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Max Profits Dropshipping Medical Supplies: How Much?

Published on: June 4 2023 by pipiads

In this video, the speaker shares his top three medical device drop shipping suppliers in Australia. The niche is unique but booming, and the suppliers mentioned offer high-end products with high-profit margins. The speaker emphasizes the importance of checking out their free training for drop shipping beginners before starting.

Top Three Medical Device Drop Shipping Suppliers:

1. Ape Medical: A retail and wholesale supplier for sports medicine and rehab products. They offer a comprehensive drop shipping program and are a well-established brand in Australia.

2. Dear Jane Medical: They offer a huge range of medical devices aimed at aged care, but also sell stethoscopes and other products. Signing up with them is simple, and their drop shipping program is straightforward.

3. Aero Healthcare: They mostly sell first aid kits and equipment for businesses, with high margins and the ability to customize branding. Signing up with them requires some establishment, but they work with small business owners and big medical shops.

These three Australian companies offer high-quality medical devices with high-profit margins in a unique niche. Drop shipping beginners should check out their free training before starting, and those interested in the niche should consider signing up with these suppliers. Thumbs up and subscribe to the video for more content like this.

The TOP Medical Supplies To Dropship | BONUS Suppliers List Included! 🤫

Hey dropshippers, welcome back to our YouTube channel where we teach you everything you need to know about Dropshipping. In today's video, we'll be discussing if it's possible to Dropship medical supplies. The answer is definitely yes, and we'll be walking you through the top 10 medical products and the best supplies for Dropshipping medical supplies.

Why Dropshipping Medical Supplies is a Good Idea:

- Requires little upfront investment

- Low-risk business model

- High-profit potential

- Market research shows Disposable medical supplies worldwide markets can reach up to 56 billion USD come 2030

Target Audience for Medical Supplies:

- Hospitals

- Medical

How To Make 3-5k Per Month Flipping Medical Commodities / Diabetic Test Strips!

- The speaker introduces himself as a business owner who sells medical commodities, specifically diabetic test strips.

- He explains that this is his primary source of income and that he wants to teach others how to get into this business.

Main Points:

- The speaker explains what diabetic test strips are and how they work.

- He shares how much profit he makes off of buying and reselling these strips.

- He provides tips on how to find clients, such as asking friends and family members who are diabetic.

- The speaker mentions that he has other videos on how to make money and that he will be releasing more in the future.

- He also mentions that he is willing to mentor and help those who are interested in this business.

- The speaker encourages viewers to subscribe, like, and share his videos.

- He emphasizes that this business can be started with a small investment and can be a reliable source of income.

- The speaker ends the video by thanking viewers for watching and expressing his excitement for future videos.

How to Start a Medical Supply Business Online 2023 ( Step by Step ) | #MedicalSupply

Starting a medical supply business online can be a lucrative venture with the potential to make a difference in the healthcare industry. Here are some steps to get started:

1. Choose Your Method:

- Decide whether to set up as a dropship store or to buy and ship out your own inventory.

- Download a business plan from Bplans.com to get an idea of how the business operates.

2. Supplier Research:

- Google dropship medical supplies or medical supplies dropship program to find products to sell without buying them.

- Google wholesale medical supplies to buy products in bulk.

3. Register Your Business:

- Register and apply for a federal EIN number and form an LLC or corporation.

- Obtain a reseller or retail merchant certificate to buy products tax-free.

- Use MyCorporation.com to get started.

4. Open a Business Bank Account:

- Choose a local bank or a new one.

- Provide legal paperwork to get set up.

5. Buy Web Hosting:

- Choose Bluehost for reliable medical supply e-commerce stores.

- Get a free domain, free SSL, and access to 24/7 tech support.

6. Hire a Web Designer:

- Use Fiverr for affordable web development and marketing services.

- Provide Bluehost details and communicate your vision and plans for the website.

7. Activate a Merchant Account:

- Use PayPal, Square, or Stripe to accept payments.

- Use Square for easy payment acceptance online or over the phone.

8. Create a Brand:

- Use 99designs for complete branding and marketing materials.

- Use Envato for graphics for each type of business.

9. Choose Products to Sell:

- Choose from a variety of items such as scrubs, blood pressure monitors, gloves, wound care products, surgical supplies, and medical equipment.

- Consider offering services such as equipment repair or maintenance.

10. Startup Cost:

- Dropship method: $500-$1000 on average.

- Funding your own inventory: Be prepared to spend more.

Starting a medical supply business online can be a profitable venture with the potential to make a difference in the healthcare industry. By following these steps, you can get started and make your mark in the industry.

How to Blind Dropship from Aliexpress (hide the supplier + hide the price!)

- In this video, the speaker will teach how to blindly dropship from AliExpress.

- Blind dropshipping is when a dropshipper ships an item without adding any form of identification or marketing in the package so that the customer doesn't know where it came from.

- Many people are concerned that the AliExpress supplier will leave a form of marketing in the package identifying that it was them that was selling the item and not the dropshipper.

How to Blindly Dropship:

- To blindly dropship, go to the checkout page in AliExpress and leave a message for your supplier to not include an invoice or marketing material with the package and ask them to blindly dropship the item.

- AliExpress suppliers are used to working with dropshippers and love working with them because they know that dropshippers can do a huge amount of volume for them.

- Pick a supplier that has a good feedback score between 2,000 to 2 million.

- If you want to be doubly safe, message the supplier in advance and ask them directly if they do blind dropshipping.

AliExpress Unboxing:

- The speaker will do an AliExpress unboxing or unpackaging video to show what the customer receives when they order a package that has been blindly dropshipped.

- The speaker ordered a bunch of items from AliExpress using the quick method taught in the video.

- The packages have no advertising indicating what supplier the items were purchased from or that they were purchased from AliExpress.

- When the speaker opens the packages, there is no advertising material inside that would indicate where the item came from.

- Blind dropshipping is a simple solution to a seemingly complicated problem.

- Don't let roadblocks hold you back from starting your business, instead try to find a solution which is almost certainly going to be simpler than you thought.

- If you want to get started in dropshipping, download the free eBook How to Make 10,000 a Month Online From Dropshipping from Wholesale Ted.

Making 6-Figures Reselling Medical Commodities (Commodity Business Explained In-Depth)

In this video, Felix from Giantlifestyle shows viewers a day in the life of a six-figure medical commodity reseller. He starts off by showing viewers his office, which is basically his friend's apartment. He then explains the business of marketing for diabetic supplies, which he calls medical commodities. He shows viewers the products, including strips, sensors, and meters, that he sells to buyers. He explains that he has runners who collect the products from clients and bring them to him. Felix then shows viewers his PayPal account, where he has already been paid over $3,000 for the products that have not even been shipped yet. He explains that he has guaranteed resell seats and knows how much he can sell each product for. He also mentions that he has private buyers and sells on eBay. Felix emphasizes that this business has the potential to change lives and provides a lot of cash flow. He encourages viewers to get started with as little as $20 and offers a free training to learn more about the business. He also recommends following him on Instagram for more free content. In conclusion, Felix demonstrates the potential of the medical commodity reselling business and offers tips for those who want to get started.

👀 What You NEED To Know Before Dropshipping

- Despite successful dropshipping case studies, some people believe dropshipping is dead and a waste of time and money

- This article will address common misconceptions about dropshipping and offer advice for success

Assumption #1: It's too late to start dropshipping

- Customers will just buy from Amazon instead

- However, successful dropshipping stores target impulse buyers and sell unique products that evoke emotions

- Amazon is not the only option, and there is still plenty of room for new dropshipping stores to succeed

Assumption #2: Dropshipping is a scam

- Some customers may be able to find products cheaper elsewhere, but dropshipping offers convenience and the ability to sell unique products

- Pricing is subjective and determined by the customer, not the entrepreneur

- Successful dropshipping stores offer products that are not saturated in the market

Assumption #3: Dropshipping is saturated

- Market saturation applies to products, not fulfillment methods

- Dropshipping offers a way to fulfill products, and there are still plenty of unsaturated products available

- Marketing and sales are crucial for success, and most dropshippers fail due to a lack of experience in these areas

- Dropshipping is not dead or a scam, but success requires a willingness to invest time and money in marketing and sales

- By targeting impulse buyers and offering unique products, new dropshipping stores can still succeed in the market.

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