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Master LinkedIn Ads: Expert Course

Published on: June 4 2023 by pipiads

In this video, Yvonne shows how to create LinkedIn ads in 2022, highlighting the benefits of advertising on LinkedIn, such as its large user base and specific targeting options. She walks viewers through the process of creating a LinkedIn profile, creating a business page, and setting up a campaign group, campaign, and ad. Yvonne emphasizes the importance of selecting the right targeting options and ad format for your product or niche, and provides tips on budgeting and bidding strategies. With her step-by-step guidance, viewers can easily create effective LinkedIn ads to reach their target audience and achieve their marketing goals.

LinkedIn Ads For Beginners: How To Run Your First Campaign

Are you looking to generate more leads for your B2B business? Look no further than LinkedIn Advertising! With its audience of influential professionals and decision makers, LinkedIn is the perfect platform for lead generation. In this article, we will show you how to set up your first ad campaign on LinkedIn and share four tips to help your ad convert.

- LinkedIn is the number one platform for lead generation in B2B marketing

- Audience of influential professionals and decision makers

Types of Ads:

- Promote a LinkedIn post to make it sponsored content

- Direct sponsored content allows you to test audiences and create different versions of your ads

- Sponsored InMail uses message ads

- Dynamic ads are automatically personalized for each individual based on their profile

How to Advertise on LinkedIn Step by Step:

- Make sure you have a LinkedIn company page and payment details set up

- Create a campaign group to control budget and run dates

- Choose a specific audience to target using data

- Decide on the ad format that makes the most sense for you

- Choose your budget and schedule options

- Create your ad with a clear call to action and relevant imagery

- Include people-centric visuals and noteworthy stats, quotes, and testimonials

- Follow through with an irresistible offer

Tips for Success:

- Keep content short and to the point

- Include people-centric visuals

- Lean on other demographics besides age

- Call out noteworthy stats, quotes, and testimonials

LinkedIn Advertising is a great way to generate leads for your B2B business. By following our step-by-step guide and incorporating our tips for success, you can set up your first ad campaign and start converting leads today. Don't forget to sign up for our free 30 minute webinar to level up your digital marketing skills!

How to Run Successful LinkedIn Ads [Guide]

LinkedIn is the top B2B social media platform for content distribution, making it an invaluable B2B ad platform. Social media ads are most effective when businesses target where their buyers are already online, and with over 600 million professionals, LinkedIn is the place to be. In this video, we provide tips and tricks for running successful LinkedIn ads, including optimizing your business page, creating a buyer persona, utilizing LinkedIn's audience targeting, and developing a targeting strategy. We also discuss the importance of building a following and creating various types of content to inspire your audience. Before creating ads, it's crucial to establish a brand presence on LinkedIn by investing in a strong LinkedIn profile and optimizing your business page. When creating ads, you can choose from three objective-based campaigns, including awareness, consideration, and conversion, and develop a targeting strategy by identifying your ideal customer and combining targeting features. LinkedIn ads work on a second-price auction system, where you pay based on the highest bid and past campaign performance. It's essential to optimize your bidding strategy by limiting your targeting features, setting a competitive bid, and setting a generous daily budget to start. By following these tips, you can successfully run LinkedIn ads and generate leads for your business.

LinkedIn Ads Strategy - Advanced LinkedIn Advertising Course & Tips 2022

Let's talk about how to create an effective advertising program on LinkedIn. There are two main macro issues that people face when they approach LinkedIn advertising. These are overspending on content offers that require filling out a form to access the information and only pushing their hard offer without doing any educational marketing.

To tackle these issues, it's best to start at the bottom of the funnel, where revenue and sales meetings are generated. This is also the most necessary aspect of advertising. The optimal budget allocation for LinkedIn advertising is 50% on capturing demand.

To promote your free offer, such as a demo or a free trial, use a message ad or a conversation ad. Another effective method is offering a paid incentive of $100 or more. Use intent data and case study videos to cater to people who are product unaware. For those who are problem unaware, promote infographics and survey reports that highlight the issue and offer solutions.

Lastly, to promote brand awareness, use video advertising and optimize it for reach. Keep in mind that new people should be watching your video, so avoid high frequency.

Overall, remember to focus on the bottom of the funnel and allocate budget accordingly. Use various ad types and supplement your advertising campaign with LinkedIn

LinkedIn Advertising Course | LinkedIn Lead Generation 2021 | LinkedIn Marketing Strategy

When it comes to LinkedIn advertising, there are four common mistakes that businesses often make. These mistakes can lead to a lack of results, but with a few simple changes, businesses can see a significant improvement in their LinkedIn ads. In this article, we will discuss these four mistakes and how to address them.

Mistake #1: Sending Traffic to a Landing Page

- When using LinkedIn ads for demand generation or lead generation, businesses often make the mistake of sending traffic to a landing page.

- This can introduce friction points, such as slow loading times and additional forms to fill out, which can lead to a lower conversion rate.

- The solution is to use LinkedIn's native lead generation form, which allows businesses to capture leads without introducing additional steps for the prospect.

Mistake #2: Lack of Negative Targeting

- Businesses often fail to use enough negative targeting when advertising on LinkedIn.

- This can result in the wrong audience seeing the ad and wasting advertising dollars.

- The solution is to review analytics and introduce negative targeting based on job title, location, or other factors to ensure the ad is reaching the intended audience.

Mistake #3: Reliance on Default Price Bidding

- Many businesses rely on LinkedIn's default price bidding, which may not be the best option for their specific needs.

- The solution is to use cost per click bidding and start with a low bid, which can be adjusted as needed based on performance and competition.

Mistake #4: Failure to Utilize LinkedIn for Demand Generation

- Businesses often view LinkedIn advertising as only useful for content marketing or awareness marketing, but it can be highly effective for demand generation.

- The solution is to focus on sales-oriented lead generation and continue nurturing leads through email marketing to increase conversion rates.

By avoiding these common mistakes and implementing these solutions, businesses can see a significant improvement in their LinkedIn advertising results. From using native lead generation forms to negative targeting and lead nurturing, there are several tactics businesses can use to optimize their LinkedIn ads and generate more leads.

How to Run ads on Linkedin (In 5 Easy Steps) | HubSpot

LinkedIn Ads: How to Run a Successful Campaign

LinkedIn ads are a powerful way to advertise your business on the world's most popular professional network. In this article, we'll teach you how to run a successful LinkedIn ad campaign and make your ads really pop. We'll even take a look at a business that put some of these tips to the test to generate over 500 leads in just one month.

Types of Ads:

There are four types of ads you could run on LinkedIn: message ads, dynamic ads, text ads, and sponsored content. But before we can start to even think about what these ads are or how to run them, there's a major pre-game activity you'll need to complete: optimize, optimize, optimize.

How to Run a LinkedIn Ad Campaign:

1. Choose an objective: What's the goal of what you're trying to do? Are you creating this ad for awareness, engagement, or conversions?

2. Select your targeting criteria: Choose your audience. LinkedIn ads offer more than 200 targeting characteristics from job experience to interests.

3. Pick an ad format: What are you showing them? And how are you grabbing their attention?

4. Set a budget: You need to spend money to make money. Set a daily budget and spend a little at first before you spend more.

5. Measure your ad's success: LinkedIn makes it super easy to track your success. You can see performance in the Campaign Manager dashboard under campaign performance.

Tips to Make Your Ads Pop:

1. Create content with your audience in mind.

2. Check out the competition and carefully select the content you share based on the type of ad you're creating.

3. Segment your customers. You can segment your customers so that you know what type of LinkedIn ads to show them and when.

Case Study:

Cenareo, a company based out of Paris, used message ads to generate awareness with new audiences, educate them, and eventually lead them to buy their products. They beat all LinkedIn benchmarks, generating over 500 leads in just one month.

Why Choose LinkedIn:

LinkedIn's ad reach grew by 25 million people in 2020. An ad on LinkedIn can reach 13% of the world's population, and ad exposure on LinkedIn can increase purchase intent by 33%. LinkedIn is a powerful marketing tool for your business because it has more potential to bring in the exact leads you're looking for.

Running a LinkedIn ad campaign can help you get new customers from their networks, which will lead them down the purchase funnel into becoming your loyal ones. Remember to optimize, choose your audience, and pick the right ad format to make your ads really pop. With these tips, you'll be well on your way to running a successful LinkedIn ad campaign.

LinkedIn Advertising Course [ 3 Things Worth Testing ] LinkedIn Ads for Beginners 2022

The current paradigm in marketing is heavily focused on quantitative measures such as testing, attribution, and measurement of quantitative value. However, this mindset often neglects the fact that the marketing that produces the highest impact is difficult to test, and that testing granular tactical aspects of marketing may not be worthwhile for most companies.

Main Points:

- The problem with testing everything is that it may not be necessary for most companies, especially when it comes to small to medium-sized businesses.

- When it comes to direct response marketing, lead generation, and demand generation, the three most important things to test are audience targeting, offers, and creatives.

- LinkedIn offers the ability to test these variables through duplicating campaigns and changing variables such as audience targeting, offers, and ad creatives.

- It's important to focus on gross changes rather than tiny tactical changes, and to make sure that the focus is on impact rather than on isolating one little thing.

Testing is an important part of marketing, but it's important to focus on the variables that matter most and to make sure that testing is being done in a way that makes sense for the company's size and goals. By focusing on audience targeting, offers, and creatives, companies can get a better understanding of what works and what doesn't, and make more informed decisions moving forward.

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