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mastercard print ads priceless

Published on: July 6 2023 by pipiads

Music has the power to evoke emotions in people and bring them together. Football, on the other hand, unites people from different walks of life and cultures. Both have an impact on society and can teach us valuable life lessons.


- Brings people together

- A way to learn English and different cultures

- Teaches valuable life lessons such as teamwork, perseverance, and sportsmanship

- Unites people from different backgrounds and cultures


- Elicits emotions in people

- Can be used as a tool for self-expression

- Unites people through shared experiences

- Has the power to transcend language barriers

In conclusion, both football and music have a significant impact on society and can bring people together. Football teaches us valuable life lessons, while music has the power to evoke emotions and transcend language barriers. Whether it is through sports or music, it is essential to remember the importance of coming together as a community.

MasterCard's Priceless Discovery: Apps Really Work

MasterCard Celebrates 12th Year of Priceless Advertising Campaign with New Apps

- MasterCard has released two new apps to match their much touted Priceless advertising campaign.

- The first app is called ATM Hunter, which lists nearby MasterCard ATMs and provides a precise map of each location.

- The second app is Priceless Pics, which uses GPS technology to show users nearby recommended restaurants, hotels, and experiences.

ATM Hunter:

- Can be found on MasterCard's website and as an Apple application.

- Doubled the normal traffic to their website in the first month of release.

- Provides real value to consumers while being cost-effective for the company.

Priceless Pics:

- A more powerful version of a past program where MasterCard worked with merchants to provide recommendations to cardholders.

- Uses GPS technology to show recommended locations based on the user's location.

- Includes brief TV spots to promote the app and encourage users to leave reviews.

- MasterCard's new apps demonstrate the company's commitment to providing value to their customers through innovative technology.

- The success of these apps has led to new ideas for future projects and continued evolution of their services.

Mastercard case study | Marketing transformation for the new world | Priceless campaign | Surprises

- Introduce Harry, a speech robot who will be presenting the case study of Mastercard

- Mention that the video will be interactive and interesting with questions asked to Harry

- Ask viewers to subscribe to the Five Minutes Learning channel on YouTube for more videos

The Priceless Campaign:

- In 1997, Mastercard needed a new idea to cut through old perceptions and misconceptions

- The criteria for this idea was that it had to be relevant, newsworthy, memorable, change behavior, and prove itself by driving measurable and quantifiable preference for Mastercard

- The mission of the campaign was to grow brand awareness and gross dollar volume in each market Mastercard was present

- The campaign was developed using real and genuine anecdotes, narratives, and experience

- Priceless was positioned as emotional function plus functional role equaling the global payments leader

- The key elements of Priceless commercials are the purchases, the Priceless line, the theme line, functional and acceptance message, and iconography

- The campaign resonated and connected with people instantly and successfully ran for 17 years in 112 countries and 53 different languages

Priceless Platforms:

- Mastercard came up with four platforms to enable Priceless moments in people's lives

- Priceless Cities offers unique and extraordinary experiences in more than 40 cities around the world

- Priceless Causes focuses on fighting against cancer, poverty, hunger, and other causes to generate funds for research

- Priceless Perks provides an unparalleled purchasing experience for Mastercard cardholders with exclusive offers and rewards

- Priceless Surprises leverages Mastercard's sponsorship assets to surprise and delight consumers with experiences in various passion points such as music, sports, and fighting for a cause


- The campaign generated several million leads and enhanced customer engagement and relationship with the brand

- Merchants started seeing Mastercard as a marketing partner

- The campaign resulted in increased spending, transaction, and top of wallet behavior among participants

- The global marketing budget reduced from 10 to 7.5 percent of revenues despite 30 percent growth

- Thank viewers for watching the video and encourage them to subscribe to the Five Minutes Learning channel on YouTube for more videos

- Thank Harry for presenting the case study of Mastercard

- Sign off and promise to see viewers soon in another case study with Harry.


Have you ever wondered about the cost of starting your own rock and roll band? From your first guitar to your first amp and strap, the price can add up. But some things in music are priceless and cannot be bought with money.

List of Items and Prices:

- Your first amp: $200

- Your first strap: $30

- Your first guitar: $450

- Music: Rock and roll - priceless

- There are some things money can't buy, for everything else there's MasterCard.

- Bursary: Music

- Kitchen toaster: $17

- Stick-free frying pan: $10

- Carton of eggs: $2

- For getting your out-of-town friends visiting: priceless

- Air freshener: $5.00

- Roll of toilet paper: $2

- Newspaper: 50 cents

- More air freshener: another $5

- Relaxing and taking a huge ass dump: priceless

- There are some things money can't buy, but for everything else there's MasterCard.

- Number one night out on the town: $75

- So, the nerve to ask such a question: $12

- Bottle of wine: are you crazy?

- My parents might say come on, I'm just gonna see at this hour, I'll return the favor.

- Hey, can you imagine if we got caught? Oh my god, what my dad would do to you!

- There's nobody around, everybody no way, it's way too risky. I love you so much. Actually using a line like that: another $12

- Bottle of wine: please

- Dad says to go ahead and get moving or he can do it if need be. He'll come down himself and do it, but for God's sake tell him to take his hand off the intercom.

- Having a girlfriend whose father has a sense of humor: priceless

- Music: ... (No price listed)

While the cost of starting a rock and roll band may seem daunting, there are some things in music that cannot be bought with money. From priceless moments with friends to the value of a good sense of humor, there are some things that truly are priceless. And for everything else, there's MasterCard.

86: Raja Rajamannar and the evolution of Mastercard’s “Priceless” campaign

MasterCard's Priceless campaign has been a huge success for the company over the past 20 years. However, the company recognized that the world had changed significantly since the campaign's launch and that it needed to evolve. The company's Chief Marketing and Communications Officer, Raja Rajamannar, spearheaded this evolution with a new campaign called Start Something Priceless.

The new campaign has three key highlights:

1. Priceless is a great platform, but it was being used only for advertising. The company decided to make it a holistic marketing platform by infusing it into every aspect of marketing.

2. Priceless moved from being just a communication platform to an experiential platform. The company moved in the direction of creating experiences rather than just telling stories.

3. Priceless evolved from highlighting and celebrating those priceless moments in people's lives to enabling and creating those priceless moments.

The new campaign focuses on inspiring priceless movements rather than just creating moments. It aims to tap into the new cultural truth of people reacting to the biases that exist in society. The campaign was launched at the Grammy Awards, where the company partnered with several artists to highlight the biases in the music industry. The campaign has been expanded to other parts of the world and has received a positive response.

Overall, MasterCard recognized the need to evolve its campaign to stay relevant and continue to drive business results. The new campaign, Start Something Priceless, is an example of how the company is adapting to the changing world and creating a sustainable competitive advantage.

How Mastercard Uses AI To Build Social Ads: Rajamannar

The Three Big Trends in the Industry:

1. A tsunami of new technologies, such as AI, AR, VR, 5G, and blockchain, which are changing how people interact with their environment and with each other, impacting marketing.

2. A data deluge due to the proliferation of devices being connected, which can be a game-changer when augmented with 5G and AI.

3. Tectonic cultural changes that are happening globally, leading to a reset of priorities and a focus on diversity and inclusion.

The Role of TV and Measuring Performance:

- TV still has a significant scale and provides the right economics, particularly for live events.

- Marketers need to be aware of the shifting landscape, including changes in consumption habits and competing channels.

- Mastercard has developed a digital performance engine that uses real-time data and AI to optimize and measure returns.

- The engine has resulted in a significant improvement in performance, enhancing returns by up to 8x, and is available as a service for clients and third-party companies.

The Importance of Creativity:

- With technology and data leveling the field, creativity is the new differentiator in marketing.

- The time for creativity is ripe, and it will be the next big wave, leading to a new golden era for marketing.

Key & Peele - The Telemarketer - Uncensored

The following conversation is a dramatic representation of a telemarketing call gone wrong. It highlights the frustrations of both the telemarketer and the potential customer, and the use of aggressive language and tactics.

Sub-Heading: The Telemarketing Call

- Gavin receives a call from Colin Valenti, a telemarketer from Master Travel Incorporated, who wants to tell him about an exciting limited time offer exclusive Las Vegas getaway.

- Gavin declines the offer, but Colin insists on telling him about the package.

- Gavin hangs up on Colin.

Sub-Heading: The Second Call

- Colin calls Gavin back and they have a heated exchange.

- Gavin accuses Colin of hanging up on him earlier, and Colin admits to it.

- Gavin is angry and asks Colin why he would do that.

- Colin asks if Gavin was going to buy the Las Vegas package, and when Gavin says no, Colin says he did him a favor by hanging up.

Sub-Heading: The Confrontation

- Gavin becomes more angry and tells Colin not to hang up on him again.

- Colin asks if Gavin wants the package, and Gavin says he does.

- Colin is surprised and takes Gavin's credit card information to process the purchase.

- Gavin becomes more aggressive and curses at Colin, but Colin thanks him for his business and ends the call.

This conversation highlights the aggressive tactics used by some telemarketers and the frustrations of potential customers who receive unwanted calls. It also shows how a simple sales call can escalate into a confrontation when both parties become angry and aggressive. It's important for telemarketers to respect the wishes of potential customers and not resort to aggressive tactics.

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