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Maximizing Your Ads Business Potential

Published on: June 5 2023 by pipiads

Your Facebook advertising strategy may not be working as well as you want it to because things have changed. What used to work even a few months ago is dramatically different than the strategies and tactics that are succeeding on the platform right now. For example, Facebook lead ads used to be a terrible choice for businesses, but now they are amazing. This article will break down how to set up lead ads and what a profitable ad campaign looks like.

- Facebook advertising strategy not working as well as desired

- Things have changed on the platform

- Example: Facebook lead ads were once terrible, but now they are amazing

- Break down how to set up lead ads and a profitable ad campaign

Part 1: Generating Quality Leads

- Traditional way of generating leads is overhyped

- Focus on acquiring quality leads

- Combination of relevance, motivation, and capability

- Use of automations through software like High Level

Part 2: Facebook Ads Manager Settings

- Advantage campaign budget

- Placements

- Optimize text person

Part 3: Launching a New Campaign

- Three levels of a Facebook ad campaign

- Testing the audience, copy, and visuals

- Budget using ad set budget

- Nailing your market message match is key

- Check out other Facebook advertising tips

- The reason most ads don't work is because they say the wrong things to the wrong people

How To Create Facebook Ads For Beginners (COMPLETE GUIDE) | Facebook Ads Tutorial 2023

Welcome to the Facebook Ads Master Class step-by-step guide for 2022. In this article, we will cover the reasons why you should advertise on Facebook, the assets you need to start advertising, how to set up your Facebook page and business manager, and the steps to create your first campaign, define your budget, value results, and optimize your campaigns.

Why Advertise on Facebook?

Facebook has 1.93 billion daily active users and 28 billion total ad revenue every year, making it a great platform to advertise on. You can spend roughly $1 cost per click and $11.54 CPM (cost per thousand impressions) to reach your target audience.

Benefits of Advertising on Facebook:

- Sell more products or services

- Generate leads

- Distribute content

- Increase app installs

- Test your offer

- Micro-segment your target audience

- Get clicks for as low as one cent

- Consistently put one dollar in and get two, three, five, or even ten dollars out

Assets You Need to Start Advertising on Facebook:

- Business manager

- Ad account

- Facebook page

- Domain

- Pixel

- Payment method

Creating Your Facebook Page:

- Go to the link provided and select the type of page you want to create.

- Enter your business information, add profile and cover pictures, create your page's username, and add your business details.

- Post at least 20 times before running ads, and post at least three times a day for the first seven days.

Creating Your Business Manager:

- Go to the link provided and create an account with your real business data.

- Confirm the creation of your business manager by clicking on the link in the email.

- Go through the business verification process as soon as it is available on your business manager.

Creating Your Ad Account:

- Go to business settings inside your business manager and click on add accounts.

- Name the ad account, select your time zone

How To Start A Facebook Ad Agency

How to Start and Grow Your Own Facebook Ad Agency: Tips from a Pro

If you're interested in starting your own Facebook ad agency, you're in the right place. In this article, we'll give you tips and tricks from an expert who's been there and done that. From finding an expert in Facebook advertising to identifying potential clients and giving value through free audits and case studies, we've got you covered.

1. Find an expert in Facebook advertising:

To start a successful Facebook ad agency, you need to be an expert in Facebook advertising. You can take courses, but the best way to learn is to get your hands dirty. You can work for another agency and learn from masters who are doing it every day, or you can find an expert and mark up their services. As an agency, you should seek to mark up by 100% whoever's services you're selling. This may seem like a lot, but the extra money is needed for operations, office space, equipment, insurance, legal fees, lead generation, marketing, meetings, conferences, and more.

2. Identify potential clients:

To find potential clients for your Facebook ad agency, you need to identify where they are and where they go for help. Some of the places people go for help with Facebook ads include Quora, YouTube, forums, business associations, business meetings, and conferences. By identifying where your clients are, you can give them value through free audits or case studies.

3. Give value through free audits or case studies:

One of the best ways to give value to potential clients is to offer them a free audit of their Facebook account. By going in and making suggestions for improvement, you can demonstrate your expertise and win their trust. Another way to give value is through case studies. By showing potential clients real results, you can prove that you can deliver on your promises.

Starting and growing your own Facebook ad agency can be challenging, but with the right techniques, it can be done. By finding an expert in Facebook advertising, identifying potential clients, and giving value through free audits or case studies, you can build a successful business. So, what are you waiting for? Start building your Facebook ad agency today!

Stop Using Paid Ads For Your Business.. Do THIS Instead!

Why Buying Ads for Your Business Can Be Damaging

- Owner of two six-figure online businesses, Isabella, explains why she thinks buying ads for your business is damaging

- Believes people rely on Facebook ads because of gurus spreading information, not because it's the best or only way to market your business online

- Flexing about making money on Shopify is misleading because profit margins are not always high, and ads are often relied upon to make money

- Isabella recommends not using Shopify for beginners because it costs too much money before seeing profit

Reasons Why Buying Ads for Your Business is Damaging:

- Lowers profit margin

- Relies on purchasing ads to make sales

- Unnecessary if you learn how to create content

- Does not build a community around your brand

- Can lead to stress and bad experiences with Facebook ads

- A lot of courses and programs are selling a dream, not actual knowledge and experience

- Businesses fail because people dump too much money where it's not needed

Alternative Ways to Promote Your Business:

- Learn how to create content for TikTok, Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook for free

- Building a community around your brand is essential for long-term success

- TikTok, Instagram, and Pinterest offer monetization programs for content creators

- Building a strong business model takes time, effort, and patience

- Isabella believes that people should not rely on Facebook ads to make money online

- Building a community around your brand, creating high-quality content, and learning how to use social media platforms effectively is more beneficial in the long run

- Thumbs up and subscribe to Isabella's channel for more tips on making money online and becoming financially free.

How To Advertise For A Small Business (Which Advertising Platform Is Best?)

In this article, we will discuss the best advertising platforms for your business. With so many ad platforms available, it can be overwhelming to decide which one to choose. We will provide our thoughts, secrets, and strategies to help you create better and more effective ads that grow your business.

Criteria for Evaluating Ad Platforms:

We use the following criteria to evaluate and recommend ad platforms:

1. Ease of use and time to launch

2. Dashboard and user interface

3. Targeting options

4. Available audience or TAM

5. Placements

6. Creative options

7. Tracking

8. Cost and competition

Best Advertising Platforms:

Based on our evaluation criteria, the best advertising platforms are Facebook and Instagram. Here's why:

1. Owned by Meta, you can run ads for both platforms through the same dashboard.

2. Easy to use dashboard and user interface.

3. Amazing targeting options and available audience.

4. A variety of placement options and creative options.

5. Tracking options, including in-app retargeting audiences.

6. Cost is right down the middle.

Tick Tock ads are also powerful, with targeting options that allow you to target household income. However, it may be harder to convert and will likely require more ads and more videos.

YouTube ads are harder to set up and get started with, but they are an amazing way to tap into a market of billions of people. You can create YouTube ads and Google ads from the same dashboard. The targeting options and available audience are amazing, with a ton of placement options.

Google ads are best for businesses that people are actively searching for. Google ads are not the easiest, but they are incredibly powerful when done correctly.

Choosing the right advertising platform is one of the most important elements in making sure that your advertising actually works and gets results. With our evaluation criteria, we recommend Facebook and Instagram as the best advertising platforms. However, Tick Tock ads, YouTube ads, and Google ads can also be powerful tools for your business.

Facebook Ads Tutorial 2022 - How To Create Facebook Ads For Beginners (COMPLETE GUIDE)

Hey guys, it's Jordan here and today we're going to talk about how to start Facebook ads. In our last video, we got over a million views, but Facebook has made some changes since then, so I'm here to bring you up to speed on everything you need to know. Before we get into it, make sure you're subscribed with your notification bell turned on. Let's get started with this video!

- Facebook ads are a huge opportunity for businesses, with 1.7 billion daily active users on the platform and 80% of internet users having a Facebook profile

- $17 billion was spent on Facebook ads in Q1 2020 alone, making it one of the most cost-effective ad platforms in the world

- In this video, we'll cover the structure of the Facebook advertising platform, including campaigns, ad sets, and ads, and how to set up your Facebook Business Manager and Ads Manager to create your first ad

Structure of Facebook Advertising Platform:

- Facebook Business Suite (formerly known as Facebook Business Manager) is where we manage our business account and ads manager

- Ads Manager includes multiple ad accounts, ad campaigns, ad sets, and ads

- Campaigns are where we select our objective, such as driving traffic or engagement

- Ad sets determine our target audience

- Ads include the visual components and ad copy

Setting up Facebook Business Manager:

- Go to business.facebook.com and create an account

- Add your Facebook page, create an ad account, and add payment information

- Set up the Facebook pixel to track customer behavior on your website

Creating Your First Ad:

- In Ads Manager, select your campaign objective

- Set up your ad set to determine your target audience

- Create your ad with visuals and ad copy

- Use the Facebook pixel to track conversions and return on investment

- Facebook ads are a valuable tool for businesses to reach their ideal customers

- By setting up Facebook Business Manager and Ads Manager correctly and utilizing the Facebook pixel, businesses can create effective and cost-efficient ads.

A BETTER Way To Advertise On Facebook In 2023 (SECRET)

Creating effective, high-converting, and profitable Facebook ads requires three key elements. First, you need to nail message-market match to ensure that you're offering something relevant and appealing to your target audience. Second, you need to follow the 40-40-20 rule, which emphasizes the importance of understanding your market, offering an irresistible solution, and crafting compelling copy. Finally, you need to apply the marketing rule of seven to reach your audience at least seven times before expecting them to take any action.

Message-Market Match: Matching Your Message to Your Market

The biggest reason why most Facebook ads fail is not because of the wrong campaign objective, placement, or budget, but because of a mismatch between the message and the market. To avoid this mistake, you need to research your target audience, identify their pains, problems, fears, and frustrations, and position your offer as a solution to those issues. Remember that people buy when they feel understood, not just when they understand.

40-40-20 Rule: The Three Main Elements of Ad Success

The 40-40-20 rule divides the success of your advertising campaign into three main elements. The first 40% is your market, which includes your understanding of them and your ability to reach them with the right message. The second 40% is your offer, which should be irresistible and relevant to your market. The last 20% is your copy and creative, which should be persuasive, influential, and fit your market's preferences and style.

Marketing Rule of Seven: Reaching Your Audience at Least Seven Times

The marketing rule of seven states that it takes at least seven touchpoints or interactions with a potential customer to get them to take any action. This means that you need to leverage various channels and tactics to reach your audience at least seven times, whether through Facebook ads, email marketing, retargeting, or other methods. By following this rule, you can build trust, familiarity, and engagement with your audience and increase the chances of conversion and retention.

Creating effective Facebook ads requires patience, persistence, and planning. You need to invest time and resources into understanding your market, crafting an irresistible offer, and reaching your audience at least seven times. By applying the three key elements of message-market match, 40-40-20 rule, and marketing rule of seven, you can increase the effectiveness, conversion, and profitability of your Facebook ads and other marketing efforts.

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