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Maximize Sales with Amazon Scrubbing & Dropshipping

Published on: June 6 2023 by pipiads

In this article, we will discuss how to make a good profit by dropshipping from Amazon to eBay. We will show you the realistic results from the backend of eBay, and guide you through the process of finding a product, listing it on eBay, and fulfilling the order from Amazon.

Using Lister Software:

To make your life easier, we recommend using Lister software, which can sync your eBay and Amazon account. Lister is a cheap software that will pay for itself. The software has a product hunter feature that hand-picks products from Amazon that sell frequently on eBay. You can buy these products for as little as 5p.

Listing the Products on eBay:

To list the products on eBay, simply download a file from Lister and upload it to eBay. Once the products are listed, you can change the price or quantity of the product by downloading a new file from Lister and uploading it to eBay.

Fulfilling Orders:

When you receive an order on eBay, go to your awaiting dispatch and copy the Amazon ASIN number. Then, paste the ASIN number in Amazon to open the product and add it to the basket. Order the product from Amazon for the customer.

Realistic Results:

Using this method, we have been making somewhere between a thousand pounds to 1500 pounds per month. The cost to run the software and purchase the hand-picked products from Lister is around 30 pounds. Lister has a helpful guide and a community in Discord for any questions.

By using Lister software and following the process we have outlined, you can successfully dropship from Amazon to eBay and make a good profit. Good luck with your dropshipping business!

Does Amazon To eBay Dropshipping Still Work in 2022? (Reaction)

In this article, the author reacts to a YouTube video titled I Made $869,000 in 2021 Dropshipping from Amazon to eBay and discusses the challenges and benefits of dropshipping. The article includes an introduction, bullet points, and a conclusion, as well as the author's thoughts on the video and their own experience with dropshipping. The author encourages readers to try new strategies and platforms, such as Facebook Marketplace, and discusses Amazon's crackdown on dropshipping. They also mention using software like AutoDS and ArborShip to automate the ordering process. Overall, the article provides insights into the world of dropshipping and offers advice to those looking to succeed in the industry.

How To DROPSHIP On Ebay From Amazon As A Complete Beginner | Step By Step Tutorial

Dropshipping on eBay using Amazon: A Step-by-Step Tutorial

In this article, we will discuss how to dropship on eBay using Amazon as your retailer, even if you are a complete beginner. We will provide a three-step formula for finding winning products, show you how to list them on eBay using Auto DSM, and provide information on how to optimize your eBay store for maximum success.

Step 1: Find Other Dropshippers

- Go to Amazon and find a random product by clicking on the Best Sellers tab.

- Copy the title and search for it on eBay.

- Look for other sellers with the same product and same description, indicating they are dropshipping.

- Check the number of feedback ratings to ensure they are a quality dropshipper (at least 30 feedback ratings).

Step 2: See What Items They Are Already Selling

- Click on the dropshipper's name and view their store.

- Click on Items for Sale to see what products they are already selling.

- Look for products that have sold at least once and are at least $15-20 in price.

Step 3: List Items for Sale

- Find the product on Amazon and copy the URL.

- Paste the URL into Auto DSM and select the product.

- Auto DSM will automatically pull in the product details and create a listing for you on eBay.

- Double-check the product details and click Save Product to list it on eBay.

- Repeat the process for other products from the dropshipper.

Using this three-step formula and Auto DSM, you can successfully dropship on eBay using Amazon as your retailer. It is important to find quality dropshippers and products that have already sold well, and to use a software like Auto DSM to streamline the process. With these tips, you can start and scale your eBay dropshipping business.

How To Find US Dropshipping Suppliers For Your Business (eBay, Amazon, Shopify)

How to Find and Work with US Drop Shipping Suppliers

- Following up on a previous video on finding US-based drop shipping suppliers

- Answering popular questions and addressing gaps in previous video

- Providing a breakdown of finding and working with suppliers

Finding Suppliers:

- Using retail sites like Etsy, Wayfair, and Houzz to find products and contact sellers

- Benefits of using US-based suppliers for fast shipping and high-quality items

- Finding suppliers on Alibaba and Aliexpress not exclusive to US-based suppliers

Contacting Suppliers:

- Using a simple message template to introduce yourself and your business

- Examples of messaging a supplier and their response

- Establishing guidelines for pricing, ordering, payments, returns, and catalog

Placing Orders:

- Different ways suppliers process orders, such as wholesale website, email/PayPal, or retail site

- Tips for paying suppliers, including credit cards and establishing terms

- Automating order processing through software and tracking shipments with a tracking number

Handling Returns:

- Most suppliers accept returns, especially if items are damaged

- Validating supplier policies before working with them

- Using a combination of retail sites, messaging templates, and payment methods to find and work with US-based suppliers

- Staying in contact with suppliers for any questions or issues that may arise.

How to Ship an Order When You Dropship or Sell on eBay - Order Processing

How to Process an Order on eBay: A Quick Guide

In this video, Kurt Buchannon will show you how to process an order on eBay quickly and efficiently.


1. Log in to your eBay store and look for the Bell icon that indicates a new order.

2. Check your SKU grid to find the item and its supplier.

3. Go to your PayPal account or add a new shipping address if necessary.

4. Use your gift cards or PayPal to pay for the order.

5. Wait for the supplier to send you the tracking number.

6. Add the tracking number to your eBay store and ask for feedback from the buyer.

Processing an order on eBay is simple and easy, and with this guide, you can do it quickly and efficiently. Don't forget to ask for feedback from your buyers to improve your seller rating. Thank you for watching and please subscribe to Kurt's channel for more helpful videos.

Manual eBay Dropshipping With No Software Explained!

- Paul from Dropshipping Titans discussing the term manual dropshipping

- Definition of manual: worked by hand, not automated

Manual vs Automated:

- Traditional dropshippers use software to list items quickly

- Manual dropshipping means everything is done by hand, no automation

- Automation saves time for listing, repricing, and order fulfillment

- Correct software can still be used for successful dropshipping on eBay

Misnomer of Manual Dropshipping:

- New strategies and tactics have emerged, but still use software

- Using manual dropshipping as a buzzword can be confusing for new dropshippers

- Dropshipping can still be automated with correct software and tactics

- Manual dropshipping is not fully accurate and can mislead people

- Paul encourages dropshippers to use the correct software for successful dropshipping

- He will host a free webinar to discuss the latest strategies and tactics

- Using manual dropshipping can be a misnomer and confusing for new dropshippers

eBay Dropshipping Tips From a TOP Dropshipper!

Lyron, the content manager at AutoDS, has been Drop Shipping for over five years and has gained a ton of experience.

He started Drop Shipping when his wife was pregnant with their first child, looking for an extra source of income.

Lyron researched various ways to make money online before settling on Drop Shipping as his business model.

He started on eBay and still sells there today, as it offers organic traffic and is easy to start with.

Other selling channels, such as Shopify, Wix, and WooCommerce, offer the advantage of no selling limits, but require a well-designed website to be successful.

Facebook Marketplace and Facebook Shops offer free organic traffic and low selling transactions fees, making them a great option for Drop Shipping.

Product research is key to success in any selling channel, as even a well-designed website will not sell if the products are not desirable.

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