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mask dropshipping

Published on: January 30 2023 by pipiads

Dropshipping Squid Game Masks on Etsy!

youtube channel and let's just jump right into it. okay, so today we're actually gonna break down this door, but while i was doing my research, i came across this right over here: uh, the squid game, robot girl costume- and i was like: whoa, like that's? uh, that's a very great product idea right there. so, instead of breaking down this cosplay store, i'm gonna give you guys a product idea that's gonna make you a lot of money. stik right here. so this is the product. this is the product that i'm recommending. i know halloween is just around the corner, but it's not too late, because squid game is around. uh, is is here for to stay and i definitely think there is a very big market for that. going forward, there's season two that's supposed to be coming out, so that's mind-blowing and this product is definitely gonna kick off. now this product is being drop shipped, even though if you come on this product, this this seller has uh, 2461 sales and if you come down all the way here, you will see that this product is being dispatched from miami and you're like: wait, this person's dropshipping, how is he doing that? so let me introduce you to something. you're going to come to aliexpress. you're going to type squid game, the games mask. now, we're going to do by orders, sure, so we'll show you the most orders, but here's the catch, here's the cash. you come over here and you do ship from united states. so, even though you're ordering it on aliexpress, this product is being shipped out of united states. the fact that this product is being shipped out of the united states, and if you list it on etsy as if it's being shipped out of united states, it's going to show to everyone that it's being shipped out of united states, meaning delivery will be much faster. so, right over here, let's check out. this product is being sold the most because we have done it by orders. so we're going to click on that and, as you come over here, just the disclaimer: i've already listed this product on my store and i will put it up somewhere right over here. you will see, uh, that i actually had an order a few days ago and he ordered all of the masks that i had in my store, which is mind-blowing. so let's continue, okay, so you see, it's being shut up, shipped out of united states, right here and, as you can see, estimated delivery time is 14- sorry, 4 to 13 days, which means that if you have people ordering just out of united states, this will get to them in four to 13 days and that's the only delivery option. you're paying eight dollars for fee. but look at the mask. they're coming for three dollars. so, uh, three plus eight. or let's do nine, that's uh, that's twelve dollars. and if we come over here, this person is selling it for 31. that's, that's crazy. and let's go for the- uh, the most expensive one, which is the panther mask. okay, let's not use that as an example, bad example. let's use this one: 33 dollars, so that's 12. what's that? 33 minus 12? 21 profit minus etsy fee. so let's even do like: uh, let's say, the etsy fees comes to 15 total, you're making 18 profit and i bet you this is the best seller. this person's been killing it. uh, over 20 people have this in their cart. their arrival date is a bit messed up because i don't think it's going to arrive in time. they're probably lying about their arrival date, but look at this, guys, you have a gold mine right over here. squid game has been taking over the internet, so this is definitely a great uh product and, as you can see, it's being shipped out of united states. so if we come back over here, and delivery to united states from the united states 14 to 13 days, but if you switch to china, it's going to be here november 14th, so over a month. that's, uh, that that narrows down the product a lot. so if we come over here and look at the gay, uh, look at the costume, so you could be selling this as a package, you could be selling the mask and the costume together, uh, so that's twenty four dollars plus ten dollars, so thirty four dollars for the costume from united states. so let's see if we can go and come over here and type just quick, game costume. okay, all right, so we have it right over here. fifty four dollars, let's see. oh, this listing is not available anymore. i wonder what happened. hmm, interesting, does the store still? is the store still there? oh, okay, this might be interesting. log go with four. [Music]: two, three, four. we're going to quickly search up the store to see if the store is still active. okay, so the store is still active. i'm not sure why they took down their thing, squid. okay, anyways, the listing is down. we're gonna go to the next one. we're gonna go click this one and the listing is right over here. this guy's selling it for a hundred dollars, style a okay. so he's selling the costume and the masks together in different sizes, and he's selling for a hundred and forty dollars, whereas you could be buying it on aliexpress for under fifty dollars. so he's selling it for over a hundred and twenty. he's making money. he's making money. let me just tell you that selling it for thirty four dollars plus the mask- it's a no-brainer- does not make sense. right over here, this is what he's selling: selling the mask, the costume, for 17 dollars plus 40 dollars for shipping. so if we come over here and we do 40, uh, 40 plus 17, that's 57. so 57 minus 120. he's making 63 dollars profit. so, let's include the fees, he's making 55 profit per sale, and this, this thing is on rice, so i would definitely include that. this is another one that i have been working on. so this is the costume that you can include. and if you come over here, uh, the tracksuits, they're somewhere here. i've seen them right over here. so these are being shipped also from united states and deliveries desmond. anyways, guys, this is a gold mine. i'm letting you guys know. sell squid, games related stuff that is being shipped out of the united states on your etsy store. so delivery time is cut by exponentially. and, yeah, just uh, ride with the hype because i know that there's gonna be a second season for squad games, so it's a no-brainer not to sell these products. i just showed you that you can drop, ship them from united states and all of these products are in your hand to be able to take advantage of that. anyways, enjoy my video. if you enjoyed my video, please hit subscribe for next video. we will be breaking down this store right over here and how you can have your own store, how you can have your own store for cosplay related stuff and how you can do this. we're going to break down the etsy store with the scorecard in the next video, so please keep an eye on it. subscribe if you enjoyed the video. sell squid games related product on your store. anyways, guys, peace.


i am so excited because we're currently approaching q4 of the year, which is the biggest time of the year for e-commerce and dropshipping, because q4 is the last few months of the year where we'll be doing christmas stores, halloween stores, black friday stores- and this is where the majority of the money is made during e-commerce and drop shipping. and in this video, i'm going to be showcasing the first part of this success formula of q4, because i'm going to be showing you how to design and create a halloween store so you can take advantage of q4, which is where loads of money is made within e-commerce and drop shipping. hey guys, welcome back to the youtube channel. my name is camille saton and is the ecom king, and in this video, i'm gonna be showcasing and sharing my exact blueprint strategy that i've been using for the last three years of doing drop shipping during halloween so you guys can find the best halloween products. how to build a store that converts during halloween. how to design and create your advertising for facebook. i'm gonna be covering everything that you need to know during halloween drop shipping, and it's never going to be as great as it's going to be this year, so you better be super excited. [Music]. so, before we actually get into the video, today i'm gonna be doing a massive giveaway: the website, neon mask, the video ads, the ad copies i'll be giving away in today's video now. i'll be announcing the winner on the 24th of august, and all you need to do to enter the giveaway for the neon mask website, the video ads, the creatives- is subscribe to the youtube channel, turn post notifications on, like the video and leave a comment about what you like the most about this youtube channel. then i'll be replying to the winners comment saying that they've won the competition and then we can arrange the transfer for the website and the video creatives and all that other great stuff. so the first thing that i'm going to be doing is i'm going to be showing you a website that i made yesterday just to show you what drop shipping drawing halloween can look like, to get your ideas going, and so you can understand the layer of this whole blueprint method. now, before i actually show you the website, i want to show you quickly the product that i'll actually be using for my website, which is this neon purge looking halloween mask. now you know the product, let me show you the website now, if we actually look at the logo from our website. you can see the text says: neon mask in this cool halloween looking fun. but if we actually zoom into the logo you can see it's a symbol of a guy wearing the neon mask with this core kind of background effect going on and it looks super brand because, guess what? my product is exactly the same as what the logo looks like, and don't worry, i'll be showing you how i did this a little bit later on. now do take into consideration when looking at this website, it is a one product store made for this halloween mask. now you don't have to do one product storage for halloween. i will be showing you how to do general niche doors as well, so just keep that in mind. then you can see on the top left i've got shop now our story with this orange background, and then on the right hand side i've got track neon mask contact doors. then i've got the language drop down menu on the top right. then i've got my shipping bar in orange. then i've got my social media links on the left and if we scroll down you can see here it says: order your halloween mask today by now with again this cool, scary looking halloween font, and that's something that i'd recommend you do with main titles. i wouldn't recommend using like halloween fonts, like this one right here, but for like sub categories, like the actual menu bar, i'd recommend using like halloween fonts. just that way it gives off that halloween mood and feel to the customer. and if we scroll down you can see i've got the picture of somebody wearing the halloween masks on a fence. then i got comfortable and unique on the right, showing somebody walking across the floor with it. then i've got a maze and mask and then i've got another image of it and if we scroll down and we can see i've got another really good graphic looking image of the mask again. and if we scroll down again i've got more high quality images of the mask and i've got shop now and another shop now and then i've got my testimonials right at the bottom and then in the footer i've got my logo again, i've got my links and that's pretty much the home page wrapped up. now, if we look at the product page, the website, it's very, very basic neon mask and then i've basically got the features and the description. but the aim of the game with your website is you want color psychology to kick in. you want to be using the color palette that i'm using. you want to make sure that you're really giving people that feel that when they come to your website, it makes them feel like halloween's around the corner, it makes them get in the mood for halloween, and that should be your goal and objective for your store. now i'm gonna be showing you exactly how to recreate this and how to do this exact blueprint method. so, guys, the first step to the blueprint method of drop shipping during halloween is finding great products to sell. now i've created a google doc sheet, as you can see on the screen, which covers every part of this blueprint method, so you guys can find it super easy to go through. now, if you want this cheat sheet, we need to hit 3 000 likes on this video and i'll leave it in the video description and in the pin comments. now, in terms of finding great products to sell, i want to go over one big disclaimer: don't sell copyright products or trademark products like freddy krueger masks or friday the 13th mask. at the end of the day, gotta be very careful with halloween, because with halloween, they like to use movies and create costumes around it. now those are classed as copyright and trademark products. so you need to be very careful that you don't sell those kind of products, because you could possibly get hit with a copyright strike or a trademark strike. so do bear that in mind, guys. now the first method to find great products is to go to a website called wishcom, completely free. you will need to make an account and what you want to do is you want to search for keywords like halloween, scary mask, costumes. once you've done that, it will come up with loads of different products like wishcom are offering now 99 of the chance. if wishcom have it, aliexpress and other drop shipping suppliers will host these products as well, and you can see loads of different scary masks coming up, loads of different print on demand hoodies coming up, and you can get some ideas off here as well, and what you'd want to do is you'd want to click on one of these products. so, let's say, i want to click on this big spider here. this one looks like a very cool product to get those chocolate treats scared. so what you might want to do is you might want to copy this name- black spider, halloween decoration, hunted house prop- indoor, outdoor- and you might want to look for this exact product on aliexpress. so you guys can see, i've searched this exact same product on wishcom, on aliexpress, and i found the exact same product. and that's pretty much what you want to be doing on wishcom. you want to be searching for those keywords, finding products that you thought could grab a lot of attention during halloween, and try and find them for your supplier on aliexpress, or you drop your cj drop shipping. so, guys, the next strategy to find great products for halloween is to go to pinterest again, completely free, search for halloween or other search terms like costumes, and even when you search for search times like that, pinterest and other websites will give you suggestions related to that that you can also search for and you can see on pinterest. it's giving me loads of different photos of different things that people are basically sharing on pinterest and again, these kind of products, thes.

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these are my top 10 favorite products the month of December 2022 and for the new year, 2023.. and all the products I'm going to be mentioning in this video are going to be fire for the end of the year and the start of the New Year. hey guys, welcome to the YouTube channel. my name is Camille Simon as the e-com Kink, and in today's video, I'm going to be giving you my top 10 favorite products for the month of December, but they're also designed for the new year and for q1 of 2023.. so this is the process that I've taken today to come up with this list. I've gone to the industry living websites like cell account peakeda, and I've gone through all of their top performing products, and then I've gone on to tiktok, Google Trends and even Amazon to do some more due diligence to see how well the order volume is. I've even gone to the Facebook ad library to see how many ads are running for them and how successful Those ads are. I've even took time out to see how well they're doing organically on tiktok, as that is the leading indicator for this year and next year to see how well the products are performing. so buy me spending hours and hours doing that due diligence and research. this is how I come up with this list for you today, and what I'm all also going to be doing in today's video is: I'm going to be giving you guys the AliExpress link. I'm going to be showing you the product website. I'm going to be showing you the Facebook ads. I'm even going to be showing you some tiktok videos for some of these products. I'm even going to give you my product price and recommendations, ad copy, examples, thumbnails, everything that you need so you can fast track your success with each one of these products. now I'm not just going to be showing you these products live on today's video, I've also created a free Google Docs that's going to contain all of that juicy information that I've just mentioned, and as soon as we hit 2 000 likes on this video, it'll be in the pin comment and in the description below. so if you appreciate all this free information, make sure you smash a like button, subscribe to the channel and leave a comment, and let's get straight into this top 10 list of winners for December and the new year. [Music]: the first product on today's list is going to be the funny, shocking roulette party game, and if we look at the AliExpress link. you can see it's got 231 orders, 4.9 star reviews. so what this is? it's a six slot party trick game that you play with your friends and you put your finger into these slots and you click here to start and it's basically a roulette game where each person puts one of their fingers in one of these slots and if it picks you, then your finger gets a little shock to tell you that you're out of the game. the reason why I think this is going to do extremely well for the end of the end- the start of next year- is because it's going to be Christmas time and people only spending a lot of time together and they're going to want to play board games or fun activities like this from home. the reason why I think it's going to do really well next year is because people are going to spend less money going out and they're going to try and do things from home to keep them entertained, and I think this is a great solution. now this is my product price recommendation. I'd recommend that you sell it for 32.99. it's gonna cost you 11.13 and your profit margin is going to be roughly 20. so my overall recommendations you to be making at least twenty dollars, after your shipping costs and after your product costs. on each one of your products. now the productscription reads: the most thrilling game of the season is here. this game is perfect for those fun occasions where friends are getting together and need some entertainment. the thrill starts when all friends insert a finger into the bucket and the light indicates start moving. screaming starts when the buzzing sound stops and one of your friends get hit by a vertikal current note. this shock isn't very intense, but it's enough to make you jump a little bit and nervous. antikipation. that makes it so much fun. make your Game Nights Fun expecting. and then it goes over how the game works, what's included and the rules to play the game. now, if we take a look at a Shopify Drop Shipping Store selling this product, there's a few things on this site that are really good that you can use for your store. now the overall store looks pretty bad, but you can see it's been recommended by twelve thousand people, is really good, and then it shows you how many people are watching it right now. then they've got this giphy, which really helps, and they've also got this stiky add to cart button that I like, and it's got some images explaining the different types of people and the different scenarios you can use to play this game. apart from that, the website is not very good and if you want to make really good websites, I'll leave a link in the description to one of my other videos teaching you how to make professional looking websites, so make sure you check that out at the end of the video. now if we take a look at a Facebook video ad for the product, you can see the opening scene shows six people around the table ready to play the game and it's a shocking roulette. and if we play the video, you can see the light glows red until it hits somebody with the vertikal electric current and you can see here they have a laugh and they joke, showing that they got hit with the current. so it shows loads of different people having fun and laughing at the shop, feeling with them playing this roulette game. and when people watch this ad and see the interaction and the facial expressions, it's going to make them wanna buy the game. so if we take a look at a tiktok video for this product, you can see the opening scene says: tiktok made me buy this zap roulette game and it's 50 seconds long and it shows him unboxing it, putting the batteries into the game and it goes over how it works, and then he shows the different options on the board and then it shows them at the end playing the game together with six people around the table, and then it gives them the call to action at the end. now the reason why I'm showing you this tiktok video: so you understand how this video could work really well on The tiktok platform. if you're going to run ads on this social media platform now, the countries that I'd recommend for this product are going to be the e-packet countries minus Mexico, Brazil and Italy, as I find I get a lot of high risk orders and a lot of fraudulent orders. now, if you're going to be doing Facebook ads, you can do things like ePacket monitors those countries. you can do the top five or you can do European countries. if you're going to be doing tiktok ads, I'd only recommend Canada and the US, and if you want to be able to Target those countries, you just need to use a VPN. and if you're going to be doing Google ads, I would recommend doing the top five countries. now, the recommended interest for this product is house party, alcohol, board games, home entertainment and family, and then you can use suggested interests. then the ready to go example ad copy reads: shock roulette party game. let the streams laughs and jumps at the game nights begin with the shot roulette. get yours. and then it shows a thumbnail of somebody putting their finger in it and then showing electric current above the finger. so before I move on to the second product in today's list, I want to go over some bonus features and things that you guys can do to increase your sales, and some more product is going into Valentine's Day and going into gift Seasons like Christmas. a great Niche for you guys to get into is the customizable Niche, so that's basically creating a customizable product. let's say a t-shirt, let's say a coffee mug, let's say a pair of socks, or you can put a quote on that product that resonates between a certain group of people. but these personalized gifts, like canvases about people's pets, do extremely well during Christmas and for Valentine's Day and the

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Squid Game Mask Dropshipping...

oh, people are making thousands and thousands of pounds selling squid game outfits and masks it. it just makes no sense at all. actually it does. it makes sense but it doesn't, and i'm going to tell you why in this video. first of all, i just want to say thank you guys for the last support you've done on the last video. it was absolutely overwhelming. for such a youtube channel to gain a thousand, two thousand, three thousand views is absolutely overwhelming, and i just wanna point out how appreciated i am if you guys want to help this video. do well, leaving a like on the video and a comment down below also helps it push within the algorithm. so feel free to help me. maybe it's my halloween present or something, i don't know. it's up to you now. squid game got released on netflix, i think over a month ago now and, as you can imagine, with every single trend on tiktok or a trendy series that's come out, there's always products that goes along with the series, if that makes sense in our situation right now. with squid game, you've got the masks and you've got the outfits, not just for the people playing the game, but you've got the, the blue outfits, the blue overalls, you've got the red overalls and then you've got the person who's the big boss, that you can also buy his outfit. now, if you're somebody looking to make a quick thousand pounds or two thousand pounds, it can possibly still work. i don't want to discourage you from going out and trying to drop ship this specific item. however, i will say it's very, very over inflated. the prices are slowly coming down and down as more people start to sell the item. they're always trying to beat each other on price so they get more sales. by the time it comes down to a lower mark, you're not. you're just not going to make as much money on it. that's why this fails. because so many people sell the same item. they always battle in price and it comes, the price becomes so low. you just don't seem to make as much money as you would if you was probably 1 in 100 people selling that item. now, funny enough, i've been in this exact situation before. i was one of the. i'm not going to tell you the product because i'm still selling the product to this date, but if you guys are subscribed to the channel, you will eventually see a full breakdown of how i'd done 136 000 pounds in sales in revenue with a product that literally cost me 40p from china. i was in this exact same situation. the product just came out. it was a new craze, and the best way i can explain a new craze to you is a fidget spinner, for example. the fidget spinners blew up. everybody and their grandma had a fidget spinner. and then you look now and nobody's spinning these shitty little toys in their hands anymore. it's just a craze. it goes up and literally dumps back down again and it's over. that was exactly what my store was. it was a shoe accessory. you may work it out if you're into drop shipping. you may not, but it was something to do with shoes and i was buying them for 40p and selling them for 10 pounds. but as the months went on, i was i was hitting 10, 20 000 pound months in revenue, but as the months went on, more and more people were selling them. the prices was just getting crashed and it got to a point where i was making a pound, if not breaking even on the product. so i had to think of some new things now, although this is such a good idea and people are making thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of pounds selling squid game masks and outfits and overalls and everything like that. fortunately, i don't want to be the bearer of bad news, but that ship has kind of sailed. people's already made shopify stores urls with the username squid game, masks and stuff and whoever was first on it. for example, if netflix released it on the 1st of october and you had a store, your adverts, everything up and running on the 2nd of october, you're killing it. you've made a whole year's wage in a couple of weeks because it just becomes so popular. it was crazy. but now everybody seems to already watch squid game. not many people are really interested in it anymore. the hype is still around on social media, so you still are getting a few new people watching it for the first time ever, but it's not as hyped up as it was two or three weeks ago now. by no means i'm not saying don't sell it. feel free, you can try and make a couple of thousand pounds if you can. but if you're looking to scale it personally, in my opinion, now is not a good time to scale a product that is going to die in a couple of months. nobody's going to be toking about squid game in a couple of months unless they bring out a series 2, then with new characters or something. that is the part where you jump on it as soon as you can. for example, you can buy a mask on aliexpress for 6.47 to your door. people have made a legitimate website where they're reselling the red ovals and the mask for 49 pound 99. so although the profit margins seem good, would i spend 50 pounds on a squid game mask? no, probably not. it was something that's just come out of the blue. it blew up on netflix. it was netflix's biggest ever program. so people have made money in all kinds of different avenues, probably selling cards or making videos on it, youtube videos on it, like like me. but i'm not making money from this video because the channel's not at the level yet where i can become monetized. so don't think i'm doing it for the money, because i ain't making no money. a lot of people who watch this youtube channel are probably new or beginners to drop shipping and if you're looking to sell a product, make sure you have enough money, profit wise, to continue to run the business. like i said previously in my other videos, i do want to come out with a whole explanation of why my 100 000 shopify store failed. although i made profit, i still classed it as failed because i didn't account for things properly. when you're drop shipping and doing e-commerce and just running your own business, it's very, very easy to become distracted on your own profits or revenue and you're not looking at the actual profits. so something like this, where you've got the squid game masks, the overalls and everything like that is, is cool. but by the time you take in your shopify fees, the amount you're selling it for your importation, your tax, your vat- if you're that registered, it's probably not that much money in it. if i was personally to do another drop shipping store or create a brand, i'd make sure i'm making 50 to 60- 70 pounds per item instead of probably making five or six pounds like these guys currently are. i mean even googling right now squid game masks- people are running google ads and selling loads of them. this guy has got the url, the squidgamegearcom- such a good domain. he was probably one of the first to get something like that. his website is absolutely awful. he's got an option to choose between soldiers and players and, wow, he's selling a complete soldier set outfit for 47 pound 56, which you can probably pick up on alibaba or aliexpress for less than 10 pounds, so his profit margins are there. he's also selling three guardian masks for 18 pound 29.. uh, it looks like a basic shopify store. like i said, people have made a lot of money from squid game and it's the boat has sailed because it's probably too late to jump on it now. it's very over inflated, it's too saturated, so personally i wouldn't. but i just find it crazy how how a netflix series can be produced and get released and probably someone's made a hundred thousand pounds in their first month, like all it takes is a thousand orders. you can do that in a month and i know that from a beginner drop shipping perspective because i'd done it personally. i remember my first ever shopify store. i was selling 25 items a week and i thought it was really good until i started scaling my ads, learning more about about facebook, and i was literally sending out thousands of these- this partikular item- every single week and it just absolutely blew up, and that that's another reason why my shopify store has failed, because i scaled it w.

I Tried Selling Masks On Instagram | Shopify DropShipping For Beginners In 2020

so we tried selling viral masks and we made $7,200 intended by only using Facebook Ads. hey guys, my name is saga and this Mastro and son, and in this video we'll show you guys our product page and takes you inside our business ads manager to show you how much we spent and everything we did on the Facebook side of things. so watch the whole video if you want to take your own store from zero to seven thousand- or even further, you know- so you can finally quit your job and start enjoying your beautiful, splendid life, so you can start probably traveling and see the beauty of this world with your own eyes. I'll show you guys the proof real quick. I'll refresh my screen because I know there's gonna be a lot of people skeptik about this, and I'll go from the peak days, which is 7, to 17. in 10 days we made seventy two hundred dollars, as you guys can see right here. we scaled it up 17 hundred dollars a day and right here you can see, filter mask and 95 partikular mask was our exact products. so let's just not waste any more time. you know, first we'll go into how you decided to came up with the exact product. I was just hanging out my friend. he was like, hey, man, you know was going around the world with this thing going on. I was like what I just saw, some footer face mask. I was like, well, that's not a bad idea. so within an hour I just hopped on drops point. I've seen who's selling the part again. luckily it was nobody selling it. so I was like, yeah, this is time to go. we just hopped on about a day or so. we got the whole website ready. I kind of Facebook ready, got the ass ready, gotta get out, just post it on there and test it out. I'm gonna do pretty good. so, like he said, the first thing he did was, of course, build the website, you know. so I had to be made an example store to show you what his website looked like, and we'll explain in a minute why we are not showing you the real web site, why we made an example store. but this is what the website looks like. right, here was just two product pictures, nothing crazy. and then he had a note which saying: due to limited supplies, please honor for your family needs only. and this was the craziest slide, because this just people. it was just forced people to buy it more and people were actually buying like 3/5, likes a 3/5. some people even bought 10, you know. so people are buying multiple community. no one was buying one, at least two or three, you know. so this is what it looked like and they can use some gifts from my product description video. it's always a good idea to use a gif right here, explain what the product does and right here, just creating a, you know, a fear in people's might that the thing is going crazy right now. and, of course, explaining more about the product pictures, more description. you guys can definitely read a little, you know, pause the video, but just more about the description. do you want tell where you got all the description, how you put it together? yes, some of them was made by me, some of them, of course, a different website, for example Aliexpress, helped me on a lot, but mostly I'm. I just edited out common sense. we've used a common sense, break it down and I think it's pretty good. please explain what that product does. that's about it, yeah, so basically, taking from other people, putting your cent for your common sense, that you kind of make a product description, that you were okay with, you know, and after the product description he showed me and I was like it looks pretty good. you know everything is ready to go. of course there should be. there was a lot of reviews, but I just made an example store so we don't have reviews. but this is what kind of the description looked like and that definitely. the next step was making add videos, you know. so you want to tell about how you came up with the add videos and everything. it was kind of hard to find that ad that I could use, because you know all the stuff. they can get you blocked off or little things like showing different faces or using music. so, first thing, that first thing I kept in mind- I don't have to show any kind of face. what's going on around the world can't say that word, but I couldn't put then are in the as well and I couldn't show no face, of course. amazing. I had to keep that in mind so I don't get blocked. so I'm using videos from different platforms- Aliexpress, for example- and I just put in my my header and just edit it out in a couple of hours and the videos already came up with two videos and I'll show you guys the video. so you basically added up by himself, as you can see in the video. I use the same pictures in my description so it matches my video and my description when you go into my page. so it looked like you know my two mosquito bites up all night, cuz it doesn't look real. yeah, as we can clearly tell, he's not a creative editing, but it got the job that you know. not like that, not the beautiful video, but it got the job done. and this is the second video. I pretty simple explain the product and everything it does and, like I say at this point, what was going around the product doesn't even need to be explained, you know, and this product actually prevents you from the disease because it does have a carbon filter. so that's why it does make a great product red than the surgical mask. you know which other people were selling. after we got the add videos, the next step was definitely, I think the biggest puzzle in the piece is fighting supplier. so I'll let him explain how he got with the suppliers and everything was a big hassle. we have to first, you know, try and find you supplier to get the product to my, to my customers, as fast as possible. so that kind of wasn't available at all, how do you express? so I hopped on eBay and luckily I found somebody on eBay that can get it to my question about seven to seven to ten days and he had my father 500 orders in and start, but the next day he ran out. so I had to go on offense, get a us supplier. after I found a used supplier, again, same problem that happened eBay. he went out of the party as well. so in the end we had to go with the Chinese to get the delivery, but letting you know that didn't do good. so basically he had he had to go through three different supplier, first from eBay, a us supplier, and then from Alex with another us supplier, and third time he finally got the Chinese supplier and Aliexpress, and this the best supplier he used for most of the time, because he did have about 2,000 stok. yeah, so he had about 2,000 stok quantities, so, which was pretty good, you know so. after we had all the figure out, the next step: definitely running ads. you know so. as you can see, we are in the ads manager. so he launched the ads on March 7 and you know this. this is the thing. he basically tied it anybody and to be honest, if I'm being under persona at this point. he was right, every single person needed it. you know it's not a single person that didn't need the mask at this point. so he went with this right here. I'll show them on the screen. BBC News: he targeted flu season, public health, hospital, airline, China, Daily News, air pollution, all that stuff. you know that you can think of this common sense and he was pretty confident in the product. so, random hunch, $5.00 ads. he launched a dollar ad and which did pretty okay for the first day first. then he spent about $79 and he made about 241 dollars, which is like about 3x. so that was super solid. and after, like I said, I we always do three days, so three days he had on the third date absolutely killed it. finally, do people were buying like crazy three people, people were buying multiple quantities: ten, someone bought 10 - right, exactly. and another thing: it is he does kind of did it on his phone, which worked really good for him. he actually pinpointed, pinpointed location, the location. they were getting a lot of sales. he just spring pointed those locations: Washington, Florida, Los Angeles, California, DC, the Roseville, this is like a local area around here, and he tagged in Houston, New York, all that stuff and they they're really good in the long term and after they did really.

Should You Dropship Coronavirus Masks? (THE TRUTH) | E-Commerce Dropshipping

what's going on, guys, y'all share. welcome back to the channel. I hope everyone is absolutely having a great day. thank you so much for tuning in. today we're gonna be toking about the corona virus and, specifically, is it worth it for you, as a drop shipper, to start selling a mask for the corona virus? so before we go into this, guys, please do drop a like on this video and also subscribe to my channel if you guys already have not done so, and also please do turn on that post notification bell and, lastly, feel free to join my free facebook group, econ masterminds- I will be leaving a link in the description below- with all my other social media channels as well. we're almost at 2,000 members, so I'm very, very excited. most likely I will be doing a giveaway within the group. so before even get into this video- and is it worth it to sell the corona mask? you know what is a corona virus, also known as Co VI D - 19. it's basically an infectious disease or a viral disease. basically that has spread it from China a few months ago. ok, now this disease was transmitted from an animal to a human and now it is able to transfer from human to human. it is airborne distikh on surfaces and whatnot. so it is marked as a pandemic. a pandemic is a disease or a viral disease that, basically, is all over the globe. I believe it's in more than 115 countries. so for a lot of people, you know, this is devastating. I believe that you know there's a few incidents that have been reported in New York City, which is where I recited, and also my home state in New Jersey, right. so again, if you just google corona virus, you'll find a ton of things about it in the United States. you'll see from the World Health Organization's site where it has been infected as well. but you know it has been circulating in animals prior and young. you know now it's infecting humans. is it deadly? yes, to some extent. but the bigger question is that there's so much market awareness about the corona virus itself. you know that's leading for people to, you know, wanting to protect themselves, right, because they don't want to get infected. so this is a market trend right now and you know we're gonna be toking about. is it really worth it to sell the masks, you know, on Facebook advertisements specifically, or even on other platforms as well, but specifically Facebook ads, because that is my bread and butter, okay. so usually when there's a market trend, like a new iPhone release or Valentine's Day right, people directly jump on that product. they make a one part of branded store out of it- more than likely, at least that's what I do- and then they start selling the product because there's so much demand and hype over it. okay, so again you guys to read about the current bars if you guys do want to. now, you know I've seen drop shippers sell the corona mask all the way as early as February. you know I've came across a few ads myself. I actually just flew back from Boston a few weeks ago and I did see like almost a fourth or even a third of people- I can- I can definitely say a third is safe to say- of people wearing masks at airports and whatnot, because there's so many people going in and out from different states and countries. you know it's very easily Trin's transmittable to other person. so a lot of people are wearing these masks. even if you go around- and you know walk around- you know I live in New York City, so if you walk in Manhattan it's very densely populated, you know. so there's a ton of people actually wanting to wear a mask and actually protect themselves. does this mask now prevent from someone getting the virus? no, but it does prevent you from other allergens and dust and potential bacteria and germs that can you know, get somewhere on your face. okay, so we know that there's a huge demand for it. even if you come here to Google Trends and if you just type in coronavirus mask, you'll see that from January you know there has been a trend and then it kind of went down because there was not a lot of cases. but then from the end of February there's more and more and more and more and more cases coming out and you know the trends going up and down. it's staggering but is consistently staying over this 50% mark in terms of interest, even if we move down right here. you'll see related topics: mask her on a virus, surgical mask, respirator and 95 mask- surgical masks for turnover. so a lot of people are looking for this mask. okay, over here in Google I put United States because that's where it's most relevant, just for you know audience purposes, past 90 days and shopping. so people are intentionally searching of these- no, Corona Bosque and 95 mass to actually purchase it on Google. so you already know there is already awareness for it and there is already demand, because who doesn't want to protect themselves? right, they will literally invest anything it takes to literally protect themselves. even if you go here on eBay, watch cow- this is one of the sites I use for, you know, product research and validation. by the way, if you do want to check out that video, I will leave a link right there. if you are on mobile or desktop, click on that I will take you to my exact part of the research and validation blueprint. but anyway, watch count comm is a tool I use and you'll see that there's an influx of Watchers just looking for surgical masks on a regular day. you know this is not normal. you know people aren't looking to buy surgical masks usually, so you'll see that there's a bunch of Watchers, you know, even for kids. so you know again, this mask is very, very trending. you know, not a specific mask, I would say, but just any mask in general. you know whether it be a simple cough mask like this, or you know something like this that's like a more kind of filtrated mask as well. okay, and if we going all you express and just type in corona virus mouse, you'll see that there's also an influx of orders. I believe this is like the n95 mask, you know. it has different filters and stuff like that. it is a little bit more protective than this regular Klopp mask. right here will CH. you know what you you'll see when you go to doctors or the hospital or something like that. so you'll see there's a ton of suppliers selling this as well and what's really funny is actually made a post about it on my group and someone said, or someone commented, that their supplier actually messaged them on whatsapp and you know they were trying to, you know, sell one of the that person in my group, that individual, the mask, you know kf9 for really whatever version, and maybe you know he said it's nine point nine dollars, ninety cents per packet and each packet is like two pieces. so you can easily sell that for two or three Exmoor, but just hold on for just a second, okay. you'll also see that if you go to corona virus mask plus Shopify, dot-com or just her and I'm mask plus Shopify- usually these, you know this search term results in stores that are selling it- you'll see that no one is really selling it anymore. a month ago or about five weeks ago, I did this search and I did find a few already selling this. even if you go on Facebook, if you type in coronavirus plus mass for his current a virus mask, you'll see that there's no really images or videos or anything about this. now and the reason why you don't want to sell this mask anymore- yes, people get capitalized in it quick through Instagram influencers to Google ads and also through Facebook, because you know it was basically able to sell right now Facebook has basically put a ban just since a few days, I believe, like earlier this week, probably March 7th or 8th, and advertising these masks, and the reason is is they don't want people to freak out over the internet. Facebook has over a billion users- or almost two billion users, if I'm incorrect, in multiple countries all over the world, so they don't want people to freak out and, you know, effect their activity on the platform and affect your relationship with the platform as well. Facebook itself has already gotten into massive politikal debates and troubles and whatnot from the sunny in Co.