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Making Personalized CHRISTMAS ORNAMENTS To Sell on Etsy w/ Print on Demand

Published on: December 2 2022 by Anji Long

Are you looking for a unique and profitable business idea this holiday season? Making personalized Christmas ornaments to sell on Etsy with print on demand might just be the perfect solution. With the growing trend of personalized gifts, selling customized Christmas ornaments can be a great way to tap into the market.


1. What is print on demand?

Print on demand is a business model where you create designs and products, but only print them when an order is placed. This means that you don't have to invest in inventory, and you can offer a wider range of products without worrying about storage space.

2. Why sell on Etsy?

Etsy is a popular online marketplace for handmade and vintage goods, and it's the perfect platform to sell your personalized Christmas ornaments. With over 39 million active buyers, you'll have a large audience to sell to. Plus, Etsy's fees are relatively low compared to other e-commerce platforms.

3. How to make personalized Christmas ornaments?

There are various ways to make personalized Christmas ornaments, including:

- Hand painting or hand lettering

- Using a Cricut machine to cut out vinyl letters or designs

- Printing designs on ornaments using sublimation or heat transfer

- Using laser engraving or etching to personalize ornaments

4. Tips for creating successful designs

To make your personalized Christmas ornaments stand out, here are some tips:

- Use trendy colors and patterns

- Offer a range of design options, such as different fonts and graphics

- Use humor or puns in your designs

- Include popular Christmas themes, such as snowflakes or reindeer

5. How to market and sell your ornaments

Once you've created your personalized Christmas ornaments, it's time to start selling. Here are some tips:

- Use high-quality photos to showcase your ornaments

- Write detailed product descriptions that highlight the personalization options

- Offer free shipping or discounts for bulk orders

- Use social media and email marketing to reach potential customers

Making personalized Christmas ornaments to sell on Etsy with print on demand can be a profitable and enjoyable business idea. By following these tips and creating unique designs, you can tap into the growing market for personalized gifts and make the holiday season even more special for your customers.

Making Personalized CHRISTMAS ORNAMENTS To Sell on Etsy w/ Print on Demand

In this article, we will discuss the profitability of print-on-demand ornaments and how you can create them using Printify. We will also look at successful Etsy shops selling ornaments and provide a full tutorial on how to make and sell them.

Print-on-Demand Ornaments:

- Print-on-demand has low startup costs as you don't need to stock any inventory until a customer buys.

- Printify is a great option for printing and shipping on your behalf.

- We will show you some ornament samples from Printify and how to create them.

- The profitability of ornaments can be high as they are popular during the holiday season.

Etsy Shops Selling Ornaments:

- Use analytical tools to find successful shops selling ornaments on Etsy.

- Analyze the estimated revenue and number of sales for each shop.

- Successful shops have unique and personalized designs.

- Look at their packaging, details about the product, and sales they are offering.

- You can use them as inspiration, but don't copy their designs exactly.

Tutorial on Creating Ornaments:

- Start by finding the print file requirements on Printify.

- Create a design using a tool like Canva and download it as a PNG with a transparent background.

- Upload the design to Printify and preview it on mockup photos.

- Make a listing on Etsy with the title, keywords, description, shipping terms, and return policy.

- Edit the price and connect your store to Printify.

- If doing personalized products, remember to change the name for each order.

Print-on-demand ornaments can

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