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meijers store ads

Published on: January 2 2023 by pipiads

Meijer Ad Preview for 10/25-10/31 | Buy 5 Save $5 & More

[Music],everybody and welcome to shopping with,shayna so today,we are going to be checking out the,meyer preview ad that starts on october,25th and it actually goes through,halloween,the 31st this is week two of the buy,five and save five,mix and match deals that we can look at,and of course we've got so many awesome,things going on so let's check out,everything we've got going now remember,this isn't going to be a matchup,i have must do deals video for the,current week out and,since it's going to be week two of the,buy five and say five,you're going to see some of those deals,happen the next week so definitely check,out that video if you haven't already,i will link it in the description box,below so,starting out with our front page here um,it looks like we've got some,some ground beef for 249 a pound and,then we also have some apples for 249,for a five,pound bag um buy one get one fifty,percent off of course i'm not gonna read,all of this to you so you can definitely,look,these over um,nothing that jumps out as at me as going,to be a coupon deal it's just going to,be a sale price,we also have the buy five and save five,as you can see here below,um it's a really great deal right here,on the goldfish just 89 cents this is,actually 99 cents at kroger,so this is a better deal if you're going,to be purchasing these you may want to,get them there,uh so the cool thing about this ad is we,have these little,coupon things they tell you that there's,going to be in perks now the one thing,you want to watch,is where the imper expires but this,doesn't expire until 31st so we're going,to have it the entire week,and it's going to be 75 off of that,eckridge farm,so that's pretty awesome to have that,there so you're looking at,uh you know what about 259 i think is,what we have here,so or 54 something like that,okay and so that's the cool thing about,the website here is getting to look at,all of this,do you still need candy we've got some,here for 2.79,and so forth okay um,so cereals i think it's a dollar off two,yeah we have a dollar off two boxes that,you can do of course we've got other,coupons there,uh for that as well,um so i've already toked about some of,those in the other deal videos that i,have made,about this all right let's scoot on over,here,[Music],i have a visitor coming in so more buy,five and save five dollars now remember,this is a little different from,uh from coupons from kroger because,kroger changed their,their sale to uh five or more so this,one is actually you have to buy,multiples of five so if you are a kroger,mega sale person,this is going to be different from what,you're used to there,all right um looking at some deals here,again nothing's really jumping out of me,as like some amazing deal,all right and down the bottom we got,some bakery deals going on yeah again,just nothing going,yay this is awesome,so when i started doing these sales it,was because or started doing meyer was,because that one partikular week was,just amazing we had like 19 freebies it,was,awesome um this week doesn't seem to be,quite,as as good or at least this past week,who knows maybe we'll get some new,coupons,and make these deals amazing,bottom of that let's go over to the next,page,i love this because it starts back at,the top so here's some more buy five and,say,five items um,so you know it'd be nice if we had some,coupons pop up for,for the townhouse or club crackers the,keeper crackers we also have some,nabisco uh stuff so a lot of times we,have coupons for those again i'd have to,look and see if we've gotten any,new ones um,so again the ragu pasta sauce is 55,cents this is really awesome deal,just by itself with nothing else but on,top of all of this we have,and i bought a rebate first minus 75,cents back on one so it's actually a,money maker when i buy these,that's completely awesome there,um let's see what else we've got here,looks good all right let's check out,the next page here so let me know in the,comments if you're interested in seeing,the,toy catalog from meijer i saw that it,was just released,and uh i have three kids so i'm always,interested in looking at toys and good,deals here,so let me know in the comments if you're,interested in seeing that,um kind of a preview,or black friday if you haven't seen my,walmart preview ads for black friday,which is really,a whole entire month there's four,different dates in the two ads and,there's still another,ad that's supposed to come out for the,actual week of black friday,um definitely check out that walmart,video,there's a lot of really good deals um i,can't wait i'm i'm just ready to go,shopping course,you know this is what i love to do is,shop so,i don't know see i i struggle with,meijer sometimes because,when the deals are good the deals are,good you definitely want to take them up,but,some of these deals are just not good,peanut butter 4.49 that's not a really,great sale,we definitely get better deals with,kroger um,their generic brand um the the cheese,even up here,like i'm seeing that for 1.99,again i don't think that's a very good,deal we see much better deals at kroger,um yeah so i know when we've got like um,like major coupon matchups and stuff,like that we have,amazing deals but if it's just a regular,thing i,i just don't like to shop there so let,me know in the comments you know what's,your preferred,grocery store but of course we'll put,some deals together for you for next,week so definitely check out the video,because it has been worth going to,meijer,for a while now all right so coming up,here so we have some digital coupon,a clip on buyer.com or meyer app and,enter your imperks id account so save,over ten dollars on these items,so these are gonna be basically like,digital coupon deals,so much better deal going on at kroger,right now you can grab these for two,dollars each and this,looks like it's 250 each with and that's,with the coupon,um so definitely kroger's got a better,deal there going on,um,yeah even with the digital coupons i'm,not going wow,but we never know it may get better,okay there's that for you,uh wine deals anybody interested in some,wine,deals or alcohol deals,i'm not going to spend a lot of time on,this you can obviously come check that,out if you want to,um this one didn't look like there was,much on here,so here is more hurry and save on your,halloween candy are you set on halloween,candy i sure hope so if you've been,following me and you haven't been,getting the halloween candy deals,what are you waiting for seriously make,sure you um have that all set,okay oops,all right uh let's see,purex two dollars off a dollar on their,paper towels,pet deals,and moving down here so here are some,deals so save twelve dollars,on uh your next purchase with coupon,printed at checkout so this is what we,call a catalina deal,and um,you're going to get a 12 catalina when,you buy two,of these super pack baby items and they,say 18,99 to 27.90 so uh,you would want to go with the lower one,the 18.99 buy two of them,for your best deal and then you can also,stack coupons with it so depending on,what the product is there's two dollar,off one coupons for the huggies,and then the png were supposed to be,getting a dollar fifty off one coupons,for the,pampers so you could definitely come up,with some deals there,and you'll probably see some digital,coupons as well,uh twenty dollars on your next purchase,uh when you buy,two baby formula tubs all right so this,is another,great thing um especially if you have to,buy it anyway that is a great savings,uh two for ten on some of the you buy,kotex,i don't think we have the ibotta rebate,anymore but we may have it i have to,double check that there was a two dollar,back i bought a rebate,for you by kotex at one point,all right another catalina deal is save,five dollars when you spend 15 on dove,dove men baby duh um,[Music],axe or degree products okay so you can,put together some deals there i know i,think this is one that,the same thing we have currently going,on i

Meijer Best Deals 5/16-22 | 10 for $10 Sale & More! FREE Pasta & CHEAP Cheerios

good afternoon friends i am about to,head over to meyer to share with you the,best deals going on there this week,i would like to make this a regular,video on my channel so if that's,something that you're interested in,seeing,please leave a comment below and hit the,thumbs up button,i'd also like to ask you if you know of,any other youtubers,doing meijer videos please leave their,channel names in the description,not in the description box and a comment,below i'm sure that,other people watching a meyer couponing,video would be interested in learning,about other meijer channels,and i would as well because i'm sure,that i don't know everything that there,is to know about meyer couponing,i'm going to head in store now and of,course i'm going to take you along with,me,right now meyer is doing one of their,biggest sales which is the 10 for 10,sale when you buy 10 items you'll get,the 11th one for free,a lot of the 10 for 10 items are on,display in this middle aisle,the first 10 for 10 item that i'm going,to pick up are these pretzel stiks,in addition to the sale price there's,also a rebate on ibotta for 10 cents,back,on any pretzels that will bring the cost,down to 90 cents,the next 10 for 10 item that i'm going,to pick up is a box of cheerios,i'm picking these up because my toddler,eats them like crazy but,also i have a rebate on fetch for a,thousand points back,when you buy three and i've already,purchased two,so i just need one more to get that,dollar back the next 10 for 10 item that,i'm going to pick up,is a box of nature valley granola bars,i'm having a hard time deciding on which,flavor that i would like,i like the chocolate granola bars but,today i think that i will go with the,peanut butter granola bars instead,these granola bars are one of the best,deals on the 10 for 10,sale if you look on the aisle you'll see,that the regular price is actually 2.99,so with this sale you're paying a third,of the regular price,another good item to pick up during this,sale is the two liter of pop,these coke zeros are normally priced at,a dollar 79 so you'll save 79 cents,picking them up now,we like coke zero so that's what i'm,picking up but you could also pick up,other coke products or even pepsi,products,those are also included in the sale as,well,i went down the cereal aisle to see the,regular price of the cheerios included,in the sale,and they are regularly 3.19 i'm gonna go,ahead and pick up two more because,i have another offer on my fetch account,for 300 points back,which equals a dollar thirty when you,purchase three big g,cereals and i only have three more to go,to hit that bonus,with the sale price these three boxes,will total three dollars,which is about as much as one box,without the sale,and i'll be getting back two dollars and,30 cents on fetch,making all three boxes just 70 cents,another great item to pick up during the,sale are the fruit snacks,they're regularly priced at 229 so,you're getting a dollar,29 cents off and there are several,different kinds that you can choose from,the next thing that i'm going to pick up,that's a part of the sale is a p3 pack,part of the reason why i'm picking this,up is because i have this 30 cent off,paper coupon that i'm going to use,clearance items are excluded from these,coupons but sale items are not,so with the sale price in this coupon,this p3 pack will be 70 cents,it looks like the pepperoni was a very,popular 10 for 10 item in my store,because,they are completely sold out another,item that i don't recommend picking up,during this sale,is a small can of pringles because the,regular price is already a dollar,another great item to pick up during the,sale are the twizzlers,the regular price is 2.19 so picking,them up now would save you,dollar and nineteen cents the next sale,item that i'm going to pick up is the,chex mix,they're regularly priced at 2.69,so this is a good deal i'm saving 1.69,picking them up on this sale,another item that i don't recommend,picking up is the michelina frozen,dinners,the regular price is a dollar and you,can pick them up,at walmart for 88 cents the same thing,goes for the spaghettios the regular,price of these are a dollar,but if you really like them you could,add them into your deal,the sale is slightly better than buying,them during a regular week because you,are getting that 11th item free,the next item that i'm going to pick up,is this barilla pasta,you may be thinking well the regular,price is a dollar 39 that's not much of,a discount,you're right but i have an m perks for a,dollar off one,that will make this item completely free,i scan this item in the app and the,coupon did pop,up so i believe that it will come off at,checkout but stay tuned until the end to,see how it works out,while i'm over in the pasta section i'm,going to do a deal that isn't related to,the 10 for 10 sale,i'm going to pick up two of the veggie,craft pasta price at 4 49.,we have a buy one get one free mperks,digital coupon,there's also a rebate on ibotta for two,dollars back,which i will get for both boxes so i'll,pay for 49 at the register with that,coupon but get back four dollars on,ibotta making my final cost 49 cents for,both,or 24 cents each another item that i,don't recommend picking up during this,sale is the craft macaroni and cheese,the regular price is a dollar and you,can actually get it at,walmart for 98 cents the next item that,i'm gonna pick,up for this sale is the life water the,regular price is a dollar,seventy nine i'm picking this up because,we have an,m perks digital coupon for 75 cents off,which will make this water 25 cents,after that coupon,i want to let you guys know about a,couple of promotions that are going on,on pet products,the first one is this ben35 on purina,beneful and cat chow,and get a five dollar reward for your,next purchase,this promotion is going on through june,19th,you don't have to spend the 35 dollars,in a single transaction,because meyer tracks your purchases and,as long as you hit the 35 dollars before,june 19th you'll get that five dollar,reward,there's also another promotion going on,now and through the end of the week,where if you buy fifty dollars worth of,select purina products,you'll get eight dollars off instantly,for this deal you will want to spend the,fifty dollars in the same transaction,the purina dog food is included in this,promotion and we have a buy one get one,free coupon that you could use,there are also several different types,of cat food included in this deal,the beyond simply is included the purina,one is also included,and the purina cat chao is also included,we also have a 75,ibata rebate on that one these little,grillers are included in the eight,dollar instant savings promotion,as well as the 10 for 10 sale in,addition we also have this dollar off,paper coupon,when you buy four i just bought it,another item that i wouldn't pick,up during the 10 for 10 sale and that's,these noor rice packets,their regular price is also a dollar the,last thing that i'm going to pick,up for my 10 for 10 deal is this,smithfield pork sausage,it's regularly priced at 1.99 so i'll,get a 99,savings these are all of the things that,i'm picking up for the 10 for 10 sale,i have 11 items because i'm paying for,10,and getting the 11th one free i have a,few more deals that i'm going to show,you in store that are not related to the,10 for 10,sale the first one that i want to show,you is on the meyer shredded cheese it's,on sale for a dollar 88,and this deal gets even better for me,because i have a 45 cent off coupon,after that coupon i'll pay a dollar 43,for this bag of cheese,which is an amazing deal for cheese my,subscriber brienne,told me about this neck deal on the gfb,bars,they're on sale for two for three,dollars or a dollar fifty each,i'm just going to pick up one and use,this dollar off and per,coupon for the gfb bites or bars,that will bring my cost down to just 50,cents for this bar that is regularly,priced,at 2.19 next i'm going to pick up a jar,of pasta s

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Meijer Weekly Ad - how to shop the week of Sept 9, 2022

what's up you guys hi,so,those groceries i posted earlier,cost me,53,so,um not that long ago,i was,realizing how much everything cost and,was like who can't afford groceries,anymore but anyways i made some serious,changes around here because before i was,like,trying to buy as many groceries,as a restaurant or something,but,the quantity like i was keeping,everything in stok all the time,i don't know what my problem was but,it,these price increases have made me,think about what is really coming home,so every week,i get,the flyer,or,go on their ad or,and look at what is for sale,so,my kids know that they are only getting,stuff if it is on sale nowadays um,i'm not paying seven dollars for a bag,of chips when they have no nutritional,value like i don't even want to bring,the chips in the house for one buck if,they're getting them i'm not paying,seven dollars hell,the f no,okay so,this week,okay we're gonna do meijer first this,week,the store has a bunch of stuff on sale,seven for seven bucks so,i'm looking at this picture on my,computer right now in this,picture i purchased the goldfish the,spaghettios the pretzel rods,the single yogurts which isn't that,great of a deal but olive likes the,protein lemon yogurt,we're all a dollar so in the carrots,they've got seven for seven dollars you,have to purchase seven things or more or,you're not gonna get the deal,um,the other thing the steaks the t-bones,are on sale,hold up,all right,these t-bones,i'm pretty much only,eating meat and,i'm trying to get lola more hooked to,protein because she's totally obsessed,with,ramen,gonna,okay so like,these are not even on the sale that i,saved twenty dollars nineteen dollars,and change but these i saved on these,two this was regular 12.86,and i paid 7.91 this is the most,expensive one,743,but right now meyer has a coupon that if,you clip it,it is going to save you ten dollars so,if you,um,do your groceries yourself if you scan,them pretend you're a grocery,delivery person and shopping someone,else's groceries on the meyer app you,can scan your own groceries if you you,can clip a coupon it's gonna save you,ten dollars if you're spending 50 right,now so i saved ten dollars from that,and so i only shop,sales,nowadays because,they can,kiss my you know what,before i spend that full price so i did,pay full price for the butter because,that's my,weakness we've um the bacon this,week is on sale,regular 5.99,it is at meijer this week two for eight,i believe,what that was those chicken thighs are,on sale they were six dollars and change,um but yeah so anyways what i'm doing,before i do a plan of attack,every time i go to the grocery store now,like i either look at their,like i said the app,the,website or get their paper and i will go,if it's the,paper the physical copy i will go,through and circle everything that my,family likes like i'm not gonna be like,they might eat this that shouldn't come,home,no it's,what they really want will be circled,and they can only get sale things like,i'm not and if they we really like,something it's not on sale at this store,it's most likely going to be in another,store so i shop meyer and kroger,and i do see them for my favorite things,that,um,are just it's always going to be the,best price there i found um but anyways,i can tell you about kroger too but,right now we're doing meijer,so admire they have the seven for seven,and i'll circle and when i'm bored or,like toking on the phone,i'll go through my myer app and i'll,clip coupons for,everything that i would bring home,but yeah they,got those good coupons for,if you scan your own groceries,now two weeks in a row no three weeks in,a row i've saved money just scanning my,own groceries you just go around,scan the items you gotta make sure,you're not actually accidentally putting,more than one item in the cart because,i'm going to rip yourself off and then,at the end you go up to the you scan,you're going to scan,the code on the register i forgot the qr,code or whatever it's called i don't,know,i don't care anyways,you're gonna scan that they may come,check your groceries or it's just gonna,pull up the screen and then it will take,all your sales off and,um yeah you'll see how much you're gonna,spend so,right now they got a ton of stuff for a,dollar you guys got to check it out,because i know you're feeling,the inflation,i know everybody is so anyways i got a,whole bunch of crap for a dollar,um just the things that i would bring,home is what i circled and then i go,there and pick it up but yeah so anyways,not everything's coming home nowadays it,better be on sale sure some stuff is,just way too atrocious but anyways that,is how much i spent i spent fifty three,dollars i already lost the receipt i was,like here it is,okay this is the receipt,let me get close and personal,i saved 19.94 but not really because,they didn't take the,they didn't show my sale,on the,meat i mean they,only the sale price came up and i saved,about five dollars a piece on those,steaks and the chicken i saved let me,see,how much that was that's a lot of,chicken and this is what i found i like,making chicken noodle soup with the,chicken thighs because they're not as,tough i mean,chicken breast is always tough but,sometimes i mess it up so this is four,pounds of chicken,and i got it for a dollar fifty nine,each it doesn't say the original price,but,that's a good deal,prepared uh,some of that chicken in there those the,family packs of breasts are in there,upwards of 20 bucks so,yeah this is the,this,is two for eight right now which is a,pretty good deal because,this is regularly six bucks,last week this butter i got on sale,for 250,it is not that cheap this week but yeah,what else i'll tell you about kroger,next guys all right i don't want to make,this too long but yeah,you guys look at the ads plan your trip,if you don't see what you love on,the ad at that store check another store,because,these stores are doing is,they're gonna have,an item they're gonna have,a hot item on sale it's gonna bring you,to the store,to buy this,item that's like on super sale,and then you're gonna end up buying all,the rest of your groceries at that store,and it's going to be a total washout and,you are not going to be saving the money,so,don't let one product bring you into a,store because,you need to like plan it out i'm going,to tell you about kroger next it's a,little bit more complex but it's really,easy once you figure it out alright bye,guys

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Meijer Black Friday Ad 11/28-11/29 | Hot Deals!

hey guys and welcome to shopping with,Shana so I'm gonna show you a black,friday Ad for Meijer this week so I'm,pretty excited about Meijer they have,some really awesome deals and I thought,I would show them to you here let me,know in the comments if you like seeing,these Black Friday deals because it's,something I definitely could bring up,for next year I haven't kind of missed,the boat on some of the other ones but,let's get started here so we have a,Nintendo switch for two hundred and,ninety nine ninety nine it does come,with Mario Cart so it is kind of a,bundle there and I will tell you Kohl's,has it for the they don't have a bundle,so they don't have a game but it's three,hundred and nineteen ninety nine and you,get ninety dollars and Kohl's cash back,plus you get fifteen dollars and rewards,money back so I'm gonna get that and,then just buy a game seems to me like,it's that's the better deal but there,you go,so I'm letting you pause here now this,one I thought was really interesting so,the Apple earpods and charging case are,a hundred and fifty nine dollars which,is a little bit more expensive I've seen,them for a hundred and forty four in,other places I know Walmart has 127,however there's a little bit of glare,once you purchase it you're going to get,a Catalina for fifty dollars off your,next purchase,so that is I'm gonna equal out to be,about 109 so this would be the better,deal that I've seen thus far and you,could use that on your groceries on,later on if you need to go shopping for,holiday items or clothes or whatever you,need to use that $50 on you can do that,so that's a pretty good deal there,check out these other hot deals here,Fitbit is gonna be about a hundred,dollars and you're gonna get $20 on your,next purchase which is a great deal we,were looking for a Fitbit last year this,year we're pretty good Google nest hub,it's gonna be $79 plus you're gonna get,$20 back so that's gonna be just 59,bucks so that's pretty good all right so,we've got some TV deals here sorry,there's a bit of a glare,that you can grab and of course this is,always seems to be the biggest sales,going on our electronics,I have heard though if you can wait the,TV sales are actually better around the,Superbowl from the Superbowl so unless,you just really need one eye you could,wait and get a better deal and it won't,be as crazy all right so hopefully,you've checked those out there I'm gonna,scoot on over hopefully I'm not going,too fast I've notiked with my Kroger,videos when I'm in store when I'm moving,it doesn't appear on the video to be,that fast or that blurry I mean it does,appear to be blurry at all it's very,clear and then when I put it up on the,on the video I'm like oh that was too,fast I needed to slow down so people can,see stuff so that's something to try to,do here,alright so 20 bucks for a DVD player I'm,actually thinking about getting that,because the one in my kid's playroom is,about done and then $70 for a blu-ray,$50 for a blu-ray there you go,so I personally am not really looking at,TVs so that's why I'm just like well I,don't know what's really a good deal cuz,I haven't been paying that much,attention but let me know in the,comments if you're gonna get a TV I only,did one year and it was for the kids,playroom usually I avoid the electronics,because it's usually crazy okay looks,like we got a deal here on the samsung,galaxy watch active so it's almost $200,but you're gonna get $50 back on a,Catalina let's come over to this page,here so let me know in the comments what,kind of black friday shopper are you are,you one that's going to go out on,Thursday you're gonna wait till Friday,are you going to shop from home,let me know in the comments here alright,earpods,there these I don't know what makes,these different but they're a little bit,more expensive and you don't get the $50,back so there you go,alright so the Amazon fire tablets are,gonna be 30 bucks let's see he was,really cheap to me I remember buying,them like the first year that they were,real hot for my husband I got him one,and it was like 100 bucks or something I,think I got it for 80 I can't remember,exactly but I remember getting a deal so,these are 74 the kids tablets I got one,last year I think it was about the same,price but I got into Kohl's um there's,your doorbell,I go dot we actually don't have a,doorbell at our house so we could use,one of those I guess that'd be funny so,if you're a couponer and you need a,printer we've got a $70 printer over,here which you're saving 80 bucks more,deals here yeah let me know what the hot,electronics are free for you and your,family what you're wanting to pick up so,luckily my kids I've got a 10 year old,who's almost 11 he'll be 11 in January,I've got a nine year old and have a two,year old so we don't do a lot with,electronics so getting the Nintendo,switch this year is gonna be a pretty,big thing our newest like game system is,a Playstation 2 so you can tell and we,got that before we had kids so you can,tell we don't play a lot of games so,this is gonna be something new we're,gonna do for our kids,all right so video games we have some,that are going to be $40 you're gonna,save about 20 bucks we've got a lot of,Nintendo switch games here it's like I,said I'm gonna go to Kohl's and I'm get,all that Kohl's cash back and then I,will turn around and go grab a game I,know target has a couple of games for 30,bucks on Black Friday I was gonna look,at those and then I could possibly come,over here and grab some for 40,so I think that would be a better deal,20 bucks for some PlayStation 4,PlayStation 4 we have PlayStation 2,looks like some Xbox games as well are,in there all right let me would know,what games to get for Nintendo switch,for kids my kids age we don't do the,shoot-'em-up games or anything like that,either so alright all these movies $2.99,for some select movies here I know,Walmart does a lot with movies you can,get him for like a dollar dollar 50 or,something like that like some of the,movies but I will tell you anytime I,last two years I've gone and waiting the,really long line to go find these cheap,movies they're never there so that's,kind of frustrating moving over here,here's some books dog man books I know,there's a new dog man book out that I,probably need to get my daughter so if,it's $4.99 that would be amazing she,loves the dog man series alright I could,spend 30 minutes looking at this ad so,I'm trying to go a little bit quicker,here for you so you can check it out so,select board games are going to be 50%,off so as they could be as low as $5,depending on what game it is 50% off on,toys I will tell you a little trick so,these friends the styles I like to grab,a couple of them for five bucks now in,the past I think they've been like $3,and so I'll buy a few of them and then I,put them in my closet to give for gifts,and so whenever we have to go to a,birthday party go get one of the dolls,and it's perfect,so if you see any games or any toys that,may not be necessarily for you your,kiddos or your grandkids but you think,oh I could probably use it as a gift,grab them all right,so again feel free to pause and check,anything out head on over here easel for,18 bucks that's not bad,35 for that car there all right so this,hoverboard is just $99 which seems very,cheap to me,we got a hoverboard for our kids last,Christmas so I'm definitely not looking,for a hoverboard this year but I know we,spent more than that for here so I will,tell you this thing here I we bought one,year for Christmas like two three years,ago I think I got a target though so it,was probably different bread but it was,so cheap and when I said cheap it was,not a good cheap it was just not good,quality I kind of wish I just saved my,money because the kids don't play with,it end up being more junk than anything,else all right so here's one of the,deals,this index jumbo lane Castle bouncer is,50% off so it's gonna be about 35 bucks,it interests me I have a little,two-y

Target - Why They're Successful

[Music],target has a pretty incredible story,considering they are one of the most,successful retailers of all time i'm,sure most of us have been there the,company claims that 75 percent of the,country's population lives within 10,miles of a target store which makes,sense considering that there are over,1900 of them located across every state,their combined revenue is quickly,approaching the 100 billion dollar mark,which not only makes them one of the top,10 retailers in the country it,consistently places them among the top,40 of all companies they have a,dedicated following and overall positive,reputation and not to mention an,adorable mascot so i think it'd be a,great idea to take a look back at this,company while trying to pinpoint the,factors that have separated them from,the others and helped to make them,successful first off is the fact that,target was started as an extension of a,much larger company there's a lot to,tok about with this one because even,though target itself started in 1962 the,company that started it goes back 60,years before that the founder of that,company was named george draper dayton,he was involved in banking and real,estate leading up to 1902 when he moved,to minneapolis minnesota because he,sought to be a fast-growing city with,some potential business opportunities he,bought an empty lot of land and,constructed a six-story building on it,and convinced a local department store,named good fellow dry goods to partner,up with him and move their operations,into that building within the year,dayton took full control of that store,and renamed it after himself in the,following decades that company grew into,a major retailer not only with the,dayton department stores but with a,number of other endeavors as well in,1929 they bought a jewelry store those,followed by many others that by the,1960s were combined into their own,division called dayton jewelers in 1956,they opened a shopping mall near,minneapolis called southdale that was,wisely anchored by a brand new dayton,department store over the next couple of,decades they open three additional malls,in the area and combine them into their,own division in 1962 the big one they,opened a discount chain called target in,roseville minnesota that was placed into,its own segment and then in 1966 they,started a chain of bookstores called be,dalton that was soon combined with some,other bookstores and put into its own,segment so as you can see in the early,days of target they were kind of getting,lost in the shuffle but i say that,starting out as part of a larger diverse,company like that was a big positive,because they always had the resources to,invest in it they weren't forced to go,out and find outside investors that,believed in the concept they were able,to rely on their own judgment when,making those decisions since the,customers responded well to that first,store their decision was to open three,more of them by the end of the year you,can probably see where this is going by,1975 the target chain was generating,more money than any of the others so it,motivated them to refocus their,attention they moved away from the,specialty stores and more toward the,general stores their plan involved,divesting the jewelry in bookstores,opening more target locations and,acquiring more upper-scale department,stores in 1969 they had already bought,jl hudson a chain of department stores,based in detroit michigan in 1978 not as,upper scale but they bought mervin the,chain of department stores based in,california and in 1990 they bought,marshall fields a chain of department,stores based in chicago but even after,all of those changes target was still,proving to be by far the most successful,of any of them so by the year 2000 they,changed the name of the entire company,to target corporation and soon started,divesting everything that wasn't targets,over those next five years they,converted all of the dayton stores and,hudson stores into marshall fields and,then sold marshall fields for 3.24,billion dollars and then soon after they,sold mervin's for 1.64 billion dollars,totaling almost 5 billion that could now,be put toward the target stores so there,you go that is a very brief overview of,how target was originated and propelled,forward by a much larger company for my,next reason behind their success i'm,gonna go ahead and call it strong morals,and look i'm not saying that target is,the most righteous company out there,they're not perfect but i am able to,point to a few things that reflect a,general care toward others george dayton,himself the founder of the company was,known for being very religious he was,part of the presbyterian church so he,was sure to implement those ideals while,running those original dayton stores you,know they were closed on sunday didn't,sell liquor he even refused to advertise,in a newspaper that had ads for liquor,he was known for donating a good,percentage of those early profits to,charity and in 1918 even dedicated one,million dollars to establish the dayton,foundation that still exists today as,the target foundation in 1946 the,company started giving five percent of,their pre-tax profits to local,communities a practike that i believe,they've continued every year since and,that is a lot of money today it amounts,to hundreds of millions of dollars a,year also i should mention along those,lines i guess in 2020 they raised their,minimum wage to 15 an hour i say this,all helps them because it makes them,look good it helps their public image,and there is something to be said about,honoring the founding principles but on,the other hand you could argue that most,of this has actually held them back,giving away so much money in fact those,religious ideals weren't abandoned until,about 1950 when the third generation of,daytons took over at that point they,became much more aggressive and actually,started doing better because of it so,there's no doubt that the morals and,charities have slowed them down in,different ways but for the purposes of,this list i'm going to go ahead and,choose to believe that the positives of,it still outweigh the negatives next up,i want to tok about how target has been,pretty forward thinking we've already,seen some examples of it going back to,when george dayton decided to settle in,minneapolis because he saw a promising,future for the city i mean for heaven's,sake that first target store was created,in response to the public's demand for a,discount store it was right at the same,time as the first kmart and walmart so,they were benefiting by taking a risk to,follow a new trend in retail it was a,similar thing in the 1990s when they,started opening the bigger versions of,their store called target great land or,super targets just always keeping up,with the competition and in some cases,even leading the competition a few,examples of that would be in 1944 when,they were among the first stores to,offer their employees a retirement plan,in 1988 they were the first retailer to,implement the barcode scanning in all of,their stores giving them an advantage as,far as inventory management and even,customer wait times i'm still going here,in 1995 they introduced the target guest,card which made them the first of their,kind to introduce a store credit card,like that in 1999 they introduced,target.com and have since been very,adaptive to the new world of e-commerce,they even started these smaller store,formats optimized for online order,pickups do you remember in the 1990s how,all of their stores had that squiggly,neon design i used to think that was so,cool but i have to admit it's kind of,outdated that's why they continually,redesign things and try to keep it fresh,in fact in 2017 they reinvested seven,billion dollars into the company and a,lot of that went toward what they call,reimagining their stores there is like,an 80 chance that the target near you,has gone through some major remodeling,since then alright next up on my list is,the balance that they found between,qu

Meijer 90% Off Clothing!

hey everyone i just wanted to let you,know if you have a mirror near you go,and check out the clothing oils because,blue tags like this,and pink tags like this,are 90,off,right now so you're going to want to run,this is going to be a dollar 57,and it's super cute i think i'm going to,pick it up for my niece,so run run run i'll show you what all i,get now just know that the shoes are,only an additional 50 knob versus 90 so,just keep that in mind,i went to meijer and scored some amazing,deals if you don't have a meyer in your,area i'm sorry because,these are amazing,deals with 90 off of clothing going on,right now,so i'm gonna show you exactly what i got,and how much i spent,let me start off with,the best deal in my opinion,so what i think is the best deal and i,think is kind of a glitch going on with,their system,is these glossy leggings now this,was near the dressing rooms in like,women's hosiery,so it is a pink,clearance tag and during this event,you're going to want to look for pink,and blue,tags because these are ringing up,90,off now this partikular one i should,have gotten 90 percent off of the 14,which would make it,a dollar forty,but these tags are actually outdated,which is what i figured out after,ringing up,so,these were originally twenty dollars and,then they were marked down ninety,percent so they were actually only two,dollars,but then i got the additional 90 off for,their clearance event that they're,having on,women's clothing men's clothing kids,clothing anything with pink,or blue now this does exclude,certain things like accessories purses,things like that hats,and there's yellow tags but we don't,want yellow tags so i went to the,register and it actually gave me a,ninety percent off of the two dollars i,paid 20,cents for these 20 cents,i got 10 of them,and i got them in all different sizes so,here's like an xl i got a 2xl,i got i know i got a large i got a small,i got all kinds of sizes because for 20,cents i'm going to put them in my garage,sale see if they sell if they don't i'm,going to donate them to the dv shelter,in my area but for 20 cents leggings,like you cannot go wrong,so the next item i picked up i don't,know if it's actually gonna fit i have,not tried it on but it is a bra,and it was originally 1999 marked down,to 13.99 but i didn't pay that,i only paid a dollar 39 for this bra and,i was like yup at 1.39 i'm gonna pick it,up,and the same with this one here was,19.99 got it for 13.99 so i'm super,excited,to pick up some bras they had a lot of,maternity stuff,um so these were the only two that i,thought would even remotely get close to,fitting me but now i'm gonna show you,what i got for my stepson for myself,for my niece and for my nephew so first,things first is i got this carter's,winner,hooded long sleeve shirt it was,originally 22 dollars,and it was marked down to 11. i paid a,dollar 10 for this item,next is this adorable,like jumper set it's an overall set it,was originally 26,marked it down to 1560 i paid a dollar,56 for this for my knees,it is going to be a birthday gift for,her,so next i got this adorable cardigan,sweater for myself,um,it was originally 32.,marked down to 1760. i paid a dollar 76,for this and it's like a champagne color,next is this ac dc,crewneck sweatshirt,it was originally 36,marked down of 50,to 18. i paid a dollar 80 for this,and i think it's,super cool and i think that those glossy,leggings would actually go really good,with them,so this is for my stepson i decided to,get some back to school clothes we live,in michigan it tends to be cooler in the,fall so i went ahead and picked this up,for him,it was originally 24,mark down to 7.90 i paid 79 cents for,this i was like you cannot go wrong,so then i picked up this t-shirt for him,they didn't have a ton of t-shirts but,that's okay,i was super happy to find any that i did,and i thought for back to school this is,perfect it was originally 25,and then clearance down to 11.25,i paid,a dollar,13 for this and i was like okay a dollar,13 i i will splurge,next i got him this spongebob,squarepants um a long,sleeved shirt,and then it says squarepants,this is spongebob squarepants excuse me,has it on both sides of the sleeve it,was originally 25,marked down 50 to 12.50 and i paid 1.26,for it,like,this is great for him to go back to,school with so next was a detroit red,wings a long sleeve shirt,has red wings down the sleeve,and i paid so originally it was 22.99,for this it was marked 40,off at 13.79,but the additional 90 off,took it down to a dollar 38. so i was,totally willing to pick,that up for him i got another crew neck,style sweatshirt for him something a,little bit more dressy he's getting,ready to go into high school so i,thought this would be nice,and it was originally 32.,and then they marked it down uh 69 which,is a really odd number but,it was marked down to 9.90,i got it for 99 so 99 cents i got him a,sweatshirt i did find one other t-shirt,for him,this was originally twelve dollars it,was marked down fifty percent to six,dollars and i paid 60 cents for it so,another back-to-school t-shirt for him,and then like i said he's getting ready,to go in high school so i wanted him to,have more of a matured,um sense of style and frankly at these,prices he's gonna get what he gets so,this was 36 it's navy blue um quilted,patterned sweatshirt,it was 36 originally down to,21.60 which was 40 off and i only paid,2.16,for it,um,i also got him a pair of pants that are,cargo,um these are large i think they're going,to be too big for him but he'll grow,into it i'm not worried about that they,were originally 36,marked down to 1990 which is 44,but i got these for a dollar,99 for him and i was like,he's growing like a weed if it doesn't,fit now it'll fit later i'm not worried,i got another one of these um quilted,um,style sweatshirts and again i paid 216,for it,and last but not least for my nephew i,got these jogger sweatpants they were,originally 28,mark down to 14. i paid a dollar 40 for,these,and they're super cute they may be a,little long on them but they have cuffs,at the bottom,so hopefully that works but,that is my meijer haul like,i think i scored some awesome deals so,let's tok numbers for a second here,because something very weird happened to,me,i lost my first receipt and,i did this in two separate trips,i,purchased some stuff didn't want to try,down in the store decided to just take,it back today,so i go to the service counter and i,tell her i don't have a receipt and she,said well it'll be store credit and i,said that's no problem because i buy my,groceries at meyer so if nothing else,i'll just use that money for groceries,no big deal not only that i told her,okay well that's not a big deal because,they only came to like five dollars for,the two items total anyway,um as it turns out it was going to be,four dollars and nine cents,however,when um she needed the manager to come,and approve it,and she told me to just hand over my,driver's license she said don't ask,questions just hand over your driver's,license because what ended up happening,is she needed manager approval,because the blue tagged items that i got,even though i got them at 90 off they,returned at,just the clearance price,so the two items that i got was 10.99,and 29.99,um those were,the actual clearance priced,before the 90,so,i ended up returning the items i only,spent like five bucks but i ended up,getting 43 44 after tax back,and i told her that was wrong and she,said that's the way that the system is,doing it so,take the money and i was just like okay,like i'm not wanting to cause any issues,but like i i shouldn't be getting that,much back so anyway i got a gift card,for 43.44,which then paid for my next transaction,however the very first transaction that,i did,where i was where i purchased the items,that i did return um,that one came to 13.54,i remember that very specifically and,i'm sure i'll find the receipt,eventually,but let's tok about the transaction,from today so we have 13.