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Maximize ROI: Retarget Facebook Ads

Published on: June 3 2023 by pipiads

In this video, we will show you how to create Facebook retargeting audiences and the best type of retargeting audience for your Facebook ads. There are many different types of retargeting audiences, and some are more effective than others.

What is Retargeting?

Retargeting is simply the process of advertising to people who have already interacted with your business, whether that's watching a video, visiting your website, or being on your email list.

Creating Custom Audiences:

To create a retargeting audience, we need to create a custom audience within our Facebook ad account. There are many options for different types of retargeting audiences, but we will focus on four main ones within meta sources.

1. Lead Form Submitters:

If you're running a lead generation campaign, you can create a retargeting audience of people who opened and submitted the form. This is great for encouraging people to complete the form if they didn't the first time and for helping with the conversion process for those who have already submitted the form.

2. Video Viewers:

If you're using video on Facebook and Instagram, you can create a retargeting audience of people who have watched a certain percentage of your video. We recommend using 25% or through play retention for most videos and 365 days as the maximum retention period.

3. Instagram Engagers:

If you have an Instagram account, you can create a ret

Facebook Retargeting Ads Tutorial 2022 | Perfect For Beginners!

Are you a complete beginner when it comes to setting up a Facebook ads retargeting campaign? Don't worry, I've got you covered. In this article, I'll show you step-by-step how to set up a successful campaign, from targeting audiences to setting budgets.

- Setting up a Facebook ads retargeting campaign can be intimidating for beginners, but it's an effective way to target highly interested audiences.

- In this article, I'll walk you through the process of setting up a successful campaign, including targeting audiences, setting budgets, and more.

Targeting Audiences:

- Retargeting, or remarketing, involves showing ads to people who have already interacted with your brand in some way.

- To set up your retargeting audiences, start by creating custom audiences for people who have visited your website, people on your email list, and people who have engaged with your Facebook page.

- You can further refine your audiences as you gain more data, but these three are a good starting point.

Setting Up the Facebook Pixel:

- The Facebook pixel is a piece of code that tracks visitors to your website.

- To set it up, go to Events Manager and click Add Events. Choose New Website and click Install Code Manually.

- Copy the code and paste it into the header section of your website.

- Once the pixel is set up, you can create custom audiences based on website visitors.

Creating Your Campaign:

- To create a retargeting campaign, choose the Traffic objective.

- Set a daily budget of at least $10 and allocate 30-35% of your overall budget towards retargeting.

- Choose your custom audiences and create an ad set for each one.

- Refine your targeting as you gain more data and adjust your budget accordingly.

- Retargeting is a powerful tool for reaching highly interested audiences.

- By following these steps, you can set up a successful Facebook ads retargeting campaign even as a beginner.

- Remember to continually refine your targeting and adjust your budget to maximize your ROI.

BIG Change To Facebook Ads Retargeting

Facebook Ads Retargeting: Understanding the Advantage Custom Audience

Facebook has made a major change to its ads retargeting, introducing the Advantage Custom Audience. This feature expands retargeting to cold audiences, which may not be suitable for more advanced Facebook advertisers. This article will explore what Advantage Custom Audience is and when it should be used.

Advantage Custom Audience:

Advantage Custom Audience is a feature that allows Facebook advertisers to expand their retargeting campaigns beyond their custom audience. This means that even people who haven't interacted with a business can see their retargeting ads. This is great for beginner Facebook advertisers who have a small custom audience and want to expand their reach, but it can cause problems for more advanced advertisers.

When to Turn Off Advantage Custom Audience:

1. Specific Messaging: If an ad has specific messaging that only applies to people who have interacted with the business before, it shouldn't be shown to cold audiences. For example, an ad that encourages someone who has left items in their cart to complete their purchase won't make sense to someone who hasn't visited the website.

2. Complex Sales Funnels: If a business has a more complex sales funnel that involves lead nurturing, expanding retargeting to cold audiences can be counterproductive. For example, if a business runs a lead magnet and webinar strategy, it's important to only show ads to people who have opted in for the lead magnet.

3. Omnipresent Content: Omnipresent content campaigns are designed to nurture specific leads over an extended period. Showing these ads to cold audiences will be a waste of money and won't be effective.

Facebook's Advantage Custom Audience is a feature that can be useful for beginner Facebook advertisers but can cause problems for more advanced advertisers. It's important to turn off this feature when specific messaging, complex sales funnels, or omnipresent content campaigns are being used. Understanding when to use Advantage Custom Audience is crucial for successful Facebook ads retargeting.

How To RETARGET WEBSITE VISITORS With Facebook Ads in 2022

How to Retarget Website Visitors with Facebook Ads

Retargeting website visitors with Facebook ads is a highly effective way to increase conversions and generate more leads. In this video, Ben Heath shows you how to take advantage of this powerful strategy by creating custom audiences and targeting website visitors on Facebook and Instagram.


1. Ensure your Facebook pixel is set up correctly.

2. Go to the Audiences section and create a custom audience for website visitors.

3. Increase the retention period to 180 days for the largest possible audience.

4. Choose All Website Visitors as the targeting criteria.

5. Leave targeting options open to reach the largest possible audience.

6. Consider increasing retention period and narrowing targeting options as you gain more experience with retargeting.


1. Retargeting website visitors increases the likelihood of conversions and leads.

2. Larger custom audiences generally lead to better ad campaign performance.

3. Facebook and Instagram offer a variety of retargeting options, allowing for more specific targeting as needed.

Retargeting website visitors with Facebook ads is a no-brainer for businesses looking to increase conversions and generate more leads. By following the steps outlined in this video, you can create custom audiences and target website visitors on Facebook and Instagram for maximum impact.

How To Create A Facebook Retargeting Campaign [FULL TUTORIAL]

In this article, we will be discussing how to build a retargeting campaign on Facebook. Retargeting campaigns are important if you are doing any kind of Facebook advertising, as they help you target warm audiences who have already engaged with your brand. In this article, we will cover the following topics:

- Importance of retargeting campaigns in Facebook advertising

How to Build a Retargeting Campaign:

- Choosing the right campaign objective

- Separating warm and cold audiences

- Setting your budget

- Creating custom audiences for retargeting

Custom Audiences for Retargeting:

- All website visitors

- View content

- Add to cart

- Excluding purchasers

- Customer list

- Video views

- Retargeting campaigns are a crucial part of Facebook advertising, as they help you target warm audiences who are more likely to purchase from you. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can build a successful retargeting campaign on Facebook.

Facebook Ads in 2023: Brand NEW Secrets, Strategies & Pro-Tips

In this article, we will discuss eight powerful hacks, secret strategies, and pro tips to improve your Facebook ad performance. We have reached out to some of the smartest Facebook ad experts, Amanda Bond, Adam Erhart, and Salome Shellac, to share their insights and proven tactics to help you achieve big-time results.

Pro Tip 1: Lead Ads

Lead ads are a great way to cut lead costs and get high-quality leads. Facebook's new and improved lead form ads have simplified the process and are delivering great results. The key is to understand the rules and play within them to build highly targeted audiences.

Pro Tip 2: Building Your Email List

Building your email list is essential for service-based businesses. It is cost-effective and provides repeated exposure to potential customers, leading to better sales conversion rates. Create a lead magnet download, and use Facebook ads to get people to opt-in for it. Email automation takes over from there, delivering value, building trust, and eventually leading to sales.

Pro Tip 3: Video-Based Ads

Video-based ads, specifically Facebook and Instagram Reels, generate 67% more engagement than any other type of Instagram video. They are cost-effective and generate quick results. Keep the pacing of the ad going and provide value that hooks the viewer right away.

Pro Tip 4: Surround Sound Retargeting

Surround sound retargeting involves creating a series of retargeting ads that speak to different pain points, benefits, results, or social proof. It builds repeated touchpoints with your customers, leading to higher conversion rates.

Pro Tip 5: Stealth Ads

Stealth ads are Facebook ads for the news feed without an image or headline. They look organic and get great click-through rates. Use them

The Best 2 Ways To Retarget Using Facebook Ads

Hey folks, Todd Dao here with Ecom Rocket Agency. In this video, I'll share with you how to retarget using Facebook ads. There are different strategies you can use to retarget, and the one I'll be discussing is different from two years ago. Facebook is always evolving, so you have to adapt.

Creating the Retargeting Campaign:

- Hit the create button and choose the conversion objective.

- Choose the manual sales campaign and set your budget based on the number of visitors and your CPM.

- Create custom audiences for website visitors, video viewers, Instagram account engagers, and Facebook page engagers.

- Exclude purchasers from the campaign.

- Create ads with specific headlines and call to action.

Creating Custom Audiences Based on Products:

- Use the content ID to distinguish each product in the store.

- Create a custom audience based on the view content event and refine by URL parameter with the content ID.

- Use this custom audience to create lookalike audiences.

Retargeting is a cheap way to test what your audience wants and then move that test to the top of the funnel. You can create different promotions, such as free shipping, discounts, and trials, based on your business type. Remember to adapt and keep up with Facebook's changes.

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