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ManyChat Sponsored Ads To Re-Engage With Facebook Messenger After 24 hours

Published on: December 22 2022 by Smart Bot Marketers

ManyChat, a popular Facebook Messenger marketing tool, now offers sponsored ads to re-engage with users after 24 hours. This feature allows businesses to send sponsored messages to users who have previously interacted with their brand on Messenger, providing a valuable opportunity to re-engage with customers and drive conversions.

Benefits of ManyChat Sponsored Ads:

- Allows businesses to reach customers who have previously interacted with their brand on Messenger, increasing the likelihood of engagement and conversions.

- Sponsored messages have higher open rates than traditional email marketing, providing a more effective way to reach customers.

- ManyChat's platform allows for easy targeting and personalization of messages, providing a tailored experience for each customer.

How ManyChat Sponsored Ads Work:

- Businesses can create a sponsored message in the ManyChat platform and choose their target audience based on various criteria such as demographics and previous interactions.

- The sponsored message will appear in the user's Messenger inbox, with a Sponsored label to indicate it is an ad.

- Users can interact with the message just like any other message, providing a seamless experience.

- ManyChat provides analytics to track the success of the sponsored ad, including open rates and click-through rates.

Limitations of ManyChat Sponsored Ads:

- Sponsored messages can only be sent to users who have interacted with the brand on Messenger within the past 24 hours.

- Users have the ability to opt-out of sponsored messages, potentially limiting the reach of the ad.

- Sponsored messages may be seen as intrusive by some users, leading to negative brand perception.

Overall, ManyChat's sponsored ads provide a valuable opportunity for businesses to re-engage with customers on Facebook Messenger. With easy targeting and personalization options, this feature has the potential to drive conversions and increase brand loyalty. However, businesses should also be aware of the potential limitations and ensure they are using this feature in a way that provides a positive customer experience.

ManyChat Sponsored Ads To Re-Engage With Facebook Messenger After 24 hours

In this video, the speaker talks about how to re-engage with the audience through sponsored ads and retargeting outside of the 24-hour rule on Facebook Messenger. The video also includes some valuable tips and tricks that are not commonly known.

Steps to Retarget Outside of the 24 Hour Rule:

1. Go to Growth Tools section on Facebook.

2. Click on Ads.

3. Create a new ad account or campaign.

4. Name the campaign as Re-engagement and set the objective as Messenger.

5. Choose Sponsored Ads for re-engagement and create custom audiences.

6. Exclude people within the 24-hour rule.

7. Include people outside of the 24-hour rule.

8. Change ad placement to Sponsored Messages.

9. Set the budget for a minimum of seven days.

Tips and Tricks:

- Use List Settings to easily change your list preferences.

- Check the box to view your entire ad account.

- Choose a unique name for your ad to make it easily identifiable.

- Use filters to segment recent interactions or eligible follow-ups.

- Create a lifetime budget for the ad.

- Send the ad over a seven-day period for maximum engagement.

Retargeting outside of the 24-hour rule is a great way to re-engage with your audience through sponsored messages on Facebook Messenger. With these valuable tips and tricks, you can make your ad stand out and get the most engagement possible.

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