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Published on: February 7 2023 by pipiads

Digital Marketing In 5 Minutes | What Is Digital Marketing? | Learn Digital Marketing | Simplilearn

niet joey en digital marker je workshops de header digital marketing from afar bood hadden give you. a few years ago, joey began to see a large number of opportunities popping up, nepbeelden digital marketing te beginnen century de velden in ieder 20e. hoi jack lew, digital marketing was in motion. grey de bal first, joey, maar dat diplo mark ringlose form of marketing. qmagic advertised people, digital digital marketing lovers, different channels, live search engines, websites, social media platforms, e-mails en de moba occasions, eeuwig in marketers the opportunity de in werk wit en en de steen der arrière bent u een christen troost in de brug. digital marketing worden als social marketing seibert. hij is minste people based on their actions and efforts on the internet probing less expensive and traditional vormsel advertising. after ondersteuning de main concept of digital marketing, joey realized er was markten digital marketing de guinness olie die er al zo'n mini try to digital marketing hifly, content marketing, search engine optimization, peper plek, social media marketing, e-mail marketing en de phil je marketing in lanciano. to those times, the setup digital marketing campaign for some colleagues. website want hij wil, oké, buddy thema wordt first grade account en like blogs, video's, infographics en casestudies door de hikken jerry guardians interest in de branche, producten of services. this with content marketing net. een ieder is audience to actually cyrus cantique. de voor stap is to create kant en on specific search keywords die google vindt. u de targaryen, jojoën back-up limitations on the web site map, red bull web sites linking pakte de content en miami golden de website big en ranking van de beurs, prejudice er tree zult plek en 10 ios optimizations. joybook continue to improve the ranking in ultieme limiet website breng leather purse position. dit was seo search engine optimization and joy ik uw aldus. we daalt spending a single penny. ignas een traject. uw website met advertisements, but for this year at aps therapy, each time the air that i could add text and dutch open search engine missiles image and simply webshop en websites and much more. this post has wilde helpen pi pc of paperclip cover. joy was en dan je 3-d large audience. juni digit up in de social media plat bord. nieuwe use social media platform site linkedin youtube, facebook en instagram jack details de branche konten. you use these platforms temporise de branche productie services. lupos images, videos and more de brengen op green's store en een gateway. de brand side. uw spindel arm time on social media like bbc kiki is de platform. gember thais de branche manager services met tekst, image and video app, which the people that social media marketing. you realize that a large amount of guardians wordt bezetting de brand website the second time. een ieder die keeper mijn games nurture to make sure the purchase, de product voor dit limiet in die mails, dat helpt, embarrassed een. de productie, deze die dan de website in een system in the buying proces, uw roosters en e-mails, tight eyes, productie services to potential customers, dennis met e-mailmarketing. and finally, although the usa great grandfather simon and more traffic van burn party websites, disco dj booth, affiliate marketing, affiliate wickham op de grandfather to their audiences voor pi moet helpen. email signup, registrations, convergence subscriptions, het thatcher capture setting alles aan. jullie hebben tardis parfum, de process to get to donate now at wie weet verder isel's wat steken. break and look at equens, which van een bepaling van zijn marketing in was in beijing. en nurturing your audience to make sure the buyer products or services at seo, bi-key, pcc, e-mail marketing, die affiliate marketing, dat is nu ranch in de comment section below for a chance to win een amazon belgium. now watch, you have to induce week al dougurasu wordt really arjan peecher. this point of digital marketing, die olie en marie succes. that's when you realise that i gain more knowledge and experience. zo i decided i get certified en binnen he de niels carrière te helpen sampler rieten, kap samplers, digital marketing certification and got de skills en training. i needed to be calm and expert. die droom akker en el pino. ariens, youtube en u de zijn en groundwork for her. by clicking om het upgrade kon in de tijd 2 miljoen introduction to all the major concepts and digital marketing. we hope you enjoy this video. katie. derde, het thumbs up to be really appreciate your mind you to subscribe to my channel en toe klik aan de bel icon for more on the latest tiknologies en trends. thank you for watching and stay tuned for more from sampler [Muziek].

Google Ads In Market Audiences

Hey everybody. So Google ads in market audiences- What are they, How do they work And how can they really help you to get a better ROI on your marketing? And how do you set them up? Well, stik around, because in this video I'm going to show you and I'm going to give you a link to a spreadsheet that has all the in-market audiences that you're ever going to need. Hey everybody, I'm Richard Cruz, and my agency tests and develops cutting edge Google ads strategy every day, And in these videos we turn around and we share with you the best tips and strategies that are working right now And so you can apply them in your own Google ads campaigns, in your own marketing strategy. And if you want to be alerted of the newest tips that are coming out, make sure you hit that subscribe button so we can keep you alerted. You're going to want to set up and you're going to want to configure your Google ads in market audiences in your campaigns or in your ad groups, So that your Google ads and/or your YouTube ads account can connect with shoppers that have a high purchase intent at the time that they're inside of that buying window. That is your sweet spot: knowing and being able to take advantage of that triggering. see Google's algorithm. It is brilliant. It is just beyond spectacular in being able to determine buying intent. It is honestly, in my opinion, better than any other data source or tool in the entire planet. It includes data like people who click on ads that are related to yours and also subsequent actions that they take on the sites that they visit. So Google measures the recency and the frequency of all of those visits that they're doing and then compile that information for you to be able to use with in market. With Google ads in market audiences, you can target people in the right moment when they're in that buying window, And Google is able to really hone in on the buying intent of those shoppers, based on the browsing, the researching, the comparing, the types of products that you sell, and the data is used so that you can target those people that are just most interested in the products or services that you sell. So let me give you an example: When somebody is shopping for a medical weight loss program and they're using that term to search companies, And so they're watching videos on weight loss, They're shopping for a scale or they're shopping for weight loss recipes, And so those signals are going to trigger the in-market buying intent. Nobody has this level of data And if somebody is looking for a medical weight loss center downtown, in market audience- and to be able to reach out is just amazing- Will develop great, great, great results for you. So let's tok about why you need it. It's because in-market audiences in Google ads- or in market audiences in YouTube ads- the bottom line- are your highest probability of driving sales, A lot better than just you know, really just better than anything else. Now, is it the only source that you should use? No, you should use, obviously, keyword searches. well too, cause that's intent, but it's just one more tool in your arsenal, One more audience that you want to test for yourself and you want to see what kind of conversions and what kind of ROI you're able to generate from it. It's allowing you that just incredible ability to be searching 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for somebody who's jumping into the buying cycle, And you don't have to worry about it. It runs and searches on autopilot And when a customers, your target customer- is jumping into the market and searching your ads that you set up already, they're ready to fire and they start feeding out. and it's simple, It's extremely effective And it's literally one of my favorite tools because, you know, we just see such a great enhancement of results with it. And you can also use in-market audiences with remarketing so that you can generate highly qualified leads to your offer and increase your chances of converting them into customers. The combo works really, really great. Make sure that you target audiences that are most relevant to your business. There's almost 500 different categories to choose from. Let me forward here. So here are the different categories and actually, come to think of it, There's now 789 different in market audiences that you can choose from, And I'm going to show you a list here in a little bit. So these are some of your top level categories here, and this list of categories is what you'll be able to choose from as you go in into the setup screen. And- but sometimes it's hard to pinpoint the exact market audiences in Google ads because the menu has several layers of drop-downs. Let me show you. So, as you're setting up in here, you're gonna go into affinity audiences here in the browse tab and then in your in markets. well, let's say, I can go to apparel and accessories, but if you see this right here into formal wear, then it starts getting deeper, And so you've got so many layers it's hard sometimes to really pinpoint, So I'm going to show you a spreadsheet here in a moment that's going to help you. This spreadsheet has all the in-market audiences. actually, let me just forward to that right there. It has all the in-market audiences that you can target, So that you'll know, before setting up a campaign, all the audiences that are available for you and then the ones that you can use for what type of campaigns that they can be used for as well, too. You don't have this level of data inside of your ad account, So you'll want to grab this spreadsheet and be able to use this as well, too, so that you have that information. The link is below. It's totally free and you can just use that. So let me show you how it works. Right here is the 789 different categories that I'd mentioned to you about. but this is where it's really really nice, because, depending on what you're running, if you are running a search campaign right here, you can tell across the board. So, for example, for eyewear and contact lenses, that's your type of a business. you know right here where you're able to target. You are able to do it in market audiences in video and in Gmail, And so, since you know that from the get-go, you're not going to bother with these right here, So start putting together campaigns that are just specific video and Gmail campaigns for your business type, And so everything is right here, right at your fingertips, should make it really, really easy. So let me give you some tips. Create a spreadsheet or a campaign or an ad group for different audience targeting. Don't mix the audience targeting types in the same ad group. Give me an example: affinity with in market. you want to keep your data segregated, so it's pure, so that you can really really have your greatest reach possible. I suggest having separate campaigns in most cases so that you can really control the budgets and the bids and then other settings separately. Next item is: don't layer your targeting. Adding demographics, for example. A demographics would be like, say, age groups, layered inside of their topics, placements and keywords on top of your audience targeting. That's going to make your campaign only get you into a smaller subset of the audience that you're trying to reach. So if you do those things, you should have a great, great ad campaign and hopefully great results with your in-market audience targeting. So that's my overview on Google ads in market audiences today And I hope that you've learned at least one thing in this video. And if you did, do me a favor. leave out one thing in the comments below And, if I can be of help to you in your marketing, call me or message me at wsiprioritymedianet And don't forget to give t.

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Google Ads In-Market Audiences

what's up everyone, welcome to the Surfside PPC youtube channel. today I'm gonna be going over in market audiences in Google Ads. so within market audiences, you're able to reach people based on what they're actively researching or planning. so right now I'm creating a new ad group and a display campaign. if you're creating a new display campaign, you'll see this as well and you can target people. so who you want to reach, and one of the options under audiences is in market. so if you come to browse, you click over here on what they are actively researching or planning, you're gonna see in market and you can click on this drop-down to see categories and even more subcategories as well, and you're able to target people based on the websites that they're visiting- the search terms are entering into Google. what's gonna happen is Google Ads is automatikally going to keep these audiences populated so people can be added and removed at any time, just based on what they're researching online. so I'm showing this in a display campaign right now, but you are able to use in market for display campaigns. you can use them for search campaigns, with the option to bid higher or lower on people in specific in market audiences when they do search your keywords, and you can also use them for video campaigns as well, so reaching users with your videos based on their recent purchase intent. so now to go through them in a little bit more detail so you can reach people just the products and services they're actively in the market for. they're good for advertisers who do want to reach a targeted audience and, essentially, if you're trying to expand beyond remarketing, this is a great way to reach people that are showing interest in products and services that you might already be selling or offering on your website. in market audiences can definitely drive conversions. it will be difficult to drive a positive return on adspend because you're still reaching new people, so you're prospecting to find new potential customers to your website. so these are great audiences for businesses that have repeat customers or a high customer lifetime value, and Google Ads has a variety of pre-built in-market audiences that people can choose from. so, to give an example, let's just say we're over here, we're gonna come back to our display ad group, and if I come to Google and I start searching things like best diaper brands and I start doing a bunch of research about the best diapers for babies, so I'm searching this directly into Google, I start scrolling down, I click on a couple of these results. I'm looking at these different artikles here. so I'm looking at the best diapers for babies under two disposable diapers of 20- 20. I started doing a ton of research about the best diapers to buy for my baby. what's gonna end up happening is, if we come back over here to Google Ads, you're gonna see in market audiences we scroll down baby and children's products. we click on the drop down here one of the options is diapers and baby hygiene products. so as I do more and more research, and even just doing this research right here, I'm gonna end up being put into this diapers and baby hygiene products in market audience. so you're reaching people with interested in purchasing diapers or other baby hygiene products, such as baby wipes, diaper bags and potties. this is the total impressions weekly for this audience: 1 billion to 5 billion. so essentially, what you can do is reach people who are actively researching diapers and baby hygiene products, have shown an interest in purchasing these specific products. you can scroll down, come to demographics and just say: let's just say I just want to reach people that are under the age of 34, so I want to reach new parents. I want to make sure I'm reaching parents, so you can choose parent here and let's just say we leave everything else wide open. you can narrow this down to 290 million impressions per week. now you might not want to narrow it down by age, because grandparents do also purchase diapers for new parents, so you can keep age wide open. but you can also incorporate demographics here, along with in-market audiences, to make sure you're reaching people. we're gonna be the most targeted for your business. so take the people that are most likely to purchase on your website and use that to create your ideal audience for Google Display ads. so let's go over a few different examples of in-market audiences. so if we come over here to what they are actively researching or planning, these are all pre-built categories and subcategories. so you have everything from apparel and accessories. you have business and industrial products, business services, dating services, education. all the way to the bottom you have travel, sports and fitness. so let's just say, for example, for Surfside PPC, I want to reach people that are looking for SEO or SEM services. you can see here advertising and marketing services. I can reach people just based on this in market audience and start targeting them with my advertisements. so there's a lot of different options here and one of the things you're gonna find is as you run more Google Display ads and as Google gets more data about your website if you come over to ideas. so this is giving the ideas for my website: farmhouse goals- calm, it's a farmhouse home decor website, so you're gonna see the in-market audiences based on advertisers like me. so home decor- so this is an inn market audience for people interested in purchasing decorations for the home. so it might be a little bit wide here. so if you're looking to narrow it down a little bit more, that's where you would look at custom intent audiences. so if we look at custom intent, I can create them specifically for farmhouse decor and they're gonna create audiences. they're gonna be more geared towards the types of products on my website. however, in market audiences can be a great way to reach a pretty wide audience of people that are showing interest in products and services that you're currently selling. so the last example I'll show you here just to show how targeted you can get, is: let's just say we come here to autos & vehicles, we click on the drop down. let's say people are looking for specific Motor Vehicles and they're looking for buy specific brands. I can reach people. so if I'm an Acura dealership, I can reach people who are currently looking for a cures for sale and you can see here 72 million weekly impressions. so if we come down here and let's just say we'll leave this wide open, so we're gonna leave everything wide open with demographics. so we're looking at 630 million weekly impressions. what you can do is narrow it down by the actual locations that you serve and make sure you're targeting people who are showing that they're interested in purchasing an acura. so if you're an acura dealership or if you have a KERS for sale at your car dealership, you can reach people with actual advertisements that say: check out our inventory of Acuras directly to people who are probably going to google and looking up searches like Acuras for sale, that are looking at something like Carfax about acura true car. maybe they're looking at use Acuras for sale. so you can reach people with advertisements using in market audiences based on what they are actively researching or planning. so these are much better audiences to use than affinity audiences. so with affinity they're really wide-ranging interests. so it might be someone who has an interest in investing, but they're not currently in the market for anything, whereas in market audiences you're looking for people who are actively looking for something. so if you come here to the drop downs and you look at anything, you're gonna see a lot of different ideas here. so someone who's looking for study abroad programs- I can target them with my advertisements. obviously I'd want to remove this Acura one here, but this is how you can target a market. you can narrow it down by demographics, by locations, and you can even keep coming down here and turnoff t.

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Marketing Vs. Advertising—Sell How You Buy (2023)

look in your inbox, look in your mailbox, look in any box you can look into and see what's working on you and tear it apart. [Music]. I'm going to start off with a quote from Zig Ziglar. hopefully you guys are familiar with this quote. it says: you can get everything you want in life if you help enough people get what they want in life. all right, so when we look at the word social media marketing, the words seem pretty obvious, but if we break them down we'll have a deeper understanding. so I'm going to start with the word marketing first, and a lot of people think marketing is advertising. marketing is not advertising. advertising is just one segment of marketing and unfortunately it's the most dominant version of marketing. so we think everything we do is like advertising, except for we're not that good at advertising, so we do a really bad version of advertising. I don't know about you. do you like looking at ads? you know, when you scroll on a page, does anybody ever pay attention to the little ads all around it? we've become really good at pushing that out into a periphery vision and we just ignore it. it's kind of weird, because when we make posts and we make content online, does it look like an ad. what you're doing? are you trying to sell me something? sometimes it feels that way, or you're trying to promote yourself, and that's the problem. so there's this book. this is marketing. it's written by probably the leading mind in marketing. his name is Seth godis, and he defines marketing: this web. it's a generous Act of helping others get what they want. it's a generous Act without expectations. it's about just giving social media. marketing is not a license to spam, and so what we need to do is appeal to a person's self-interest. because, he said, nobody wants to read email, like nobody. and our emails are filled with Spam, so much so that, like emails not become an effective tool of communication anymore. it's horrible, right. and so he has this little, really clever things that nobody wants to read email. send me email. which is what's in it for me. help me achieve my goals. the generous Act of helping other people, right. and he says: the internet, unlike radio and television, is the first mass communication medium. it was not specifically designed to sell advertising. and guess what? all the marketers get in- sorry marketers, and you ruin everything. you just get, then you spam things, and then we think this is how everybody communicates. so what do we do? we emulate what we see. we're a product for our environment, right? so we just keep doing that. the second book that I read from Seth Godin is called permission marketing. the way that we do this- we volunteer to partikipate in a long-term marketing campaign where we get increasing value. that sounds pretty good to me, right? does anybody Here sign up for an email for anything? what do you sign up for? what kind of Market? yeah, uh, I signed up for outside magazine. so what do you get from them that you're willing to give them your email address and to read their messages? cool videos, okay, gear recommendations, athlete profiles- this is perfect. that's a really good answer. so they're giving you value, and so they're giving you something that you antikipate that's relevant to you. those are, uh, two of the three criteria required for permission marketing. and what would they do to break that trust so that you would then unsubscribe? try to sell me too much stuff, okay, is there a balance for you? yeah, I think, and they're on the right side of it for now. okay, can you tell us what that might be so we can learn from it? um, one of the way they balance it is they give me what I want first, and then they sell me at the bottom of the email. okay, so I'm like, if I'm interested, fine, but I'm not hit with it over the head. every I like that. so there's something about sequence and proportion ratio. okay, so we should make a note of that. so the sequence is: leave with value and then go for the ask, and if the ask is too far up, we just feel turned off by the whole thing, and if it's not genuine value, then it's. then we can see right through it and Supply. here's the weird thing, though. do you know this? like, we love to buy, all of us love to buy, and you know what we hate? we hate being sold too. it's kind of this weird Paradox: right, we love to buy, but we hate being sold too. so when they do gear recommendations, they're helping you to buy, but they're also helping to sell- kind of interesting, right. so think about your business. is there something that you can do that encourages or informs people of what they want to do? so you Empower them without selling to them, and when you do so, they'll just buy, right? we can have a lot of examples and tok about that. somebody else give me another example. thank you very much, Adam, for doing that. I like shopping for Home Goods, so I look for coupons, okay, and do you subscribe to anything? or makeup, Alta, you know, just wonderful, yeah. so what they do is they reward you for being a loyal customer, a reader, a subscriber, by giving you discounts, the things that you like. yes, okay, there's another thing here: if we give a person a discount to things that we don't want, that's no good either. so it has to be something that's genuine, right, right, this is wonderful. so that's kind of a loyalty reward kind of program, and I'm gonna give you, like a purchasing buying hack, okay. so I don't know if you know this, but if you go on to any shopping website and you sign up, right, I give them my real email address and then what I'll do is I'll go and put something in my cart and I'll just leave it alone. then I'll just leave. seriously, I do this all the time because, first couple things: I don't want to search for it again. so if it's in my cart, I can find it. this is good, and you know what they do. hey, Chris, we notiked you left something in your cart. I'm like, yeah, I know, but I'm gonna wait you out. I know how this works, I know how the robots work, right. and then the second email is like: hey, are you sure? because you know supplies are running low. I'm sure it is. it's a consumer good, I get it, I can live without it. and then the third email is like: hey, would it having a 30 off on this item help? heck, yes, it would help. throwing free shipping. you got me and you just do that. and so that's what I do, right, because the robots, you, you work with the robots, the robots work with you. my wife, totally on the opposite side, she's a total impulse buyer. I'm like honey, just wait one minute, they will send you something, but it doesn't matter, it does, because I earned the money. so, you know, can we just pump the brakes on that a little bit? so when you buy on their terms, you pay full price. uh, when you buy on your terms, you pay whatever that full price is minus their margins. now, I'm not just saying that to help you buy more stuff, I'm saying that because you get to study how professional marketers Market to you. Jim Rohn says this success leaves Clues. all you have to do is bend over, pick them up, pick up the clues, study how they tok to you. how long are the emails where? where do they go for the ask: how often are they sending you things that are relevant? and when you're annoyed, write down what annoys you and keep a document, a running document, copy paste. put those images in there within a very short amount of time. you can get a master class in marketing for free.

Digital Market ads

so let's see if we can get this project done. hi, my name is dick dean and i'm going to explain what's happening without people. our business was incorporated in delaware in march 2019. the capitalization of the company was fifty thousand dollars. at that time, my wife owned seventy five percent. i have two adult sons that own 10 percent a piece and i got 5. so that's how we are legally, and now i'd like to tell you about our network, which is really, really the heart and soul of the whole thing. let's make believe. let's let's be on main street. let's be on main street anytown, usa, and on this main street there's a butcher shop. the butcher shop is on the platform. he has 50 of his customers on the platform subscribing, and he sends them notifications as they pass by the store. the notification could be anything. it's usually a sale or a giveaway or something of that nature. so every time the butcher's customers that have subscribed pass his store night or day, they get a notification that he wants them to hear. now, down the street, there's a clothing store. they're the same way, they're on the platform and they also have 50 people. so every time somebody drives down the street for the clothing store, they get the notification from the clothing store, can say anything they want- 70 percent or free shirts, whatever. but the deal is that the butcher's customer, as they drive down main street, they will get the butcher's notification. and as they proceed down this street further, driving 20 miles an hour, 30 miles an hour, 2 miles an hour- they'll get the clothing stores notification also, do you see what's happening? one guy's getting the other guy's customer notifications. so let's take this a step further. let's say there are there are four businesses on main street. now we got the, the butcher shop, we got the pizza, of course we have the clothing store, and the fourth one could be an appliance store. they're all on the system and, let's make it easy, they all got 50 people subscribing to it. so as the pizza guy comes down the street, the pizza customer comes down the street and he passes the butcher shop, he gets the bushes, the butcher's notification. when he passes the pizza place, he gets the pizza notification. of course he's going to pass the clothing store. same thing. and the platform, he gets the, not the platform, the appliance door, he gets the appliance doors notification. so the person that's on the pizza platform as he drives down the street, he'll get all all the notifications. so what happens? when the appliance customer drives down the street, he's going to get the appliance notification, the pizza notification, the butcher notification- what else have we got? and the clothing store. so that's how it multiplies. it can go anyway at all. now how many notifications are we going to have? if the guy goes back and forth the other way, when he comes home down main street he's not going to get a notification. he already got one. you only get one a day. if the customer chooses not to get any notifications at all, he just pushes the button. it's over. now these notifications go to the smartphones, whether they be android or ios. if the phone is asleep, sitting on the front seat or wherever in the car, in a pocketbook, it will get the notification even when it's asleep. now let's take it and confuse the issue a little bit more. there's another street in town, prospect street, and there's a lot of traffic on it. so the butcher, he says: why can't we expand the network over to prospect speed street? when his customers, the butcher, drives by down prospect street at a certain locale where the network is working, he gets the butcher's notification. how's that? and the same holds true. maybe the clothing store wants to go to prospect street. so there we are. we got that. we got prospects free. let's say we move it. can we move the network? we want to go to elm street. do we want to keep prospect street? sure, what you don't want to? you don't want to do prospect street anymore. okay, we won't. we're still doing main street at the store. and now we're going to go to elm street. the same thing happens. we can expand it any way you want. let's really get nuts. let's say the next community, down the street, down the road. let's say it's two miles, four miles, whatever. if the butcher's customer drives down the street in the new community, the different community, and one of the store owners is on the program and he's a card shop, the butcher's customer is going to get a notification from the card shop. this is endless. this can go any way you want. it uses your imagination as to how far you want to go. and, by the way, when these platforms are up, all the charitables or public organizations can use it. let's say the churches, all the churches, any church, the ymca, the chamber of commerce, the bear club, the elks club, how about the rotary club? they can all use the platform for free and they put their events up on it when they want to and the community can see the events what's going on at the bear club- very important to bear club- so i'm hoping you can help us out. we're trying our best. we gotta recover the money. the fifty thousand dollars evaporated because we didn't know when it was going to stop. we're in new york and it was a slow reboot boot in new york, so i hope i see you and i hope you can help us again. thank you, bye.

How to Dominate Facebook Ads in a Storm Damage Roofing Market

so if you're in the insurance restoration business and you've been following me for the last three years, you know that I go to the best market in the country and then I use social media to dominate the storm. I use it to dominate the recruiting, I use it to dominate in the neighborhoods, I use it to dominate with commercial, and I want to share with you exactly what I do now. many of you, when I give you this information, may not take action because you may think it's a lot of extra working, that it takes extra time. but what you know, you realize after you do this work, is that it will create passive income, passive opportunity, newly income. and this is how I went from good to great was figuring out how to dominate the storm online with Facebook videos. and this is how it starts. number one: all right, work all the groups and get your story brand out to the hidden power of social media, Facebook groups. so you need a sales team. you need to let people know about your company, about your mission and where you're going. and it starts within the roofing groups. you should be known inside a hardcore door-to-door. you should be known in some of these other groups like master roof builders, roofing sales discussion, sells, professional groups, door-to-door rock stars- these are all groups that you can recruit salespeople in. so you want to let people know what you're up to, because you're gonna pull in some top talent whenever you put that story brand out there to a track. that's the first step. number two is as soon as you get into the market place. we did this with hurricane Michael. it was like before the storm. we went to educating the clients right where I was sitting with a simple little stand. I was made two 20 minute videos: one that taught people how to deal with storm damage. that taught people how to deal with their insurance company, how not to get beat by the game. that taught people how to tarp their roofs, mitigate their roofs. that educated people on the responsibilities they have and gave them tips on how to recover from the storm. this video has got more than two hundred shares. the local Chamber of Commerce there has shared this video, and so one of the ways that you can get organic and social media growth. I went to the Chamber of Commerce, I joined the Chamber of Commerce, I forced my hand. I said: will you please share this video? once they shared that video, it began a viral effect. that viral effect has led to leads for as low as $25 a lead. I shot that video three weeks ago. it now has over 20,000 views. it's created tons and tons of new leads and it's like a digital version of my sales pitch. but I'm not selling, I'm informing people. on the other video, for another 20 minutes, I toked about the five ways to select the contractor. so if you want to dominate on a storm, you want to put budget on this video. you want to blanket the marketplace with this educational type, public service announcement type content, and so this video got traction. it got organic share. okay, that's great. now, now they know what's going on. so what we're also doing in this area is we're creating the blue collar marketing method videos that we toked about. the content video is about you know how to use temporary repair materials, how that we deal with the insurance company, what wind damage looks like, how to actually deal with your insurance adjuster and what we do to help that see. these type of content based videos helped me basically be known in the marketplace. they helped me to create leads, even though we're out knocking doors. but more importantly, you know it's just another way to be omnipresent in the marketplace, and so salespeople see, you know that RCA page is up to date with video content. they say that engaging comments that other homeowners are making. sometimes these people like family. I see you advertising online. you must be getting a ton of leads. I'd love to come to work for you, man. I just want a good company that can build my jobs, that can help me get my foot in the door, and so I believe that a company's ability to dominate the storm is about how they connect with the best people in the marketplace, and the top performers want the best leads and they pay attention to who the best marketers are and when you corner yourself as a guy that knows how to tell a story online, yeah, so eventually you will be targeting videos towards all these know potential sales recruits and will be using the blue cloud marketing method with both recruiting and with property owners. but essentially, you know we're also dropping videos and groups. one of the things that we did in Hurricane Michael is we created a Panama City hurricane relief group where we add content, where we've invited our homeowners, where we've been able to actually get a conversation going between a group of people about hurricane relief and between the hurricane relief content-based tips, we plug our company. we look for other groups to join. we get reviews on, basically, Google. we pay for reviews, but, more importantly, I pay double for view on a next door app, because the next door app is basically a private social network that you can't advertise on and if you get a straight testimonial or referral with your information, then this can lead to a really organic referral spread. so the main thing to dominate a storm digitally okay is to get out there with the content before the storm. document your journey. create content after the storm would help basically overcome their misconceptions, overcome their limited belief systems, make them know, like and trust you. but also take that same budget and spend it right alongside of Facebook and Google, because Google it can get your phone ringing, basically people that are typing in Roofing Contractor. they are going to Google instead of going to the phone book. I would say that 90% of roof jobs start with an online search and now more than ever, people are not using Yellow Pages, they're using Google to find the roofer.