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Making $10k In 24 Hours On Shopify (Facebook Ads LIVE Breakdown)

Published on: December 4 2022 by Hayden Bowles

Making $10k In 24 Hours On Shopify (Facebook Ads LIVE Breakdown)

Making $10k In 24 Hours On Shopify (Facebook Ads LIVE Breakdown)

hey what's going on everyone welcome
back into a video if you are new here my
name is hayden i do a lot of stuff on
here toking about
business primarily e-commerce real
estate and cars
if you're a returning subscriber what's
good i appreciate you you are looking
great today might i say
now in this video we're going to be
doing something a little bit different
because i want to do this based off an
instagram post
that i made on the ecom season channel
so for those who don't know
ecom season kind of like the main public
name for the company
under there we have some super awesome
best-selling programs
only one program on facebook ads but had
some best-selling programs over the
years that have generated
hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of
success stories and also have a
full-service advertising agency which is
kind of what this is based around
where we're managing 100 of the
marketing for this client
and we've been doing it for like less
than three weeks and they're spending
for right now i'll throw this up
two thousand nine hundred and eighty
nine dollars in one day
and did nine thousand eight hundred and
eleven dollars in sales
now that's just what's tracked on
facebook it was slightly higher
300 doesn't make a difference so i'm not
really here to kind of go based on that
but regardless how do you spend three
grand to make 10 what does that take on
we're going to kind of ramble on about
that i'm going to go through some
strategies on how to start and then how
to scale because if you guys
are enrolled in the facebook ad academy
program which you can find linked below
or if you've watched some of my more
in-depth scaling videos here on youtube
you know how i operate it might seem a
little inefficient it might seem
but i'm an aggressive person when it
comes to scaling on facebook because i
have a simple philosophy
as long as you're in the profit we're
toking dollars here
most people are worried about this
symbol right here okay this
is their symbol that they're worried
about and in reality
when you're running a business it's not
about your percentage margin
what matters is the scalability of that
dollar profit so for an example
i have friends i say this over and over
again as this example it is not to bash
everybody has their strategy and as long
as you're making money you're good
you're chilling don't worry about what i
but i have friends who focus so so much
on saying hey we have a 40 margin
i'm like that's that's great that is
really good but they never really do
more than like a thousand dollars a day
or two thousand dollars a day maybe
three thousand dollars a day in sales
i'm over here saying i have a consistent
20 margin
and we do a hundred thousand dollars a
day consistently in sales
who wins yeah i have a lower percentage
they're up here
i have half of that but in terms of
profit okay but those aren't the only
two variables you have to look at yes
we're making an exponential amount more
in dollar profit
but what you also have to consider is
the unknown variable that people don't
about branding because when i'm spending
that amount of money 30 40 50 000
a day to make 100 in revenue who do you
think is reaching more customers the
person doing x
y z at two grand a day or the person
doing 50 100 200 000 a day
it's this person over here so you have
to weigh that option because when you're
building an e-commerce brand when you're
trying to do something long-term
it's all about getting attention that's
what marketing is that's why people buy
that's why people pay so much for
influencers you just get your message
and your product
out there you got to get your name out
there so the more people that see it
the more you're winning so even if i was
only making the same
dollar profit let's say they had a 50
margin and i had a 0.5
margin but i was still like roughly
breaking even as long as i'm doing that
i'm winning because i'm reaching so many
customers so it's all about your focus
okay now
let's tok about this screenshot i'm
going to kind of run you through some
examples on scaling
all of these cbo's that you see if you
look over on the left are at 100
a day except for one that's at 200. 100
a day is kind of my base testing that i
like to do it's a simple number that
helps facebook optimize super easily
inside your ad account now the one
that's at 200
that specific cbo all i did was
duplicate one that was working and i
doubled the budget so i would just label
that with a 2x i would literally put the
number two and then an x
so that i know i doubled that budget
inside of a duplicate it's a really easy
way to see if scaling higher through the
duplicating format is going to work for
but take a look through these all of
these are doing phenomenal 3.1
2.9 even a 2.2 that's super profitable
now i do just want to say
a quick disclaimer this store has 35 to
margin that's a great margin so on this
i mean you know for every thousand we do
we're profiting at least like
380 to 400 it's very consistent for this
right we've worked a lot on boosting
their average order value so i you know
i'm only bringing this up to mention
that thing i toked about the percentage
the percentage is great here
there's always ways to improve it but
you know the profit is there so now
we're focusing on scaling so
all of these are pretty much on average
the three roads are better which means
for every dollar you spend you're making
at least three back
our product cost is about 18 of our
gross revenue okay so that is a
super super healthy place to be some
people are at 30 40 i've even seen 60
of their sale price is product cost
makes it very hard to spend money to
acquire a customer via cold traffic like
we do on facebook
and still have room left over for profit
it can be done
but it just depends so some easy scaling
strategies that you can do when you see
something like this actually
let's back it up how do you get here
take a look at the hundred dollar a day
i wouldn't be launching 10 of them but i
would launch a bunch of ad sets at 10
a day each each of those testing a
different interest you guys know how i
like to test
again all that's broken down inside the
facebook ad academy you can find that
linked below
all that testing you get all those
audiences tested you figure out which
ones are working
then you take those in groups of three
four or five it's your choice i start
with three i do groups of three into 100
a day cbos giving facebook i see a lot
of people take those three ad sets that
were each at 10 bucks a day
and they put those in a cbo and run
what's called an equivalent budget
which means they launch a 30 a day cbo
the problem with a 30
a day cbo you're not going to be hitting
at least 10 and spend on each of those
because the campaign budget optimization
the cbo
is going to probably uh predominantly
spend most of the money on one of those
so at least 50
of your money is gonna go to one of
those three the other one's probably
gonna be like you know
nine bucks spend the other one like four
bucks so in reality
you're not giving the cbo enough time to
properly or enough budget
to properly test those audiences and get
it optimized inside of the cbo itself
so that's why i like to go a little bit
higher with my budget i would rather
only run one or two cbos
instead of running like 20 at 30 a day
you can do those 30s can work don't get
me wrong
but it's an easy way to test and give
facebook a little bit more breathing
room and again you see how well it works
this is not
me suggesting something that might work
i mean this
works so you know i would never be
spending a client's money on this if it
wasn't so
all of these hundred dollars a day are
testing different groups of audience
so a lot of these are now lookalikes
because they have a lot of purchases
coming in so
for an example let's say you have
worldwide look-alike audiences based on
purchase it can be based on ad to cart
you'll take one two and three percent
each of those in a separate ad set and
you will put those three
inside of a cbl so you have a cbo
running on worldwide one two and three
percent and you'll get to see which
audiences perform well
and then once it's working this is where
things get fun some simple ways that you
can scale we haven't even really started
scaling inside here i mean look at this
they're only at 100
a day budgets i run cbos at 20 000 a day
so it just depends on what you're doing
but you work
your way up i never just have one or two
cbo's running it's usually 10 20 30 it
depends on the amount of audiences
so what i do is as soon as i get
something working let's say purchase
on uh excuse me llas on purchase is
i'll go run at lookalikes on add to cart
lookalikes on initiate checkout
because that's a bigger amount of people
so you have more collective data is what
it's called
might not be as strong of data but it's
more collective data so your audience is
very defined
and then you can go run those
look-alikes as well and usually they'll
be a little bit bigger
so it's a great way to start testing
other audiences and you can just run
more 100
day cbos that are duplicates that are
broken down based on what country is
i usually don't like to go too
aggressive with the breakdowns like this
example right here
there's no breakdowns running there's no
age brackets that are specified
it is a gender specific product so we're
only running it to men it's only a male
product but narrowing that focus other
than that
keeping everything as broad as possible
on facebook especially inside of a cbo
just to give it more breathing room a
lot of people try to restrict it
they'll do only manual placements on
instagram feed
only for female 18 to 35 you're not
giving facebook the breathing room to
make it work it might work inside of an
ad set
it probably won't perform as well for
you inside of a cbo
so just know when you're running a cbo
give it a little bit more breathing room
and time and space to work
otherwise you might run into some issues
so for an example no matter what it is
you're running different look-alike
duplicating it and doubling the budget
like you see over here going from 100 to
you can start getting consistent results
even at a 2.4 row as i mean that's nice
and consistent sales
you're able to test so many different
audiences and from there you can quickly
see what works and continue scaling it
up and that
is what gets really the the fun part of
ads you know i enjoy sitting down right
here inside of my office
and running ads but once you find those
audiences that are working and you start
testing some small scaling
doubling raising the budgets directly
that is when things get fun
and very profitable so look i understand
that you might see facebook ads is
really overwhelming and trust me there's
so many
so so many components that goes into it
and that's why it does get frustrating
at times but once you repeat that
process doing the right thing and
getting profit coming in
you repeat it over and over again you
almost develop like a sixth sense based
on the metrics you're looking at
that help you almost feel the results
that are about to come
you can gauge without actually having
the results coming in how well it's
going to start coming in
just based on the early metrics you see
that's all the things that we teach
inside of the facebook ad academy
but what i want to open this up to you
guys for right now is if you have
any facebook ad question it can be
literally anything about facebook ads
the types of creatives to run cbos ad
sets best budgeting
all sorts of different questions
whatever you have put it in the comment
section down below because what i'm
going to do
is i'm going to do a really really long
probably 30 to 40 minute or longer
q a video over on the econ season
channel i will also leave that linked
below make sure to subscribe over there
i post a lot of
it's just super valuable content it's
not focused on like production
quality per se it's just maybe me
sitting outside on my laptop and
you know just toking about different
thoughts on different points relating to
facebook and marketing and
shopify stores and cars and money and
whatever so
all sorts of different stuff over there
but i'm gonna do a really long video
breaking down some very in-depth topics
about facebook
from whatever you guys are curious about
so feel free to leave that in the
comment section down below
you'll probably get a reply on this
video as well but you'll get a very
in-depth response over inside of the
ecom season video
that'll be coming in the next week or
two so make sure to check that out um
from an agency perspective if you guys
this is a client by the way we've been
working with them for
what is it the 31st they start on the
13th that's less than three weeks it's
yeah 20 something days so it's it's less
than 20 days
it's been super beneficial for them we
have a lot of clients we're kind of
limited to the amount of people we can
bring on board
but what we do it's a full service
advertising agency and it's a little
different from what other people do
for one simple reason we don't bring on
clients that are like restaurants or
that or whatever
it's strictly e-commerce businesses but
what we do
is they don't have to already be making
a hundred thousand a month a million a
month two million a month like some of
our clients
don't get me wrong we do work with those
people but what we do is we help people
who don't even have an e-commerce store
and might have never set one up
so we do is we build out the website and
test products we do all the research for
you and we test multiple products until
we find that winner
inside of your ad account and then scale
it just like we did with this client
start scaling quickly
and implementing those same strategies
for you so if you have something going
already that's great just because the
speed will be faster
but if you don't that's totally all
right because we can help you get that
going so if you want to inquire about
that i will also put a link below to
book a call with one of our team members
where they can go through explain some
more case studies a little bit more
about our ad strategy
and what you can expect as a client and
kind of breaking down that situation
the cool thing is for an example like
this client right
here i can't even find the photo the
photo that i posted here you know
we take a retainer yes it's a small
monthly retainer up front for the work
that we're doing
but we also take a nice not a majority
but a nice percentage of the profits
and we run everything so we do all the
marketing it's our time that is involved
every single day on my computer right
myself and my media buying team going
through all the ads
managing everything managing those
metrics and scaling i'm the one who
normally does the aggressive scaling
but going through that at a high level
so we're super invested into the results
there and we make an
exponential amount more off of our
profit share clients that are producing
consistent sales
than we do off any amount of retainers
so just wanted to kind of put that out
there and how we structured things
that's the e-com season advertising
agency i haven't toked about it too
but it's been some insane results over
like the last five months that we've
been working on it so
feel free to uh check that out below i
will leave the link to the ecom season
for you to find it below as well feel
free to check it out over there
don't forget to leave your facebook
questions below and as always
make sure to smash the like button on
your way out i would greatly appreciate
it would help me out
and i will be seeing you guys in the
next video peace

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