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Maximize Your Monthly Shopify Earnings

Published on: June 3 2023 by pipiads

In this video, the drop shipper Nastier discusses his earnings as a drop shipper. He initially felt weird about making this video but decided to do it due to many requests from his followers. He takes viewers through one of his stores and how he scales products. He notes that every month is different and shares his average earnings, which range from four hundred thousand to half a million a month in sales. Nastier stresses that he has various stores, each with different products, and highlights the differences in profit margins between them. He shows viewers an app that he uses to track his revenue and profit but explains that it's not entirely accurate. He has his spreadsheet that he uses to track everything in his stores. Nastier reveals that he doesn't advertise his course, which he says makes him some passive income. He also explains that he has some affiliate earnings and earnings from YouTube, which are just bonuses. Finally, Nastier offers his followers a chance to win a 25-minute consultation call with him by following him on Instagram and commenting YouTube on his last post.

I Tried Shopify Dropshipping With NO MONEY For 1 Week

Starting a Shopify dropshipping business from scratch is possible even without any money.

The first step is to find a good product to sell, which can be done by searching on TikTok for relevant winning products that are currently selling.

Once a good product has been found, the next step is to find a supplier, which can be done using Spocket.

After that, the online store can be created using Shopify, with the goal of making it look like an actual brand.

To increase revenue, the Shopify app After Sell can be added to the store for post-purchase upsells.

Advertising on social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and Pinterest can be done for free by posting high-quality and consistent content.

In just over a week, the dropshipping business was able to make $839.82 in profit, with a profit margin of over 50%.

Overall, taking advantage of free advertising on social media platforms and using tools like After Sell can help anyone start a successful dropshipping business from scratch.

I Tried Shopify Dropshipping For 1 Month (Realistic Results)

- The author tried dropshipping for a month and wanted to share their experience.

- E-commerce and dropshipping are real businesses that require effort and dedication.

- Many people watch videos about dropshipping and expect quick success, but it's not as easy as it seems.

Finding the Product:

- The author found a unique product, a cobblestone bathroom mat, on AliExpress.

- They saw potential in the product and decided to sell it on TikTok.

- The author used interest-based targeting ads and saw a better conversion rate than with broad targeting ads.

Selling the Product:

- The author used a fulfillment company called Commercive for fast shipping within the USA.

- They crafted different offers, such as buy two get fifty percent off, to entice customers.

- The author made just under $8,000 in sales for the month, breaking even on ads.

- Dropshipping requires effort and dedication, and success is not guaranteed.

- Unique, untapped products can be just as successful as popular ones.

- The author offers a store optimization blueprint course for those interested in improving their conversion rates.

$0 To $1000/DAY PROFIT In 13 Days Dropshipping - (FULL REVEAL) - Shopify

In this video, the speaker shares their experience of taking a product from zero to more than $1k in profit in less than two weeks. They explain how they found the product using dropshipping tools and searched for winning products by scrolling through filters and using keywords. They also discuss how they validated the product and built the product page or store.

The speaker shares their Facebook ads strategy, which involves creating ad sets with one interest per ad set and spending $10 a day. They also talk about the importance of tracking metrics like cost per click and click-through rate.

Throughout the video, the speaker shares their daily results and profit/loss sheets, highlighting the ups and downs of their journey. They also discuss how they made improvements to their site and ran new ads to optimize their sales.

Despite some challenges, the speaker ultimately achieves their goal of making $1k a day in profit. They end the video by encouraging viewers to keep testing and experimenting with their own products.

How to Make a Yearly Salary in ONE Month (Shopify Dropshipping 2022)

How to Profit Over $80,000 in One Month: A Guide

- In this video, the speaker will share their experience and tips on how to profit over $80,000 in one month.

- They apologize for their janky setup and explain that they are currently in Buenos Aires working in a co-working space.

- The speaker emphasizes the importance of pushing organic marketing on all platforms, retargeting organic traffic, and using branding tactics to grow your business.

Tips for Pushing Organic Marketing on All Platforms:

- Push content on as many platforms as possible, including YouTube shorts, Pinterest, Google TikTok, and Instagram Reels.

- Dedicate time to creating content or hire a team to help you.

- Use simple, imperfect content that is relatable and resonates with your audience.

- Post 2-3 TikToks per day, remove watermarks, and repost on YouTube Shorts and Instagram Reels.

- Focus on engagement and building a community rather than pushing sales.

Tips for Retargeting Organic Traffic:

- Set up email and SMS marketing funnels and make sure your Facebook pixel is installed on your website.

- Create custom audiences based on website visitors and exclude those who have already purchased.

- Use retargeting campaigns to offer discounts or promotions to those who have visited your website or added items to their cart but haven't completed their purchase.

Tips for Using Branding Tactics:

- Provide value to your customers through custom packaging, high-quality products, fast shipping, and excellent customer support.

- Connect with your community and make them feel like they are a part of something.

- Run giveaways and contests to generate organic content around your brand.

- Focus on building long-term success rather than short-term gains.

- The speaker encourages viewers to subscribe and stay tuned for more informative content.

- They emphasize that pushing organic marketing, retargeting organic traffic, and using branding tactics are key to growing a successful business.

- Long-term success should be the goal, and providing value to customers and building a community are essential to achieving that.

How I Make $100k/Month Dropshipping ONE Product

- The author has been running a Shopify brand for one year

- The journey has had ups and downs, but the author has built the biggest brand in the industry with consistent monthly sales of $100,000

- In this article, the author will break down how they have sustained one product for over a year and their plan to take it to the next level

Finding the Product:

- The author used a hybrid storage strategy to find products that were going viral on social media

- They tested several products and found a winner that they still sell today

- The author transitioned from a hybrid store to a branded website to create a more trustworthy feel for customers

Keys to Success:

- The author created custom content for their ads to differentiate themselves from competitors

- They improved product quality and shipping times by working with a sourcing company in China

- The author maximized profits by setting up email and SMS marketing and launching an upsell product on their website

Scaling the Product:

- The author built a team to manage fulfillment, product development, and customer service

- They diversified their traffic by going hard on influencers, Google Ads, and YouTube Ads

- The author plans to launch two new products in August to maximize revenue and differentiate themselves from competitors

Challenges and Solutions:

- The author has faced challenges with burnout, decreasing profit margins, copycats, and reaching a cap on how high they can scale the product

- Solutions include launching new products, loading up on custom content, improving product quality, and studying new platforms like TikTok ads

- The journey of building a successful Shopify brand is never-ending, but with hard work and dedication, it is possible to sustain and scale a product for over a year

- The author encourages others to keep pushing through the ups and downs and to constantly improve their product and offer to maximize profits and stay ahead of competitors.

How To Make Money On Shopify In 2022 (For Beginners)

Hey guys, Mike Vasile here and today we are going to discuss all the different ways to make money with Shopify. In this video, I'll show you how to make anywhere from a hundred dollars a day to a thousand dollars per day. Let's get started!

1. Affiliate Marketing with Shopify:

- One way to make money with Shopify is through affiliate marketing.

- Create a tutorial about how to create a Shopify store and include your affiliate link.

- Earn an average of $58 for each user who signs up with a paid plan.

- You just need two people to sign up for a Shopify account and turn into the pay plan every day to make an extra hundred dollars a day.

2. Dropshipping on AliExpress:

- Another way to make money with Shopify is through dropshipping on AliExpress.

- Buy low and sell high by buying one or two products, taking your own pictures, and creating your own Shopify store.

- Test the product to see if people are willing to buy it before buying in bulk.

- Use Instagram influencers or Facebook ads to sell the product.

3. Dropshipping on eBay:

- Sell products from US suppliers on eBay to avoid long shipping times from China.

- Take products from eBay, take nicer pictures, and put them on your own Shopify store.

- Buy in bulk after testing to see if the product sells.

- Outsource fulfillment and product creation to suppliers.

4. Freelancing on Upwork:

- Work remotely as a freelancer on Upwork to provide services for Shopify businesses.

- Offer services such as marketing, advertising, photography, and videography.

- Create an agency and hire other freelancers to streamline the production process.

5. High Ticket Affiliate Marketing:

- Promote high ticket products through email marketing and webinars.

- Promote products from professionals who already have successful e-commerce businesses.

- Earn 50% commission for each sale, which could be up to $1750 per commission.

- These are just a few of the many ways to make money with Shopify.

- Affiliate marketing, dropshipping, freelancing, and high ticket affiliate marketing are all great ways to start earning money with Shopify.

- Determine which method works best for you and start earning money today!

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