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Maximizing ROI with Social Ads Optimization

Published on: June 5 2023 by pipiads

- Greetings and welcome to the DishesMarketing channel

- Discussing Facebook Ads optimization as part of social media marketing

- Encouraging viewers to use this time to improve their careers

- Hoping video is helpful

Monitoring Metrics:

- Importance of optimizing Facebook Ads

- Monitoring metrics for better targeting

- Rule of five for frequency and avoiding bad results

- Using different creatives and daily unique views to maintain frequency

- Importance of setting up Facebook pixels for investment data

- Checking return on investment and making necessary changes

- Relevance score and targeting the right customer

- Using reports and creating separate campaigns for better targeting

Targeting Optimization Tips:

- Behavioral targeting strategy and targeting based on previous behavior

- Using interest targeting and finding people who are not explicit about their interests

- Importance of custom and lookalike audiences and targeting different stages in the buyer's journey

- Layer targeting and creating specific offers for different segments

- Optimizing placements, headlines, and rules for better results

- Avoiding ad fatigue by changing ads often and using exclusion rules for converted audiences

- Thanking viewers and encouraging subscriptions

- Offering to create more interesting content and taking requests

- Wishing everyone safety during the pandemic

Social Media Optimization in Under 7 Minutes

- Social media optimization is essential for businesses to reach a larger audience and grow their business.

- Over 70% of Americans use social media, which is about 236 million people when broken down.

- In this article, we will cover some steps businesses can take to optimize their social media presence.

What is social media optimization?

- Social media optimization is the art of ensuring that a business's website and social media accounts follow all of the best practices for social media.

- The goal is to reach a larger audience and grow the business.

5 Social Media Optimization Best Practices:

1. Analyze your existing strategy:

- Understand the environment you're working in when planning a social media optimization strategy.

- Start with the goals you want to achieve with social media.

- Analyze your competitor's efforts to try to piece things together.

- Understand what content performs best with your audience.

- Track website traffic with a free tool like Google Analytics.

2. Research keywords:

- Use keywords in your profile bio and hashtags where they make sense.

- Use tools like KeywordsFX and Keyword Tool to generate keyword ideas.

3. Update your account information:

- Ensure all information associated with your account is accurate.

- Consistent profile pictures and featured cover images across all channels.

- Direct people to the right pages on your website.

- Ensure usernames and bios are consistent and reflect your business.

4. Analyze the content you share:

- Ensure the content you share is properly optimized to be shared.

- Have your website set up so that Facebook or other platforms pull a specific image with it.

- Ensure your page titles are interesting enough for people to click.

- Ensure the content you share on social media aligns with your content marketing goals.

5. Continuously review your data:

- Pay attention to your data to catch shifts in audience needs and interests.

- Adjust your social media optimization accordingly.

- Lean into what's driving your success.

- Align your social media efforts to your goals and track your performance on all networks and your website.

- Keep learning about social media optimization with resources on our website and blog.

- Subscribe to our YouTube channel and Revenue Weekly email newsletter for the latest digital marketing advice.

The NEW Way To OPTIMIZE Facebook Ad Campaigns After iOS 14

In this video, Ben Heath from Lead Guru shows the new way to optimize Facebook ad campaigns after iOS 14. He explains how to make adjustments and optimize campaigns without accurate data and why it is important to do so.

Optimizing Facebook Ad Campaigns:

1. Identify the underperforming elements

- Base optimization decisions around cost per result

- Pause underperforming elements

- Introduce new elements to run alongside previous best performers

2. Ad Set Level Optimization

- Identify underperformance by cost per lead

- Take a look at volume

- Base decisions around cost per result

3. Ad Level Optimization

- Identify underperforming ads

- Pause underperforming ads

- Introduce new ads to compete against previous best performers

4. Post iOS 14 Optimization

- You can still optimize campaigns post iOS 14

- Use relative performance to make decisions

- Do some calculations to factor in underreporting due to iOS 14

Optimizing Facebook ad campaigns is simple and effective. Even with the changes brought about by iOS 14, it is still possible to optimize campaigns. By identifying underperforming elements and introducing new elements to compete against previous best performers, you can improve the performance of your Facebook ad campaigns.

10 Facebook Ads Optimization Tactics You Need To Use

Hey everyone, welcome to Surfside PPC's YouTube channel! Today, I'll be sharing 10 Facebook ad optimization tips to help you optimize your campaigns. Let's dive right in!

Tip 1: Install the Facebook pixel on your website and track conversions.

- Use custom conversions to track specific actions on your website.

- Use partner integrations to make the process even simpler.

Tip 2: Use campaign budget optimization to maximize your budget across ad sets.

- Set a lifetime budget and select the lowest cost for conversions.

Tip 3: Use dynamic creative to create hundreds of ads quickly.

- Upload multiple images, videos, or slideshows and let Facebook Ads optimize for the best performing options.

Tip 4: Use retargeting and customer lists to target people who have interacted with your business in the past.

- Use custom audiences to target website visitors or upload your own customer list.

Tip 5: Use saved audiences to easily target specific audiences.

- Create custom audiences and use saved audiences when setting up campaigns.

Tip 6: Run three or more ad sets in your campaigns to see what performs best.

- Target multiple audiences to see which one drives the lowest cost conversions.

Tip 7: Run three or more ads in each ad set and test different ad formats.

- Test single images, videos, carousel ads, and more.

Tip 8: Upload new ads regularly to prevent ad fatigue.

- Duplicate existing ads and update the images, ad copy, and format.

Tip 9: Monitor your reach and frequency to avoid showing the same ads to the same people too often.

- Adjust your ad frequency to prevent ad fatigue.

Tip 10: Analyze your ad performance regularly to make data-driven decisions.

- Use the Ads Manager to monitor your campaign performance and make adjustments as needed.

In conclusion, optimizing your Facebook

Social Media Strategy: Ad Optimization Webinar

Thank you all for joining us for this bi-monthly membership series on social media and market research. This article will cover the main topics discussed during the session, including the difference between organic visibility, paid advertising, and boosting posts, step-by-step instructions for creating a social media strategy, and tips for success.

- The session is focused on different aspects of social media and market research.

- The series is made possible by the membership series sponsor, Omnirai.

- Patrick King from Imagine Incorporated will be leading the session.

Organic Visibility vs. Paid Advertising vs. Boosting Posts:

- Organic visibility: the pros include fewer content restrictions and cons include slower results and limited visibility.

- Paid advertising: the pros include detailed targeting and improved tracking, and the cons include content restrictions and costs.

- Boosting posts: pros include

Facebook Ads: Optimization For Ad Delivery — Which is Best?

In this video, Ben Heath from Lead Guru talks about ad delivery optimization and which option to use for Facebook ad campaigns. He discusses different campaign objectives and the scenarios in which each one should be used.

Optimization for Ad Delivery:

- Conversion campaigns are the most common and recommended by Facebook.

- Optimization for ad delivery for conversions should be set to conversions.

- For traffic campaigns, optimization should be changed to landing page views to eliminate accidental clicks.

- Reach campaigns should use optimization for reach instead of impressions.

- Video views campaigns should use optimization for throughplay to ensure higher quality engagement.

Benefits of Optimization:

- Selecting the right optimization settings informs Facebook of the desired outcome and can significantly improve campaign performance.

- Lead Guru offers Facebook advertising services to create, manage, and optimize ad campaigns for clients.

- A free webinar on three killer Facebook ad strategies is available to help advertisers become better at implementing Facebook ads.

Optimizing ad delivery is an important aspect of Facebook advertising. By selecting the right optimization settings, advertisers can inform Facebook of the desired outcome and significantly improve campaign performance. Lead Guru offers services to help clients create, manage, and optimize ad campaigns, and a free webinar is available to help advertisers become better at implementing Facebook ads.

Facebook Ads Placement Optimization (Explained in 2021)

In this video, the topic of Facebook placement optimization is discussed, which is a response to a comment received from Adolfo Music Gonzalez. The video aims to simplify marketing for viewers to accelerate their business growth.

Points Discussed in the Video:

- Adolfo's Question: Adolfo asked if good results can be obtained from Instagram when using Facebook and Instagram together, as Facebook takes up 99% of the budget. He also mentioned that sometimes Instagram outperforms Facebook.

- Simple Answer: Facebook is seeing the strongest signals for optimization, which is why the budget is moving in that direction.

- Optimization: Depending on what is being optimized for, most conversions should be coming from the platform that the budget is being allocated towards.

- Separation of Placements: When placements are separated, Facebook does not know if users are being targeted on other platforms, which can affect the optimization of ads.

- Fluidity Between Placements: Generally, fluidity between placements is preferred, but there are situations where separation is necessary, such as targeting different audiences or budget constraints.

- Placements to Avoid: The right-hand rail on desktop and Facebook audience network are placements that are often avoided due to their low quality and interruption experience.

- Successful Placements: The feed and stories tend to perform well in conversion campaigns, particularly on Instagram due to its greater scale.

Facebook placement optimization is an important aspect of Facebook advertising, as it helps to optimize ads for better results. It is essential to understand the different placements available and their performance to make informed decisions on how to allocate budgets and optimize ads.

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