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Published on: December 28 2022 by pipiads

- Introducing Jeppson's Malort and its history in Chicago

- Highlighting the family recipe and commitment to quality


- Description of the Malort taste and its unique flavor

- Using colloquialisms and interjections to add humor and personality to the commercial

- Including a numbered list of customer reactions to the taste (i.e. Tastes like vanilla ice cream, Like being picked on in the fifth grade)

- Mentioning the controversial reputation of Malort

- Addressing the idea of a gypsy curse and fighting for the product's beauty

- Reiterating the family's commitment to quality and tradition

- Encouraging viewers to try Jeppson's Malort

- Ending with a lighthearted statement or question (i.e. So, who's ready for another shot of Malort?)

Different Countries Try Malort- The Worst Liquor Ever.

In this article, we will be discussing a drink made by Cole Jepsen from Chicago. The taste of the drink has been described as putrid by some, while others find it delicious. Let's dive in and explore the different aspects of this drink.

Slogans for the Drink:

- Milord kick your mouth in the balls

- Milord tonight's the night you fight your dad

- Smelly's Queen

- It smells like wet dog

- It smells like a canine goodie

Taste of the Drink:

- Some find the taste putrid and disgusting

- Others enjoy the taste and find it appetizing

- It has been compared to the taste of a lead pencil or ass

- The aftertaste has been described as absolutely foul

Experience of Trying the Drink:

- Some found the drink to be utterly foul and disgusting

- Others did not mind the taste as much

- The drink has been compared to being sprayed with a hose

- Some have vowed to never try the drink again

The drink made by Cole Jepsen from Chicago has sparked mixed reactions among those who have tried it. While some find it delicious, others find it putrid and disgusting. It's clear that the taste of this drink is not for everyone, and it's up to each individual to decide if they want to give it a try.

What is Malort? First Time Drinkers React | Localish

Molloy, a bitter alcoholic beverage, has been gaining popularity in Chicago in recent years. Produced by CH Distillery, Molloy has a unique taste that is either loved or hated by people.

Main Points:

- Molloy was brought to Chicago by a Swedish immigrant named Karl Jepsen in the 1920s.

- Wormwood, one of the bitterest ingredients on the planet, is the secret key ingredient in Molloy.

- CH Distillery produces Molloy by soaking wormwood in vodka and adding other ingredients.

- Molloy has a low sugar content and is not as likely to cause a hangover.

- Molloy has become a popular drink in Chicago, with approximately 10,000 shots consumed every night.

- Molloy is a lot like Chicago in that it is strong and gets right to the point.

Molloy may not be for everyone, but it has become a beloved drink in Chicago. CH Distillery has mastered the art of producing this bitter beverage, and it has become a symbol of the city's culture and identity. Whether you love it or hate it, Molloy is a unique and distinct drink that represents the spirit of Chicago.

Sommelier Reviews Jeppson's Malört (Holiday Special!)

Prescott Van Meyer, a Somali man, is trying out a special holiday beverage called Malort from Chicago, USA. He received the bottle from Brad and Sarah, who sent it for him to review.


- The Malort comes in a festive box with a male ornament inside to hang on the tree.

- The label looks hand-stuck with little stickers.

- The aroma of the Malort is like fish stew or sewage, and it has a skunk-like smell.

- The taste of the Malort is extremely bitter and unpleasant, like bile or grizzly bear bile mixed with bitter hops and dog hair.

- Prescott suggests pairing the Malort with a Chicago dog and deep dish pizza left in a dumpster for a week.

- He thinks people who like this drink should be ashamed of themselves, and it's a good gift for enemies.

- He rates the Malort as a 91 out of 100 for someone he hates and advises against trying it.

Prescott had a terrible experience with Malort and warns others not to try it. He thanks Brad and Sarah for sending the bottle, but says anyone who recommended it is on his naughty list.

Like ‘Biting into a Band-Aid:’ the Bitter Liquor Malört Returns to Chicago

Milord, a Chicago-born liquor, is famous for its strong bitter taste, which some people find downright foul. Despite its unique taste, it is ingrained in Chicago's culture and has become an iconic drink in the city.


- Milord was created by Swedish immigrant Karl Jepsen in Chicago during the 1930s.

- It was made in Chicago for decades until the last distillery closed in the 1980s.

- For nearly 30 years, it was distilled in Florida until it returned home to Chicago in 2019.

CH Distillery:

- Located in Chicago's Pilsen neighborhood, CH Distillery started out seven years ago making vodka and eventually branched out to other spirits, including milord.

- The liquor's main ingredient is the herb wormwood, which gives it the bitter kick.

- The milord recipe is secret, although operations manager Matt Richardson was seen dumping plenty of sugar into the mixing tank during a visit.


- Even though some employees may not be fond of milord at first, they eventually get used to the taste.

- Milord has a complex taste, and some people appreciate it despite its bitterness.


- Milord is primarily purchased in Cook County, but the distribution is expanding to places with many Chicagoans, such as Wisconsin, Kansas City, and Kentucky.

- Bartenders and industry people who love milord often move to these places, taking the legend of milord with them.

Redeeming Qualities:

- Local comedian Alex Peters claims that milord has redeeming qualities, such as not causing a hangover the next day.

- Although Mayor Lori Lightfoot does not like milord, its cultural value in Chicago cannot be ignored.

Milord may be an acquired taste, but it is an iconic drink in Chicago's culture. Its unique bitter taste, secret recipe, and cultural value make it a badge of honor for CH Distillery to produce it in Chicago for Chicagoans.

Guys who drink Malort

Milord, a bitter herbal liqueur, has become a popular drink among young adults. Despite its unpleasant taste, many people enjoy the unique experience that comes with drinking milord.

Key Points:

- Mixing nail polish remover with bug spray can result in a felony charge

- Xander is giving out free tattoos in his basement

- Milord has a strong and unpleasant taste, but some people enjoy it

- Drinking milord can lead to regrettable actions and decisions

- Milord is a tradition in Chicago and should be tried by visitors

Milord may not be for everyone, but for those who enjoy the bitter taste and unique experience, it has become a beloved drink. However, caution should be taken as drinking too much milord can lead to regrettable actions and decisions. As a tradition in Chicago, visitors should try it at least once to fully experience the city's culture.

Chicago | Vegan Food, Malört, Cloud Gate, Lake Michigan, and Surprise Cats

Exploring Chicago: A Tourist's Guide

- Visiting our friend Laura in Chicago

- Excited to explore the city

- Highlights of our trip

Reasons to Visit Chicago

- Third largest city in the US

- Home to Lake Michigan

- Millennium Park

- 200 miles of bike lanes

- Inspiring vegan food

- The Loop

Admiring Cloudgate and Crown Fountain

- Cloudgate, aka The Bean

- Crown Fountain, interactive art piece showcasing local Chicagoans

- Using technology and creativity to illustrate coexistence between humans and nature

Exploring Grant Park and Buckingham Fountain

- Pausing for snacks and dance breaks

- Pit stop at famous Buckingham Fountain

Chicago Riverwalk

- Offering serenity and whimsy

- Great spot to kayak, stroll, check out art installations, or grab a drink

Nightlife in Chicago

- Electric and cultural hub of the Midwest

- Victor Bar, a must-try spot for cocktails and intimate setting

Walking to the Beach

- Chicago beaches accessible by foot or CTA

- Lake Michigan, third largest of the Great Lakes

- 26 miles of lakefront and 25 beaches in Chicago

Chicago Flag

- Each star on the flag represents a historical event

Sibling Cats

- Adopting cats in twos

- Companionship and no loneliness when you're gone

Wicker Park

- Artsy neighborhood with trendy food, vintage stores, dive bars, book shops, and indie music venues

- Bloom Plant Based Kitchen, a favorite spot for beet dumplings and buffalo cauliflower

- The Revel Room, serving Chicago's cult liquor, Malort

- Thanking Laura, Lola, and Knox for hosting us

- Enjoyed being tourists in Chicago

- Remember to like, subscribe, and comment on our channel to support us.

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