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Maximize Profits with Julian Ker's Dropshipping

Published on: June 4 2023 by pipiads

In this article, we will discuss the experience of a successful drop shipper who made millions on Shopify and Amazon. He started from scratch with only five days to find a profitable item and create a store with a budget of $500.

Day One:

On day one, the drop shipper focused on finding a product within a few hours. He searched on social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram, looking up hashtags such as Tick Tock made me buy it and Amazon finds. He found a bare air freshener that met all his criteria and started to create his store.

Day Two:

The drop shipper created his store and logo in Canva and got everything set up to start selling as quickly as possible. He also got the product delivered the same day and started advertising aggressively on TikTok. He created a campaign based on optimization with a budget of $50 for the first 24 hours.

Day Three:

On day three, the drop shipper continued to run ads and sales kept coming in. He also introduced bundling options to increase the average order value. He filmed some ads inside his friend's car and continued to scale his advertising campaigns.

Day Four:

The drop shipper generated $376.96 in sales with around $80 in profit on day four. He continued to run ads and tried to figure out how to get his account to spend more quickly.

Day Five:

On the final day of the challenge, the drop shipper aimed to surpass $1000 in sales. He fell short with $963.07 in sales and around $180 in profit. He discussed strategies for creating more ads, creating more ad accounts, sending abandoned cart emails, and doing upsell emails to increase revenue.

The drop shipper's experience showed that with the right product, aggressive advertising, and smart strategies, it is possible to create a profitable online store in a short amount of time. He also highlighted the importance of constantly testing and optimizing ads to keep sales coming in.

I Tried Dropshipping on Tiktok With $0

Dropshipping has become a popular way to start a business without investing a lot of money in inventory, suppliers, and marketing. However, in order to be successful in dropshipping, access to top quality suppliers, roadmaps, and strategies for success, as well as content creators for ads and other resources, is essential. While these resources are important, in this article we will focus on a new addition to the market, TikTok, and how it can be used to launch a brand new store with a brand new product and start seeing profits in as little as 24 hours.

Selecting the product:

- Look up hashtags on TikTok to find product reviews and testimonials of different products.

- Find products that have gone viral on the platform.

- Choose a product that has a wow factor, catches people's attention in less than three seconds, and is easy to creatively market through short-form content.

- Ensure that the product can be sold at a successful 3x markup.

Sourcing the product:

- Use DeEsser to import the Aliexpress listing for the product and sift through many suppliers that can source the product.

- Negotiate with suppliers to reduce shipping costs and get the best deal.

- Reach out to different suppliers on Amazon to see if they will send the product for free in exchange for a five-star review or creating a short-form testimonial.

Creating the store:

- Create a Shopify website that is user-friendly and appealing to the customer.

- Ensure that the website is mobile-friendly and loads quickly.

Creating ads:

- Use a vertical video style that is shot on an iPhone, fast jump-cut style, raw and authentic native to the platform.

- Use trending sounds,

From 9-5 job to £310K within 6 months using UK dropshipping (Dropship Unlocked Interview - Jarred)

In this article, we will be discussing the journey of Jared, a member of the Dropship Unlocked coaching program, who has achieved massive success in his e-commerce business in just six months. We will talk about his background, how he overcame obstacles, and the benefits he has reaped from his hard work.


Jared had a full-time job in the digital marketing team of a hotel chain before joining the Dropship Unlocked program. He had always been interested in starting his own business, but he didn't know where to start and didn't have the money to invest in stock. He had been looking at different products on Alibaba Express but was unsure about the demand and the process of sourcing.

Discovery of Dropship Unlocked:

Jared found out about Dropship Unlocked through a YouTube video and was intrigued by the idea of being able to dropship from UK suppliers with next day delivery. He saw the value in being able to benefit the customer and himself by not having to invest in stock and being able to utilize his experience in building websites and generating traffic.

Commitment and Mentorship:

Jared committed to the program and found the ongoing coaching invaluable in helping him overcome obstacles and get over the line to launch his business. He stuck to the three rules of optimizing ads, more suppliers, and uploading products, which helped him push through and keep going.


After running ads, Jared made his first sale within a week, which was worth around £1,200 in retail price and

How to Start a Drop Shipping Business

Many people are hesitant to start an online store due to the initial start-up costs. However, drop shipping is a method that can help alleviate those costs and make it easier to start a business from anywhere in the world.

What is drop shipping?

Drop shipping is a retail method where you partner with a wholesale supplier who stocks their own inventory. You transfer customer orders and shipment details to them, and they ship the goods directly to the customer. The biggest benefit of drop shipping is that you don't have to worry about fulfillment or inventory issues.

Benefits of drop shipping:

1. You don't need a lot of money to get started.

2. It's convenient and efficient.

3. You have mobility to operate your business anywhere.

4. It's a trusted model used by many online stores and major retailers.

How to find drop shipping wholesalers:

1. Contact the original manufacturer.

2. Use a reputable source of drop shipping wholesalers, like World Wide Brands.

3. Use apps in Shopify's app store.

4. Use Google to search extensively with lots of modifiers.

Challenges and downsides of drop shipping:

1. Competition and weaker margins.

2. Syncing inventory is difficult and can lead to out-of-stock items.

3. It's hard to sell products that you never see.

4. Third-party errors can result in fulfillment mistakes and logistical problems.

Drop shipping can provide an easy way to start an online store and leverage other people's capital. It's important to be aware of the challenges and downsides and to manage them correctly. If done right, drop shipping can form the foundation of a successful online store.

Dropshipping in Australia | Why we decided to Quit!

Title: The Truth About Dropshipping: Our Experience with Tamagotchis

- Dropshipping is a trending topic due to COVID-19 restrictions

- Many sales gurus promote it as a quick way to earn passive income

- Our experience with dropshipping and retail arbitrage selling Tamagotchis in 2017

- Lessons learned and the truth about dropshipping


- How dropshipping works and relying on suppliers for inventory and delivery

- Selecting suppliers with credible feedback and avoiding low reviews

- Our experience with slow delivery times and quality concerns

- Needing to invest capital in marketing to create an online presence

- The limitations of dropshipping and the risk of supplier issues

- The importance of finding a niche product with high demand and low competition

- The benefits and drawbacks of using platforms like eBay and Amazon versus Shopify

- The costs of advertising and platform fees affecting profit margins

- Our experience with retail arbitrage and the risks of relying on supply issues

- The challenges of reworking products and dealing with angry customers

- The limitations of a business model with only a few successful products

- The need for capital to secure inventory and continue success

- Dropshipping is not a guaranteed path to passive income and requires careful consideration of risks and limitations

- Finding a successful product niche is crucial, but limitations on inventory and supplier issues can hinder success

- Capital investment in marketing and inventory may be necessary to continue success

- Learning from experiences and being cautious of sales gurus' promises can lead to better outcomes in dropshipping.

Dropshipping to Location Independence - Lewis Smith - Nomad Summit 2019

- Louis Smith shares his experience of leaving his corporate job in the UK to start an e-commerce drop shipping business and achieve location independence.

- He discovered the idea through reading the book The 4-Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss and went down the rabbit hole of researching e-commerce entrepreneurship on YouTube.

Tips for Starting a High-Ticket Domestic Drop Shipping Business:

- The method involves advertising products from other brands on your website and using the funds from customers to purchase the products from domestic suppliers, who then fulfill the order directly to the customer.

- High-ticket drop shipping involves selling higher-priced products for higher profits per sale and less admin work.

- Focus on serving existing demand rather than creating new demand.

- Use tools like Keywords Everywhere and Google Shopping to determine demand and average pricing in your niche.

- Target the upper middle class demographic for higher order values and lower brand loyalty.

- Aim for a hobby or passion-based niche for easier marketing and content creation.

- Find at least 10 viable suppliers and consider minimum advertised pricing for your products.

- High-ticket domestic drop shipping can be a viable option for achieving location independence and entrepreneurship.

- It requires research, planning, and a solid understanding of the niche market.

- By following these tips and using resources like dropship lifestyle courses and podcasts, beginners can learn how to start and grow their own e-commerce businesses.

eBay Dropshipping in 2022 [Full Step by Step Guide]

Music eBay drop shipping is an incredible business model that allows individuals to generate income online easily and at a low cost. However, outdated information on the internet can lead to mistakes and the use of wrong methods. In this article, we will explore the best approach for eBay drop shipping in 2022, including what to do and what not to do.

Is Drop Shipping on eBay Allowed?

Drop shipping, also known as product sourcing, involves buying stock from a supplier and having them send items directly to buyers without handling them. Fulfilling orders directly from wholesale suppliers is allowed on eBay, but you are responsible for safe delivery and customer satisfaction. Listing an item on eBay and purchasing it from another retailer or marketplace that ships directly to customers is not allowed and could result in account suspension.

Recommended Suppliers for Beginners:

To start drop shipping on eBay, begin with Amazon to get quick sales and boost store ranking. Amazon offers fast shipping, great customer service, and a wide variety of products. After achieving 100 sales, move to working with wholesale suppliers within the hostel suppliers category. Recommended suppliers include AliExpress, Herbert Freight, Inventory Source, and CJ Drop Shipping.

Finding Profitable Products:

To find profitable products, use software such as Zig Analytics to search for items on AliExpress that sell on eBay. Look for high demand, low competition products with at least two sales in seven days. Optimize the title and listing, and list it in your store.

Initial Setups and Cash Flow:

To get started with drop shipping on eBay, create a seller account and connect a bank account to eBay Managed Payment. Manage cash flow carefully by selling cheap products or having enough money to purchase products after generating sales.

Drop shipping on eBay is an excellent way to generate income online, but it requires careful management of cash flow and adherence to eBay policies. By following recommended suppliers and finding profitable products, individuals can create a successful eBay drop shipping business.

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