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Memphis Kroger Weekly Ads: Save Big Now

Published on: June 4 2023 by pipiads

Breaking News: Shooting at Kroger in Collierville, Tennessee

On September 23, 2021, a shooting occurred at a Kroger grocery store in Collierville, Tennessee. The shooter opened fire, leaving 13 people injured and one fatality. The shooter was also found dead, believed to have died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. In this article, we will discuss the latest updates on the shooting and what we know so far.


- 13 people were shot and injured at a Kroger in Collierville, Tennessee.

- The shooter was found dead, believed to have died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

- One person has been killed.

- Authorities are investigating a separate crime scene related to the shooter's car.

- The motive behind the shooting is still unknown.

Expert Analysis:

- Former ATF Special Agent and NBC News Analyst, Jim Cavanaugh, believes that authorities will have to sweep the shooter's car for bombs and explosives.

- NBC News Law Enforcement Analyst, Cedric Alexander, believes that finding the shooter's motive will be crucial and that social media and witness statements will be important for the investigation.

- Jim Cavanaugh also believes that the motive will emerge once authorities look into the shooter's electronic devices, residence, and internet feeds.

The shooting at Kroger in Collierville, Tennessee, has left 13 people injured and one fatality. The shooter was found dead, believed to have died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Authorities are investigating the motive behind the shooting, and experts believe that finding the motive will be crucial. We will continue to monitor the situation and provide updates as events unfold.

Active shooter reported at Kroger store near Memphis, Tennessee

Breaking News: Shooting at Kroger Market in Tennessee

- A shooting has occurred at a Kroger Market in Tennessee.

- Innocent people may have been caught in the crossfire, with several injuries reported.

- Police and Kroger officials are still gathering information about what happened.


- Shots were fired shortly before 1 pm.

- It is unclear who may have been hit by gunfire or the extent of injuries.

- The shooter may be in custody, but it is unknown if they are alive.

- Regional One medical center is receiving patients from the scene.

- Multiple agencies, including the FBI and local police departments, are responding to the situation.

- Helicopters are expected to land at the scene.

- People in the area are advised to stay away from the store.

- The situation is still unfolding, and more information will be provided as it becomes available.

- The main priority is getting help to those who may have been injured.

- The community is coming together to respond to this tragedy.

Kroger Grocery Haul $63.18

- The author just returned from grocery shopping at Kroger and will be sharing what they bought

- They ask readers how their Sunday is going and if they also went grocery shopping

Grocery Haul:

- A case of water

- 18 count eggs

- Cucumbers

- Crinkle cut fries

- Personal watermelon

- Gold potatoes

- Mini bell peppers

- Beef smoked sausage

- Turkey smoked sausage

- Seasoning blend

- Frank's Minute Made fruit punch

- Tuna cans

- Turkey pepperoni

- Coleslaw mix

- Spinach

- Protein shake

- Diced Rotel green tomatoes

- Carb Master yogurts

- Sour cream

- American cheese and peppers

- Tostitos chips

- Carb Master snack wraps

- Flaming Cheetos and spicy Doritos


- If you know you'll be cooking something in the future, buy ingredients on sale and freeze them

- Stock up on items your family frequently eats, even if they're not cheap

- The author doesn't expect to go grocery shopping again soon because they have enough food

- They encourage readers to be kind to themselves and others and to have a blessed day

Kroger Haul For The Month Of January

Hey there, friends! It's Heidi from Kiddos Corral. Today, I'm excited to share with you my recent Kroger haul. I picked up a few things and thought you guys might be interested in seeing what I got. So, let's get started!

Items Purchased:

Here's a list of everything I picked up from Kroger:

- Large eggs

- Boneless, skinless chicken breast

- Mild cheddar cheese (2 packs)

- Mozzarella cheese

- Sharp cheddar cheese

- Whole chicken

- Twila's pure peppermint tea (2 boxes)

- Lipton onion soup mix (2 packs)

- Tomato sauce (2 cans)

- Pause cough drops

- Pure leaf black tea with vanilla

- Taco seasoning

- Beef stew seasoning

- Steak marinade

- Peppers (3 packs)

- Pepperoni

- Polish kielbasa (2 packs)

- Whole wheat buns

- King Hawaiian rolls

That's all for my Kroger haul. I hope you guys enjoyed seeing what I picked up. Don't forget to subscribe to my channel and give this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it. Thanks for watching and have a great night! Bye!

Memphians on the Move: Mid-South Food Bank & Kroger

Memphians on the Move: Spotlight on Local Companies

In this episode of Memphians on the Move, we will be highlighting two local companies that are making significant impacts in our community. We will be discussing Mid-South Food Bank's efforts to end hunger and Kroger's initiatives to provide convenience and redefine the grocery experience.

Mid-South Food Bank:

- Mid-South Food Bank was founded in 1981 by MIFA and is now a part of Feeding America, serving 31 counties throughout the mid-south.

- Partner agencies play a crucial role in their mission to end hunger locally.

- Programs such as Hungers Hope and Kids Cafe provide nutritious meals and education to food

Southern Collard Greens w/Smoked Turkey Legs | Collard Greens Recipe

In this article, we will be discussing how to prepare and cook southern-style collard greens. We will cover the ingredients, the preparation process, and the cooking process.


- Red chili pepper flakes

- 3 garlic cloves

- Smoked turkey

- Steel white vinegar

- Salt

- Pepper

- Chicken stock

- 5 bundles of collard greens

Preparation Process:

1. Rinse the collard greens thoroughly and remove any impurities.

2. Cut out the main vein of the collard greens and roll them up.

3. Cut the collard greens into bite-sized pieces.

Cooking Process:

1. Add diced onions to a pan with olive oil or bacon fat.

2. Soften the onions, then add chopped garlic, chicken stock, and smoked meat.

3. Bring to a boil, then add the collard greens.

4. Cook for 45 minutes to an hour, depending on desired texture.

Southern-style collard greens may seem daunting to prepare, but with the right ingredients and process, they can be easy and delicious. Remember to trust the process and adjust the cooking time to your desired texture. Enjoy!

Witness to Kroger shooting

- A shooting at a Kroger grocery store in Memphis, Tennessee has left one person dead and 15 others injured

- The community has been deeply affected by the tragedy, with a growing memorial at the store

Details of the Shooting:

- The shooting occurred on Thursday afternoon at 1:30pm

- Kelly Slights, an employee at the store, was on her lunch break when she heard gunshots

- She and others barricaded themselves inside a nearby clinic for safety

- Police later identified the shooter as a third-party vendor named Tang

- One employee at the store was shot three times while helping customers escape

- Two more shooting victims were released from the hospital, with others slowly improving

Community Response:

- People have been visiting the store to pay their respects and leave items at the growing memorial

- Messages of encouragement have also been left for the victims and their families

- Kelly Slights praised the employee training at the store for helping to save lives during the shooting

- The community is showing resilience in the face of tragedy and coming together to support one another

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