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Maximize Your Earnings: Become a Shopify Partner Today

Published on: March 30 2023 by pipiads

Kurt Elster: My Experience as a Shopify Partner

1. The speaker is Kurt Elster, a Shopify expert and agency owner.

2. He loves the Shopify Partner Program for several reasons.

3. He started as a freelance web designer and built a custom Shopify theme for a local bike shop.

4. Dan reached out to him to join the Shopify Partner Program, promising 20% affiliate payment and leads through the Experts program.

5. They got those two things and more, resulting in an 8x growth in revenue year-over-year by focusing solely on Shopify stores.

6. They offer website rescue services exclusively for Shopify stores at websiterescues.com

7. The best thing about being part of the Shopify community is its culture of collaboration and support among members.

8. There are various channels where members can connect with each other such as forums, podcasts, Slack channel, etc.

9. As a result of being involved with Shopify, he was interviewed for books/articles/podcasts and even published his own chapter in the official handbook.

10. Being part of the Partner Program has resulted in getting more leads than they can handle because it's a growing platform with over 150k online stores currently operating under it - making it an exciting time to be part of this community!

How to Setup up your Shopify Partner Account

1. The video is about Shopify app development and the tools available for developers.

2. The speaker, Liz, is on the developer relations team at Shopify.

3. The partner dashboard is where app settings are managed and Shopify development stores can be created.

4. To get started, create an account on shopify.com partners and then create a development store to test your app on.

5. You can select a developer preview store to build with features that will be released in the future but ownership cannot be transferred.

6. When creating an app in the partner dashboard, you have the option to select a public or custom app.

7. App extensions allow developers to surface their content in the Shopify admin checkout and online store.

8. If you need support as a developer, you can create a post in the Shopify community forums or submit a support request through the partner dashboard's support tab.

9. In addition to generating API keys for your app, there are other settings and configurations available on the app setup page such as managing web hooks and requesting additional scopes/APIs

10. The next video will cover how using Shopify CLI can speed up tasks related to developing apps for Shopify platform

How to Make Money on Shopify WITHOUT Selling Products | Shopify Partners Program

1. The video is about the Shopify Partners Program and Affiliate Program.

2. The programs are free to join and offer a personal link that tracks through a 30-day cookie.

3. Referrals get a 14-day trial of Shopify before committing to membership.

4. Affiliates earn an average of $58 per user, with up to $2000 for Shopify Plus referrals.

5. Anyone can apply regardless of audience size or location.

6. The program offers great resources, including courses and apps for affiliates' own stores.

7. It's a good way to monetize any type of audience, such as blogs or YouTube channels.

8. The speaker has been using the program for years and recommends it personally.

9. She also offers her email address for help if anyone signs up through her link.

10. Viewers are encouraged to try out the free trial themselves and share their links with others who may be interested in opening their own store on Shopify

Shopify Collabs for Creators Explainer Video | What is Shopify Collabs?

1. Shopify Collabs is a new platform for creators to find brands to work with.

2. Creators can connect with millions of brands on Shopify.

3. The platform includes both big and up-and-coming brands.

4. Creators can check out each brand's products and perks before applying to their affiliate program.

5. Once accepted, creators receive a welcome package including gifts, discounts, and a unique affiliate link.

6. Creators can choose the color and size of their gifts when redeeming them.

7. If they find something they love, creators can share it with their followers and earn a commission when they buy through the unique affiliate link provided by Shopify Collabs.

8. Currently open only in the US and Canada but more markets are coming soon

9. This collaboration helps creators earn more doing what they do best

10.Shopify collab provides an opportunity for influencers or content creators to monetize their social media presence

How To Make Money With Shopify in 2023 (Step by Step)

1. The video is a tutorial on how to make money with Shopify.

2. Complete beginners are earning $100-$700 per day with no experience.

3. There is a free workshop available for the fastest and easiest way to make money online.

4. Many people have fears about starting an online business, but it's important to focus on hitting $100 profit per day first before worrying about bigger numbers.

5. Creating a Shopify store is not complicated and can be done within 30 minutes using pre-made themes.

6. Finding winning products that are already selling well on other platforms (such as AliExpress or eBay) can save time and reduce risk when starting out.

7. Facebook ads, YouTube ads, and influencer marketing are popular ways of driving traffic to your website and making sales.

8. Once you find a product that works, consider buying in bulk from suppliers or automating the process through software like ShipStation for passive income generation.

9. Marketing will take up most of your time when running an online business, so it's important to focus on effective advertising strategies rather than perfecting your website design.

10. Fan Joy is an example of successful marketing through creators/influencers promoting their products/services via social media channels such as Instagram or TikTok

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