this
succeed period with the back end i'm
toking about customer service the
reviews on other websites the
with customer service you want to make
sure you're replying fast and in a
timely manner less than 24 hours is what
i aim at if you have a phone number
that's even better if you don't offer a
call-in that's fine but nowadays i
really recommend that you have somebody
answer the culture you do it yourself
i've notiked a lot of increase in sales
in fact i just released a video where i
did 21 000 in seven days it was a case
study that was only possible because of
the phone service i'm offering so that
is one thing you want to think about
adding to your shopify store with the
reviews i'm not toking about product
reviews i'm toking about reviews on the
bbb better business bureau website on
other coupon websites or just other
websites in general which review your
store you want to have some kind of
online presence on these other websites
but make sure that it's a good presence
meaning not every website out there is
saying you're a big scam because that's
going to be a bad thing so make sure you
have some kind of reviews for your store
outdoors and other websites and finally
remarketing it would not have been
possible to get these high tiket sales
without proper remarketing because let's
face it nobody is really going to trust
you on the first visit especially if
it's a 5 000 item however if they
consistently see your ad running up
again and again on facebook google
pinterest gmail and so forth they're
gonna be more likely to trust you and
you're gonna get that five thousand
dollar sale so without remarketing high
tiket products are not gonna work
period and this also means email flows
sms make sure those are properly set up
and running in the background but that
is pretty much it for a higher tiket
again if you want more in-depth info on
how to set up the back end properly how
to make sure you get those high tiket
sales i do have my google as a mastery
course the link will be in the
description below make sure to look into
that but if you found any type of value
in this video smash that like button and
smash that subscribe button and i'll see
you guys next time

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