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Mavic Air 2 ADS-B: Enhancing Flight Safety

Published on: June 4 2023 by pipiads

In this article, we will be discussing DJI's Mavic Air 2 and its unique feature called AirSense. This system allows the drone operator to view the location of manned aircraft in the vicinity of the drone's position. We will discuss how this technology works and its importance for all drone operators to understand.

How AirSense Works:

- Built into the Mavic Air 2 is an ADS-B receiver that picks up signals emitted by an ADS-B transmitter found inside manned aircraft.

- This gives the operator the ability to view the position of manned aircraft in real-time on their mobile device while flying the drone.

- However, the drone does not have an ADS-B transmitter, so its location is not broadcasted for others to see.

- When a manned aircraft is nearby, the map on the fly application will prompt the operator and display the position of the aircraft in relation to the drone's position.

Benefits of AirSense:

- AirSense acts as a warning device that allows the operator to avoid colliding with manned aircraft.

- It is an important technology for all drone operators to learn about, as it is only a matter of time before it is incorporated into all DJI drones.

Limitations of AirSense:

- AirSense is in its early stages and has room for improvement.

- It does not provide information on the type of aircraft nearby or its calibrated altitude.

Using FlightRadar24:

- FlightRadar24 is an app that displays the location of most manned aircraft in real-time.

- It is a useful tool for drone operators who do not have AirSense on their drone.

Frequently Asked Questions:

- Does the Mavic Air 2 transmit its location through AirSense? No, it only receives signals from manned aircraft.

- Will AirSense take control of the drone to avoid collision? No, it only acts as a warning device.

AirSense is an important feature for all drone operators to understand, as it allows them to avoid colliding with manned aircraft. Although it has limitations, it is a valuable tool for all DJI drone operators. FlightRadar24 is also a useful app for drone operators who do not have AirSense on their drone.


In this video, the host explores the ADSB safety feature on the DJI Air 2S drone. The feature was accidentally demonstrated during a flight, and the host believes it is an essential addition to every drone.

ADS-B Feature:

- ADS-B is a safety feature that alerts drone pilots of manned aircraft nearby

- It was previously available on the DJI A2 and Mavic Air 2 in the United States but not in Europe

- Some later serial numbers of the Mavic Air 2 in Europe had the feature but were not released by DJI

- The host believes every drone should have this feature for increased safety


- The host was flying and testing the new smooth FPV mode on the DJI Air 2S when they received a message alerting them of a manned aircraft nearby

- The aircraft icon flashed on the screen, and the host pointed their camera at the sky to locate the plane

- The notification remained on the screen until the aircraft was out of range

- The host regrets not clicking on the flashing icon to open the map and view the aircraft's location

The host believes the ADS-B feature is an excellent addition to the DJI Air 2S and every drone for increased safety. They have other videos on the DJI Air 2S, including obstacle avoidance tests, a comparison with the Mini 2, and an FPV flight. Viewers are encouraged to give the video a thumbs up and subscribe to the channel.


- Discussing the importance of safety features for drones

- Highlighting DJI's Air Sense service as a crucial safety feature

- Mentioning recent updates to Air Sense on DJI Air 2S

Main Points:

- Air Sense uses ADS-B technology to receive signals from other aircraft in the area

- Not all aircraft have ADS-B technology, but it should be made mandatory

- Air Sense is especially important when dealing with low-flying aircraft

- When a manned aircraft is detected, a notification appears on the screen

- The notification includes a flashing icon and a map showing the exact position of the manned aircraft

- The severity and likelihood of danger is also indicated on the map

- It is the responsibility of the drone operator to avoid the manned aircraft

- Air Sense was previously only available in North America but is now pre-installed on all DJI Air 2S drones

- Air Sense is a crucial safety feature that every drone should have

- Demonstrated the importance of Air Sense with a video example

- Encouraged viewers to subscribe for more drone-related content and advice.

DJI Mavic Air 2 AirSense ADS-B alerts in CHINESE!!

In this video, Chris shares his recent experience while shooting a return to home test video with his Mavic Air 2 drone. He discusses the annoying Chinese voice alerts that he receives when an aircraft is flying close by and how it caused him frustration while filming the video.

Main points:

- Chris explains how the adsb technology in the Mavic Air 2 provides oral alerts and alerts on the DJI Fly app when an aircraft is flying close by.

- He shares his annoyance with the persistent and irritating Chinese voice that he often hears along with the English version of the voice.

- Chris discusses his frustration while filming the video due to the hot weather and overheating cameras.

- He shares how the Chinese voice alerts would not let him finish the video, causing him even more frustration.

- Chris demonstrates the return to home feature on his drone while the annoying voice continues to interrupt him.

- He finally completes the video and encourages viewers to check it out.

In conclusion, Chris's experience with the Chinese voice alerts highlights the importance of understanding and utilizing the features on our drones. While the adsb technology provides valuable safety alerts, it's essential to find ways to minimize distractions and avoid interruptions while flying.

Mavic Air 2 Entendiendo AIRSENSE 🚀, Disponibilidad fuera de USA / Como Conseguirlo

Title: AirSense: A Real Feature or Just Marketing Hype?

In this article, we will be discussing AirSense, a feature found in the Mavic 2 drone. We will explore what AirSense is, its benefits, and whether it is a real feature or just a marketing gimmick.

What is AirSense?

AirSense is a technology that has been used in the aviation industry for some time. It is a feature that allows an aircraft to emit information to other aircraft and air traffic control. In the case of the Mavic 2 drone, AirSense allows the drone to detect nearby aircraft and warn the pilot of potential collisions.

Benefits of AirSense:

AirSense is a great feature that enhances the safety of drone flights. It enables the drone to be aware of its surroundings and avoid collisions with other aircraft. This feature is especially useful in areas where there is a high volume of air traffic.

Is AirSense a Real Feature or Just Marketing Hype?

AirSense is a real feature, but it is not available in all regions of the world. As of the time of writing this article, AirSense is only available in the United States and Canada. Furthermore, only commercial aircraft are required to have this technology in Europe, while recreational aircraft are not required to have it. This limits the usefulness of AirSense for drone pilots in these regions.

AirSense is a valuable feature that enhances the safety of drone flights. It allows the drone to detect nearby aircraft and avoid collisions. However, its limited availability in certain regions of the world limits its usefulness. Therefore, it is important for drone pilots to consider whether AirSense is available in their region before purchasing a drone with this feature.

Dji Mavic Air 2 Airsense ADS-B is Good but Could be Better?

The new DJI Mavic Air 2 incorporates exciting new technology, one of which is the Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast (ADSB). This technology can pick up on manned aircraft's location, making drone flying safer and more secure. However, it has some limitations, but it is still a giant step forward in the drone industry.

Advantages of ADSB:

1. Knowing where other aircraft are while up in the sky can make drone flying safer.

2. Consumer-based level drones can receive signals from other manned aircraft, allowing the drone and the pilot to know the aircraft's exact location.

3. ADSB technology in drones can help keep pilots out of each other's way while sharing the skies.

4. ADSB technology can be used to pilot the drone away from the manned aircraft, making flying safer.

Disadvantages of ADSB:

1. ADSB only gives the information about the location of the manned aircraft, not the actual height, speed, or what kind of aircraft it is.

2. When the alert is received, the pilot does not know if the plane is around the same height as the drone or well above or below where the drone is flying.

3. ADSB can only receive information from other manned aircraft, not transmit any data.

Overall, ADSB technology is a great feature to have on consumer-based drones, and DJI Mavic Air 2 is the first DJI branded consumer drone to have this technology. It can be turned on or off, depending on the pilot's preference, and it can make drone flying safer, especially in areas near airports. ADSB technology can even be utilized by part 107 pilots to perform safer flights and have a good way to track the actual air traffic. Despite its limitations, ADSB technology is a giant step forward for the drone industry, and it will surely help keep drone pilots out of harm's way.

DJI Mavic Air 2 ADS-B AirSense review with PiAware and AIRMAP data

Welcome to today's video where we will be discussing the AD SB air sense feature of the DJI AdvoCare. We will be exploring the DJI fly app, UAV video, flight aware spyware, and air map to see how the AD SB feature works.

Scenario 1:

- An aircraft landing in the vicinity of the UAV

- The UAV is hovering above the Purdue football performance complex

- An aircraft icon appears on the app, captioned manned aircraft detected in air space, fly with caution

- The icon turns red as the aircraft changes directions towards the UAV

- No additional information is provided on tapping the icon or caption

Scenario 2:

- An aircraft flies over the drones position

- The DJI app displays a map glowing and pulsing yellow as the aircraft approaches

- The map turns red and an audible alert and screen message is given

- No data is available as the aircraft wasn't selected

AD SB Messages:

- Contains data such as distance, ground speed, altitude, and vertical rain

- Aircraft type can be determined by cross-referencing online databases


- Room to improve on the way it alerts when air traffic control sends out a traffic advisory

- An audible alert with data such as bearing, distance, relative altitude, direction of travel, and time to closest intercept would be beneficial

- Displaying this information on-screen would be nice but the interface is already too busy

Air Map:

- Real-time data is provided and limited to the tail registration number

- Air map's length authorization code is displayed

Overall, the AD SB feature of the DJI AdvoCare is a great tool for drone pilots to have. However, there is room for improvement in terms of how it alerts pilots to air traffic. It's also important to note that safety was observed during the flights discussed in this video, with authorization from the FAA slang system using air map. Thank you for watching and have a great day!

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