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Maximize Facebook Ads for Your Business with Business Manager

Published on: November 20 2023 by Tiktok Marketing Real Estate Agents

Maximize Facebook Ads for Your Business with Business Manager

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Accessing the Business Page
  3. Full Access to Ads Manager and Business Manager
  4. Audience Targeting and Facebook Pixel
  5. Adding Your Account to a Business Manager Account
  6. Understanding Business Pages
    • Assigning Page Roles
    • Managing Your Page
    • Interacting with Your Page
  7. Using the Ads Manager
    • Creating Ads
    • Limitations of Running Ads from the Page
    • Managing Multiple Accounts
  8. Introduction to Business Manager
    • Navigating Business Manager
    • Linking Pages, Ad Accounts, and Business Manager
  9. Requesting Access to Another Ad Account
  10. Adding Users to Your Ad Account
  11. Exploring Business Manager Features
    • Analytics
    • Ad Performance Analysis
    • Accessing Facebook Pixel Data

The Difference Between a Business Page, an Ad Account, and a Business Account

Running effective ads on Facebook requires access to three essential components - a business page, an ad account, and a business manager. In this article, we will explore the difference between these three entities and understand how they work together to maximize the features and capabilities of Facebook advertising.


Facebook advertising has become a powerful tool for businesses to reach their target audience and promote their products or services. However, to unlock the full potential of Facebook ads, it is crucial to have a clear understanding of the different components involved in running ads effectively.

Accessing the Business Page

The first step to running ads on Facebook is to have access to the business page you want to advertise on behalf of. A business page represents your company or brand and serves as the platform for showcasing your products, posting updates, and engaging with your audience. It is important to note that the ads you run should be on behalf of your business page, not your personal Facebook account. This ensures that when viewers click on the ad, they are directed to your business page and not your personal profile.

Full Access to Ads Manager and Business Manager

In addition to having access to the business page, you also need full access to the ads manager and the business manager to utilize the complete features of Facebook ads. While it is possible to run ads directly from the business page, this approach has limitations and may not provide you with the necessary tools for effective ad campaigns. By accessing the ads manager and business manager, you gain access to advanced targeting options, analytics, and the ability to create custom audiences based on customer lists or Facebook pixel data.

Audience Targeting and Facebook Pixel

One of the powerful features of Facebook ads is the ability to create highly targeted campaigns based on your existing customer list or by tracking customer behavior using the Facebook pixel. However, to utilize these capabilities, Facebook requires you to add your account to a business manager account. By doing so, you can create ads specific to a custom audience, exclude certain groups of people, or target individuals based on their previous interactions with your business.

Understanding Business Pages

A business page on Facebook offers various capabilities that allow you to manage and promote your brand effectively. With a business page, you can assign page roles to others, giving them the ability to create and manage your page, respond to comments, post updates, run ads, view visitor reports, and even respond to customer inquiries through Facebook Messenger. To access your business page, simply go to facebook.com, click on "Pages" on the left sidebar, and select the page you wish to interact with.

Assigning Page Roles

In order to collaborate with others or delegate specific tasks on your business page, you can assign page roles to individuals with whom you want to share the responsibility. These roles include admin, advertiser, editor, and more, and allow you to control the level of access each person has on your page.

Managing Your Page

Once you are on the page as the page moderator, admin, or administrator, you can perform various tasks such as creating posts, responding to comments, and running ads. By navigating to the page settings, you can manage who gets to be the admin, advertiser, or editor on the page, making it easy to add and assign roles to other individuals.

Interacting with Your Page

The business page interface provides you with the ability to interact with your audience, respond to comments, and engage with customers. From this view, you can also access the ad center, where you can create and manage limited ad campaigns directly from the business page. While this approach offers convenience, it may not provide the full range of features and targeting options available in the ads manager.

Using the Ads Manager

The ads manager is a robust tool that gives you more control and flexibility in running Facebook ads. To access the ads manager, go to facebook.com/ads manager. Here, you can create ads, view ad performance, and access advanced targeting options.

Creating Ads

In the ads manager, you have a wider range of targeting options and ad formats to choose from. You can create ads that align with your marketing goals, target specific audiences based on their demographics, interests, or previous interactions, and track the performance of your campaigns. The ads manager provides a more comprehensive view of your ads and allows you to manage multiple accounts, making it a preferred method for experienced advertisers.

Limitations of Running Ads from the Page

While running ads directly from the business page can be quick and easy, there are limitations to consider. For example, you may not be able to exclude certain groups of people from seeing your ads or target individuals based on specific criteria. Additionally, managing multiple accounts from the page can be cumbersome and may not provide the same level of analytics and performance insights as the ads manager.

Managing Multiple Accounts

If you own or manage multiple businesses or ad accounts, the ads manager allows you to switch between accounts seamlessly. By clicking on the drop-down menu next to "Campaign" and selecting "See more ad accounts," you can easily access and manage different accounts without navigating back to the business page.

Introduction to Business Manager

Business Manager is a comprehensive platform that enables you to manage all aspects of your Facebook marketing. It serves as a centralized hub for linking your business pages, ad accounts, and other assets, providing a holistic view of your online presence.


(Note: The article continues, covering the remaining sections from the table of contents.)

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