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Maximize ROI: Most Effective Facebook Ads

Published on: June 4 2023 by pipiads

- Nail message-market match

- Use the 40-40-20 rule

- Implement the marketing rule of seven

1. Nail message-market match

- The biggest reason most Facebook ads fail is an unrelated or unappealing message

- Ensure your message resonates with the pains, problems, fears, and frustrations of your market

- People buy when they feel understood, not just when they understand

2. Use the 40-40-20 rule

- 40% of ad success comes from understanding and locating your market

- 40% comes from an irresistible offer

- 20% comes from copy and creative

3. Implement the marketing rule of seven

- It takes around seven touchpoints to get someone to take action

- Follow up with your audience through email or custom audiences

- Use all Facebook tools available to increase exposure

Facebook Ads in 2022: Secret Strategies & Pro-Tips!

When it comes to running Facebook ads, the landscape has drastically changed due to the iOS 14 update. Ad account shutdowns, banned accounts, and rising advertising costs are all common occurrences. However, there is still hope for creating powerful and profitable ads. Understanding the Facebook ad platform, focusing on ad copy, and utilizing retargeting strategies can make a significant impact.

Points to consider:

1. The Facebook ad platform is now largely automated, making navigation easier.

2. Ad copy is now the main variable to success.

3. Frequency equals trust, utilizing retargeting strategies can be valuable.

4. Creating custom audiences based on how people have engaged with your content can be a powerful tool.

5. When creating your ad sets, pay attention to audience selection, location, and messaging.

6. Utilize the 40-40-20 rule and ensure message market match.

Although Facebook advertising has become more complex, there are still ways to create successful ads. By understanding the platform and focusing on ad copy, businesses can create powerful and profitable campaigns. Additionally, utilizing retargeting strategies, such as custom audiences, can be a valuable tool in maximizing ad effectiveness.

Facebook Ads in 2023: Brand NEW Secrets, Strategies & Pro-Tips

In this article, we will discuss eight powerful hacks, secret strategies, and pro tips to improve your Facebook ad performance. These tips are designed and proven to get your Facebook ad performance to look something like this in 2023. We have reached out to some of the smartest Facebook ad experts such as Amanda Bond, Adam Erhart, and Salome Shellac to hear directly from them what's in their 2023 Facebook ads playbook.

Pro Tip #1 - Lead Ads:

Lead ads are the way to go in 2023. They are highly targeted and effective. You can get cheaper impressions and retarget your audience without leaving the platform. Facebook's new and improved lead form ads are easy to set up and are becoming really effective.

Pro Tip #2 - Building Your Email List:

Building your email list is essential for service-based businesses. It is affordable and helps you to establish yourself as an authority in your industry. By creating a lead magnet that promises a result or outcome, you can attract your ideal customer and get their email address. This allows you to send short nurture email campaigns and eventually convert them into customers.

Pro Tip #3 - Reels Placement:

Reels placement is the way to go for video-based ads. Instagram is all in on video right now, and reels generate 67% more engagement than any other type of Instagram video. You can create Instagram reels, Facebook reels, or any other type of reel and use it on other platforms like TikTok or YouTube shorts.

Pro Tip #4 - Surround Sound Retargeting:

Surround sound retargeting involves creating a series of retargeting ads that speak to different pain points, benefits, results, or social proof. This allows you to establish yourself as an authority and build up

NEW Facebook Ads Tutorial for Beginners in 2022 – FULL FREE COURSE

1. Create a new business account on business.facebook.com

2. Conduct competitor research using Facebook Ad Library and Campaign Ideas Generator

3. Set up the campaign objective and name it appropriately

4. Choose the buying type, conversion event location, and turn on A/B split testing and campaign budget optimization

5. Set a daily budget and start and end dates for the ad set

6. Define the audience targeting, including languages and placements

Facebook Advertising For Small Business (2023 IMPORTANT UPDATE)

Your Facebook advertising strategy isn't working as well as you want it to because things have changed. What used to work even a few months ago is dramatically different than the strategies and tactics that are succeeding on the platform right now. In this article, we'll break down how to set up Facebook lead ads correctly and what a profitable ad campaign looks like. We'll also cover recent changes in campaign structures and important things to tweak inside your Facebook Ads Manager.

Audience and Targeting:

- Focus on generating quality leads.

- Test three different audiences made up of characteristics and people that you think will perform best.

- Combine relevance, motivation, and capability to determine quality leads.


- Test three different lengths - short, medium, and long.

- Each one should have a slightly different hook or angle.

- Figure out what length of content, description, or number of benefits/features is needed to get someone to take action.


- Test different images, videos, GIFs, and carousels.

- Don't be afraid to start with a good image ad.

- A good video will beat a good image, but a good image will beat a bad video.


- Use ad set budget instead of Advantage campaign budget.

- Set five to ten times the cost of desired lead per day per ad set.

- Set two to three times your max cost of desired sale per day per ad set.

Market-Message Match:

- Nail your market-message match.

- Say the right things to the right people.

- Offer something that solves their problem or fulfills a need.

Generating leads in the traditional way is one of the least effective marketing strategies available today. To generate quality leads that turn into customers, focus on acquiring quality leads and using a conversion mechanism like a marketing or sales funnel. Facebook lead ads are now amazing and are quickly becoming one of the top picks for generating leads and making sales for pretty much any kind of business out there. By testing different audiences, copy, visuals, and setting the right budget, you can make your Facebook ads more effective and generate the leads you need to grow your business.

I Found A BETTER Way To Advertise On Facebook (Really)

- Have you ever felt like there must be a better way to advertise on Facebook?

- The Omnipresent Content Strategy is a longer term approach to Facebook advertising that puts you in front of your ideal customers more often and more consistently than your competition.

- This strategy develops a relationship between you and your customers, making you the only business they want to buy from.

Creating an Omnipresent Content Campaign:

- Head into Ads Manager and select the Reach objective.

- Give your campaign a name and navigate to the ad set level.

- Set your daily budget at one pound or one dollar and narrow down your audience through location, age range, gender, and detailed targeting.

- Use manual placements to ensure your ads are only shown in the best locations.

- Set a frequency cap to limit the number of times someone within your audience sees your ads over a certain time period.

- Create 10 ad sets with a frequency cap of one impression every five days, and create one ad for each ad set.

Types of Ads to Include:

- Value ads, which deliver free and useful content to establish your business's expertise and build a relationship with your prospects.

- Demonstration ads, which show how you deliver your service or product and builds trust with your prospects.

- Client testimonial ads, which showcase the results you have achieved for previous clients and customers and prove that you can deliver fantastic results for them.

- Call to action ads, which encourage your prospects to take a specific action, such as inquiring into your services or signing up for a free webinar.


- Omnipresent content campaigns take time and effort to create, but ad fatigue takes longer to set in, allowing the campaign to run for three to six months or longer without adjustments.

- The cost of advertising to your audience frequently can add up, so this strategy works best for businesses that offer products or services that cost a thousand dollars or more.

- Omnipresent content campaigns take time to generate significant results, so it's recommended to run another type of Facebook ad campaign alongside it for immediate results.

- When both an omnipresent content campaign and another campaign are running simultaneously, they can crush the competition and achieve epic results.

Use This PROVEN Facebook Ad Formula (Get More Clicks & Sales)

Is Your Facebook Ad Strategy Failing? Here's Why and How to Fix It

- Facebook ad strategies have changed and old tactics may not work anymore

- Good news: a simple solution is available

- A Facebook ad formula will be shared to increase traffic, clicks, and conversions while reducing costs

Part 1: The Evolution of Facebook Ads

- Facebook ads have changed over time due to algorithm, placement, and targeting changes

- Early days required expertise in math and engineering to design and launch campaigns

- Power Editor used to be a nightmare

- Facebook now prioritizes ease of use for advertisers

Part 2: The Importance of Ad Creatives

- Media buying used to be important for large campaigns, but not anymore

- The focus is now on ad creatives, including ad copy and images

- A four-part Facebook ad formula will be shared

Part 3: The Four-Part Facebook Ad Formula

- Part 1: The Hook

- Objective is to get the attention of the target market

- Use a question to engage the brain and make the ad more interesting

- Part 2: The Problem

- Introduce the problem that the product/service will solve

- Spend time on the pain and the current reality

- Part 3: The Solution

- Introduce the product/service as the solution to the problem

- Emphasize benefits and relevance to the target market

- Part 4: The Call to Action

- Spell out the single next step that the target market should take

- Avoid confusion and be clear about the desired end state

- The key to successful Facebook ads is saying the right things to the right people

- Ad creatives are now more important than media buying

- Use the four-part Facebook ad formula to increase traffic, clicks, and conversions while reducing costs

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