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MCA Craigslist Ad Samples

Published on: June 3 2023 by pipiads

In this video, Richard Harrison shares his experience with marketing on Craigslist using MCA Craiglist sample ads and MCA-created scripts. He provides some tips for creating effective ads, such as using a catchy headline, adding a call to action, and targeting nearby cities. Richard also emphasizes the importance of keeping the ad and the landing page congruent to maximize conversions. He shows how he responds to inquiries by sending a canned response and directing them to his website. Richard suggests placing ads in different cities to expand reach and build a list. Overall, he encourages MCA marketers to use this strategy to generate leads and sales.

Best Craigslist Alternative To Promote MCA | MCA Sales Training| Mca Motorclub

Jonathan Glazer introduces an alternative site similar to Craigslist but with more flexibility when it comes to posting ads about MCA. The site is called quickad.com, and it caters to all areas, including working from home business opportunities.

How to Use quickad.com:

1. Sign up for a free account on quickad.com.

2. Choose from three options to post ads: free, paid, or banners.

3. Use the same format as Craigslist to set up your ad.

4. Add features like blinking to get people's attention.

5. Reach a wider audience and expand your MCA business.

Features of quickad.com:

1. Categories include services, income opportunities, jobs, and more.

2. Can post in all cities for $5.

3. Can use images and banners for an additional cost.

4. Has an affiliate program to earn a percentage of ad sales.

Quickad.com is a promising site to expand your MCA business and reach a wider audience. It is easy to use, similar to Craigslist, and offers more flexibility in posting ads. With consistency and effort, you can see good results from using quickad.com.

MCA Craigslist Marketing

Harvey is back with another MCA video and this time he is discussing how easy it is to make money by marketing MCA online using Craigslist.

Points Covered:

- Harvey started with three Craigslist accounts but now has three Craigslist accounts that he posts to daily.

- He shows the recent post that he used and discusses the MCA flyer marketing.

- Harvey talks about the ease and profitability of marketing MCA using Craigslist.

- He has a list of the most populated cities and switches up his postings to avoid posting on the same subject in the same location back to back.

- Harvey replies to interested people by sending them a link to his videos and a presentation of MCA.

- He encourages people to reach as many people as possible and provides examples of posts that he uses on Craigslist.

Harvey emphasizes the simplicity of making money through MCA marketing on Craigslist and encourages people to join his easy money team. He also invites people to contact him for more information and examples of posts that he uses.

MCA Training|Get FREE MCA Leads on Craigslist|How to Create an MCA Ad on Craigslist

In this article, we will learn about how to post an ad on Craigslist for the work from home opportunity with Motor Club of America. We will also discuss some tips on how to make your ad more effective and avoid getting flagged by Craigslist.

Posting an Ad on Craigslist:

1. Go to Craigslist.org and register for a free account if you don't have one.

2. Click on post to classifieds and choose gig offered.

3. Select a category such as computer gigs or labor gigs and choose your county.

4. Use a job title and description that is unique and effective. Avoid using duplicate ads with the same language as it may get flagged.

5. Put in a reasonable compensation amount and use the Craigslist mail relay to avoid direct contact by recruiters.

6. Double-check your ad and publish it. Then, manage your post and copy the link.

7. Paste the link into a new browser tab and repeat the process to get your ad seen by more people.

Tips for Effective Ads:

- Use a unique and catchy job title and description.

- Avoid using duplicate ads with the same language.

- Keep your compensation amount reasonable.

- Use the Craigslist mail relay to avoid direct contact by recruiters.

- Double-check your ad before publishing it.

- Repeat the process of pasting the link into a new browser tab to get your ad seen by more people.

Posting an ad on Craigslist for the work from home opportunity with Motor Club of America is an effective way to obtain free leads. By following the tips and steps mentioned in this article, you can create an effective ad and avoid getting flagged by Craigslist. Make sure to use unique language and a reasonable compensation amount to attract more potential leads. Remember to check out the free marketing tool, Wi-Fi Wealth System, provided by our team for more training and support.

How to post an ad on craigslist for MCA

How to Create a Craigslist Ad for MCA

Craigslist is a great platform to advertise your MCA business. In this article, we will guide you through the process of creating a Craigslist ad for MCA.

Steps to Create a Craigslist Ad for MCA:

1. Choose a City:

- Pick a city on Craigslist where you want to post your ad.

2. Post to Classifieds:

- Select the post to classifieds option.

3. Choose a Category:

- Select the gigs category.

4. Select a Sub-Category:

- Choose a sub-category that suits your MCA business.

5. Create a Title:

- Create a catchy title that highlights your MCA business.

6. Add a Zip Code:

- Add a zip code to your title to attract local customers.

7. Write a Description:

- Provide a detailed description of your MCA business, including the position, industry, compensation, benefits, and your website.

8. Upload an Image:

- Upload a high-quality image that represents your MCA business.

9. Review and Publish:

- Review your ad and publish it on Craigslist.

Tips for Creating a Successful Craigslist Ad for MCA:

- Choose a catchy title that attracts customers.

- Provide a detailed description of your MCA business.

- Use a high-quality image to represent your MCA business.

- Don't use silly pictures in your ad.

- Provide a reason for customers to visit your website.

- Spend time creating your ad to avoid getting ghosted.

- Remember, this is your business, so take it seriously.

Creating a Craigslist ad for MCA is a simple process. By following the steps and tips provided in this article, you can create a successful ad that attracts potential customers to your MCA business.

MCA- Craigslist Training 2018 Unlimited leads Daily Posting Services!

Title: How to Post Effective Ads on Craigslist

Hey, what's up guys! We are Shanta virus and in this quick video, we'll be discussing how to post effective ads on Craigslist. We've noticed that a lot of people post ads about job opportunities or business opportunities for Motor Club of America. However, there is a more effective way to post ads that can help you get more leads. In this article, we'll be sharing some tips on how to post ads that can help you attract potential customers and get more calls.


1. Post ads for the services or benefits: Instead of posting ads about job opportunities or business opportunities, you can post ads for the services or benefits that you offer. This can be more effective as people are more likely to call you to know more about the services that you offer.

2. Put details in your ads: Make sure to put a little bit of details in your ads such as the services that you offer, the cost, and the benefits. This can help potential customers understand what you are offering and why they should choose you.

3. Use catchy headlines: Use catchy headlines that can catch the attention of potential customers. For example, you can use headlines like Roadside Assistance - $39.95 with 200 Miles Towing Nationwide.

4. Put the membership in the ad: Make sure to put the membership in the ad so that people know that they can get the service right away after purchasing the membership.

5. Switch up your ads: To avoid Craigslist flagging your ads, switch up your ads by changing the headline and posting body. This can help you avoid getting flagged and keep your ads up for longer.

6. Use pictures: Use pictures in your ads as people are more likely to click on ads that have pictures. Make sure to use pictures that can help potential customers understand what you are offering.

Posting effective ads on Craigslist can help you attract potential customers and get more leads. By following these tips, you can create ads that can help you stand out from the competition and get more calls. So, start posting effective ads on Craigslist today and see your business grow!

How To Promote MCA Benefits On Craigslist

Hey, it's John and Glaser again. In this article, we will share some valuable tips on promoting MCA services and benefits. We will focus on how to get free traffic on Craigslist to your service site. We believe that knowing the services is one of the best ways to get consistent sales with less resistance.

Identifying the Problem:

One of the problems we identified is the cost of towing when you break down far from home. We also focused on other towing companies such as AAA, which does not offer what MCA does. MCA offers 100 adult hard miles per call, while AAA only offers 30 miles and 3 calls per month. We highlighted this hidden fee that the company uses to squeeze more money from you.

Offering a Solution:

The solution we offered is MCA, and we invited people to visit the website to see some testimonies of real people using the services. Our plans start as low as $9.95, and we believe that MCA's benefit package can help people save money in the long run.

Tips on Setting Up an Ad:

- Always post in major cities.

- Switch up the opening sentences and move the words around to avoid spamming.

- Use symbols to catch the eye and make your ad different.

- Keep the ad formula simple: identify the problem, offer the solution, and invite them to your website.

- Use an image that shows someone getting towed or the services MCA offers.

- Use MCA Authority or Motor Club Company to set up your service site.

In conclusion, we hope that these tips will help you promote MCA services and benefits effectively. Remember to focus on the services, identify the problem, and offer a solution. Use symbols and images to catch the eye and keep your ad simple. If you need more information, click the link below or contact us. Don't forget to subscribe to our channel for more valuable tips.

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