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Mastering FB Ads Creation

Published on: June 4 2023 by pipiads

Hey there, it's Jordan and today we're diving into how to start Facebook ads. Our last video got over a million views, but Facebook has made some changes, so I'm bringing you up to speed on everything you need to know to launch your first Facebook ad. Before we jump in, make sure you're subscribed with notifications turned on. Let's get started!

- There are 1.7 billion daily active users on Facebook, with 80% of internet users having a Facebook profile.

- Facebook ad revenue was $17 billion in Q1 2020, with over 80 million businesses having a Facebook business page.

- The average cost per click on Facebook is $1.72, and the cost to reach 1,000 people is $7.34.

Facebook Advertising Platform:

- The Facebook Business Suite is where we manage our business account and ad accounts.

- Within Ads Manager, we can have multiple ad accounts for different businesses or clients.

- We create ad campaigns to select our objective, ad sets to target specific audiences, and ads themselves for the visuals and copy.

- Testing different variables is crucial to finding winning Facebook ad campaigns.

Setting Up Business Manager:

- Go to business.facebook.com to create a Business Manager account.

- Add your Facebook business page to your Business Manager and create an ad account.

- Select your campaign objective, like traffic or conversions, and set up your Facebook pixel to track data.

Creating Your First Facebook Ad:

- Within Ads Manager, select your campaign objective, ad set targeting, and ad creative.

- Use the Facebook pixel to track conversions and get a full understanding of how your ads are performing.

- Facebook ads offer a huge opportunity for businesses to reach their ideal customers.

- Setting up Business Manager and using the Facebook pixel is essential for tracking ad performance.

- Testing different variables is crucial for finding the best Facebook ad campaigns.

NEW Facebook Ads Tutorial for Beginners in 2022 – FULL FREE COURSE

In this article, we will learn how to set up Facebook ads from scratch and generate ongoing revenue for your business. Despite changes to Facebook's advertising platform, it still proves to be a profitable advertising tool for businesses.

Competitor Research:

- Use the Facebook Ad Library to see examples of successful ads in your niche

- Look at competitor brands and their ads to get ideas and inspiration

- Use the Campaign Ideas Generator tool to generate ideas for your campaign

Creating an Ad:

- Create a new business account on business.facebook.com

- Familiarize yourself with the campaign, ad set, and ad sections in Ads Manager

- Choose a campaign objective based on your goal

- Name your campaign, set a spending limit, and turn on A/B split testing and Campaign Budget Optimization

- Name your ad set, set your conversion event location, and choose a start date and end date

- Choose broad audience targeting and select relevant placements

By following these steps, you can set up a successful Facebook ad campaign that generates revenue for your business. Remember to constantly analyze and optimize your ads to ensure they are performing well.

The ONLY Facebook Ads Course YOU Need

Over the past few years, the author has built and scaled multimillion dollar e-commerce companies utilizing Facebook advertising. In this course, the author aims to teach the audience everything they need to know about Facebook ads to achieve the same level of success for their brand or agency. The course is brought to you by pondir.com, an artificial intelligence platform for Facebook advertisers. The author is also the founder of pondir.com.

What are Facebook ads?

Facebook ads are advertisements that appear on your newsfeed. They are products that advertisers bid to show on Facebook users' devices. Facebook advertising is an online auction where advertisers bid to show their ad on users' devices. Each time there's an opportunity to show someone an ad, an auction takes place to determine which advertiser will have the chance to show their ad.

How to win an auction:

To win an auction, the ad must have the highest total value, which is a combination of three major factors: the bid, estimated action rates, and ad quality. Engaging in clickbait and engagement bait does not improve ad performance.

Understanding Business Manager:

Business Manager is the structure that is beneath everything you will do in the Facebook ads ecosystem. It is the parent of everything you will do in the future. Business Manager can hold multiple ad accounts, pixels, pages, catalogs, and payment methods.

Creating Business Manager:

To create a Business Manager, go to business.facebook.com/overview and click on create account. Enter your business and account name, your name, and your business email. You can have up to two Business Managers, so it's essential to treat them with care.

Business Manager Navigation:

The left-hand navigation bar has dropdowns that allow you to toggle through your Business Manager accounts. The navigation options include Ads Manager, Audiences, Ads Reporting, Ad Account Settings, and Business Settings. The Business Settings tab has options to test your event and monitor if everything is firing correctly.

Facebook advertising is an online auction where advertisers bid to show their ads on users' devices. Winning an auction requires the ad to have the highest total value, which is a combination of three major factors: the bid, estimated action rates, and ad quality. Business Manager is the structure that is beneath everything you will do in the Facebook ads ecosystem. To create a Business Manager, go to business.facebook.com/overview and click on create account. The left-hand navigation bar has dropdowns that allow you to toggle through your Business Manager accounts.

Facebook Ads Tutorial 2023 - How To Create Facebook Ads FOR BEGINNERS (Step-By-Step)

if you need further assistance with your Facebook ads, feel free to reach out to me or my team for one-on-one coaching and mentorship.

In summary, running Facebook ads as a beginner can be overwhelming and costly if you don't know what you're doing. However, by following the steps outlined in this article, you can set up and profitably run your Facebook ads from scratch even with zero experience.

Here are the key takeaways:

- Have a product that has the potential to sell and is in line with the trend.

- Have an actual Shopify store that looks professional and trustworthy.

- Connect your Shopify store to Facebook correctly by creating your pixel.

- Use creative testing to test out different thumbnails and videos against each other at a lower cost.

- Set up your columns to read your data accurately and efficiently.

- Set up your creative testing campaign and test at least five creatives.

- Measure your data to see which creative performed the best for you and optimize for sales in a purchase interest campaign.

Remember, success with Facebook ads takes time and effort, but with the right strategies and mindset, you can achieve your goals and scale your online business.

Facebook Ads in 2023: Brand NEW Secrets, Strategies & Pro-Tips

Are you tired of wasting money on Facebook ads that don't seem to work? Well, you're in luck because we have some expert tips and strategies that are guaranteed to improve your Facebook ad performance. In this article, we'll be sharing eight powerful hacks that will help you achieve great results in 2023. We reached out to some of the smartest Facebook ad experts we know to hear directly from them what's in their 2023 Facebook Ads Playbook. By using what's working amazingly well right now, you can duplicate their big-time results and put an end once and for all to the idea that Facebook ads just don't work.

1. Lead Ads:

Lead ads are our number one strategy for Facebook ads in 2023. It's a great way to get more leads and cut lead costs significantly. Facebook has improved the lead form ads and made them more effective and easy to use. You can create lead ad forms in Facebook and get cheaper impressions and retargetable leads without leaving the platform.

2. Building your Email List:

Building an email list is crucial for service-based businesses. It helps you establish yourself as an authority in your industry and provides repeated exposure to your customers, which can help in closing the sale. Creating lead magnets that promise a result or an outcome, such as quick start checklists or curated resource lists, can be a great way to get people to opt-in to your email list. Once you have their email, you can send a short nurture email campaign to help them with more expert advice, tips, and secrets.

3. Facebook Reels:

Facebook reels are video-based ads that generate 67% more engagement than any other type of Instagram video. It's a great way to get your message across and push it out

How To Create Facebook Ads For Beginners (COMPLETE GUIDE) | Facebook Ads Tutorial 2023

Ladies and gentlemen, get ready for an epic Facebook Ads Master Class! Whether you're a complete beginner or have some intermediate knowledge, I'll take you from wherever you are to a full-blown expert by the end of this video.

Why advertise on Facebook? Well, with 1.93 billion daily active users and $28 billion in total ad revenue annually, it's a no-brainer. Plus, the average cost per click is only $1 and the average CPM is $11.54.

Benefits of advertising on Facebook include selling more, generating leads, distributing content, and increasing app installs. And with Facebook's micro-segmentation, machine intelligence, and predictability, it's the perfect sandbox to test your offers.

To get started with advertising, you'll need business management, ad accounts, pages, pixels, and payment methods. I'll walk you through step-by-step on how to set these up, including verifying your domain and installing your Facebook pixel.

And once everything is set up, you can create your first campaign, define your budget, value results, and optimize your campaigns for maximum success. Remember to keep your page active with at least 20 posts, post three times a day for the first seven days, and verify your business to increase trust with Facebook.

So what are you waiting for? Let's dive into the world of Facebook advertising and take your business to the next level!

How To Run Facebook Ads in 2022- Beginners Tutorial (Complete Guide)

In this article, we will provide a complete walkthrough on setting up Facebook ads for a new brand, The Lemon Scrub. We will cover everything you need to know to get the basic structure set up and get your first sale.

Setting up Facebook Ads:

1. Create a Business Manager account through business.facebook.com to ensure successful scaling of your business in the long term.

2. Create a new ad account and name it after your brand and region to prepare for global expansion.

3. Set the time zone and currency to match your location and customer base.

4. Add your business verifications and start spending slowly to build trust with Facebook.

5. Add yourself to manage the ad account and add payment info, including your ABN for Australian residents.

6. Set up your pixel through Shopify or a similar platform, ensuring that it is connected to your ad account.

7. Verify that your pixel is tracking user behavior on your website with the Pixel Helper Chrome extension.

8. Create a new campaign with a strict naming convention, such as Level 1: Conversions - Lemon Scrub Cleaner.

9. Create an ad set with a daily budget of $10-20 and select Australia as your target location.

10. Use interest-based targeting to narrow down your audience to around 18-22 million people.

By following these steps, you can set up Facebook ads for your new brand and start driving traffic to your website. Remember to start with a low budget and focus on conversion campaigns to build trust with Facebook and get the best return on investment. As Facebook's algorithm continues to improve, advertising will become even simpler, so stay tuned for more updates.

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