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menards black friday 2021 ads

Published on: January 28 2023 by pipiads

Menards Black Friday Deals 2021

Menards has released their official Black Friday Ad for November 2021. In this article, we will discuss some of the best deals that you can find at Menards during this year's Black Friday sale.

Important Information:

• Menards will be closed on Thanksgiving Day.

• The store will open at 6:00 am on Friday.

• Get ready for some amazing deals on tools, generators, and protective devices.


1. Portable Running Gas Generator - 3,600 running watts and a maximum of 4,500 starting for only $289.

2. Safe for 30 protective devices at $500.

3. Ultra Bright 6000 Lumen 4 Panel Folding LED bulb for just $5.

4. Irwin Clamp Set (8 pieces) for only $17.

5. 44 Piece Screwdriver Set for around the home for just $10.

6. 350 Piece Mechanic Set for $219.

7. 364 Piece Filler Set for $89.99.

8. 180 Piece Crescent Toolset Mechanics Tool Set for only $80.

9. Bostitch Pancake Compressor with Two Nailers for just $150.

10. Metabo HD HPT 10 Inch Single Bevel Compound Miter Saw for only $99.

11. Universal Miter Saw Stand for $89.

12. Black and Decker Cordless Drill and Impact Driver Kit for $70.

13. Skill Drill Driver for just $50.

14. Four and a half inch circ saw or cordless drill kit for $40.

Menards has some amazing deals for Black Friday 2021. You can get everything from generators and protective devices to tools and saws at a fraction of the regular price. Happy hunting!

Menards Black Friday Ad Preview 2020

Hey guys, it's your favorite music channel and I'm here to bring you the Menards Black Friday ad. Usually, they have a six-hour sale from 5 am to noon, but this year they're having a sale that goes until December 6th.

Sale Items:

- Safe for $379

- Batteries for $29.99

- 2 quart air fryer for $18.88

- Griddle for $15.99

- Fireplace for $179

- Activity watch tracker for $44

- 3D light thing

- Screw and tool sets ranging from $6.99 to $12.99

- Drawers for $0.99

- Knee pads for $3.99

- Backpack for $19.99

- Toolbox combo for $9.99

- Scaffold for $109

- Lighter for $34.79

- Propane heater and grill

- Warmer boot dryer

- Thermometers

- Bar stool for $18.99

- Bungee cords for $3.96

- LED pen lights, walkie-talkies, flashlights, lanterns, and headlamps

- Knife set for $16.99

- Scope binoculars

- Air mattresses for $17.99 or $33.99

- Candy claw machine for $14.99

- Dart game for $5.99

- Walkie-talkies for kids

- Table air hockey and foosball

- Dart blaster

- Furry friend balls, plush animals, and playsets

- Discovery view master for $5.99

- Bucket of blocks, bowling set, and license book thing for $12.99

- Play tents for $14.99

- Sleeping bags or plush chairs

- Portable speaker for $44.99

- Key tracker

- Headphones for $7.99

- Boombox and water dancing speaker

- Projector and cameras

- HDMI cords, LED lights, and cables

- Atari flashback game for $39.99

- Pop sockets for $3.99

- Gloves and mittens for $4.99

- Socks, slippers, fleece hats, performance jackets, scarves, leggings, and pajama sets

- Ceramic copper bakeware for $4.99 each

- Three-piece commercial cookies pan set for $12.99

- Air fryer, stackable cooling rack, wok, cutting stone, and cast iron set

- Tilted mason jars and stainless steel growler set

- Couch protector for $9.99

- Storage ottoman, fabric bins, picture frame sets, and three-piece rug set

- Terranium grow kit, crossword and word puzzle games, markers, and gel pens

- Aromatherapy animals, hair cutting kit, rollers, wrapping paper, and LED candles

- Wood decor

- Candy deals ranging from two for $6 to $16.99 for three pounds of jelly belly

- Baking kits, popcorn tins, and hot cocoa sets

- Crayola colorful snowman cookie set and gingerbread house for $6.99

- Giant mug, beer glass, and wine glass for a practical joke

- BBQ gift set for $9.99

- Pet beds, toys, and leashes ranging from $0.99 to $4.99

Overall, Menards has some great deals this Black Friday season, and the sale lasts until December 6th. Make sure to check the website for a store map and see if your store has any layout differences. Happy shopping!

Check Out The Menards Black Friday Ad!

Hey guys, welcome back to Struggle YouTube channel. In this video, we'll be discussing Menards' Black Friday ad. Their sale starts on Black Friday at 6 am in-store only, which is surprising for 2020. However, their website isn't great, so an online Black Friday sale isn't possible. All the prices in this ad go through December 6th. Their current 11% sale ends on the 25th, so if there's anything you've been wanting to get with the 11% sale and haven't since April, now is the time to do it because it's the last 11% sale of the year.

- Menards' Black Friday ad

- Sale starts on Black Friday at 6 am in-store only

- Prices go through December 6th

- Last 11% sale of the year

Bullet points:

- Weekly post with latest ads from Menards

- Subscribe to the channel

- Check out struggleville.net for Menards email list and other Black Friday ads


- Menards' electronics are sketchy

- Look up model number and brand before purchasing

- Tools available for purchase

- Master force is the top tier of the Menard store brand

- Auto darkening welding helmet for $24.99

- No free items available

- LED lighting options

- Olight flash sale coming up

- LED lantern requires 4 D batteries

- Menards' Black Friday sale is in-store only

- Last 11% sale of the year

- Check out struggleville.net for more Black Friday ads

- Be careful when purchasing Menards' electronics

- Look for deals on higher quality tools at other stores

- Consider the cost of batteries when purchasing LED items

Menards Black Friday Sale Ad!

Hey guys, welcome back to the Circle via YouTube channel. In this video, we're going to be going through the Menards Black Friday ads. Before we dive in, let's take a look at some important details:

- There are six-hour deals that are good from 6 am till noon.

- There are also deals that are good for two days.

- Menards is closed on Thanksgiving Day.

If you're interested in checking out the best deals that Menards has to offer each week, make sure to visit my website, Struggle Vennett. I always post the latest sale flyers, free stuff, and other great deals.

Now, let's take a closer look at the Black Friday ad. Here are some highlights:

- When it comes to electronics, always look up reviews on the specific model of item before you buy.

- Menards has some great ladders, including a multi-position ladder that can be used as an extension ladder or an A-frame ladder.

- If you need a cordless digital inflator, Menards has one for $30.

- They also have a folding wagon that's perfect for hauling things around.

- Be careful when buying toys at Menards – some of the off-brand toys may be made cheaply.

Overall, the Menards Black Friday ad has some great deals, but as always, do your research before you buy. Thanks for watching, and don't forget to subscribe and check out my website for more great deals!

Menards Pre-Black Friday Sale Ad!

Hey guys, welcome back to the Store Oval YouTube channel. Today, we're going to look through the Menards pre Black Friday sale ad and see what deals we can find. Keep in mind that this sale is only in-store and for three days - Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, from the 10th to the 12th.

Let's start with the good deals we found:

- Pittsburgh Grand Distinction paint

- Hunter ceiling fan

- Polaroid devices

- Air blowing turkey

- Electric smoker appliances with an $80 rebate

However, there are some items that we suggest avoiding:

- Corkscrew bar Buddy

- Free meat oven liners

- Can opener

- Pizza thing (unless you really want it)

They have free items as well, such as:

- Deep fryer

- Collapsible bucket

- Waste bags

- Mini dingo beefy rawhide dog treats

- Stacking tilts bend

But, be sure to check the limit on these items before you buy them. Also, Menards accepts coupons, so be sure to check for any available for the products you plan on buying.

The sale also includes a 4k Ultra HD action camera for $29.99, but keep in mind that a legitimate one would cost $299.99.

Lastly, there are some items that we suggest donating to a shelter if you buy a large quantity, such as the Vet Guard Plus flea tick and mosquito treatment.

Overall, the Menards pre Black Friday sale ad has some good deals, but be sure to check the items' limits and quality before making a purchase. Thanks for watching, and don't forget to check out our website for more deals and information!

Menards 3 Day Crazy Day / Black Friday Ad!

Hey guys, welcome back to the Serval YouTube channel! In this video, we're going to go through the Menards Black Friday Three Day ad. If you're wondering, this is not the same as the regular Black Friday ad. This ad is essentially a Crazy Day sale, and it's on a completely different paper than the regular Menards sale ad. So, let's dive into it and see what kind of deals we've got!

- Menards Black Friday Three Day ad

- Different from regular Black Friday ad

- Crazy Day sale

- Let's check out the deals!


- Shelving unit for $14.99

- Hunter fan for $199.99

- Aromatherapy diffuser

- Washers and dryers page

- Refrigerators and stoves

- Countertops and laminate

- Doors

- Paint set for $3.88

- Free rebate for paintbrushes

- Panel and drywall adhesive for $0.49 after rebate

- Home privileges

- Trash can combo

- Rolling tote

- Hangers

- Ceramic diffuser with two oils for $10

- Solar yard lights for $4.99

- Free LED bulbs

- Drywall

- Little carts for $9.99

- Hand truck

- Knee pads

- Ice scraper with comfy mitt

- Disposable funnels

- Staple gun for $4.99

- Framing squared for $1.99

- Shelving unit for $100

- Check out Menards Black Friday Three Day ad for great deals

- Regular Black Friday ad also available

- Thanks for watching, guys!

Menards Ad 11% Off Everything Sale and Mail-in-Rebates 04.08.2021-04.17.2021

Hey guys, welcome to another YouTube video! Today, we're going to go through the new Menards ad. It started on Thursday, April 8th, 2021, and will go until Saturday, April 17th, 2021. Everything is 11% off, so I'm thinking the store should be renamed the 11 Store with a new jingle: Only save 11 at the 11 store! Anyways, let's jump right into this.

Menards has a new ad with 11% off everything. We'll take a look at some of the items on sale and see if they're worth buying.

Items on Sale:

- LED Folding Garage Light: Bellhau 5500 lumen 4 panel daylight LED light bulb (SKU #3533020). Everyday low price is $39.99, sale price is $28.08. 11% off takes off $3.09, making the item $24.99.

- Outdoor Cleaner: Green Envy House Wash 64 ounces (SKU #5530928). Everyday low price is $7.98, sale price is $2.22. 11% off takes off $0.24, making the final price $1.98.

- Driveway Cleaner and Degreaser: Green Envy 64 ounces (SKU #5613956) and 1 gallon (SKU #5613955). Everyday low price for 64 ounces is $7.98, sale price is $2.22. 11% off takes off $0.24, making the final price $1.98. Everyday low price for 1 gallon is $7.98, sale price is $2.22. 11% off takes off $0.24, making the final price $1.98.

- Flexible Chopping Mats: 4 pack (SKU #4812989). Everyday low price is $4.99, sale price is $2.24. 11% off takes off $0.25, making the final price for a pack $1.99.

While there are some good deals in the Menards ad, overall, it wasn't too exciting. The back of the ad had more interesting items, such as hand sanitizer, but nothing stood out as a must-buy. We're hoping for a better ad soon with more crazy day deals. Thanks for watching! Don't forget to like, subscribe, share, ring the notification bell, and leave a comment. Have a great day!

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